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Summary: This story is about an incredible unique autistic girl and her two equally incredible best friends. Will they ever get out of the friend zone? A little taste of the story: Is it a sin to love someone too much? To say I miss her is an understatement. I can't eat. Can't sleep. Can't function. She is constantly on my mind as she dwelled herself deep inside my heart. My heart aches for her. Every time I think of her, I smile but my heart hurts like hell because she lives far away. Too far. Sometimes all I can do is lie in bed and hope to fall asleep before I fall apart. Is it wrong to love someone this deeply at such an early age? I have inappropriate thoughts about her...about us. Not, as we are presently but grown up as adults. I'm jealous of my twin brother because he wants to take her from me. I can't let go of what's making me sad because its also the only thing that makes me happy. Her. I cannot lose her, because if I do, I will lose my best friend, my smile, my heart, my soul mate, my everything. If it is a sin, I don't think I want to be forgiven because I truly believe that God has sent her into my life to give me something to fight for, to show me there is love in this world, to give me hope and to bring me joy. All the proof I need in God is in her. She is a gift from heaven." ⚠️WARNING ⚠️ * language * Drugs * violence *assault & rape *nudity

Romance / Erotica
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1. A new beginning

Author's note:
There are times when characters are having dialog in Vietnamese, French or Norwegian. I did NOT write in those languages because I didn't want to write subtitles. So the large conversations are automatically translated to English.
I used google translate for the french and Norwegian. I don’t actually speak it. If any native speakers think the translations are incorrect; Please let me know. I will correct it. Thanks.

Italicized font means that they’re speaking in their head.

Names of endearment:
Just to clear up confusion on who’s speaking if it’s not stated.
Damon calls Lina "love" and
Derek calls Lina "darling"
Damon calls parents : mum & dad
Derek : mother & father

Damon calls grandparents: nana & pops
Derek - grandmother & grandfather

Derek NEVER address Damon by his name to him. He always address him as ‘brother’.

If you're like me and like to read in the character accent please use the conservative PR English for the guys. That's what they sound like. Trust me, it's better that way.
Lina does not speak with a Texas twang or have an “Asian” accent when speaking English.

This is my first story. I tried my best. It starts off really slow but it will build up I promise. Have patience.
I hope everyone rate, vote and comment. I would love to read any and all comments. Thanks and enjoy. Please recommend to others if you like this story.

I do have this story on Wattpad too. It lets me put pictures for visual aids.


My father was an American, he died in the war. Then my mom gave birth to me. Named me Kim. I married my husband when I was 18. When I was 19, my husband and I emigrated to the United States from Vietnam with my mother under the American Homecoming Act or Amerasian Homecoming Act of 1988; was an Act of Congress giving preferential immigration status to children in Vietnam born of U.S. fathers.
I was pregnant with my daughter in 2001. I gave birth to Lina shortly after. We were scared to leave the country we called home for an unfamiliar new place. Never the less, we were hopeful and determined. Hope and pray to have the strength to endure. Work hard and strive to accomplish our American dream.

I am currently pregnant with our second child. We didn't speak any English when we arrived . We are still trying to learn. When we first arrived to the United States in January 2001. specifically Galveston, Texas. We didn't know anyone. We had fifty American dollars to our name.

We struggled to find jobs. I wanted to get a job that is within my skill set; which is business management, but there was nothing available. Our family is middle class in Vietnam. We didn’t have much but my mom always make sure I get an education. I learned French in school because it was a requirement. I learned Sign language to communicate with my deaf best friend.

My husband and I went to a place to help us. There was a listing available. As long as it’s a job and we can feed our family. We accept.

My husband got a job as a grounds keeper & handyman while I, a maid for this wonderful British couple living in the US. They didn't mind that I bring my daughter Lina with us to work.

She is a special child. When I pushed her out of my womb, she cries. Children are suppose to cry. She cries every time someone touches her. I set her down and she stops. I have to change her. I use gloves to change her diapers and she doesn’t cry. It works.

When she was one. She didn’t speak. I took her to the doctor. He diagnosed her with mutism. I teach her Vietnamese sign language in order to communicate with her.

She is very timid yet energetic. Introverted and emotionless. Lacked social cues. Doesn’t like to be around people because she doesn't like be touched. So, She keeps to herself. However, she lets me braid her hair now without gloves. I'm not a very skilled braider. I do simple one or two. I will get better at it. Learn more types of braids just to touch her. She doesn't like uncleanliness. She like things to be orderly and perfect. She has so much energy that I play upbeat kpop music videos on YouTube hoping she would express herself through dance.

When she gets tired, she often sit in the corner and flip through pages of books.
I figured that I get her those pre-k learning books and she can learn her number and letters. I also got her math booklets. Everyday, she will go that comfortable spot in the corner and write in those books. When she finishes, I will get her another and another. She was going through these books really fast. I check the math. It's all correct. Is she teaching herself?

She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live. Or at least I like to think that. She could've been flipping through pages.
She doesn't like to play much. Probably because she doesn't have anybody to play with. I thought she could be friends with the boys.

The Wilson family has two identical twin boys, Damon and Derek. They are exactly six years older than Lina. Born on the same day. For a couple of 9 year olds they are very tall. Their whole family are giants. I ask Mr. Wilson why his is family so big and tall. He say that they're Norwegian decent. So it's the Viking genes.

Damon has a temper compared to his brother who is calm and composed. They have opposite personalities and interests. One would play the violin and piano while the other chose the electric guitar. Never the less, they are very well behaved. Hopefully Lina takes notice and would want to learn an instrument. I want her to express herself. In any way possible.

One day, the twins were downstairs doing their homework. These boys are really intelligent. They are already in high school. Some of the things that they were learning I don't even understand. It's safe to say these boys are geniuses. I see Lina come up to them and takes one of the books and slides it to her corner.

The boys follow after her to get their book back. They hand the book back and forth to each other. Playing with her. She jumps but couldn't reach it. I am walking over to them to discipline my child because she shouldn't steal.

" Da-mon, Der-ek!" She yells. I run to her in shock. The boys are so stunned, they drop the book. She takes the book and goes to her corner and opens it to read. SHE SPEAKS!

How do you like it? Grabbed your attention?
Please give me a ❤️
Thank you so much! Happy reading!
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