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Pretty Boy

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The End of the Chase

For four years, I’ve been trying to get closer to Akaashi. For four years, I’ve tried to get him to like me. I’ve failed countless numbers of times but I don’t give up, because one day I know he will like me and say yes when I ask him out.

I don’t know why I feel so compelled. Freshman year, everything was so innocent. I just wanted to make friends, and Akaashi was so cool. I got older and then it started to get real. I wonder if Akaashi knows he’s playing around with me. I wonder if he knows that the more he teases me, the more I fall for him. I have been trying so hard, and the rejection barely bothers me now. Sometimes, I think I’m close to getting him to say yes.

It would be amazing if he did, right?

Now I just want to be with him, to hold his hand, to tell him how pretty he is everyday. I can’t stand it when I see him with someone else. I can’t stand not being next to him. I like him so much that it hurts me.

He doesn’t know that.

I don’t tell him how unbearable it is. How I get sad sometimes because I think he truly doesn’t want me. How frustrated I get because I know I shouldn’t waste my time.

To me, Akaashi is worth every second that I can give.

That’s how much I like him.

I would never try so hard with anyone else.

Sometimes, it gets difficult. I would stand by my locker and see someone else flirting with him. Sometimes he would flirt back. Its not depressing but it does make me a bit sad. Sure I won’t stop asking him out but I’m fully aware that he has his own life. He has his priorities straight and I could never get in the way of that.

I can dream right?

Today was a Friday. There was nothing really big going on today. Football season is over so I don’t have to give my soul over to the sport. Now I can focus on my failing grades since college is a serious thing. There was a baseball game later tonight and I’m not usually interested in baseball but I haven’t missed a game because Akaashi is on the team.

He’s good at anything he does, it doesn’t matter what it is.

That’s one reason I like him.

He’s also insanely smart. He’s basically close to being top of the class. That’s another reason I like him.

Akaashi is also pretty.

For four years, he’s been known as pretty boy. That nickname has stuck with him since the first day of high school freshman year. No one hesitates to call him that. If they don’t know his name, pretty boy is what they call him. Its true though, he does live up to his nickname. Pretty Boy Akaashi. No one could be prettier than him. People would think because of his looks, he would get bullied but it was quite the opposite. He intimidated people because he was just unnaturally pretty. No one could describe what they felt when they saw him. It was either just odd or mortifying because they didn’t know what to do.

Akaashi doesn’t date anyone at school which is sort of disappointing to me because I was hoping to have my chance with him. He’s been single since Valentine’s day because his girlfriend didn’t like how much prettier he was than her. That’s how he intimidates most girls here. After that, he’s been more focused on school and scholarships.

Before I could think more about how pretty Akaashi was, I was jolted from my day dream and had to come back to reality. I even forgot where I was for a few moment. I looked down at my friend that had slammed his hand against the locker to make the loud noise that would get my attention. Third period hadn’t started yet so the halls were filled with students. Somehow, I just dozed off.

“The team’s going out later. They want to know if you’re going to blow them off like you’ve been doing.” he said to me.

“There’s a baseball game tonight.” I looked down at him.

He groaned and rolled his eyes obnoxiously. Blake has been listening to me go on and on about Akaashi for four years. I’m surprised he just hasn’t left me to make new friends. He tells me how I’m wasting my time, how Akaashi is out of my league, how I should try to like people that actually like me back. I don’t want to. I don’t know how Blake does it but now he has a short temper and he’s honestly fed up with me failing constantly.

“Man, you’re always going to those baseball games, and I’m totally going to be mean here and say you come out completely single. I’m just trying to understand what’s the point.” he began ranting. I would justify my behavior but that’s not what he wants to hear.

“You’re right, there is no point.” I said but didn’t mean it. It just put him in a better mood. He sighed and got his hand off the locker.

“Now you’re just saying it.” he caught on. “It just sucks to see you get shut down so many times. You’re like a lost puppy.”

My friends are concerned for me but its not that serious. I’m not going to hurt myself or anything. I just like trying to get to Akaashi. I would like to think it’s still innocent but its not. I try anyway because I like him. I tell my friends that it’s not a problem but they want me to move on to someone that will like me back.

“Plus, I sort of can’t bet against you but I’m losing money every week, so give up.” Blake added. I can’t forget that either.

“That’s your fault. I never said you couldn’t bet against me.” I told him truthfully. He just got upset with me; I would never say anything about him profiting off this, he could honestly make a lot of money.

