The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Part 5 *The beloved ones*

كلما ابتعدنا أكثر أصبحت العواطِف التي نحاول "
" خنقها و نسيانها أقرب إلى القلب

" The further away we go, the closer
the emotions we try to stifle
and forgetbecome "

Present day Saif P.V

I lost the sense of time, due the memories flowed into my head, when ever I'm alone I ended up drowning in her memories, but seeing her again brought every single detail of her to my mind. the lighthouse light took me out of my thoughts.

It's already dark, city lights shine from afar, I supposed to be home by now, this time I messed the damndinner, but not in purpose, I left the phone in the car which was the thing might pulled out of my memories, of course due th mom's non stop calls. I stood up looking down to the darkness Atlantic's waters, just like my heart no-one would bring light to it again.

I drive through the house front yard, I saw mom looking outside through the large window of living room, I found 20 missed calls from her when I checked my phone earlier.
"Didn't I warned you to be here for din....ner" mom shouted, but the last world it was like a whispered cause she got tensed when she faced me.
" My precious gem, I beg your forgiveness, I swear my gem I really don't mean to". I said trying to share her up.

" saifoo what happened to you son, you looked pale saifoo",

"mooom how many times i told you to not use that shit name", I said angrily while I tightened my grip on the damn piece in my pants pocket.

" Oowh, Dada you finally come",
" Hey Dada you get ride of the foolish girls whom come here with high hopes to impressed you, but I'm the one stucked with them".my princess said giving me side hug,
" princess ! don't bad mouth about people" mom scolded, pulling her ear.
"Ahh !Ahh ! mom are you hurting me for those stupid girls!!, any ways Dada will never give damn to them, all they're care of is fashion, expensive jewellery, shoes ... they're empty mom. No place for greedy girl into dada's life". she said singing, while she took my hand leading me to the kitchen.
"I see you both joing hands against me pups" mom said flowing us.
"Tell who dared to do so my dear and I'll took their heads off it's place". A familiar voice comes from the living room said.
"Old man don't offer the word you can't keep". mom mocked dad, who is now leaning on kitchen door, dad raised his eyebrow
"Am I that kind of men's wifey?" He asked mom looking her deep in eyes, mom blushed. Arey and me shared a look then fell into laugh, we couldn't stop, when mom pointed a spoon to Dad while saying", look what have you done Mr. Alpha". Dad put hand on his chest acted like he is hurt.

"Aaaaaaaah ...." both of us screamed due the cold water threw on our faces.
" now you can stop there" mom said still holding the water jar in hand.
" Dad, Mom have mercy on us your love, and teasing scenes are too much to bear, so its not our fault breaking into none stop laugh". princess said placing hands on her tummy due her laugh. Mom glanced at us then said,
"Princess, serve dinner to your bro, your dad and me will have walk in garden for while, a..and saif we'll have talk other time we aren't finish yet". ok mom, and good night we said before kissing their heads.
Arenas was taking the dish from stove, I stared to the shine stars on the sky through the glass wall.
"Princess thanks for saving the night".
"Dada you had shouted on mom, if I didn't do that dad was about to make things worst you know he won't tolerate unrespect act toward his wife, but mom signaled him to not interfered". I take a site on the table,after I washed my hands, Areanas puts a glass of my favorite juice on left of my dinner plat, and hold another one for her then sat next to me.
" Dada ! what's make you lost control, dada maybe you didn't realise how much my parents want their son's back to what he was before, even me, and Amaeas missed our Dada'd joyful, and his silly acts towards us".

"Princess, I!m always by your side, baby I had a bad day that's all, I still the bro you I used to be..."
" I can't deny this dada, you cared, loved all of us, you also do what ever to make us happy, yeah but not the way you did it years ago, we can't be happy by anything as long as you keep yourself surrounded by this darkness". she interrupted.
"Arenas I don't want to discuss this matter again I'm fine okay, now go have a sleep it's too late". I said taking the juice with me heading to the bedroom I'm not in mood to eat anything.

I had showered, and checked a deal contract sent to me by e_mail by Youssef.
"Nighty buddy". He said picking up my call.
"where are you bro, what's noise I hear in there? I asked
" It's a football game bro, I,'m watching it with our guys", he said
" Mmm good, I called to ask you about the contract you had send me, when would ya meet the investors?"
" I know you'll want to make changes on it, so just send them to me, so the final deal contract's will be done by tomorrow, we'll talk about the other details at morning okay," .."hey buddy! come we won't reversion the game you missed", I heard my brother yelled to yossef from the other side.
"okay bro, go enjoy the game, good night".

