A Forgotten Love

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"Ashyrel Wait" Sylvester "yes?" I said looking at him "Ahm, I think we should separate now Loreane keep asking me when will I live with her, you know that I don't remember you right? I love Loreane and I want to be with her, so we should separate now............ "The worst feeling isn't being lonely, it's being forgotten by someone you never forget" Ashyrel

Romance / Adventure
Chyna General
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It's her. It's Asheryl. She's in Europe that's why I couldn't search her because all this time she's here.

"Sir, I'm really sorry" She said apologizing like she didn't knew me

"It's okay" I said straight

My heart beat faster.

"Mommy" kids

I look at the two kids running after her.

"Babies, why are you running where's your Nanny and bodyguards" she said

"They're running after us, we couldn't wait to see Daddy so we hurried to find you" Baby boy

Daddy? She has a husband?

I was confused but felt hurt at the same time. I guess I'm too late.

"Mommy, where's daddy?" Baby girl ask

"Oh, he's heading here now so let's just wait" Asheryl replied

I still couldn't get off my eyes from her, it's been so many years but she's still beautiful.

"Cindy, Clyde"

I suddenly look at the one who's talking

"Daddy" the kids run after him

Mr. Chua?

My jaw clenched.

"Daddy, we miss you" Cindy

"I miss you too Princess" Mr. Chua

"They were so excited to see you so we hurriedly came to the airport to fetch you" Asheryl said while walking towards them with a smile

I miss that smile

"Yes Dad, I can't wait to see you" Clyde said happily

I felt hurt and I don't know why

"Awww, can't wait to see you too specially your mom" Mr. Chua said while looking at Asheryl

"I miss you sweetheart" Asheryl said and kiss Mr. Chua in the cheeks

At this moment I felt like someone stabbed me at my back.

"So, gross finished it at home" Cindy

Mr. Chua and Asheryl chuckled

Mr. Chua notice me so he look at me.

"Oh, Mr. Callajan your here too?" He ask

At this moment I don't know what to say.

"Yes, I had a business trip here" I replied

"Oh, is that so?" He said

I sighed
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