Stolen Love

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The sky was different shades of blue and purple, each one of them complimenting the other. Among them, the stars glistened.

They stood out perfectly compared to the darker shade of the sky. The glass of my closed window gave an added gleaming effect. It was beautiful. Almost too beautiful to be real.

I sluggishly slid off of my bed and onto the floor, aching from how long I'd been lying there. My eyes hurt and felt puffy.

That was a common thing I did as a distraction from life. Lay on my bed and stare into the sky at night. Some may think it's completely and utterly boring but for me it was the absolute opposite. I could lay there for hours taking in its beauty. Well, at least if I could.

I reached over to my desk where my phone laid. It was on Airplane Mode as I wasn't in the mood to be spammed by or even receive notifications. My body crashed back onto the floor before I even had the chance to peer for the device. Stiffly turning my head, I caught sight of a piece of clothing lodged under my foot. A shirt. His shirt.

Out of all the clothes on the floor it had to be his I tripped over.

A loud groan left my mouth as I heaved myself off of my stomach.

Attempt two.

Brushing my hand around the surface of my desk, several items came into contact with it. Wrappers and cans. Papers and tissues. Knocking two cans to the side and shoving away a couple of wrappers revealed my phone to my hand. With a huff, my body crumpled back into the duvet, which had somehow managed to be half dangling off the edge of the bed. I switched the silencing setting off on the device, however the decision triggered a fountain of regret to burst inside me. My phone was bombarded by texts from my alleged boyfriend, Sean.

I couldn't express my feelings towards him at that moment. We'd been together for seven months and I truly liked him but clearly he didn't feel the same, no matter what he said.

I had received a spam of texts from my best friend, Isabella. They were all screenshots of a conversation between Sean and what seemed to be one of his friends. Long story short, all he did was insult me. Called me annoying, good for nothing, a waste of space.

To be honest, I figured that something was going to go wrong but it never would have even crossed my mind that he could be so cruel, especially due to the fact he knew everything that happened before. But the worst part. It felt like his words were true.

It pained me to know that he could do this to me. Make me feel so small and empty. Damage me to the point where I felt sick. Actually no, not just felt sick, was sick. I was a mess. A lost, miserable mess.

Let's add more fuel to the fire. What's a little more pain anyway?

πŸ’œSeanπŸ’œ: Roy please listen to me, I didn't mean what I said - Sent 20:43

πŸ’œSeanπŸ’œ: I was drunk and I wasn't thinking straight - Sent 20:43

πŸ’œSeanπŸ’œ: I was angry about you pushing me away whenever you had a problem so I ended up going to Ben's house and getting drunk. - Sent 20:44

πŸ’œSeanπŸ’œ: He passed out so I went to rant to Lyle as it seemed like a good idea at the time but I was clearly wrong - Sent 20:46

πŸ’œSeanπŸ’œ: You've been really distant from me lately and it hurts me badly - 20:54

πŸ’œSeanπŸ’œ: Roy please answer me - Sent 21:02

πŸ’œSeanπŸ’œ: Baby? - Sent 21:29

The temptation to forgive him was strong; I couldn't bear for this to continue any longer. But before that could happen, I stopped myself. Why would I forgive him? It wasn't the first time he'd done something like this.

As much as I liked him, I didn't feel like being his puppet that he could play around with whenever he felt like it. My actions somewhat put me at fault in the issue but that didn't justify what he did at all.

Why does he make things so difficult?

My phone shot across my room, my head slammed into my bed, my eyes silently cried.

It wasn't long before it buzzed again but I ignored it. However, my curiosity had other plans. How typical. Frustrated, I stormed over to grab it. Numerous objects were kicked out of the way, forming a decent walking path. To my rare luck, the device was actually visible amongst it all. But after one look at the screen, my expression completely shifted.

Unknown Number

He doesn't deserve you babe, you'd be much better off without him. With someone like me 😘 - Sent 21:58

Who the hell is this? - Sent 21:59

You'll find out soon. Go get some sleep. It pains me to see your eyes so red. Sweet dreams baby boy ❀️❀️❀️ - Sent 22:00

​​​​​​​My eyes darted to my window. It was open. I was positive it was shut before. I scrambled over to it but saw no people in sight.

Feeling on edge, I slammed it shut and sank into my bed.

Maybe this'll all stop tomorrow.

My eyes closed.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

My hopes were the ones speaking. My body didn't do anything though, the ceiling being the only thing in a somewhat clear view.

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