Wait For Me

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Chapter 2

Chance: December 31st 2019

"Yo Chance! We hittin the road in 5!" I hear one of my brothers yelling from downstairs in the compound. We are setting out to some town called Woodridge, 30 minute bike ride if you do the speed limit. We gotta meet up with a new supplying company, we had issues with the old ones you could say... The motherfuckers tried stealing our whole stash and shot one of our men in the process. Of course I made them pay. All 4 of them, fucking cunts. I don't do well with rats or liars, well I actually just don't do well with people. Except my crew, the Hell Razors. I am the Vice Prez, following after my paps footsteps. This is the life I grew up around, this is the only life I know and I don't have a problem with it. If you fuck with me I will fuck with you, harder. If you fuck with my family I will tear you limb from limb. I work my ass off for the club, fuck club whores and party all the fuckin time. The club is my family. I may not have any blood family left but these guys are my brothers. For life.

We hit the road and make it to Woodridge in less then 25 minutes. We are just talking with the new suppliers today, we aren't buying anything yet. I ain't fuckin trustin no one easily. We pull up to this big shop that is 5 minutes out of the town, some guys open up the gate for us and we pull up. 5 men wearing Twisted Reaper leather cuts walk out of the compound. We have agreed to meet with this small town club, they wanna prove they can work with the city clubs I guess, they are offering us a wicked deal on supplies. I agreed to meet with the leaders to chat.

Me, along with 10 other members of my club get off our bikes and walk up to the 5 nervous looking men. "So I hear you got a deal that we just can't turn down?" I ask their VP, Trigger. "Yes sir, meet here every couple weeks and we will supply you with top notch blow for half the price". He tells me, I throw my head back and laugh, "half price huh? whats the catch?" I ask him as I lunge at him wrapping my hand around his throat, making his 4 other men pull out their little baby pistols. My men pull out their guns and the Twisted Reapers decide to play it smart and stand down. I squeeze Triggers neck harder and stare him dead in the eye, "why are you doing this? I don't like being fuckin played!" I yell in his face. "I'm not playing you man" he tries to get out as I am blocking his airway.

I release him and decide to hear him out for a minute. "We use to be working with a club on the other side of Chicago but they suddenly bailed, we are making shit for fucking money man our club is fallin apart". He coughs and grabs on his throat. "We got the cops on our payroll in this town, no one will ask question if y'all drive through town every once and a while." The man does have a point... "let me see the shit", I demand. Trigger nods his head and grabs out an 8ball for me, "what the fuck is this?" I ask him, "I thought you just wanted a sample", he says looking like he's gonna crap his pants. "You see how many guys I got? We all gotta really try out this shit before we even consider buying from you". He nods his head and pulls out another 3 bags. I nod my head and slap him in the shoulder. "I'll be in contact", I tell him before we pull away.

On the way out of town we stop at a bar, we are all itching to try some of the supplies and I could use a fucking drink. It's a small bar called, Suzys, I'm sure everyone is going to be pretty shocked to see this many bikers in one place. The Twisted Reapers consists of like 20 members total and they are all scattered around Illinois, I doubt anyone in this town even sees them very often. As for my club The Hell Razors has about 120 members in Chicago alone and way more scattered around Illinois. We walk in the bar and like I said everyone looked slightly intimated as we all pile through the door, I just so happen to of brought all my toughest looking men, I was definitely trying to scare the shit out of the wannabe suppliers.

I go into the bathroom and do a fat rail of the blow. The back of my throat and nose go numb and my eyes water instantly. Ooof this is strong shit. I do one more line to get a good feel of it, it seems like pretty good shit but we will see what everyone else thinks. I step outside the now pretty noisy bar to call the Prez of our club, Rage. He was my dads best friend, they grew up in the club together. Since dad died Rage has looked out for me, by look out I mean making sure I get laid, make him money and keep his club happy. I step around the building so no one can see me, "How's the shit?" He rumbles through the phone. "It's pretty good, I'll be home with a little sample for you in a few hours". He grunts and then hangs up. I walk back around the building and climb the stairs to the entrance.

A tiny, brown haired woman with an eye catching tight red shirt on is blocking the doorway. She is so small compared to my 6.3, well actually she would be tiny to anyone's standards. The only big thing about her is her fat ass, god damn the things I'd do to that ass. She looks fine as hell from the back. She steps backwards and slams into me, she almost trips but she catches herself then turns around and looks up at me with the purest, bluest eyes I have ever seen.

This ain't a fuckin women though, I doubt this girl is even 18! What the hell is she doing in this bar at this time. "Leavin so soon Angel"? I ask her, she just looks up at me like I am the most fascinating creature she's ever laid her pretty eyes on. This girl looks way to fucking innocent to be here. I accuse her of being underage and she suddenly grows a back bone and sasses me and struts away from me, she's basically begging me to stare at her ass with the way those damn jeans fit her, and damn did I mention her tits? Fucking perfect. She's also got lips that look fuckin edible, I want to sink my teeth into her pouty bottom lip and hear he whimper. I watch as she sits at the bar and the older lady who's working the bar greets her with a smile, it looks like they are familiar with eachother.

I sit down with the boys for a while but for some reason I can't fucking take my eyes off of this girl. She looks so lost, so fucking fragile, but yet she's sitting in a bar full of bikers and old men with as much confidence as a Victoria Secret model.

Even though she looks young as hell I might as well give it a shot, she might just be a very young looking 20 year old and it's not like I'm an old man, I'm only 23. She isn't wearing any makeup at all, not like she needs it in the slightest, her fair skin is flawless, her lashes so dark and thick she doesn't need eye makeup at all. She's got dark, full eyebrows that I'm sure all the girls envy. "What's your name"? I ask her more sternly then I meant to. She looks at me frightened as I stand right beside her at the bar. "2 whiskey shots" I tell the bartender. I look back down at the girl and she's looking at me, she doesn't look scared this time though. She's back to looking fascinated. "I'm Kyra" she whispers as the bartender returns with our shots. "I'm Chance", I tell her. She smiles up at me with the most perfect white teeth, she's got the slightest gap between her front teeth but it honestly makes her 10 times hotter. "That's a cool name". I pass her one of the shots and we cheers. She takes the shot like a fucking champ. I fuckin love it, and apparently so does my cock. Just as I'm about to ask this beautiful girl how old she is the front door opens and Kyras face goes pale. She looks like she's about to fucking pass out. Suddenly she jumps her tiny body into my arms and whispers "hide me!" I don't really know what she expects me to do so I just pick her up by the tiny waist and wrap her around me, I use my hand to force the back of her head into my shoulder then I walk her into the back office, I know there's no way the bartenders are going to try and kick me out. I'm not the type of guy people tend to wanna start trouble with.
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