Wait For Me

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Chapter 9

Kyra, February 16th 2020:

I wake up to the rumble of bikes starting up, it takes me a moment to remember where I am and then all the memories come flooding back... we were shot at... Chance took me home with him... we fought then he kissed me... then he ummm...

After he made me orgasm in under a minute he scooped me up and laid me in bed. He said he was going to the bathroom then I dozed off... now it's morning and I'm alone in this room that is apparently mine for the time being. I roll over and thankfully find my phone on the night stand... no missed texts or calls, not surprising. It's 11am, holy crap I never sleep in this late! I wonder if Chance is in his room?

I creep through the bathroom and slowly turn the knob to his room, I poke my head in but don't see anyone. I take a step in the room and scan my eyes around. His room is surprisingly very clean! He's got a big king size bed with black silk bedding, very sexy... he's got a giant flat screen across from his bed and a large oak dresser and matching night stand. 2 large windows are against the back wall giving me a view of the back yard, I see 4 guys outside smokin by their bikes, I watch as Chance walks around the corner approaching the men. The one guy who goes by Skip I think... hands Chance a joint, he inhales a few big puffs then passes it to Lil Johnny, he's one of the prospects, he's only 18.

Just as I'm about to stop spying on them I notice a bleach blonde bimbo come around the corner. She's wearing a tiny little red dress and hooker heels, and she walks right up to fucking Chance. She rubs his shoulder and whispers somethin in his ear that makes him smile, he turns his head and whispers something back. Then all the sudden he is following the blonde back inside. Holy I didn't even notice I was clenching my fists so hard that my nails cut through my palms.

I don't know where Chance and the hooker went but screw him! I notice that there is a garbage bag full of clothes sitting beside my bed, I dump them all out trying to find a perfect outfit to say goodbye to Chance in. I'm going the fuck back home. I'll call a cab into the city then I'll bus home, I don't even care I just can't be around him any longer!

I find a pair of white skinny jeans that just so happen to fit me like a fuckin glove. I pair it with skin tight Harley Davidson long sleeve black top that has a open back. Very sexy. I slide on my platform vans and shake my wavy hair out a bit then strut down the stairs. The bar is basically empty, I'm guessing everyone is either sleeping off a hangover or working somewhere. I approach a younger looking, pretty, dark haired girl that is working at the bar. "Hey darlin! I see the clothes fit great!" She chirps, I give her a sweet smile, "yyes they do, thanks." I tell her and take a seat across from her at the bar. "I gotta tell ya girl, I ain't ever see Chance bring home a girl like this", she winks at me, "oh umm we are just... kinda friends I guess". I whisper staring down at my hands, "no way hun, he wouldn't be bringing you to spend the night if that were the case", she tells me as she wipes down the counter. "Well I don't know, last I checked he was heading to a room with some tall blonde", I shrug my shoulders. "That's bikers baby, you either gotta let them claim you. Make you theirs and only theirs or else you gotta just sit back and watch all the club whores take care of your man". She says and sets a cup of coffee down in front of me.

Before I can say anything I hear the clicking of heels coming down the hall, I turn around and spot the slut in red, and not far behind her is the man that just had his finger inside of me last night! He looks shocked to see me but he tries to hide that look. The girl looks at me and rolls her eyes then hobbles out of the club like a fucking penguin because she doesn't know how to walk in her hooker heels.

"Morning sleepy head", Chance says as he takes a seat right next to me. I just shoot him a nasty glare and take a sip of my hot coffee. "Miranda I'll get a coffee too please." He asks her in a much sweeter tone then he usually uses with me. "Sure thing", she says in a friendly but not a flirty one. I take one more sip of coffee then get up, "nice meeting you Miranda," I say then I head for the front door, I hear Chance chuckle which makes me fucking enraged. I make it outside and to my left there is a big biker guy with grey hair with a lady that looks to be his wife sitting on the chairs they have out front. I give them a little smile and wave and walk to the other side of the building so I can call a cab in privacy.

Before I even get the chance to pull out my phone I hear a deep chuckle coming from around the corner. "Oh angel what are you doin?" Chance asks as he walks up to me, my fucking god if I wasn't so incredibly pissed at him right now I would jump his bones! He's wearing a black ribbed long sleeve top that hugs his muscles perfectly. To top it all off he is wearing grey fucking sweat pants!! I am so turned on but also feeling so fucking angry that some club whore got up close and personal with him just 10 minutes ago!! "I'm leaving Chance, I'm calling a cab." He just chuckles at me again. "Stop fucking laughing at me!" I snap on him. His face goes serious, "you didn't wanna leave last night when I had you screaming my name while I played with your pretty little clit". He growls at me getting way too close.

"I-II have to go", I fumble my phone out of my back pocket and he immediately snags it from me. "Chance!" "You're not calling a fucking cab Kyra, Jesus! If you really want to go that badly then fine but I'm driving you!" He shouts in my face, fuck this man is impossible! "I can't sit on the back of your bike right now Chance... I can't even look at you", I whisper staring down at my feet. "What the fuck", he says sounding defeated. "Whatever Kyra! I'm offering you a fucking ride so you don't have to pay for a damn cab all the way back to Woodridge but I guess you got what you came for already... right? Now you're bored with me. You got a little taste of biker cock so now you can just return to your old life? Right!? Now your just gonna go manipulate some other prick to make him care about you! Fuck!" He screams and turns around and punches the side of the steel building.

He stands there panting for a few minutes and I just stare at his bulging back for a moment longer... before I really need to say goodbye. "I would of stayed Chance... but when I crawl out of bed first thing in the morning and see the man that made me....umm orgasm just last night with some whore hanging off of him like he was her stripper pole!" I start off calm but by the last few words I'm straight up screaming. "Jesus Christ grow up", he says to me shaking his head then turns around and walks away.

Oh fuck no! I run after him and pound on his back with my fists, "fuck you Chance! Don't just walk away from me!" I scream in frustration, he whirls around and stares at me with no emotion at all, "oh yeah? Isn't that exactly what your doing right now?" "No! Screw you! You couldn't even keep your dick in your pants long enough for me to wake up!" I cry, starting to lose the anger and gain the devastation. "Is this what this is about? You're mad I didn't fuck you? You're mad that you saw me walk away with some girl this morning before I could fuck you?" He says leaning down so he is eye level with me, fuck if I stare into his galaxy eyes any longer I'm going to forget what we're even fighting about.

"No Chance I'm not mad that you didn't fuck me! I'm actually grateful! I should be more careful who I hand my virginity out to!" I shriek a little louder then I should've. "Jesus fuck! Shut the fuck up Kyra! You see how you are acting already? I haven't even put my dick in you yet! I can't even imagine what you'll be like if I fuck you!" He hollers, making sure everyone around knows that I am a complete nut job. "You are so cruel Chance", I say with a single tear falling down my cheek.
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