Wait For Me

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Chapter 3

Kyra, January 1st 2020:

I could feel the mysterious mans eyes on me as I sipped on my jack and coke at the bar. There is something about him that is so fascinating beneath the fucking terrifying vibes he gives off. I am not confident in the slightest bit, I'm hella insecure actually. My foster mom Mary-Anne has told me I'm over weight for the past 3 years. I know I'm not... I weigh like 140lbs. That is totally normal! I've got some curves that other girls hate me for but to Mary-Anne those curves are just imperfections. This strange man though, the way he was looking at me... despite him being a badass, tattooed biker hottie he was looking at plain old me like I was his next meal... I mean that in a good way.

As I chug back the rest of my drink I feel him approach. I don't mean I hear him, or see him. I fucking feel his dominating presence capturing me as he stalked towards me. "What's your name? "He grumbles as he gets beside me, he doesn't sit on the bar stool, he stands right beside me. I gotta admit the raspy grumble of a voice he has is hot as fuck, and oh my god those tattoo... he's taken his leather jacket off and now he's just wearing a faded black tShirt that shows off his arms that are completely covered in black, grey and white tattoos. He's even got tattoos on his hands and fingers, nothing above his shoulder though. He makes me so freaking nervous, I almost choke on my words but then I let the alcohol in my system take over and give me the confidence I needed. "I'm Kyra", I whisper to the giant stranger. "I'm Chance", wow that's a sexy name I think. I smile up at him and take in his gorgeous eyes, which by the way... I haven't really figured out what colour they are yet. I'm leaning towards a deep ocean blue but I swear I see maybe even some flecks of purple and grey. The bell rings at the front door and I look up and see my foster father, holy fuck. What the hell is he doing here!? I have no fucking idea what to do but if he sees me I don't even know what he would fucking do to me! I don't think I just dive into this big bikers arms and whisper, "hide me!"

Chance scoops me up like I weigh absolutely nothing to him, he takes his big hand and pushes the back of my head into his shoulder trying to hide my face. Then he rushes towards the back into the office before I'm seen. He closes the door and then sets me down on my feet, he even locks the door, making me feeling surprisingly safe even though I'm standing in a tiny office with a scary man who I am now realizing is a giant compared to me. I knew he was tall but holy fuck standing this close to him I feel like a child. "Who was that?" He demands, staring into my soul.

"Don't worry about it, I'm sorry. I was just startled, you can go now! I'll sneak out the back door." He looks at me as if he didn't hear a damn thing I said. "Who the fuck was that!?" He asks me even more demanding! Instead of being appalled at his attitude I almost find it comforting that he actually cares to know why I was scared...

"My foster father", I look down at my feet as I tell him this. He's silent for a minute, And I am scared to look back at his gorgeous face, his face is seriously perfect. Even with a nose that looks like it's been broken a few times, he is fucking drool worthy, and I hate it. "How old are you?" He asks me, I feel like urge to lie to him... I don't want him to think I'm a baby, but I think he's actually trying to protect me... I decide to confide in this man that I've known for less then a half hour. "I'm 17" I whisper, "fuck" he whispers back and turns around and walks away from me, he walks over to the small desk and leans on it, staring at me, making me feel extremely vulnerable. I cross my arms over my chest as if it's going to hide me from his gaze at all.

"Does your foster father hurt you?" He asks me with the slightest bit of concern in his hard face. He pushes off the desk and heads towards me again, "Nnnoo not really", "what does not really mean Kyra?" he demands as he grabs my chin not letting me look away from him again. His touch literally feels electric... as stupid as that sounds. I guess this man isn't really giving me an option here... he wants to know. "He's smacked me around a few times but I've learned to just listen to him so it's fine. I'm fine. I-I sneak out of the house when he goes to bed some nights and come here... I think the staff feel bad for me so they treat me good, I didn't expect him to show up tonight! if he sees me out he will kill me!" I start to cry in front of a fucking stranger. He frowns at me then suddenly he grabs me by the waist, not in a sexual way at all but in a sweet, caring way. He pulls me into him and gives me a strong hug. I relax as I breathe in his warm scent of vanilla, a hint of something fresh like pine... mixed with a bit of cigarettes and oil. He smells like a sexy ass man.

He hugs me for a minute and then releases me and takes a step back leaving me feeling cold. I let out an actual shiver which makes him frown at me again. "I should get home", I tell Chance. He stares at me for a minute and then shakes his head. "I don't like the idea of sending you back to a place that makes you this afraid", he says this with no emotion at all but yet it is still the most heartwarming statement. "You don't even know me", I smile shyly up at him.

"I want to know you", he says shocking me and obviously shocking himself too, he looks almost... afraid. He takes a step back from me, "I'm giving you a ride home", he demands. "Umm no I live a block away, and someone will hear your bike" I shake my head at him and head towards the door. "Fine then I'm walking you". He says and follows behind me, I'm about to argue but I think it's for the best if I just listen to this guy. I peek my head out the office door and then sneak out the back, Chance follows right behind me. We walk in silence down the back alley so I don't risk anyone seeing us if I go the front way. We walk closely, hands even brushing a couple times. 3 times to be exact... We continue on in silence for a minute. "Give me your phone", he tells me. He doesn't ask, this wasn't a request at all, I reach into my pocket and pull out my old cracked iPhone. He hands it back to me in a minute, "call me if you ever need anything. I'll be in town every once in a while, just... let me know if.. if you ever need anything". I smile at him, feeling oddly comforted by this huge stranger. "Text me right now". He says as he lights up a smoke, "so I have your number too" he adds, I look at my phone and see he added himself as Chance with an emoji of a coin beside his name. I text him.


We approach my house in the back entry, I look over to see his eyes widen in shock when he sees the mansion, "looks nice on the outside", I whisper. He doesn't say anything to that and we stop walking once we get to the gate. "So ya text me", he says, "how old are you?" I finally ask him. He looks at me and then gives me the sexiest smirk. "Too old for you angel", I blush at him like a little school girl proving that he is right. "Tell me" I flutter my eyelashes at him, he clenches his jaw and shakes his head. "Don't look at me like that Kyra" he hisses, I take a step back feeling hurt and slightly embarrassed. He invades my space instantly again which makes my heart race like crazy, he leans down and kisses my forehead softly, he even hesitated before he pulled away from me, but then he turns around and leaves me.
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