Her Empire, His Dominion

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Chapter Eleven

Note: This chapter include slight mature content.


Valentin sat in his chair in silence, leaning back as he eyed the two adults in scrutiny.

Luka knew the repercussions of calling Elisa here, but he was far too sick of Sapphire that he simply couldn't help himself. He was prepared to face Valentin's wrath. But what scared him was the fact that Valentin's expression was neither raging nor angry. He seemed calm. Too calm.

"Luka?" Valentin called with his eyes still strained on his sister.

"Yes, boss?" Luka's voice was firm and confident, with no sign of his discomfort and worry. Valentin expected nothing less, yet it bugged him.

"Why did you call my sister here without my knowledge?"

Luka spoke in their native tongue as he answered, and the rest of the conversation followed just the same, just in case the red-headed woman was listening by the door.

"I have expressed my disapproval with hosting the Nieto girl, yet you wouldn't consider my thoughts."

"Girl?" Elisa echoed. "What girl?"

Valentin laughed humourlessly as his eyes drifted between the two. "You didn't even tell her that it was a woman who got you so scared?" he teased, only to upset Luka. He wasn't praising Sapphire, but it sure felt good to tick off Luka for the stunt he pulled. "And what did you think bringing my sister here would change? She isn't the boss of me."

Luka dropped his eyes, not wanting to see Valentin's expression as he dared to utter his following words. "No, but Elisa has leverage over you—things she knows that will have you do what she wants, simply for her silence. Forgive me for taking such unforgivable actions, but you left me no choice."

Luka instinctively took a step back as he heard Valentin's chair being pushed against the tile. He, more than anyone else, knew that Valentin's punishments for betrayal weren't the most merciful and gentle. He had hoped that their connection and friendship would cause him to see things from his perspective and excuse this one rebellion. In fact, Luka didn't even intend for Elisa to bring out the 'big guns'. He thought that Valentin would see the seriousness of the matter and have it dealt with without any threats. Elisa's arrival was only for Valentin to look into this Sapphire issue a bit more. He was far too quick with his submission to Sapphire's request of working with him. Luka didn't trust her.

Not for a second.

"And do you really think threatening me with my younger sister will cause me to bend?" Valentin said as his voice rose a bit. "What you should've done was trust that whatever I decided was for the best interest of this business. You think I like having her around?" he demanded but found his throat getting dry at the mere thought. Perhaps he did like having her there?

"Wait, is it the woman I just saw you with?" Elisa asked, her eyes brightening with budding drama. "But you two are sleeping together!"


"We are not." Both men spoke at the same time as Luka's eyes widened and Valentin's narrowed.

This only caused Elisa to laugh even harder as she turned to them both. "You idiots!" she accused. "Valentin is obviously blinded by pleasure, and Luka didn't even notice! Why else would he yield to her will so easily? And if what you told me over the phone is true and Enrique's child heir lives in this house, then how haven't you noticed, Luka?" She hit him over his head as Luka frowned in thought.

Valentin pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, relieved that they were talking in Russian, as he knew for a fact that Sapphire was listening in.

"I am not sleeping with her," he stated calmly. "And even if I was, it is none of your business. I made a decision for the betterment of this Mafia, not because of a woman's body." He swallowed as he mentioned that as a swift thought of Sapphire's breasts pressed against him flashed back to mind. "Elisa may stay if she so wishes, but nothing you do or say can change my decision."

With that, he retook his seat in his large leather chair, hating that he still hadn't gotten the chance to eat yet.

"Oh please, Valentin." Elisa scoffed. "I saw you two in each other's faces. You were just about to fuc—"
"I was speaking to her about something. As you may have already noticed, she is a very hard woman to convince. I can only get through her stubborn skull by intimidating her with my closeness and hard gaze. What you saw was nothing." It was an easy lie for Valentin, as he had tried this a lot of times before. Except, it never worked. Nothing—absolutely nothing—intimidated that girl.

He almost smiled at the thought, and he didn't know why.

However, he felt pleased when the two seemed satisfied with his excuse. They didn't speak after that, but Elisa had a deep scowl on her face. Without knowing why she just simply didn't like Sapphire. Perhaps it was the way Luka spoke of her as if she had an alternative plan to drive them all in the ground or the fact that she seemed like a powerful woman too who could get under Valentin's skin without sleeping with him as he so boldly pointed out. As much as they have never been the most loving siblings, Elisa was the only woman he saw as just as powerful, even though she wasn't involved in the Mafia.

