Wait For Me

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Chapter 6

Chance, February 14th 2020:

We gotta meet with Trigger in about an hour tonight, I brought 5 of my guys along with me, I wanted to give most the men the night off to spend with their old ladies. So us single ones took the night shift tonight I guess, we decide to stop in at Suzys for a quick beer before we pick up supplies.

Immediately when I walk in the door I lock eyes with the beautiful Kyra and she is sitting so close to fucking Trigger she might as well be on his lap! What the fuck is goin on here? Maybe she is just some young slut lookin for biker cock. I storm over to their booth with a few of my men following close behind, Kyra is looking at me like she's about to cry and run away. Trigger throws me some attitude and I let him know that ain't acceptable. I was about to walk away when I heard the sexiest little whisper "hello Chance", Kyra is smirking at me with her big blue fuck me eyes. Oh fuck this!

I drag Kyra with me outside towards my bike that is parked along the side of the bar, hidden from the road. She's either buzzed or really fuckin clumsy cause she almost trips like 3 times. "What do you want Chance?", she rolls her eyes at me when we stop beside my bike. "What the hell are you doin with the Twisted Reapers? You just some desperate whore looking for some biker cock? You just lookin to make foster daddy mad?"

The look in her eyes when I say this breaks my heart a little bit. "Fuck you Chance!" She yells and then tries to run away from me. I grabbed her by the waist and slam her down on my bike, I step between her legs and yank the back of her hair forcing her eyes up at me. "You just looking for some biker cock baby?" If she's gonna act like a whore then I guess I'll treat her like one.

"No Chance! I fuckin wanted you and you told me it would never happen again! I'm sorry that I'm just trying to move on with my life! A girls gotta get laid too you know!?" She screams in my face. I yank her hair harder, "you watch your fucking tone, I tried to be the good guy Kyra because I thought you were a good girl but I guess I was fucking wrong. I'll give you what you want baby." I tell her and then I release her hair and start undoing my belt. She looks at me wide eyed and innocent. "You ever suck cock before angel?" I ask her as I pull out my rock hard dick. Her mouth drops open when she sees my thick 9inches. "Yyyeah I have..." she stutters, fuck so sweet. So innocent.

"Don't lie to me baby", she can't fucking fool me, she's trying to act like she's not just some innocent little angel, but I know she fuckin is. "Suck my cock then", I whisper while I fist my cock standing over her. She looks so fucking sexy sitting on my bike like this.

She grabs onto my dick and squeezes. Fuck I swear I coulda jizzed right then and there, she leans forward and swirls her tongue around my tip and licks up the drop of pre-cum. Suddenly she wraps her sexy lips around my cock and takes me as deep as she can go, she comes up gagging with her eyes watering. Jesus Christ she's perfect. "I'm gonna try this again angel. Am I the first cock you've ever put in that pretty mouth of yours?" I rasp out as I put my hand on the back of her head and slowly push my cock deeper into her mouth again, making her choke. I pull out giving her enough time to say the words "yes Chance, you're my first.

"I'm gonna cum in your mouth angel. You're gonna take every last drop." I say as she swallows my cock as far as she can and I shoot my cum in the back of her throat. Holy fuck. She's got tears streaming down her face and saliva mixed with a bit of my cum on her chin, she's never looked more beautiful.

"I'm not just looking for biker cock" she whispers staring down at her feet. "I know angel, but you got it anyways. You got my cock" I wink at her. She doesn't smile at all, she actually looks like she's gonna cry. "Fuck, what is it Kyra?" I ask her feeling annoyed, that was probably the best damn blowjob of my life and she's totally crashing my vibe. "I liked you Chance, you just... kissed me and then left me", she whispers. "Kyra this is childish shit! This is why I'm trying to stay away. I ain't the type to make love and then cuddle you to sleep. I fuck and then I leave, that's just the way my life works and I ain't changin that".

Kyra now has a few tears falling down her face, she wipes them off with the back of her hand then hops off my bike. "That's fine, I'll find someone else that will do all the things that you won't", she sniffles and tries to walk away from me. I grab her arm and yank her into my chest. "Don't push me." I grit my teeth down at her, "what the fuck do you want Chance?? You are so complicated!!" She whines. I'm about to tell her to stop her childish whining when I hear the rumble of bikes approaching.

7 men on bikes, I can't read what their leather says but they must be another club from around here. They pull up by the door and all the sudden, POP, POP! Fuck! gun shots! I dive on Kyra and knock her down behind the row of my men's bikes. "Stay down!" I tell her as I pull out my gun and start firing at the men, by this time my club heard the shots and come out of the bar guns blazing.
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