The Wilson Brothers

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Summary: This story is about an incredible unique autistic girl and her two best friends. Will they ever get out of the friend zone? A little taste of the story: I sometimes I see two women hang around them. I think to myself: I guess those are the shiny new toys, I wonder how long they're going to last. I feel a bit gloomy, I then put that feeling in that metaphorical box and lock it away. Author's note: There are times when characters are having dialog in Vietnamese or French. I did NOT write in those languages because I didn't want to write subtitles. So it is automatically translated to English. pet names: Damon calls her "love" and Derek calls her "darling" so if you come around those words it can tell you who is speaking. Without me having to write " he says" The boys are British so, sometimes I will use British slang to match their character. If you're like me and like to read in the character accent please use the conservative PR English. That's what they sound like. Trust me, it's better that way. This is my first story. I tried my best. Don't be too hard on me. Please enjoy. It starts off slow but it will build up I promise ⚠️WARNING ⚠️ * language * violence *assault & rape *nudity & sex I do NOT own the photos or gifs in story

Romance / Erotica
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1. A new beginning

"She didn't need to say a word, just seeing her is magic."
~Paul Perry ~

‘She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.’
~Annie Dillard~

My father was an American, he died in the war. Then my mom gave birth to me. Named me Kim. I married my husband when I was 18. When I was 19, my husband and I emigrated to the United States from Vietnam with my mother. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. I gave birth to Lina shortly after.

I am currently pregnant with our second child. We don't speak much English when we arrived . We are still trying to learn. When we first arrived to the United States, specially Dallas, Texas. We didn't know anyone. We had twenty American dollars to our name. We struggled to find jobs so we went to a place to help us. There was a listing available. My husband got a job as a grounds keeper and I a nanny for this wonderful British couple living in the US. They didn't mind that I bring my 3 year old daughter Lina with us to work. She was diagnosed with Savant syndrome and mutism when she was 2 when we noticed she never spoke a word.
'She didn't need to say a word, just seeing her is magic.'

The Wilson family has two identical twin boys, Damon and Derek. They are exactly six years older than my daughter, born on November 13. For a couple of 9 year olds they are very tall. Their whole family is tall. I ask Mr. Wilson why his is family so big and tall. He say that they're Norwegian decent. So it's the Viking blood.
I thought she could be friends with the boys but she didn't like to play much. She keeps to herself. She is very introverted. She doesn't like be touched. She's doesn't like uncleanliness. She likes to sit in the corner and flip through pages of books.
'So I figured that I get her those pre-k learning books and she can learn her number and letters. I also got her math problem books. Everyday, she will go that comfortable spot in the corner and write in those books. When she finishes, I will get her another and another. She was going through these books really fast. She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.'

One day, the twins were downstairs doing their homework. These boys are really intelligent. They are already in high school. Some of the things that they were learning I don't even understand. It's safe to say these boys are geniuses. I see my daughter come up to them and sit down in a chair next to them. She was looking at the books that the boys are studying. She grabs one of the books and runs to her corner. The boys run after her trying to get their book back. They take the book and hold it up high and throw it back and forth to each other. She couldn't reach it. I am walking fast to them to discipline my child because she shouldn't steal. Then I hear her. She yells: "Damon, Derek give me book!" I run to her in shock. The boys are so stunned, they drop the book. She takes the book and goes to her corner and opens it to read. She speaks !
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