“Landon, just give up, okay.” Blake has had enough but that’s how he is everyday. I can hang out with him tomorrow. Tonight, I have to see if I have any chances with Akaashi; I probably don’t but it won’t hurt me to try.

Akaashi walked by with some of his friends. A lot of people like him but its not shocking. He’s amazing at everything. He’s pretty too. I glanced over to him and what I didn’t expect was to see him looking at me as he walked by. He smiled slightly and gave a small wave before he turned to one of his friends again, talking to her. All the more while, my mind blew up.

“You saw that right?” I grabbed Blake. “I know you saw that.” I said quickly. He’s going to win some money soon.

Its not a total loss with Akaashi. We talk sometimes. He gave me his number a few months ago. He smiles when he sees me and today he waved at me. I mean, I don’t understand why Blake thinks I’m getting no where because this is something huge. I really have to see him tonight. There is no way I’m not going to show up to talk to Akaashi.

Blake sighed loudly and stomped around, throwing a fit. I know he’s tired of me being all love struck but I can’t help it. I was smiling to myself because I got a burst of confidence. Maybe Akaashi will hang out with me later. I can ask. Before I could say anything to Blake he just walked away, not even wanting to deal with it.

I was still happy.

I couldn’t even wait till tonight to be honest. The whole rest of the day was a blur. I didn’t start focusing till I was at the baseball field. Meanwhile, Blake was texting me about all the girls that were disappointed that I wasn’t at the party. He knows I’m not interested in them. I just sat with other people that I knew in the bleachers; I was ignoring their conversations because I was waiting on Akaashi.

Akaashi has always been a pitcher and nothing else. When he started getting scholarships for being nationally ranked, that’s all he focused on. I backed off for a bit because he became serious, but since there’s only a few games left, I just thought that maybe we could hang out more.

He was about to pitch the last ball. He fixed his hat and tossed the ball in the air before he got ready. And with his intense speed, he threw a fast ball after he caught it, and the batter missed for the third time.

I would say I was focusing on the game, but I wasn’t.

Akaashi looks really good in his uniform, especially with those off white tight pants he’s wearing. For a guy, he has wide hips and thick thighs. If I hadn’t known better, I would have just said he was a girl. Then if I did know a little better, I would say he was a girl in a guy’s body. Now I know a lot better and I can say that he has a body that makes a lot of people sort of confused. I know I am.

Pretty Boy Akaashi.

After the game, everyone flooded the field, even after the baseball team went inside the field house. Akaashi is always last to leave since everyone gives him such a hard time about changing his clothes. So I stayed on the field with some of my friends until most of the baseball team came out in their normal clothes. I had to build up the nerves to talk to Akaashi since he did shut me down last week. He knows I constantly try and I won’t stop till we graduate; till then, I will follow him around like a lost puppy.

I walked into the empty field house, not hearing anyone else. I wasn’t being quiet when I walked, and its not like I tried to. Akaashi knows when I come around. I pushed the door in to the locker room and walked in to see Akaashi at his locker.

“My answer is no, Landon.” He said as he moved things around in his locker. I’m just happy that he knows its me.

“I wasn’t going to ask if you would go out with me, I promise.” I said quickly and walked over to him.

I kept my hands in my jacket pockets as I stepped over the bench and leaned against the lockers. He ignored me but not for long. It didn’t take a while for him to smile at me like he did earlier. His grey eyes sparkled more when he smiled. And sometimes, his eyes would squint when he laughed and it seemed like he was wearing eye liner. He doesn’t wear makeup but that’s what makes it so shocking.

“Do you have eye liner on?” I always ask him.

“You know I don’t wear makeup. This is just how my eye lashes are.” He laughed and pulled his clothes out from his locker. “What would you like today?” He asked.

“Just wondering if you wanted to hang out.” I said. He glanced up at me skeptically. I always ask him out, always but tonight I just wanted to hang out and get closer. “It’s not a date, just to hang out and celebrate.” I clarified when he gave me that knowing look.

“I only hang out with blonds.” He said and took off his blue cap to let out his black hair.

“I can dye my hair.” I said quickly. Is it because blonds have more fun? Damn brunets. Curse my genes. What kind of blonds does he like? Pale blonds? Dirty blonds? Strawberry blonds? I can dye my hair any color.

