Wait For Me

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Chapter 4

Chance, January 25th 2020:

It's been a few weeks since I met the intriguing young Kyra... I hate myself but I gotta admit I haven't been able to stop thinking about her. Those damn eyes man. Every time I close my eyes I see her glowing blue orbs staring deep into my soul...

She hasn't texted me at all... I even texted her back saying hi like a fuckin dumb ass after I dropped her off at her house a few weeks ago but nope nothing, and well come on, it's definitely for the best. I said to call me if she needs anything but honestly she's probably better off without me and my crazy life, even if she is stuck with a shitty fucking family. Guarantee the life id give her would be much more destructive.

I put out my smoke and then grab my cut and head out of the door. A couple of us are going to a club opening tonight, one of the members old ladies just opened this club downtown in Chicago and apparently it's pretty sick. I put on my nicer pair of combat boots, I even shaved my stubble and put on a somewhat newer black shirt under my leather cut. We head out, it's about a 20 minute bike ride from the compound to the club, which I guess is named Stellar, which if I'm being honest that doesn't really sound like the type of club me and my guys would like...

But my buddy Cruz insisted we checked out his ladies club and of course we gotta support our family. We pull up to this club that has neon coloured underglow surrounding it, making it look inviting and exciting to most people but to us... it looks preppy as hell.

The bouncers let us in instantly, I guess they probably know the owners husband is part of the biggest MC club in Chicago... the club is filled with flickering neon lights and some EDM DJ is putting on a show. Damn this shit hurts my head. I'd much rather be playing pool or sitting at a old leather booth hammering shots. We get seated in the VIP area up on the second floor. The sexy blonde waitress flutters her lashes at me as she takes our order. I give her a wink and tell her to bring over two bottles of Jack Daniels. "Anything for you handsome" she purrs at me before she walks off. "Damn bro only been here 10 mins" Skip laughs at me, "you're just jealous" I tease him, "no way bro I got the hottest piece of ass waiting for me at home". He brags. Him and his old lady have been together since they were like fuckin 13. I was the third wheel in their relationship most my life, or Skip and Miranda would try and hook me up with her friends but I'd just hump and dump. I've never wanted to actually see the same girl more then once.

I head to the bathroom to take a piss and rail another line. This shit from Twisted Reapers is definitely good, better then our old shit that's for sure. We made the deal with them and I returned to Woodridge a week ago to pick up our first order. I couldn't help but cruise by Kyras giant mansion... I wonder which room she's in... I wonder if she was looking out the window, or if she heard the rumble of my bike. I wonder if she got excited knowing I'm near, I know I sure fucking did. I swear I could feel her everywhere... the second I rode into the town.

After I take a piss and give some flirty girls some attention I head over to the railing and peer down at the dance floor below. It's packed tight with people grinding and sweating all over each other. I cringe at the idea... I'd much rather a private lap dance but sadly this club doesn't offer that. I people watch a little longer before I scan into a familiar face.

What the fuck... Kyra. She's definitely too young to be in downtown Chicago at 1am at a fucking night club! She looks absolutely gorgeous, plastered but gorgeous. She's arguing with some preppy looking douche bag in the middle of the dance floor, he keeps trying to put his hands on her but she keeps shaking him off. I squeeze the railing so tight my knuckles turn white underneath my tattoos. God damn she's fucking 17! I don't know when her birthday is but it doesn't matter, the feelings I'm having for her are wrong. So fucking wrong. Even if she was my age I still should stay clear from her, but nope I'm a dumb ass and find myself walking past the guys at the table, heading downstairs to see this girl.

