These lies could kill you.

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21yr old Jessica Miles is determined to make a future of herself and her little brother Jake. Being that her late father had been so good with Horses and taught her everything he knew, she saw no reason why she bothered looking for something else to do. Even if she had to pretend to be a boy at the Ranch of the rich and ruthless playboy Michael Steele all the way in the suburbs.. Him having thought her a boy after finding her working at a horse race, she chose not to let this chance go. At the cost of all feminity in her. Michael is just about tired of all lazy good for nothing employees who fail to complete the tasks he bestows on them. So after watching the little probably teenage boy who worked twice as hard to be taken worthy.. He thought, what harm could be done allowing yet one more boy impress him? Little does he know, so much is yet to impress him about this mystery young boy.

Romance / Humor
Angel Kracy7
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Horse Race chptr 1

Jessica's pov.
"Must you really go today as well?" , My sweet 8 yr old brother Jake asked as he pulled on my hair painfully.
I knew he didn't intend to hurt me but it was painful none the less. Also I had just spent the entire morning arranging my hair right. Okay am exaggerating but well, today was the day i tried to get my first job. At the horse race.

My employer Mr. Leech is probably one of the meanest guys I've met. He actually told me i had to dress like a boy if i really needed this job. The gutts of him. Yet here i was now, all pants and gentle shoes. With a small round hat to hold and keep my hair up... I had literally taped my boobs to my chest. Oh dear Lord, this, i would never tell any of my girlfriends i had to endure.
One last look in the mirror and i knew i was ready to loose Jessica Miles and become Jess Miles. I was pretty proud of my transformation, i turned to my sweet brother who was still pulling at my shirt now.
" Jake you know i have to. There's no more food in the shelves and Mr. Leech will very well never give us anything for free you know that." His sweet eyes turned down as he knew i was right.. i hated leaving him with the community kids but i had no choice if we didn't want to starve to death. "How about this, on my way home, with the money I'd have been tipped, I'll buy u some candy... yes?"
With that his eyes beamed and i knew i had to be tipped bse money was already short as it was.
With new determination, i walked out to the races.
Planning my day for the upcoming events, i walked straight to the offices.. Mr. Leech a middle aged bald man who was probably Satan's cousin, pulled my hand the minute i walked in. " you are late, Jess Miles.."
He really didnt have to emphasise that i was to be a boy for the day. His usual stables boy had got a cold the night before and apparently there was a special guest who was coming in today. Our special guest was more interested in the workers than the horses. Something about him owning a ranch and needing new workers. Wierd, couldn't he just send someone to get them but had to pick them out himself!. Wierdo...
" Get the stables in order and under no circumstance should u come close to Mr. Steele. It's bad enough that i hired you, i cant have him think my men work as some weakling girls or let alone find out one of them is actually one. I cannot loose this chance. Got it?".
His breathe smelt of old beer and smoke, i had to fight to hold back puke. Maybe Jake and i starving wasnt so bad a fate... kidding..
I pulled my arm from his strong rough painful grip. "Got it. Let go of me already."
Not wanting to stay in his presence longer, i matched out. Who did he think he was? Just because society labelled girls as fragile didnt mean they actually were...
In fact, most men were lazier than i was. If i didnt despise whoever this mysterious boss that was coming already, i would have proved all those chauvinistic bastards so wrong it hurt their egos... infact, an idea started building in my mind. Maybe i still could..i could work to my best, so much that i would also be picked among the employees.. then burst out and laugh exposing how much of a woman i was.. yeah.. that would definitely be a kick in their gutts... haha.. suddenly today felt more exciting...
Little did i know just how this one day, one event would change my life forever.

Halo everyone am so sorry that this is very short and almost doesn't tell much about the story. But i promise you that it's going to be tonz of fun if you can be patient and read with me.
Feel free to make suggestions and send pics you think would best much the story. But please, as a first time writer it would immensely hurt and discourage me if you insult my work. Critic doesnt have to be rude and mean.
Dont forget to vote and follow me.
Peace out.

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