If this 'Sapphire' indeed held this much power, then Elisa couldn't help the nudge in her mind that evoked jealousy. Not to mention that she's a Nieto! If it had been a man, then Elisa wouldn't have minded. That would still leave her as the most powerful woman. But with Sapphire now in the picture, it could probably send her to second place.

Valentin noticed how his sister's face reddened in anger, and he wasn't ready to spend another fifteen minutes arguing. So, he quickly dismissed them.

"If that is all," he said as he rose from his chair, "I would like to get freshened up and have dinner."

He strode towards the door, and he heard keenly as the soft patter of feet dashed away from his office door. He rolled his eyes as he swung the door open, holding it for the two to leave.

Elisa left first, mumbling curses under her breath as she stomped past him. A headache formed in his temple at the thought of knowing that Elisa definitely wasn't leaving anytime soon.

Valentin grabbed onto his shoulder when Luka tried to move past him, sending him a stern glare as he dug his fingers in his underboss's arm.

"We are not done talking about this," he informed. "You will face my wrath."

Luka nodded without a word before leaving also.

Sighing, Valentin turned his office lights off and closed the door. Sapphire's scent lingered on his suit as he headed to his room, eager to get her out of his system.


Dinner for Valentin was quite strained. Everyone sat in the dining room, which was unusual, and he had strict rules about eating in his room or office, so he usually dined in the designated room. Not only was Elisa and Luka there, but Sapphire appeared about five minutes into his meal, wearing nothing but tiny shorts and a top that barely covered her stomach, showcasing her neatly pierced navel that was always hidden under clothes.
Though she had taken a 360 and left instantly, the image of her still stayed in his mind and stirred his feelings again after he had already discarded his suit that had her scent and stood under the cold shower for about five minutes.

Why did she bother him this much? He demanded to himself. Had it really been so long that he hadn't had an attractive woman in his bed? Certainly not. Yet, at the thought of having a woman tonight, the only face that appeared was hers.

Valentin stormed through the now empty house since most, if not all, of the staff were already gone.

Only Luka lived at the Trevoga mansion with him before Sapphire's arrival. Valentin didn't even house the maids and cooks simply because he didn't trust anyone but Luka to be around him when sleeping. The guards stayed outside after he closed all his doors, and Luka did a thorough check of the house from the cameras. Only the bedrooms and bathrooms had no camera's and most guest rooms stayed closed for these reasons at all times.

Valentin instantly swung the shirt over his head upon arrival at his room, ready to take another cold shower to get the woman out of his system. But just then, a soft knock sounded at his door. For a minute, his heart raced. There was a stupid hope at the back of his mind that it was her, but he quickly dismissed it. Sapphire's knocks were loud and stern. This one seemed almost timid.

"I even know the way she knocks," he mumbled to himself, growing annoyed and even more flustered as he swung the door open.

A petite woman stood in front of him, eyes downcast and body shaking. He didn't recognize her, and he noticed that it was the new maid Sapphire had hired. Obviously, Sapphire didn't go over the rules with her since she was still here.

"Yes?" Valentin snapped unintentionally. She flinched back a little as she dared to meet his eyes, quickly darting her eyes from his bare chest.

Valentin noticed that she was fairly beautiful and young—probably around the same age as Sapphire. He never went for young workers. They seemed to cause more mischief than productivity for him.

She seemed like the complete opposite of Sapphire, though. She was relatively shorter, and her hair was jet black. Her lips were also thin, completely different from Sapphire full plump ones, and her eyes were timid and shy—a definite contrast with Sapphire's.

"I was-was collecting the laundry. I won't do them until tomorrow, but-but…."

Sighing, Valentin stepped aside to let her in. Quickly, she rushed over to his bathroom and collected his laundry. On her way out, Valentin stopped her.

"Where do you live?" he asked out of mere curiosity.

She shuffled on her feet as she hugged the basket closer to her chest. "Um, just a little out of the city."

"Do you drive?" he asked, seeing that the sun was completely gone from the sky, and the slight shake of her head answered his question clearly.