I even pictured what he would look like blond. Even then, he would still be as pretty as he is with his black wavy hair. He tried to keep it short but its been a while since he’s had his hair cut. Now his hair was messier and longer, but I thought he looked good with it like that.

“Landon, you try too hard.” He said to me and closed his locker.

“You’re really hard to get to know.” I said. “Come on, just pizza and a movie.” I urged more. When he smiled again, I began blushing.

“That sounds like a date.” He said and added, “and I only date girls.”

“You know its going to be hard trying to find a girl that’s prettier than you are.” I said. He continued to smile at me and I knew that today I had to give up. I did try and I thought it might work but I can try again next week.

He came closer to me, placing his free hand on my chest and stretching up on his toes so he could plant the quickest kiss on my lips.

He did not just do that!

I was stunned. He kissed me. Akaashi kissed me. Well it was a peck, but that doesn’t matter. It was like being graced by the prettiest angel in heaven. I thought I died for a second.

“Bye, Landon.” He said, waving, and turned away.

I can’t let him get away with doing that to me. It’s not fair. I can’t live with just that.

I took his arm quickly and spun him back to me, bringing him closer so I could get the chance to really kiss him. He dropped the clothes in his hands out of shock from me pulling him back so fast. I held his face between my hands and pressed my lips on to his, feeling his soft skin on mine. I have not once done this before, nor have I actually thought about kissing him but this was amazing.

He didn’t push me away.

He let me kiss him and he even kissed me back. I could feel his lips move on mine and I thought it was a dream. Akaashi was letting me kiss him. It was honestly like being in heaven. My heart fluttered in ways that made me want to keep feeling it. Does he even know what he’s doing to me? I can’t take the actual bliss of feeling his lips touch mine.

I hear a lot of things about Akaashi, and as resistant and abstinent as he is, I’ve heard he knows how to do things. Sure I will probably never experience those things in my life time since it would be like being graced by the hand of God, but maybe I can get close.

Kissing him was enough.

I wasn’t sure if I should touch him more. Maybe I could slip my hands to his slender waist or maybe even lower to those hips of his. And if I get lucky, I might even be able to grab his perfect ass.

I was dying.

His hands held my wrist lightly and he kissed me one more time, taking my breath away before I felt his teeth on my bottom lip, pulling slightly before he let go.

What do I say, what the hell do I say?

He got me to let go of his face and he moved away but he was still close enough for me to feel his breath hit my skin. When I opened my eyes, I saw that his were still closed. What is he thinking? His cheeks were turning a light shade of red, something I have yet to see. Did I really make him blush?

Finally he opened his eyes and looked up at me.

There was nothing we could say.

But after feeling that, I couldn’t just wait for him to hand me what I want. I have to keep asking and demanding until he gives it to me.

I placed my hands at his waist and moved him against the lockers. It’s like then, I just gave up everything. I want to be with him so bad, and I was hoping he would let me. This urge I had wouldn’t go away, not even if for a split second I tried. I lifted my arms over the lockers to keep him from trying to get away from me, but he wasn’t resisting me.

“Go out with me.” I said and kissed his neck.

“No.” He said and lifted his head more as I kissed his skin. His hands were moving inside my jacket, trying to get me to take it off.

He won’t go out with me, but whatever it is we’re doing, he’ll allow it. This is not the only thing I want. I want to go out with him, I want to do things with him, I want to take him places and do all kinds of things with him.

I shrugged off my jacket and my hands tugged on his shirt that was tucked in to his white pants. I pulled them up and got it off him.

“Wait, I haven’t showered yet.” He said quickly but it’s not like I cared that much. I just don’t want to lose my chance.

“I don’t care.” I said and kissed him again. His hands were quick to lift up my shirt and tug at my jeans.

I didn’t think he wanted to go that far.

I took off my shirt and kissed him over and over again till we were both breathless. What are we going to do now? Is there something to do?

His hands undid my belt.

My heart was pounding in my chest, I was so nervous because he actually wanted me to undress. I wasn’t thinking of having sex with him, it never crossed my mind actually but now it was there and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. It would be unplanned and that’s not right. I don’t think it was.

Maybe we don’t have to go that far.

His hands slipped in my pants anyway, and it was like he already knew what he was doing. There are all kinds of rumors about him being abstinent but I wonder if that was true. He was...well, he’s with me right now and I wasn’t sure what was happening. He’s been doing things for sure. I was so ready to take his pants off too, I just wanted to rip them off him, but I settled for pulling his belt off and pushing his pants down as far as my fingers would let me.

