The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Part 4 The memories P.2

كنت على إقتناع أننا لن نفترق يوماً، لكن"
"الحياة تُعِد لنا المفاجأت دوماً؟؟

" I was convinced that we would never
separate, but life always prepares
surprises for us"??


As I promised my little princess, we went on trip to IFRAN city to spend some days we are all here me, my best friends Rayane, and Youssef, my twin siblings Arenas and Amaeas. It is the third day for us here. "good morning guys do you slept well?, " I asked jumping up on kitchen island.

"it smells good what did you make for breakfast?"

"Morning Dada*in our family we used to call the oldest brother by Dada so don't be confuse guys*,
I slept good you?" Arenas said taking out the cake from oven, I got off the island seeing Rayane pointed to me to help them setting the table, ignoring him I went to my princess hugging her tightly and kissed her tumble, she putted her hair in messy bun, her hair is natural copper red color, it is long and she likes it this way, and it fits her. anyway whetever she did she looks beautiful.
" my princess did you make this cake yourself?" I asked placing my neck on her shoulder while my hands held her's playing by her little fingers.
"Dada so you wanna Embarrassed me ? don't worry I didn't make the whole recipes myself,
I just helped Rayne okay," she whispered in my ear.
"Little princess I'll eat poison made by your lovely hands, not just candy you putted salt into it instead of sugar like you did before" I said tackling her a little.
"Dadaaa ..." she yelled grabbing my hands to stop me.
" whaaat I have done princess which made you sad, no-one stranger here it's just rayne with us" .
I mocked, then looked to my cousin he was staring at us even seemed lost on his own thought.
"Rayane are you okey" I asked weaving my hand to him.
"Mm... yeah yeah, I'm fine it's just these idiots gone to bring some woods, they ended doing something stupid again so they got late" he said putting a tray on the table.
"Are talking about both of you buddy?" youssef said putting woods in fireplace, Rayane batted him on his back before taking his place on the breakfast table.
" what delicious breakfast ! Troublema...."

"if you dare to say something else Amareas you'll be starving whole day". Arenas threatened her twin.
"What for baby I had said nothing". he protested stucking out his tongue to her.

We spent the whole day doing ski, making snowman, chasing each other into woods, playing many other games.

the scenery of snow and city lights were wonderful when we rid back home, we reached cousin's house ten at night everyone headed to his room we were totally tired.

The next morning when I finished the work I was doing through laptop, I head out my room. boys are in gym in house backyard, my baby sis was on couch all I could see is her feet hanging down the couch arm I climbed down stairs marching towards her.
"princess are here I thought you are with boys". I said caressing her head.
"Dada can't you have a real free day do you have to work even when you should have rest". she said closing the book she was reading.
the thing she loves to do the most is to read and drawn.
" they were just tow hours baby, and we'll spend all day having fun aren'twe?"
" yeah yeah like I don't know you trio worked at late nights".
"Angel are you watching us?" Rayane asked entering the living room, while wiping the sweat on his shoulders, Youssef Amaeas flowing behind him. "how it come Ayan?" She mocked him then add. " can't I check on my brother before I sleep".
We heard coughs and laughs the time princess called Rayane by the nickname she used to called him since childhood.
"What that for, you idiots?
" What, what buddy? Ayan suit you more it's long time we don't heard someone calls you with it". Yossef teaseingly said to Rayane, before throwing the towel on his neck.

"shut the hell up Yossef, and when, or where could you since she is the only one allowed to call me this".

"ooooh yeahh it's point blank to as buddy I just thought she would change due she is grow...",

"Its needless buddy, I used to her calling me this way". Rayane interrupted him then went to his room, he sounded serious what is going with him.

"Dada how about a movie night tonight", my baby sis brought me out off my thoughts.
"haaa, okay it sounds good, but first we'll go to waterfalls".
"you go brothers, I'm out of this plan, I'm really tired I'll just stay home to day finishing the book I'm reading". Arenas said resting her head on my chest when I sat besides her.