"I usually walk down to the bus terminus and wait for the bus there. This job pays well, so I should have a car soon, though." She laughed a little at an attempt to make the conversation easier on her side, but Valentin's features remained grim.

"Don't you have a husband or boyfriend who drives?"

She shook her head again. "Nope."

Valentin's frown widened. As much as he barely cared for his staff, the journey from here to the bus terminus was quite long. And for her to be leaving this late wasn't safe either. In fact, it wasn't even safe for her to walk to the gate. He knew the men he hired as security guards, but even then, he didn't trust them with a woman this small and frail.

"Why didn't you leave earlier?" he snapped, causing the woman to flinch again. He grabbed his keys from his nightstand and flung a shirt over his head. Perhaps going out into the cold will help his…situation.

"I-I…" she stumbled over her words as she stepped back from his intimidating frame.

"Drop the basket," he ordered, and she quickly obliged. "Get your things and meet me at the door in exactly two minutes."

Without another word, the young woman rushed through his door and down to the worker's lounge to get her things.

On the other hand, Valentin took his sweet time in moving down the stair and towards the foyer. When he arrived, the maid was already there waiting for him. Without saying anything, he punched in his code and stepped into the September cold, not even holding the door open for the woman as he turned in the direction of the garage.

Her tiny footsteps rushing after him told him enough that she was close by, and so he kept his head straight as he went towards the car park.

He stiffened when a familiar form emerged from the area, and he cursed under his breath yet again when Sapphire closed the door of her brand new Porsche and turned to leave. She paused too when she spotted him. His arms were bare and thick, nothing covering them from the cold bite of the night.

Sapphire's eyes lingered on his arms, as it was the first she was seeing him in a T-shirt. His muscles were stacked under the garment, and his bronze arms were painted in different tattoos images.

"Oh shit," she mumbled under her breath. D'Andre had two tattoos, and she thought it was the sexiest thing ever but this? This was provocative.

"What are you doing out here?" Valentin asked, wanting desperately to know how she even got the code.

She shrugged. "I left my phone in my car." Even though she didn't have to. She gently opened her coat to pull the phone from her pocket, causing Valentin even more discomfort at the quick but full view he got of her chest.

His jaw clenched as he looked away.

"Oh, hi Alyona. What are you still doing here?" Sapphire quickly rushed around Valentin, eager to get away from the warmth of his body as she patted the young maid on her shoulder. "Are you heading home?"

"Da," she replied shyly. Sapphire simply nodded and bolted in the other direction. Valentin tried not to look around but failed miserably as he watched her speed-walk through the bright lights that shone from the house.

He took a deep breath as his pants got tighter. He hadn't even known the woman for a month, and she already had this effect on him. Valentin didn't try to be immature or in denial. He knew and understood completely that he was sexually attracted to Sapphire. He simply couldn't understand why, and he didn't want to be.

"Are you okay, Mr Dominik?" Alyona's small voice echoed from behind him as she rested her tiny palm on his bicep. Valentin eyed her from the corner of his eye with a stern nod before continuing the journey to his car.

The drive was relatively quiet, but he noticed that the longer he stayed with Alyona, the more comfortable she became. Within the forty minutes drive to the neighbourhood she lived in, she relaxed in her seat, asked him a few questions that he either avoided or gave a single word as an answer, and she even turned on his radio. But what ticked him off was when she started singing, and that was when Valentin snapped and ordered her to shut up. What he found weird, though, was the fact that the woman giggled and bit her lip after he shouted at her instead of shrinking away like she did earlier when they met.

They drove in silence the rest of the way until she started giving him directions. And soon, he finally pulled up to her one-story house. It was small but homely and well kept, mainly the lawn. Being a perfectionist himself, Valentin felt pleased with how well she kept her home.

He looked at her, finding her already staring at him with no longer timid eyes but bold and bright with gratitude.

"Thank you so much, Mr Dominik... I don't know how to thank you for your kindness."

Except, Valentin didn't believe he was kind at all. He simply didn't like the thought of sending her on a dangerous route on her own.

"It's fine," he mumbled. "Come in extra early tomorrow to do the laundry."

