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"You should've seen your face!!" He says, laughing harder, "You said," in a mocking tone, " 'EWWW!!! LIAM!!!' " I do not sound like that! I roll eyes, placing my hands on my hips, "That was not even close to funny. That was disgusting..." "Oh come on," He says, standing up from the chair, "you were practically asking for it." He then walks over to me, our faces now a few inches apart, "Besides," He leans forward, making our faces centimeters apart now, "~you loved it~" I tense up, as I stare into his eyes. His eyes flick from mine to my lips in a split second. ***************************************** *Uses MATURE language* Penelope Andrews just moved from Miami Florida to the suburbs in Louisville Kentucky in hopes of fresh start. When she accidentally "drops" her Mom's car keys into the yard next door, she decides to "walk" over to retrieve them. But, in doing so, she meets Liam Esner. A popular bad boy known for his looks, and destructive behavior. But, is he really a badboy?

Romance / Drama
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Chp. 1: New Town, New Start

We’re here...we’re finally here in Kentucky...

Where my life can finally change...

I pause, turning to stare out the car window, as we pass by some restaurants. I smell all of the different foods that were all around us. Wendys, the Chinese place I forget the name of, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s...

Oh McDonald’s~

Man I could kill for a Big Mac right now.

But, I’m stuck with these stupid Doritos...

That I love very much...kind of.

I sigh, as I look back down at my journal, and pencil. I giggle quietly, as I continue to write.

I think it’s funny how you can love one thing so much that, nothing else really seems to matter anymore. It’s such a strange concept to think about, and the more I think about it...

The weirder it gets...

I never thought admitting that would sound so weird...especially since I’m writing this all down in a notebook I’ve had since I was 10.

I wonder why I’ve kept this handy dandy notebook full of journal entries and poetry?

It’s a mystery I have yet to uncover, but soon find out.

Suddenly, I feel Austin tug on my arm. I look over at him. “Can I have a chip?” Austin asks, staring at my bag. Practically drooling.

“What? Why?” I ask, raising an eyebrow, as I grab my bag ’o chips and move them closer to me. “Please? I ate all of my corn chips...” He whines, his green eyes staring into mine.

“Um... let me”

“MOMMY! Penelope isn’t sharing her Doritos!”

Glancing at the mirror, Mom eyeballs me, “Penelope, share.”

Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to properly introduce myself.

My name is Penelope Andrews. I’m 17, Senior in Highschool, and I just moved here. Where? Kentucky. I’m from Miami Florida, probably the greatest place ever. Except it’s hot there most of the time, but hey!

Who am I to complain?

“Fine,” I say, pulling out a handful of chips, and placing them into his hands.

I usually don’t mind sharing, but when it comes to my food...that word doesn’t exist to me.

“YAY! Thanks sis,” Austin says, grinning happily. I lightly pat his head, as he begins stuffing chip after chip into his mouth, chewing loudly. “We’re almost there,” Mom calls to the back seat. Austin and I nod.

Austin is my little brother. He’s only ten, and as you can see, he uses his age to get what he wants.

Typical younger sibling stuff...

“Is the house big?” Austin asks, mouth full of Doritos. “Yeah. Why wouldn’t it be?” She replies. I sigh with relief, happy that I wouldn’t have to share a room with Austin... hopefully.


After about a good 45 minutes, or so, we finally arrive at the house. May I just say that it looks pretty nice. There’s a nice tree that sits out front of the yard, which has a bench sitting underneath it. The house itself has two bushes around it, with a nice walk way between them. It’s obviously two stories high, meaning the bedrooms must be upstairs. Also, it’s within a neighborhood. Just thought I should clarify.

Parking the car in front of the house, Mom sighs with relief, “This is it guys...this is the place.” I stare out the car window at the large house. “Woah! It’s huge!” Austin says, peering over my shoulder at it.

Allow me to explain a few things that might be vital to my current situation.

