Wait For Me

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Chapter 8

Chance, February 15th 2020

I feel like a dickhead. I kind of lost my cool on Kyra but like come on! I am VP, if my guys heard some bitch speaking to me like that, especially under my roof they would lose all respect for me. The look in Kyras eyes and her sad little lip quiver made me feel like a piece of shit about it though. I was going to chase her into the bathroom but I think I've caused her enough stress for the night...

I head downstairs to search for some clothes for her. I'm sure one of the old ladies has a shit ton layin around here, probably not Kyras style and probably not the clothes I want my guys seeing Kyra wearing either but I don't got much of choice for the moment.

Before I even make it down the stairs Prez is stopping me. "Well Lazar filled me in about the shoot out, said that blue eyed young thing was with you when it happened". He says to me as he exhales his cigar smoke. "Yeah she was close by, I pushed her down but I think they mighta seen her. Don't want them tryin to retaliate by going for an innocent". That is the half ass truth... I just left out the part where I can't bare the idea of letting Kyra out of my sight. "Fine but while she's here she can clean up and help at the bar", he grunts. "Yup" I nod my head and head down stairs to get a drink and find some clothes.

I approach Miranda who's working at the bar, she is Skips old lady, sweet girl, I've known her practically my whole life. "Hey Miranda, you got any old clothes here by chance?" She gives me a odd look and grins at me. "For that pretty young thing you brought in?" She teases me, I give her a look that says I'm not fuckin around tonight. "Oh settle down Chance, I'm just buggin! I got a bag of clothes I was gonna take down to Salvation Army, she can sort through it and pick what she likes."She says as she hands me a shot of Jack. "Thanks", I grin and toss back the shot, enjoying the burn in the back of my throat.

My attention gets directed to the other side of the room when I hear one of my men whistle and another holler out "DAMN!" What the fuck.... Kyra is walking down the stairs fresh out of the shower wearing only one of my white Tshirts... her porcelain legs are completely bare except for the black socks she borrowed from me as well. Fuck she looks so sweet and fresh right now and my men are drooling all over her like she's one of our dirty club whores.

I storm over to her and grab her by the arm and drag her to the kitchen area, it's hidden away from all the lurking guys. "You can't fuckin wear shit like that in here!" I yell at her as soon as we get in the kitchen. "Oh my god Chance! Can you make me a list?" She says to me with her hand on her hip like a sassy little bitch. "What?" I snap, "make me a fucking list! I can't seem to do anything right so do you wanna at least help me out and let me know what I AM allowed to fucking do!?" She screams at me, loud enough that I'm sure my men can hear. Fuck does she not listen to a thing I say!?

I push her into the fridge holding her firmly by the shoulders. "Rule number 1. Do. NOT. fucking. Speak to me like that in my club. I WILL NOT ask you again!!" I yell in her face but she doesn't even flinch this time. "I'm going home, thanks for saving me from the Panthers but yeah fuck you I'm leaving. I don't wanna ever see your face again!" She screams then pushes me with all her might. The Panthers? Is that what she just said? What the fuck? Fuck! She ran out of the kitchen back in the main hall, I run through the door after her. "Kyra fucking stop!" I yell and then grab her wrist. We have the attention from the whole club as we stand here panting and pissed the fuck off.

I don't hesitate a second. I throw Kyra over my shoulder and use my hand to try and cover her exposed ass and run up the stairs, I storm into my room and toss her onto my king size bed. "Let me go home!!" She screams so loud it hurts my ears. "Jesus fucking Christ bitch shut the hell up!!" I bellow, getting so sick of her shit! "Who the fuck are the Panthers?" I ask her, sitting down on the bed next to her, she tries to run off the other side of the bed but I grab her by the ankle and drag her towards me. Giving her a hard slap on her lace underwear covered ass. "Ow!" She screams, "who the fuck are the Panthers Kyra!?" "I don't know! Just some gang that I have seen drive through Woodridge. They always come the opposite way as Chicago. I don't know! I just seen their patches last night and recognized it". Nice, this saves us a lot of time... now I can storm over there and make those fuckers pay! They almost shot me and my men AND fucking Kyra!

"Thanks angel, that helps a lot actually", I tell her giving her a soft smile now that I've calmed down a bit. "Whatever, I'm leaving first thing in the morning". She says and then hops off my bed and heads towards her room. "Kyra" I say as she makes it to the bathroom that's separating our rooms. "Hmm?" She turns back around and faces me, and I'm at a total loss for words. God damn she looks fucking edible wearing nothing but my shirt and socks, I can even see her perfect, perky nipples poking through the fabric. "You're not going anywhere". I tell her sternly, staring her dead in the eyes. "You just fucking watch me Chance! I don't want to be around you anymore! I wish I never fucking met you." She says shaking her head and turning her back to me again.

Fuck this. I charge her and yank her around and slam her into the door, I kiss her so hard that she will feel my kiss on her lips for the next fucking week. I explore my tongue in her warm, sweet mouth and listen to her hushed little moans. "Chance I-" she says as I start kissing down her jaw to her beautiful neck, but I cut her off. "Just stop talking," I tell her and put my hand over her mouth and dive for her nipple that's poking through her shirt with my teeth. "Chance!" She squeals through my firm grip on her mouth, fuck that sound goes straight to my cock. I have my leg stuck between her thighs and she starts rubbing her pussy on my denim covered leg, Jesus Christ. "Touch me Chance, please!" She begs me, this time I'm not pushing her away. I'm giving her exactly what she wants. I push her hips back on the wall and yank her shirt up, I tear her black lace panties off of her in one easy rip. "Fuck!" She smiles up at me, so innocent, so fucking sweet.

I palm her wet pussy and kiss her gently on the lips this time, slowly running my tongue along her bottom lip. I slip my middle finger through her drenched slit and she lets out a loud moan "Oh!" Fuck yeah, "you like that angel?" I growl into her ear. "Yes! Yes Chance!" She screams as I start rubbing her clit with my middle finger until she is clawing my back like an animal and screaming my name as she cums for me for the first time. "Chance!"
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