Wait For Me

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Chapter 5

Kyra, January 25th 2020:

I knew I should of never went to the club. Mr and Mrs Simpson left town for the weekend and Jason asked me if I wanted to go into the city with him, he said that we were meeting some friends, he told me that there was a girl who was close to my age coming that I would love... but he lied. No one else showed up, it was just him and I at the night club and I let him basically pour booze down my throat all night. I finally snapped after he felt me up and managed to give me a greasy kiss on the dance floor, just as I was about to lose my mind Chance showed up.

I let him carry me into yet another office in a bar, he was so sweet. He laid me on the couch and I passed out for about an hour, after I woke up and got tired of him treating me like a kid I snapped which let's just say... made him not so sweet.

I felt so many emotions when he wrapped his big hand around my throat. I was terrified, angry, sad, confused and turned on. I don't know why I thought I could get away with speaking to a VP of a biker club like that...

After he released my neck he stalks back towards the desk and faces away from me. I hear him taking a bunch of deep, shaky breaths. "You should be scared of me Kyra..." he whispers. I slowly start walking up behind him, I make a very bold move and rub my hand up his muscular back, his muscles tense under my touch then he whips around facing me and grabs my wrist, forcing my hand away from him.

"You should stay far away from me", he whispers even quieter this time, I don't know what to say so I just shake my head and use my free hand and lay it flat on his chest. He frowns at me and takes a step back. "Kyra if you keep touching me and looking at me with those fuck me eyes I'm not going to be able to stop myself", he sounds extremely frustrated which makes me smile. "So don't stop yourself", I flirt with him, and I guess that did it for him. I pushed him over the edge. Next thing I know he's lifting me up and turning around setting me on the desk in lightening speed. His mouth captures mine in a soul capturing kiss, I gasp into his mouth and he groans kissing me harder and swirling his hot tongue in my mouth.

I have never kissed anyone like this before... I've had a few kisses from awkward teen boys but nothing even remotely close to this. My skin is on fucking fire... I want his hands all over my body. "Touch me" I whisper into his mouth. He responds by groaning and biting down on my lip hard enough to make me squeal. "Fuck Kyra, don't push me" he grunts, "please" I whisper. He suddenly stops, he backs away and shouts "fuck!" He punches the brick wall making me jump. "Im sorry", I whisper feeling so embarrassed... I wanna dig a hole and fucking bury myself alive.

He turns back around and looks at me with the same eyes everyone else looks at me with. He stares at me with so much pity I want to punch that look off his face! "Don't be sorry, you are great Kyra but this can't happen again". Well that felt like a shot to the gut. The idea of never feeling his hands on me again or tasting his lips makes me want to cry. I adjust my dress and storm passed him, there is no way I'm giving him the satisfaction of seeing me cry. "Goodbye Chance". I whisper and then I walk out of the office and finally let the tears start falling.

Kyra, February 14th 2020:

I haven't taken my eyes off the clock that's sitting on my bedside table in over a half hour... I am patiently waiting for Mr and Mrs Simpson to leave for their Valentine's Day weekend getaway. Alexa went to Florida with her friends and Jason is gone doing god knows what. Which means I am free for the weekend! Well unless Jason shows up but I can figure out a way to avoid him.

It's Valentine's Day today but to me it's just another Friday night. I decide to go to Suzys tonight, I'm sure it will be dead, everyone will be spending the evening with their partners. I decide to dress up a little nicer then usual, in the back of my mind I'm secretly hoping Chance might be there... it's a slim chance but he did say he comes through town every once in a while and the first time I met him was on a Friday evening.

I put on a lacy black body suit under a pair of dark wash fashion Nova jeans that make my ass look amazing! You won't catch me in heels often but I put on my newest platform black vans, I think they are just at cute as heels. I usually wear my hair in a messy bun or leave it down naturally, but today I curl my brown hair making it look extra voluminous. I debate putting on makeup but I honestly hate that crap... I don't want to sound full of myself but I really don't need it either, I don't have acne at all and my lashes are super dark without makeup. I decide to put on a little lip gloss to make me look more put together.