" If you said so princess, but I won't let you all alone here, guys come back early so can watch movie together. and bought snackes and drink whien you back".

"Saif you can go with them bro, I'm home anyway cause I have an urgent work to do". Rayane said while heading to study with laptop
In his hand.

I'm staring at her angry features, while she took a sip of her coffee cream, lifting her eyes from coffee cup then stared at me, if look kills I gonna be ten feet under ground.

Guys guess what, you won't believe whom I meet yesterday I was surprised and happy to see her again. it was the girl I had seen in Agadir. we had a fight due we both interested to pay the same shawl when I went to the mall. which I bought in the end, I asked her to have coffee with me to give her the shawl. but all she did was wrapping it around my neck then whispered into my ear :
"to hell men lije you".
" man as me keeps a thing mayby you liked the most". I said following her to the exit.
" you're far from having something like that so go away from me". she said heading to the parking.

"Hey! fiercel, hold on why are talking to me this way, I didn't mean any harm by my
offer". I said grabbing her wrist turning her to face me.
" Get your dirty hand off me you foolish". she withdrew her wrist from my hand, then all I felt is heat on my cheek.

" D.O.N.T D.A.R.E raising your hand on me again kitten". I said looking into her hazel eyes, while my hand grabbing her wrists behind her small back. She took me by surprise when she pushed me off by her shoulder, while saying there's no again between us.

I stand still the meantime she opened the car's door, before she could get in it, I said :

*أجمل قدر في دنيتي وجودكِ بها*

it was the line printed on her anklet, she turned to me and asked, "what did you just say ?".

" I said your lovely anklet is with me". she stared me wide eyes.

"so can we have coffee now? " I asked, marching to her she's standing still looking at me surprised, waving my hand in front her face.
"Mmm...m do you ..?

" Easy kitten I'll tell you while we having the coffee" I said I cut her off.

"okay we'll at that restaurant tomorrow morning at 11:00 " . She said pointing to the nearby restaurant.

"Deal, and haaa fierce you don't have to be angry in our date tomorrow" . I said giving her my back while heading back to the mall.
I heard her slamming the car's door, she passed by me then yelled through the window : " it's not a date you bastard".

So here we're, I told her how the ankelt ended into my hand. she is super angry when I told her that the piece wasn't with me right now.
We changed some talks when she said, " can you send the piece to me by post and don't worry I'm gonna put the tax".

" No need sweetheart, I'll bring it to you myself, I see you don't know who I am, so let me introduce myself: It's Saif AL..."

" firstly don't sweetheart me okay, and all I care of is my piece, I'm not interested in knowing you but since we will be in touch till you handed me what is mine ... Mm, it's Nour_Elhouda..., my name is Nour_Elhouda. Now Mr Saif I'll take your leave I have to go, my friends Waiting for me due we're going home town this evening". she interrupted me before pulling off her chair to leave then add while she is standing behind it.

"your phone please".
" sorry?" I said
" can I have your phone to call mine, so we can exchange our numbers". she explained
"Ooooh, yeah yeah here take it".

Since then, we're exchanging messages, at the begining Nour keeps our chats short, even ignored my texts and calls sometimes.

I tried too much to makes her open on with me, slowly she feels comfortable while we discussing, three months later, I was addicted to her voice, it didn't feels right if I didn't hear her melody voice at last one time in day, we got into interesting chats we talked about lots things and she's a very knowledge girl, I visited her first time two months after we started chatting but I didn't give her the anklet, I promised to give it back when she graduate, due this year is her masterdegree in legal studies.

after that I go to see her tow times at month, we shared a wonderful moments, she told me about her family the more she talked of them I see how much she loves them, so do I but never telling her about my family background.

I was too afraid when I asked her about the reason of why she cared, and loved that silver piece. and I was right all she said is that the one gave her the anklet was the person she loves the most. I was shocked and I didnt dare to ask her more, the worst thing is Nour had got into my system, and I can't imaging my life without, with her I felt things I never know existed, I'm afraid if I asked her who's that person her answer we'll break all my hopes I had toward her.

