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My mate is a murderer

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Athena is a police officer working for the strong unit in charge of supernatural crimes. Her unit is also the first made entirely of shifters. That makes the young Alpha blood orphan real proud. Athena already thought that she would never find her mate since her job was so important to her but what happens when she finds him on a crime scene? And he's the murderer?

Romance / Fantasy
M. Syrah
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I was sipping my coffee while reading the file on my desk. Another murder perpetrated by the cartel. This crime scene had their signature all over it. I sighed as the sound of the ticking clock inside the office became annoying. I had been sitting here for hours and still had no clue how we were going to catch them. We have been following them for years and they still managed to elude us. This was becoming tiring. I grabbed my black hair in my hands and breathed out.

My partner opened the door to our office and threw a concerned gaze at me out of his pale blue eyes. My partner, Nicholas Bram, was a tall weretiger with black hair same as mine. We both worked for the crime section of the police that dealt in supernatural's activities. Only lycanthropes worked for this team and it was natural because no human could deal with our kind. We were too strong and too fast for them, so the government decided it would be more efficient to have lycanthropes' police officers dealing with other supernatural creatures. Amen to that.

"Are you all right?" My partner asked with a playful smile on his lips.

"Yeah. These wolves... They're driving me crazy." I sighed.

"They're your people." He shrugged.

"Hey. They're not part of my pack so no, these wolves are not my people." I said glaring at him.

"We'll find them."

"This has been going on for years Nick. I'm not sure we'll ever find out."

"They will make a mistake eventually. If it's not with the drugs, it will be the murders. They all do."

"The wolf who kills has such huge paws but he leaves no other clue behind except for the size and shape of his claws. This is driving me crazy."

"Calm down. We just need to find the right angle."

I sighed and grunted out of frustration. We have been trying all angles from talking to the dealers to talking to the community and staking out important places. We had no idea who they were and the only thing we knew was that they were wolves or at least their assassin was a wolf. A huge male by the look of his claws.

"What have we not tried yet?" I asked.

"The pack's way."

"We can't do that. That's not very official." I frowned.

"We're lycanthropes." He shrugged. "We can always ask our families."

"I'm not sure they'll be able to help us. We have literally nothing except that he's a wolf, male and huge."

"We should try anyway. Maybe your Alpha do know about a wolf like that. If not him, maybe another Alpha that he knows."

What did we have to lose anyway? I picked up my phone and called my Alpha's office. Alpha Mitch was a man in his mid-fourties with platinum blond hair and clear green eyes. I always felt out of place with my hazel orange eyes and my black as night hair. His pack has always been nice to me though because I was Alpha blood but my mate was not among them. They raised me like one of their own since the day they found me at a human orphanage. He answered with a deep voice and I could picture him in the large chair in his office.

"Athena." He said.

"Alpha Mitch."

"What can I do for you, pup?" He asked.

"I need to ask you if you've heard about a tall male, probably 2m tall, huge."

There was a blank on the other side of the phone but I could hear him breathe so I knew he was probably just thinking.


"Because we have murders in town and we know that it's related to the drugs but we're also sure that a wolf is doing the killings. A huge male. I thought that you might know something because it would not go unnoticed among packs to have such a huge individual."

"I heard about a male like him but I'm not sure he's your wolf. Alpha Fernando is a known member of the cartel and I heard that he took in a huge male from Europe."

"Do you have any idea of where he could be hiding?"

"No but the Council needs to know. Especially if wolves are killing humans." He said.

The Council was our authority. They were only for the werewolves though but they were an old entity that existed way before we became known by the humans. They were supposed to comply to the human laws but old habits die hard.

"I don't want them to because they would deal with this quietly without informing the police and we can't have that." I said definite.

"Then don't tell them. You know Alpha Fernando loves the old ways so maybe you should search the forest."

"Thank you for telling me all this Alpha." I said sighing internally in relief that he did not push the matter further.

"No problem, Athena. Vincent asked about you today." He continued.

Shit. Vincent was his first born so he was the Alpha heir. For a few years now, he had been pursuing me to become his chosen mate because he did not want to take less than an Alpha blood for a mate. Since none of us were mated yet, he thought it was a good idea. He hoped that mating with me would give him strong heirs. That happened most of the time between two Alpha blood but I wanted my true mate. Call me sentimental but I wanted true love and I was ready to wait.

"He knows my answer." I said.

"He does but he truly only likes you. It's fascinating. I offered him several females but he only wants you."

"I told him that I wanted my true mate."

"Yes but he won't back down until you do mate, I'm afraid. I'm not even sure your true mate would be enough to break him out of this idea."

I sighed as I started to feel anger rise. I was not his property and no meant no. Vincent was attractive and a good man and the problem was never there. He just was not my one. My wolf disagreed on the fact that we should discard him but she also wanted her true mate. It was in her nature to want the strongest male but I would not yield to Vincent. I did not want to deprive my mate of his mate.

"Please tell him to stop." I sighed.

"I tried but this child stopped listening to me long ago."

"Thank you for telling me. I won't answer his calls."

"That might be best."

"Goodbye, Alpha."

"Take care of yourself, Athena."

I cut the call pinching my nose. What a pain. Nick chuckled at his desk and I could not help to glare at him.

"Bad to be single huh?" He smirked.

"Shut up. Just because you found your true mate does not mean that you have the right to brag."

"I'm a lucky bastard I know." He said amused.

"Yeah. You kitties are on another level."

"So what's wrong with Vincent? Harassing you again?" He asked.

"Yeah. He will never stop, I swear."

"Fuck him once and dump him."

"You know that I can't do that. He's the next Alpha of the pack."

"Who cares?"

"Would you fuck your Princess and dump her?"

He seemed to think about it and finally shook his head making a mess out of his shoulder-length black hair. Yeah fucking the next in line for the highest position in your group was not a good idea.

"That would be dangerous." He said thoughtful.

"Same goes for my future Alpha."

"Leaders, I swear."

I could only nod to that. We called it a day and I drove back home. The early summer night felt good on my skin and I sighed of content. I loved summer the best. The streets were empty as it was late or too early for some.

I drove easily to my apartment and parked the car in its assigned spot. I walked to my place slowly and listened to the night before entering the building.

All my neighbours seemed asleep but it was usually the case when I came home. They had normal jobs and being a cop meant that my schedule was definitely different. I did not mind though. I liked the quiet.

I opened the door to my apartment and kicked off my shoes in a corner. I zombie-walked to my bedroom before opening the bathroom's door. I threw my clothes on the floor as I stripped and turned the water on. I relaxed under the hot water and tried to clean my tired body.

This case was getting to me because wolves were involved. I wanted to find them and then there would be nothing but death for them. Maybe if only their Alpha was involved, he would be the only one sentenced and the wolves would be free. I hoped that he was giving all the orders because it would be sad to wipe an entire pack out.

I got out of the shower and dried myself before going into bed naked but I did not forget to put my gun on the nightstand. I often did so because I was sincerely too lazy to put anything on. I closed my eyes and fell asleep immediately. I knew that I would not sleep long but I would take all I could.
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