Akaashi bit my lip again like he did before, making me go insane for a couple seconds. I couldn’t just let him go, it wouldn’t be right. I wanted to keep him here. My hands continued in his pants, rubbing him lightly; his hips moved into my hand when I heard him moan quietly. My heart fluttered when I heard his voice. I didn’t think I would have the chance but he sounded so sweet with a moan like that. My hand continued to move in his pants and that’s when he pulled away from me, breathing heavily.

He leaned all his weight against the lockers and let me touch him more. His hand was moving on me as well, but it was like he was more flustered by what I was doing to him. I guess the abstinence thing is true then, he hasn’t felt anything in a while and now its too much for him. I watched his face. He purposely kept his eyes down so he wouldn’t look at me. I didn’t want to be that creep that would stare, but his expressions are always something to look at. I can never just look away.

Now I couldn’t wait.

I pulled his cock out of his pants slowly, my fingers stroking him at a steady pace. His fingers were shaking in my pants, he was tempted to stop because of what I was doing to him. He closed his eyes and moaned quietly; I listened to his voice echo in the locker room. Since we were the only ones in here, I could hear everything about him. My thumb pressed on the tip of his cock, rubbing until I felt it twitch in my hands. Akaashi grabbed on to my arm tightly as he moaned louder. I lifted his hand that was in my pants and he took my cock out. I know he wasn’t focused enough to do anymore, and I don’t have a problem with taking care of this.

My hand pressed on the back of his thighs, and brought his hips closer on to me so I could feel his hot cock press against mine. I hovered over him, my other arm against the locker, and I moved my hips into him slowly so I could rub against him. His hand held my wrists, his grasp getting tighter as I rolled my hips onto his.

This is not something I ever thought of.

I never thought that I would have Akaashi here, shirtless and sweating, and not to forget moaning because I was making him feel good. I didn’t think I would have him flustered either. I know that I joke around with him a lot and he has to admit that I make him smile because I’m so gosh darn funny, but to see him blushing like this because of me, this was totally different from what it was before. Its really serious.

When Akaashi let go of my hand, he ran his fingers through my hair, pulling me closer to him, and kissed me deeply as he tried to breathe. I was trying too but we were both not getting anywhere. The only reason we were kissing was to fill that desperate tension of needing to be closer and that was a feeling we couldn’t shake off. He was trembling against the lockers, I felt it as he tried to kiss me; even his lips were trembling. He moaned louder this time as his breathing hitched. Every time I heard his voice, my fingers would tighten at the back of his thighs, grabbing harder on him; I wished that I could take these pants off him so I could feel his skin on mine.

My body was hot just from feeling him. I could touch him and feel him. I was so riled up that I couldn’t contain anything. Hearing his voice made my heart pound faster in my chest. Breathing heavily wasn’t enough to make me calm down. I wanted to press Akaashi more on the lockers. I wanted to make him scream.

Even while I thought this, I moved further.

I lifted his leg, bringing it up and around my waist and pressed him against the locker. I breathed on his neck heavily as he clutched me closer to him. His fingers had a tighter grip on my hair, and he pulled harder as my hips continued to move with his. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against mine and twitch every now and then when he liked it. I could tell by his voice how much he liked it too.

“Go out with me.” I tried again in the heat of the moment.

He didn’t answer me, and even when I continued to kiss his neck, he still didn’t answer me. If only I knew what he was thinking. I wanted to know if he was struggling to get his thoughts together. I wanted to know if he had a hard time processing one thing.

What is he thinking now that he’s with me?

I kept my hips moving and he did too. My hands clenched against the lockers as I got closer and closer to my climax. I could only rub against him for so long. It was humid in the locker rooms. I was sweating too. His skin was sticking to mine as we moved together. I could taste the salt on his skin from him sweating from the heat and it only made me want to lick him more. He breathed in my ear, moaning helplessly and running his fingers through my hair.

This was killing me.

I was so weak just because I didn’t have a chance to prepare for this to happen.

I lifted myself more and looked down at his reddened face. Even now he looked as pretty as ever. Pretty Boy Akaashi. He was right in front of me, letting me rub my cock on his for pleasure. Its not like I ever thought there was sexual tension between us. In fact, there never was. But we made it seem like there was, it was like we had this feeling for forever. Maybe in my head I was exaggerating, but this tension was more than real. I stared down at his face, looking at his closed eyes, his long black eye lashes, his red cheeks, and his plump pink lips. Up close, he glows. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and I was hoping that for even just a slight second he would look at me.