I approach her from behind, I hear her scream at the douche "Jason! I wanna go home!" she slurs her words and stumbles back a little bit. I can't help but stare at her gorgeous legs in her short little dress. Fuck she should not be allowed at a club dressed like this! She's wearing a tight black dress that is just long enough to cover her sexy bubble butt. She's wearing little white converse shoes... this makes me chuckle, of course she doesn't wear heels. She knows she's so fucking hot it doesn't matter what she wears on her feet. The douche catches me staring at him from behind Kyra, "what the fuck are you looking at?" He stupidly asks me. I walk over to him and stop beside Kyra, she turns her head and lets out a gasp when she sees me. "The fuck you looking at?" I ask the fucking prick back. I see as he notices my leather cut with my club name on it. His face changes. He looks like he's gonna piss himself like a pussy. I glance over at the gorgeous Kyra, she's not afraid at all, actually the way she is staring at me is making my dick almost spring out of my fucking jeans.

"Chance", she slurs and smiles up at me. "Kyra, good to see you", I reach out as if I'm about to brush my thumb over her cheek or some shit, she holds in a breath as my hand gets closer but then I realize what the fuck I'm doing and drop my hand back down to my side and she exhales her breath. "How the fuck do you know this guy Kyra?" The tool who's name is apparently Jason barks at her. "Watch your tone." I hiss at him. I don't care who the fuck he is, he's got no right talking to Kyra like that. He shuts up instantly. "I met him at the grocery store, I-I forgot my wallet so he paid for my milk". She blatantly lies to him. "Whatever we need to go." He snakes his little bitch hands around her waist and tries to pull her close. "Don't touch me," she whispers to him as she tries to pull away from his grasp. This definitely bruises his ego, his face turns bright red. I see his fingers push down harder into her waist, she lets out a little wince and my protective side takes over.

"Get your fucking hands off her now!", I snap as I reach into my pocket and put my hand on my gun. His eyes widen and he lets go of Kyra. "Fine whatever, find your own way! Meet you at home sis." He whines and then leaves. She lets out a huge sigh, she also fucking tumbles into my arms. Jesus Christ she's drunk.

I hold her up steady, looking around trying to figure out what I'm going to do. She's way too drunk to ride on my bike right now and I don't even wanna take her home... that fucking douche said meet you at home sis... like what the fuck? I'm assuming he meant foster sister but the way he had his hands on her, like he was staking his claim made my blood boil. I catch eyes with Sherri, she's Cruz's old lady, the owner. She looks at me confused and then I scoop up Kyra into my arms and walk towards Sherri. Kyra nuzzles her face into my chest and lets out a sleepy moan. Man this woman is killing me.

Sherri shows me to her office, she's got a couch in there that I lay Kyra down on. She needs to sober up a little bit before we figure out what we're going to do. I really don't want to send her back to that fucking house but who am I to step in? I barely know the girl.

I sit back on a chair and watch Kyra sleep for a bit, the club is shutting down now, it's 3am and my buddy's are texting me. I told them to head home without me, told them I was dealing with something... I know I should wake her but she looks so peaceful right now. Just as I settle back into the chair to watch her, her long eyelashes start to flutter, she opens her bright blue eyes and stares directly at me. She gives me the cutest smile ever that shoots a fucking lightening bolt into my damn heart. "Come here Chance", she whispers... oh god. How am I suppose to say no to that? "Angel I think it's best if I stay over here". She looks a little heartbroken when I say this.

"I'm not a kid you know?" She snaps and then sits up abruptly. "I know you aren't but you're still too young for me beautiful", I say softly trying to soothe her anger a bit. "It's a 4 year age difference Chance! That's nothing", she yells at me and starts stalking towards me, looking sexy as hell with her now messy hair. "I may only be 5 years older then you, but I ain't a good guy to keep around angel. I'd fucking taint your pure soul," I say to her when she gets to me, standing so confidently and so close to me.

"Don't act like you fucking know me! There is nothing pure about my soul!" She yells at me, oh fuck no. I don't care how cute or young she is, no one talks to the VP of the Hell Razors like that. I shock her like crazy by grabbing her by the throat, not hard but with enough pressure her eyes widen and she gasps for air. I push her against the wall and push my hard cock into her, she lets out a mumbled squeal when she feels it. "You don't ever talk to me like that again angel." I tell her before I release her throat. I can't help but notice her squeeze her thighs together... I bet she is wet as fuck.

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