After I hear the Simpson's leave, without telling me goodbye of course. I run down the stairs towards the front door, feeling grateful I don't need to jump out of the window this time.

It's really chilly out tonight so I jog to the bar instead of wearing a jacket... a jacket doesn't go good with my outfit. As I approach Suzys I look around and don't see any vehicles or motorcycles this time, I walk up the stairs into the toasty warm bar. I have grown very fond of the workers in this bar and even the odd old drunk that is here every night, everyone is so sweet to me here. Especially the owner Suzy, she is here every single night. She's a very sweet lady, in her early 60s I'd say. She dresses like a fucking badass always wearing leather, she is super cool! She also never asks me questions, she just gives me about 2 drinks whenever I come in and then gives me water, it's really sweet that she kinda looks out for me.

"Happy Valentine's Day sweetie", Suzy says to me as I approach the bar. I give her a big smile, "where the hell is your jacket women!" She squeals at me. "I live a block away Suzy I am fine", I give her a kind smile. "The usual" I tell her.

I sip on my vodka-cranberry and make small talk with Suzy for a while, a couple more people have walked in. My favourite regulars Paul and his wife Donna sit down at a booth close behind me. They wish me a happy Valentine's Day, I don't say anything just give them a genuine smile. After my second drink I head to the ladies room, breaking my seal early tonight I guess. Fuck I'm going to be peeing all night! I wash up and fix my hair before stepping back out into the bar.

I notice 2 younger men wearing leather cuts standing at the bar now, neither of them are Chance which bums me out more then it should. I walk back to my seat which is pretty close to the tall handsome men, the taller one with dark hair looks at me and smiles. "Hello darling", he smirks at me, "hi" I give him a flirty smile. He's cute, really cute actually. No one compares to Chance but this guy has definitely caught my eye with his dark hair and piercing green eyes.

"Trigger", he says and holds out his tattooed hand to me, that's an odd name I think to myself... "I'm Kyra", I put my small hand in his large one. "Good to meet you darlin, why don't you come sit and have a drink with us". I don't see why I shouldn't... they are the closest people to my age in the bar and well they are both cute as fuck! The quiet one has light brown hair, similar to my hair colour, and he's got chocolate brown eyes. He's very handsome in a mysterious, quiet type of way.

We head over to a booth and I sit beside Trigger, he's got his arm over the back of the booth makin me nervous as hell but I don't feel as uncomfortable as I thought I would. They buy me 2 beers and we make small talk. The other guys name is apparently Dare. Trigger is definitely hitting on me and I'm definitely not being a prude, I'm being quite flirty back...

His arm has managed to drop around my waist, this is making me slightly uncomfortable now. If it wasn't for the booze flowing through my system I would probably have a panic attack. Just as I'm about to excuse my self to the bathroom the front door bell rings as a group of bikers walk in. The third man being Chance. We make eye contact instantly, I swear he sucks all the air from my lungs when he holds me in his piercing glare. Him and 3 other huge men walk directly towards us. I hold my breath, I want to fucking bolt but I know he will catch me.

"The fuck is going on here Trigger?", he growls, oh shit they know eachother? "Just havin some drinks boss man", Trigger responds and holds up his beer. Chance is Triggers boss?? What?? "Don't fucking call me that", Chance snaps, Trigger finally removes his hand from my waist and raises them for Chance to see "woah sorry dude". I can't help but feel slightly hurt that Chance hasn't even acknowledged me except for the glare he shot me when he first walked in.

The alcohol fueling me gives me the confidence to speak up, "hey Chance." I whisper in my most seductive tone. I feel Triggers eyes shoot over to me and widen, he looks terrified. "You know eachother?" Trigger asks us. "Oh yeah we go way back... right Chance"? I smirk. Chance clenches his sexy jaw, not saying anything. Just staring at me with a look that I can't quite figure out. "Come with me Kyra!" He barks, usually I would jump at his tone but right now I'm feeling kind of accomplished... I've gotten under the big bad bikers skin.
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