We moved from Florida, but not necessarily by choice. Life was getting tough for us back home, and Mom decided it’d be best to just start over completely.

Move states!

And that’s exactly what we did. Let’s just say the things that happened in Miami, are meant to stay in Miami.

I’m here for a new start baby!!

Look out Kentucky!!

Penelope Andrews, coming through!!!

After a while, the moving trucks arrive, and we all go and begin to unpack our belongings from the back of it.

Which by the way, the most tiring thing to do in history of doing things. I, Penelope Andrews, am very much so lazy. I admit it, and am not ashamed of it.

Well maybe a little...

Once everything gets inside the house, we all decide to take a lunch break. Man, I love food with a passion. Without it, I get hangry.

Trust’s not pretty.

“So, where’s my room again?” I ask, eating the last bit of my sandwich. “Upstairs, to the right,” Mom explains, making more sandwiches.

I nod, as I throw away my paper plate. “Aw shoot,” Mom says, irritatedly, “Penelope, can you look in the car, and grab my phone?” I nod, as I move my brown hair behind my ear. I then walk over to the counter, and grab her car keys.

Slowly, I walk outside, thinking of literally nothing, but school here in Kentucky. It’s almost October, and I’m going to be a new kid.

I never thought I’d say this , but I’m glad we moved right before Halloween came around. Why? Because back in Florida, we used to have this celebration, and there were two people nominated to go on this weird thing that I forget the name of. Anyway, you would sit on this chair high above ground, while people throw a ball at this target. If they hit it just right, you would fall into water that was underneath you.

I’m pretty sure Gabby, my BFF, and I were chosen for that, like...what the heck? I told them we didn’t want to do it because Gabby, and I are allergic to water games.


I can hear your silent judgement. It could be true.

I begin swinging the keys around my finger, you know, like they do in those movies? I feel like one of those cool people, with a nice ride, trying to drive it around town just to show it off to people. Except...I don’t have a driver’s license. So... wouldn’t that mean I’d be driving illegally?

Suddenly, the keys fly from my hand, and over into the yard next door.


I stare at them as they lay within the green grass. Why me? How am I supposed to get those?! You would think that I should just walk over there, and get them, right? But last time something like this happened, a dog came after me. I’m pretty sure he had foam coming from his mouth.

Maybe if I tip toe over there, you know like a spy, their dog, if they have one, wouldn’t be triggered to come and get me.

And I wonder why it’s hard for me to make friends....

Quickly, but sneakily, I tip toe over. Man, I’m praying that no one is watching me. I then walk over, and bend down to pick them up. “Mission accomplish-” I whisper, but then I see two black boots stop right in front of me.

Oh this it?

Is this how I’m going to die...


I gulp, unsure of what else I am supposed to do. “Hi,” I hear a deep, but not too deep, smooth voice. I stand up slowly, and find myself looking upwards at the most handsome man I have ever seen. My blue eyes meet his grey ones.

Now, I’m short, okay. I’m 5′2, Below average height. Most people are taller than me, but can I still say that he was huge? Maybe around 6′0, or maybe a little more.


That seems accurate...

I’d say he is around my age, and very attractive.


Didn’t I already say that??

“Uh...Hi...?” I say, it coming out more like a question.

Dang it! Why does he have to look so...I don’t even know! It’s like there are no words that can describe how good he looks.

Penelope, pull yourself together!

Suddenly, catching me off guard, the handsome boy begins to laugh.

Why is he laughing?

Did he...oh gosh!

He did see me tip toe, like a lunatic into his yard!

I feel heat rush to my cheeks, as I look downward. My face is probably as red as a tomato.

“I’m sorry,” The handsome stranger says, wiping tears from his face.

Why do I keep calling him handsome?

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” He says, a half smile on his face. I look back up at him, and he laughs a little more before finally regaining his composure.

He then smiles at me, “I’m Liam. Liam Esner.”

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