Wait For Me

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Chapter 7

Kyra, February 15th 2020

I have never heard real life gun shots before. Of course I've heard it in movies and stuff but being this close to the real thing you'd think I would be petrified... but no... I knew I was safe. I knew Chance would protect me. I wasn't afraid at all.

I lay silent on the ground behind a red Harley where Chance laid me down. I hear gun fire and yelling, then I hear the rumbling of bikes driving away, then I hear Chances voice, "angel! Are you okay?" He yells as he picks me up under the armpits standing me on my feet. I don't say anything, I just stare at him and feel relieved. Not relieved that he protected me but relieved that nothing happened to him. "Are you okay?"he repeats bending over staring into my eyes this time. "Yya, I should gget home", I stutter, feeling the adrenaline leaving my system... I'm not feeling as brave as I did a minute ago. "No way in hell. I don't know who those fuckers were but they might of gotten a look at you. I ain't taking chances, you're coming home with me".

Going home with Chance? What? "I can only stay the weekend... then my foster family will be back." I whisper staring down at my feet. "You will stay until I tell you it's safe to go home". He hands me his matte black helmet that goes so smoothly with his matte black Harley. "Put this on", I grab it from him and struggle trying to put it on, he smirks at me and takes the helmet from my shaky hands and sets it on my head, tightening it so it fits me perfectly. Then he pulls off his big leather jacket and gives it to me, I'm instantly engulfed in the sexy, manly smell of him. He throws his leg over his bike and starts it up, "get on angel".

I've never felt so free in my entire life... my arms wrapped around his strong torso as we speed down the highway towards Chicago. The rumble of the bike is tickling my thighs causing me to tighten my legs around Chance, I feel him stiffen. He lays a hand on my thigh and gives me a warning squeeze.

The lights from the city look beautiful at this time of night. Everything seems so peaceful except for the loud rumbles of the bikes. I rest my head on Chances back for the rest of the ride to his place... where ever that is.

We pull up to this large steel building just on the outskirts of Chicago, it's surrounded by a huge gate that gets opened by two young men wearing leather with a patch that says "prospect". They wave at Chance but he just looks straight ahead and pulls his bike up on the side of the building. I hop off his bike as quickly as I can as soon as he stops feeling like if I am this close to him any longer I am going to do something stupid, but apparently I do something stupid anyways. The second I get off the bike my legs are numb and tingly from the long ride and I fall flat on my ass, making 6 big bikers laugh their asses off at me... including Chance.

I get back up to my feet and brush the dirt off of my jeans, "you good angel?" Chance smirks. "I'm fine can we go inside please I'm cold". His leather jacket wasn't doin much for me anymore.

Chance leads me into the large building, when you walk inside it looks just like a bar, pretty similar to Suzys but obviously decorated with a lot of motorcycle shit, above the main bar is a huge sign that says HELL RAZORS. I also can't help but notice the hundreds of naked women posters plastered all over the walls. "Where's the shit?" A huge man with long black hair and a scruffy beard growls as soon as Chance walks around the corner.

"Yeah about that..." Chance says to the big man, "the fuck happened man?" He asks Chance, looking slightly concerned now. The big man finally notices my presence, "who the fuck is this?" He raises his voice gesturing at me. "This is Kyra, we had a situation. She's gonna be staying with us for a little bit, let me get her settled then I'll come talk to you. Fuck man like at least let me take a piss before you shoot me with questions". The way Chance just sassed this man shows me even though the other guy is huge, even bigger then Chance and wearing a Prez patch, Chance isn't intimidated by anyone.

I follow Chance up the stairs to a loft area that has 6 bedrooms lined up next to each other. He takes me down to the second last door and opens the old wood door, I walk into a dusty but cozy looking bedroom. It's got a queen bed in the middle of the room with a red and black comforter. There's a black dresser and a matching night stand, there is even a little TV in the corner of the room. "You'll be staying here", Chance finally speaks after a long moment of silence. "There's a bathroom with a nice tub over there", he points at the large looking ensuite bathroom. For some reason I thought I'd be sleeping with him...

"Are you... umm staying with me?" I ask him staring down at my vans. "No angel, my bedroom is right through the bathroom if you need anything though". I suddenly get very disappointed... I'm sleeping in a strange place full of bikers...alone. I guess Chance notices my change in attitude because he takes a step closer. "I don't sleep with girls Kyra... I'm not going to cuddle you but I promise I will protect you". He says as he tucks a strand of hair behind my ear.

"You don't sleep with girls but you basically force one to suck your dick in a parking lot?" I snap back at him, his calm face distorts into something more pissed off. "Watch your fucking tone. WHEN YOU ARE IN MY CLUB YOU SHOW ME FUCKIN RESPECT!" He roars at me, holy fuck. This anger came out of no where, I know he won't hurt me but I am suddenly feeling terrified. "Ssssorry Chance", I say as my lip starts quivering, I bolt to the bathroom before he can see me completely fall apart. What a fucking asshole. I don't need to be here! There is no way those guys on the bikes would of gotten a good look at me! The only reason I agreed to come here is because I thought it would be better then being possibly harassed by Jason! Ahhhh fuck Chance gets under my skin! How dare he speak to me like that... I stare at myself in the mirror, I'm a fucking mess... my hair is all over the place, my eyes are so puffy and red and I am covered in fucking dirt! Fuck today has been a day....
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