Today I came early morning see her, not like other times I reached here by 23:00 at night, so got time to rest then see by the morning. which means I have six hours before I take the Jet back up again to my town. anyways all tiredness vanished when saw her beautiful smile, we had breakfast at _Salon de thé LA ROSACE _ and now we're sitting on cliff, while she's reading from a book to me, as I see she about to finishe the chapter, actually it's the fight chapter its hard to just close book before ending it interesting and I'm enjoying it specially that she reading to us by her warmth voice to my surprise she closed it then warped her hands around my arm while resting her head on chest..., it's the first time let herself come close to me that much. we used to just sat side by side, is't not I'm complain but she always kept limits between us...I can felt her breaths got heavy. I looked down to her and she's looking straight to endless sea then say :

"Saif ! Mmm , at first I considered you as good friend of mine, when I noticed that you care, and think of me more than just a friend, it scared me so much, because I never had someone like this in my life, of course I had my friends and family love, but it's a kinda different relationship. but then I realise I'm also having that kinda feelings for you..."

"Nour I... "I tried to speak but she stopped me .
"just listen to me Saif all I want to tell you is whoever I'm feeling for you, I love my family even more, and most of all there is person I love more than my life itself. I don't want to be unfair towards you. you deserve best than me, you deserve a woman who will gives you all the love you worth. It isn't in my hands Saif, I know I'm selfish and unworth to man loves when I can't give him the place he wished for in my heart, now I'm telling this and the thought of me a part of my beloved I'm certain the death is better than leaving them..."

"Hey ! It's ok" I said taking her hands on mine, her shaking voice while she talking made nervous, looking at her watery hazel eyes I just hold her in my arms and kissed her forehead.

" I'm already aware of that Nour, your love for your family made me loving you even more, but I won't tolerate another man to share you with me, so who's the one you love more evev than your life" I asked, forcing myself to be calm while I'm burning inside waiting for her answer.

"Not now saifoo anther time, I'll inform you about it when you give me my anklet".

"saifoo! ". She called me saifoo when she let out that nickname out of her mouth, I felt like I had the world happiness. I held her tightly, won't let her go, I want to hide her into my rips, so no-one could take her of me.

"Mm", she mumbled looking me up, her head resting on my chest. " in fact I'm also decided to tell you something important when I'm on my way here, but please, I big you to take it easy, cause I didn't mean to kept it from you, it just happened.." I'm still talking when Nour pulled off, looking to me she held a panicked face
"Saif you didnt lied to me did you? Are you a m ..mafia gangster or!....or? ,"

"Hey baby doll relax," I said,placing my hands on her cheeks.
"It's just about my family..." I add

" ooooh saifoo, what for this introduction if it's about family stuff? you scared hell of me, oooof".


"Don't worry saif I can understand the most families like their sons to engage to the girl they choose for them, so we can handle this and....".

"Nou, Nouuuuuuur ! can you let me talk" I snapped at her.

"oooh yeah sorry go on..."
" It's Saif ALBOURAQ, my full name is Saif Ahmed ALBOURAQ" I said.

"So what? I already know" she said runing her fingertips on the book's cover.

"Nour why can't you get the meaning of my words, I'm the oldest heir of AlBOURAQ family, my family".I said taking the book from her hand.

"Saif my brother also is my family's heir too, but unlike you he is the only son to carry the family name to his children. So what's so special in that?" She mocked pulling my nose.

"Ok then listen I'm the heir of ALBOURAQ HOLDING, and newest CEO of the group" I said in one breath.

" What CEO? what group...? saif do you really mean what I'm thinking of ? Saif no. no. you lied you fooled me, right Saif? you fooled meeee". Nour yelled and yelled like foolish.