"I will do," she purred as she reached over to brush her fingers against his arm. "And I would really really like to show you my gratitude, Mr Dominik." Alyona batted her long eyelashes and trailed her fingers farther down his arm until they rested on his thigh. Valentin watched her movements keenly but oddly didn't push her away.

She wasn't Sapphire, but she was a woman.

"Can I?" she finally asked, unbuckling her seatbelt as she leant over towards him. Valentin's erection still stood firm in his sweatpants, even after forty minutes of cold air sweeping across his face and upper body. Apparently, Alyona noticed this and believed it was of her.

However, Valentin made no move to interrupt or stop the woman as she massaged him through the fabric. He hissed through a groan as her womanly caress caused him to throb even more. His eyes closed on instinct as he tried not to imagine that it was Sapphire's hand but failed miserably.

It was only Sapphire's face in his mind, especially when Alyona pulled on the waistband of his pants and underwear, pushing them both down in a swift movement. He stood large and stiff at the exposal, and Alyona gasped in excitement and immediately wrapped her soft hand around his length.

She stroked him for a few seconds, silently praising herself for causing him to stiffen even more, and with a proud smirk on her face, she brought her lips to his tip, slowly teasing him with her tongue. But Valentin was a very impatient man, and with one hand, he grabbed onto her hair and forced her mouth down on the length of his shaft. She gasped at the sudden penetration but adjusted instantly as she closed her mouth around half of him.

Valentin groaned as she sucked up and down, slowly and teasingly, as she continued to use her hand to stroke him. Being aroused herself, Alyona used her free hand to slide in between her legs, feeling the smooth moisture that had been built up from the minute she noticed Valentin's arousal. She moaned as she massaged herself, continuing the movements of her mouth against Valentin's now pulsating member.

She brought her lips to the top and swirled her tongue against his pink tip again, evoking another hiss from him before taking him fully inside her mouth, forcing him all the way down to the back of her throat. Sounds of gags and hisses filled the confined space of the car as Valentin felt himself being pushed over the edge. Grabbing onto her hair, he jerked her head faster against him until his groins finally gave up, and he emptied himself in her mouth and all over her face as she pulled away.

His leather seat was dripping with her own arousal, too, after reaching her climax seconds ago from rubbing herself, and Alyona raised her head with a beaming smile as she noticed the achievement she had made.

Slowly, Valentin opened his eyes, and the blurry image of the smiling woman shook him from his imagination, where he remembered that it wasn't red tendrils that he had formerly pulled on only seconds ago but black waves that had gotten loose from Alyona's bun.

He didn't return her smile, but he did silently acknowledge that she was good. He had had a lot of women in his life, and though this—in front of her house in the dark of his car—was the most unusual and unplanned, it certainly helped the uncomfortable throb that had lingered in his pants for over an hour.

"Do you want to come inside?" Alyona asked, sounding out of breath as she used her handkerchief to wipe the white substance from her face as well as her mess from his seat. Valentin simply shook his head.

"Net. I must get back." His voice was just as cold and detached as always, and for a swift second, Alyona felt sadness well in her that this act they shared didn't cause any warmth to grow between them. But she did acknowledge that she had the boss—the most powerful man in the country—in her mouth, and he liked it.

Her smile returned as she pushed the door open, grabbing her bag before hopping from his car.

"I'll see you tomorrow then," she simply said, feigning innocence. Valentin spared her one glance, ensuring that she was safely on the ground before pulling away.

Thoughts of Sapphire filled his mind all the way back to the house, and even after Alyona had successfully and greatly taken care of his built-up need, he still yearned for her, probably even more than before, and he knew that there was only one way he could overcome it.

Perhaps not in this life, but the only way to get Sapphire Nieto out of his system was to have her himself. He needed her beneath him, calling his name and drawing claw marks in his back.

He shook the thought from his mind quickly when he felt his member growing again, and so he blared the music in his car and sped back to the mansion, knowing that he'd have to bury himself in work until he fell asleep.

Because as it stands, that was the only way to distract himself from the green-eyed, fiery woman.




So I know a lot of people will hate me for this chapter but this is real life lol. Adults use other adults for pleasure all the time (Not all adults). So dont cuss me out ;)

If Valentin and Sapphire were together, now that would be cuss worthy.

But come on, y'all know I dont write anything that isn't important to the plot ;)

Happy reading!

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