"Sai....f", youssef wad about to say something, but I ended the call.
I get off the couch heading to bed when something shined took my attention, it was in the corner of closet's door, I go to see what it is. then all my being get into the same feelings battle: hate, love, betray, longing,..., all at once, I took the piece from the ground, it must be fell from my pant's pocket, I read the line printed on it for billions times, is it possible that she given me up for the love she has to that person ?, does she ripped my heart into pieces for his sake?
"N.nour, I had loved you with all my being, you were and still the only one I ever loved, I even accepted to be the second for you after your first beloved, which I had no clue about ..., hhha, and w.what I got from you? betrayed the damn b.e.t.r.a.aaaaa.y.e.d.
I nearly lost myself because of what you did Nour, and I won't forgive you, you let me live in darkness, you turned into a ruthless, cold man, and most of all you made me to never ever believed in love again".
I let out my sorrows to only moon and the stars in sky to hear while am sitting in the balcony.


Rojeana P.V

That day when I was waiting for chamss to join me in the park, the air was fresh and the stars started to appear in the clear sky, I laid on the grass and my eyes fixed in sky, in fact for me its like am throughtout there. In between my eyes the whole univers beauty image, I thought allah *God* had created such beauty, blessed humanity with things that we can't buy by money: family, love, friend..., without faith in Allah nothing will makes senses in life.
"Roooojy". "Aaaah I screamed due the crazy sis of mine scared hell of me.
"Chamss, won't you give this up until you got me killed" I said getting into my feet, then beated heron the head by the book.
I kneeled to take my purse, raising my head I found her pale face, as if she got the shock of her life," hey baby sis, wath's wrong are you feeling okay ?".
" D...ont, don't ever say a such thing like this ever again Rojy, we can't bear a thing like this once more please".
she said while throwing herself on me, hugging me tightly stupid sis, she easly get emotional.

"sweetie I'm just kidding, why to took my words seriously ?, drop these nonsense and lets have our favorite coffee and bun, in our coffee shop huuh".I said breaking the hug, tickling her on tummy, which made laugh until her eyes got watery. ?
We're having a nice evening, at coffee chatting, singing many tracks while watching the sea tide, the sea always giving me peace.

The next tow weeks were boring, chamss most of time at university, me between library and apartment, the girls weren't back yet, every day mom, and brother would call. they do this for years no matter what I say to them never stoped this habit, hhha ha, whom am I kidding if my besties doing it, they are making me feel like I'm still amere kid, for Allah's sake I'm twenty five.
today is not different, I'm on bed with a book in my hand, it is an interesting philosophy book my full attention was on book, when I heard a song but I ignored it, it most be coming form outside, within a minute I heard it again when I turn onto my side, due I was laying on stomach, there beneath the below is my phone, guess what ? ...the song comes from it, chaaaamss!!.