"Nour, nour! stop it Nour what lies all the matter is that I belong to a rich, and influence family. And every single thing we shared was true an...d...".
" saif are you aware of my state... I'm simple girl from middle class family, all I look for is a smple life with the one whom I'll accepted me as I am, and so my family, I never want to be surrounded by fake people, pointed at ne as greedy girl saif. why me ?, did you took me as challenge, or what, I'm sure there are plenty girls throw their selves at your f....feet". she said crying I couldn't believe what's going on

" have you gone mad Nour. What nonsense...rarely when people don't recognised me, epically the young girls, I was surprised when you didn't have a hint on who I am, even with your major knowledge of economics and politics due the books. If you once read magasines and newspaper you'll know me so hiding my true ID for long it's impossible, I just liked the way you behaved, and act, I like you, all of you, you are different from the other women I knew, you're a real person, real of everything".

" saif it's best now then after, I might not forgot about you easily, but time heals everything, you, yourself will find anther woman to love, you'll forget about me, if I knew you belong to a master and billionaire family, I'll never, never get my self in this mess. Mmm, maybe we don't have chance to be one in this life saif please forgive me" she said wiping her tears off, and walked away.

"like hell I'm gonna accept your nonsense",
I angrily muttered underneath my breaths.
I go behind her to where we parked the car, I found her setting on ground crying, legs crossed to her chest while her head rested on them, I couldn't bear seeing her like this.

I held her up on her feet, I put my fingertips under her chin, forcing her to look at me.

" please saif just take me home" she mumbled with shaking voice, I wiped her tears, and kissed her forehead, but she pulled away, looking anywhere but me, while repeating herself:
"take me back saif ".
"Look at nour " I demand, but she denied me

"Nour look at me !...Nouuuuur I said l.o.o.k.a.t.m.e." I said out loud which panicked her up. and tears goes straight down her cheeks.
" never, ever think of leaving me cause I'll be your shadow for while life and I won't let you go ever, E.V.E.R am I clear?".

" saif why can't you understand I don't fit in that world and your family will not accepte me, look at you, look even a real princess will fall for you, so how it come a simple, ordinary girl to be your life partner". she yelled back walking back and forth.

"Listen clearly Nour I will never let you go ever, ever, and my family already knew about you, even liked you cause I always talking to them about you". I said calmly while I took her hands on mine.

" Really you told them about me? Really? "She asked her voice held so much hopes.
"Nour_Elhouda.. " I said, then add,
"Noury I never told you how much you mean to me. whatever I'm gonna tell you won't be enough to describe my feelings, but aah simply, I LOVE YOU, it's being a year and half since we met, but for me you held my dead, and heart the first time I saw you across that canten tow years


I had to attend a meeting held by World Trade Organization, directly after I returned from the visite I made to Nour.
I joined my cousin who was closing a deal with swiss company which had a part to do in New Zealand's project.

I tried to call nour several times the past weeks , I even sent her texts, but I got nothing. Fifteen days after I take flight back up to Morocco, to Agadir city to be exact, Rayan wasn't happy, with me leaving him, when the negotiations still going on to buy a facing sea land, surrounded by woods, you can say it is a kinda small island.

here I am the jet just landed, I don't bothered myself to go change, either fresh up, I asked the car driver to step off, and I drove straight to where I used to drop Nour by, I stopped the engine getting off the car, I walked by the quarter I asked many people about Nour's house finally I got the address from an elder man, I asked him if he is sure it's the same house I'm looking for, he looked frowning then said ." in this quarter only one girl who held Nour Elhouda as a name, and that's her family's address".

Standing by Nour's house door, I felt something is off. I clicked on the door's bill many time, no answer's, I knocked hard on the wood's door..., no hint of human being inside.

I knocked for five minutes more, when I heard woman's voice from the next doo.," son what are you looking for ?" She asked.

" Sorry aunty if disturb you, I just tried to make sure if anyone was inside answering the door. this Nour's Elhouda home right?" I said, the woman is in her sixties.

"Look son this was the former home of nour's Elhouda parents, but her family moved away from the whole city, and no_one knows where did they move to". she said

The old woman is about to close the window while I asked, " when did they leave aunty?"

" maybe three weeks ago, or so, everything happened hurriedly, all the neighbors are shocked by the news, anyway there is nothing that will keep them here anymore".
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