I pressed my forehead on to his and breathed with him. I heard his moans, and I heard mine. It was just the two of us here so we could cry out as much as we wanted to. I wanted to hear his voice, that’s what drove me to move my hips up on him. Finally, he opened his eyes and glanced up at me slowly. He was dazed and even that expression was amazing to look at.

Its like he didn’t know what was happening, but he was letting it happen anyway. He looked into my eyes, and I saw how he wasn’t thinking, how right now, he just wanted to feel good and I could make that happen since he was letting me. In his grey eyes, I thought I saw something I have never seen before. Pretty Boy Akaashi was letting go for a boy that’s been chasing after him for years now.

It makes me so happy.

I couldn’t help but smile at him.

He smiled too, for a second before he tensed up against the lockers. His hand dropped from my hair and on to my bare chest, pressing against me as he began to shake again, this time harder.

He was cumming and so was I.

Even as his hips tried so hard to move away, I kept him close to me so I could feel his cock pulse on my skin. He twitched and shook, and his hand was trying hard to push me away as he arched. He cried out as his hips bucked and his legs tensed.

His cum spilled on us, getting on my cock and his. I felt some get on my stomach as he continued to move with me. I was still grinding my hips on him as he orgasmed and I didn’t stop until I finished too. My body paused and for a couple seconds, I couldn’t do anything. All my strength was gone and I couldn’t move even if I thought of it. I came and got the white fluid on us too. To think that this actually happened.

I couldn’t breathe. I was so tired that it was just hard to fill my lungs with air. I lost my strength and I couldn’t hold Akaashi against the locker. I forgot that he was shorter than me, and it took me a little time to realize that his foot wasn’t even touching the ground because of how I held him around me. He breathed on me too, trying to catch his breath and come down from his high. He closed his eyes and leaned his weight on to the lockers.

I kissed him softly. I couldn’t resist that tired face of his. His lips were wet from constantly licking and biting them. I wanted to do the same to him but I didn’t. I only kissed him until I realized that I needed to breathe.

I wanted to try again.

“Go out with me.” I tried again, this time more quiet and defeated. I wanted to give up because I know he will say no to me. That’s how Akaashi is.

“Okay.” he nodded.

I didn’t believe it. I was tempted to ask again to make sure he would give the same answer. I couldn’t find the words though. He just said okay to me. He will go out with me. After all this time of him saying no, he finally said yes.

Akaashi will go out with me.

“A-are you serious?” I asked to make sure this wasn’t a joke.

He opened his eyes and looked at me, smiling. “I’ll go out with you, Landon.” he said. My heart buzzed in my chest. This was not real. “J-just put me down so I can change.” he closed his eyes again and sighed.

I got my hands off the locker and moved slightly to help him on his feet.

I didn’t watch him change his clothes. I think I had enough for today, and usually, I’m not the sexual kind of guy. That just sort of happened. I kept my back turned to him and my eyes closed as I heard him shuffle into his clothes. The only thing I could think was that he was going out with me. Akaashi is going out with me. We’re dating. I get to take him out and do cute things with him. Is this real? After so long, this happened. Of course I wouldn’t think it was real. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing with happiness. I was so overjoyed that it made me release all kinds of bubbles of brightness and satisfaction. No one was going to believe this. I’m going out with Akaashi.

“I’m sorry I don’t have better clothes.” he said when I turned around. “I didn’t think I was actually going out tonight.” he said as he fixed his converse on. I don’t mind the sweatpants or the sweater. In fact, he looked amazing in plain clothes like he does in all clothes. I don’t care.

“We’re actually going on that date?” I asked.

“Remember, you said it wasn’t a date.” he reminded me. I was hoping he wouldn’t call me out on that. “Just pizza and a movie, right?” he looked up at me and smiled.

I was stunned.

“You have to let me do something fancy.” I said quickly.

“Landon, you said no date tonight.” he complained as I pulled him along. I didn’t stop smiling or laughing and he finally joined with me.

I could freely put my arm around his shoulder and he didn’t say anything about it. And for the first night since the day I started trying to get with him, we walked out together like I imagined that one day we would.

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