" Hello", I pick up the call
"Mss SULTAN?". The other side asked
" Speaking, who's that?
" Good for you that you answered us mss, cause we give the candidate tow chances to pick up the call, if not then the post gone". A man said through the phone.
" Sorry sir, but whom I'm talking to?"
"Mss, it Mr, Touraby, the R/H Director from
AL AANQA DESIGN COMPANY, you are hired for the legal analysis post Mss, we expected you to be here in company Monday's morning". The man said in very serious tone.
" It my honor Mr, Touraby, thank you for giving me this chance".
"Then see you Monday Mss, SULTAN".
" Incha Allah, have a good day sir". I said, while he mumbled " you too", then hung up.
I humming a song while jumping up and down in happiness, oooh chaaams I'm gonna kill you, I almost lose the job cause your reckless act.
By lunch time Chamss came home, "Rooojy lovely guess what?"
" Don't want to guess neither talking to I'm really mad at you".
" what? did you seen me in bad dream or something?" She asked while rolling and hugged me.
"go away from me Douha, I'm angry of you" I said taking her hands off me.
" hey, why all this for, all I did was bothering your lovely sleep in morning by kissing...mmm, and pulling your cheek but just a little. am I bad for that matter? Aaaaah Rojy ! aaah y... you just", she said pretended getting hurts, whilst grabbing her heart as if it bleed.
" Douha of course its not because of that, its because I almost lose the job, due you changed my phone's tone, why did you changed the damn song?" I said switching off my laptop.
"So what, I don't like that song tone of your's, then I change it with a nice one, didn't it?"
Chamss protests unbuttoning her blouse.
"Chamss we are talking about my own phone. This is the last I'm telling do not change what I do in it" ." I said, while she washing her hands in kitchen, I couldn't see her, but I heard the water runing on, I joined her when she said nothing to what I just told her, I found her standing by the sink staring at it, while it was about to full by the running water.
"hey what were you thinking of ? I turned off the tap, she looked lost, and teary eyes.
"Ch..chams baby I'm sorry please don't cry please, you should be happy I got a job I want, it's in famous compan...y" I tried to lighten the situation, but she just let tears fall more, nooo, no Douha please don't cr.....aaaaah ! aaaaah.
I open my eyes to found myself on my bed, what happened to me, I caughted then the door get open.
"You are awake Rojy? Chamss asked placing a tray on the bedside, how are you feeling did your head hurts or anything ?
"Baby what happened didn't we were in the kitchen, how am I ended here?"
"you must be tired by making the delicious lunch, or too happy for getting new job, so you passed out".
"Oòoh not again, you know I had this happening time to time, for years now, I'm afraid getting unconscious in certain bad place when no one knows chamss", I said pulling my legs to my chest.
" who said that we will let you go anywhere far all alone, we'll always be by your side princess", familiar male voice said, the is coming through room holding a bouquet of my favorite roses,
"Yeaaaah, Dadaaaa you're here... waaaaw", I said jumped off the bed and threw myself on him hugging him.
" Princess I had missed you so much, look what I brought for you", my brother said showing me roses Bouquet *the purple scarlet roses* are my favorite.
"I see dada, but you are here, and that is the most beautiful gift to me" I said taking the Bouquet from him and smell it.
We had some rest after we had lunch, we talked about mom, his wife Yaqout she is pergnent so she and mom coudnt come with him, we also talked of his new collection jewelry.

"Yeeees, we gonna win the match princesses", my brother Jade said to us, before our team marked third coal, "yeaaah we did it already dada, the match is finish" me and chamss shared back, we are at Tanger grand stade supporting our soccer team. Actually I love tennis more, but I also like football due jade who often made us watching the games with him, so I enjoyed it too beside tennis.

"Girls I have suggestion for the rest of day", dada said taking us in his arms.
"No dada, it up on us to decide where to go, you had decide for all of us since tow days, have mercy on your sisters dada ". chamss said while turning behind then jumped on Jade's back, and putted her hands around his neck.
"Little rat didn't you grow up yet?" Dada teased
Dada I still the family little princess" aren't I ?"
"Unfortunately not too far little rat, we're expect a baby in family so we're sorry for you". I said mocking her, and Jade pointed to me to shut up but I keep going.

In blenck chamss was infront of us, " where that comes hah? Where? am always the family little princess, and that baby will be too, too petit and won't mind to be the little little princess or prince, is that clear to both you ?" She threatened us, while her hands on hips, and feet tapping on ground. The people in surrounding stared at us in disbelieve, me and dada shared a look, then say: "but we mind it on his behalf little rat", then run through the park, chamss chasing behind us while yelling, "you envious cheaters I'll kill you ".

"Princesses am gonna miss you, next time when I come I'll brought you, your special bracelets okay take care both you"
"one we get free days we'll came Dada we also missed the tow ladies over there, right Rojy?" Chamss said, and I nodded.

"Absolutely we'll dada every time we separate I feel like my heart pulled off of its place, its weird feeling dada, and I don't like it" I said before I hugged him.

"It because am your first love princess, even when I"m a married man, but you didn't give up on me", he said tightening his arms around me and spinning us, I'm laughing like a crazy, while chamss talking to us in loudly,
"hey both of you, the birdnews well tell Yaqout about this all, if I'm not joining this hug, am informing y....ou" she couldn't ended as we dragged her to us.

we said our goodbyes to Dada then he get in drive set in his car to rid back home. before that he was talking to Chamss, while am bringing the cake I made for mom and Yaqout, he all of sudden worries and terrified, while chamss gripes his shoulders, I heard her saying to" that we won't let such thing to happen to... ", "what going ? I asked.

"Oohoo, Rojy can you believe it, our hero here is afraid due the childbirth, as if he is the one who will give birth not his wife".
"His is afraid, because of his love to Yaqout and his unborn baby, so that just makes him the best hero of all, go away from my hero". I embraced dada and add, "it's gonna be the most wonderful moment in your life *Incha Allah*, so don't stressed yourself Dada".

"I love you Rojy, love too much", Jade dada said, and takes the box from my hand, then kissed my forehead.

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