The Alpha And I

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Cici is sad and abused. She's lost her wolf. When she finds her mate will everything finally turn out ok? Or will it just get worse? (This has mistakes, it was my first attempt at writing, I have edited it and am posting it on goodnovel along with the second book when completed. It’s still not a long story but I prefer it that way. Thanks!)

Romance / Fantasy
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(Author Note: The chapter has who's POV it is instead of a number!)

Well I guess I should start by saying hello! My name is Cici, Let's start at the beginning shall we?

I lived with my dad (The Alpha of our pack) and step mom since I was 6 as my birth mother died. At the age of 8 my wolf made itself known, her name was Maya, it was rare to have your wolf come forward before you were 16, but I just thought I was lucky.

When I heard her in my mind for the first time I was out in the pack meadow and my body swiftly started to brake and snap in a painful but pleasing shift into a stunning white pup. I had never seen a wolf as a pup, all the people in my dads pack didn't turn until they were adults. After I had shifted back I ran to the kitchen to tell me dad, my chest filled with pride at how powerful I must be to have my wolf find me at such a tender age.

But against my beliefs he was not impressed, his eyes flashed black and I knew he was furious... that's when it started... the beatings... the starving... the making me feel worthless!

That is until my wolf cowered so far back in my mind I eventually couldn't feel her at all. She was gone... and I was worthless just as my father kept saying. My body stopped healing with my wolf having gone and my dad seemed to enjoy the torture more now because when he made me bleed he could watch the crimson drops pool on the floor for even longer.

Then one day he came to the basement cellar he referred to as my room:

"GET THE HELL UP YOU PIECE OF SHIT" he screamed in my face. I did as he said, my head pounding and my body swaying from side to side, it didn't matter though because if I didn't get up I knew I'd end up in even worse shape.

He said something but the pounding in my head made me believe I wasn't hearing him right....
"What?" I mumble staring at my father.

"ARE YOU FUCKING DEAF? You have been promised to another pack as a bride!" Tears blur my vision and I can't hold back a sob.

"Why?" I say, feeling lost and desperate.

"Its doesn't matter why." My father growls. "You do not ask the questions around here." I lower my head submitting. "You will marry Beta Paul to unify us and The Black Moon Pack." My father growls again.

"What about my mate?" I whimper.

"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN, YOUR WOLF LEFT YOU ANYWAY, YOU PROBABLY DON'T EVEN HAVE A MATE!" My father shouts pounding his desk. I whimper and cower even more. "You’re a pathetic excuse for an Alpha female! When you leave your step brother Jimmy will be a fine addition to the Alpha line." My father yells. I start to cry and run out of his office. "You leave tonight." He adds.

I yelp and scramble off. Fear and Sadness sweep over me as I run to my room... well if you could call it that, it wasn't much but it was my space, except for the beatings I was left alone here.

I still didn't understand what made him hate me so much. I couldn't figure out of it was because of my gender, or the fact that my wolf came forward at a record age, or maybe it was the fact the woman my dad got married to hated me. My stepmother was a dirty slut. My father pretty much married the pack whore when my mother died, nobody wanted her now that she had aged and was known to open her legs to anyone so it didn't matter that my dad didn't love her. She did everything for him to make him happy so she would have a position in the pack, except looking after me that is. Thats how my brother was born. I'm not even sure if he is my brother biogically but I don't really care. They were all as bad as each other, none of them really spoke to me and after the incident with my wolf they all started beating me... none of them cared.

I slowly slide off my floor mat and pack what measly items I have into a back pack. I walk down the steps and my fathers driver is there waiting for me... my dad was next to the gates. For a second I thought he might say goodbye to me, but instead he slams me into a wall. I supress a scream when I hear a rib brake from the force of the wall.

"Listen here girl and listen closely. I don't care if I am marrying you off to the most vicious pack in the world. If Beta Paul rapes you... you don't resist! Its your job to be a submissive pup bearing bitch you hear me? That's all you're good for now that your wolf is gone... luckily any pups you have will still be wolves, that and the fact you're an Alpha's child was the only way I managed to offer you up!" My dad screams. I nod quickly and lower my gaze to my feet. My father grips me by the shoulder and shoves me into the car. "If I ever see you again I WILL KILL YOU!" He screams. I let out a whine just before the driver closes the door.
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