The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Part 6 * The Beloved ones P.2

تذكر أن لنا حياتين، و الثانية تبدأ حين ندرك أنه"

" ... ليس لدينا إلا حياة واحدة نعيشها

"Remember that we have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one life to live"?❤?


Trin ?trin?trin? ... I turned off digital clock alarm, I pulled the coating to cover my face so I can sleep little more...., oooch it's my first day work, rojy got your ass off bed, I said beneath my breath, looking to the clock it read 6:00 am.

I parked my car in the company parking lot then head to loobo the woman from the other day is behind her desk. " good morning ma'am, am Rojeana Sultane, it my first day at work here", i said, while she's looking for something in her drawer.

"Goog morning dear, my name is Amira Alkhdar, from now on you can call me Amira, okay dear, and here's your card work". she said handing me the card.
"Thank you Amira "
"welcome in company dear"
"Thank you again, and have a good day". I thanked her while the people stared at us like we're some aliens.
I stepped off the lift entering the master floor, the secretary walked me to the director office, where the chef of R/H, and the legal's department chef are expecting me along with the company Director. I'm some what nervous, why have I to meet the Director, my department chef's was enough.

I really want to work, but its not like this my director gives me order to prepare a reports of three years ago deals's, it was hard because of lots dossiers I have to analyse, I finished the reports by the end of my second week, and handed them to director. He told me his feedback about it, and I was happy by his statement in the meeting. when I got to know that other company analyses's get the same report done weeks ago, and the one gave me it was just a test, whoever it become the most details report, he chooses it as the company main legal analyse, that will send to the holding's low firm. You can imagine proud I felt its true I took nearly two weeks for a single task but it was a hard work to do in just certain days.

" good morning beautiful", I heard a male voice said.
" good morning" I reply polity, whilst pouring a coffee in cup from the maker machine and took an apple pie beside it.
"Beautiful we're a work colleague, I'm Ahmed am working in account department, as I see you are the newest company employee". the guy said extending his to me
"I'm Rojeana legal and financial analyst ", I said shaking our hands.
"what a beautiful name, for a beautiful woman. we heard about the newest company member, the smart and beautiful girl, but I never had chance to meet you" he said, and I just smile at his words.
" Did I still concerns as new member, I was here since tow months man". I said rolling my eyes and took a sit in one of coffee tea area tables.
" Hey is that means I can join you right ?" he asked taking a site across to me, while he raises his eyebrow waiting for my reply.
"Hey", I pretended like I don't get what he means, but he ignored me and sat.
" I thought gentlemen don't disturb a woman when she didn't invited them ha?"

" than you thought wrong, I won't let beautiful girl all alone". he said taking sip on his tea, I looked through the area and say, " am I all alone with these people in here" I pretended to be mad at him, but failed
" Ohhh beautiful this innocent face of your's really exposing you, you're not a good liar, so can we be friends beauty?".
"Can't you stop calling me this, am not beautiful, and haaah I'll think what if we could or not by way..." I said, taking his hand off under his chin, so he lose balance.

"Aaah easy pretty, as you said you not beautiful, but pretty". " Ahmed!! I threatened.
"Whaaat?" He said acting innocently adding,
" I'm not the only one here called you this, all the company men used to this, unfortunately, as you know other women didn't, of course, no girl Praises another woman beauty, even your name is rare and beautiful but too long, and mouthful"
"Mmm, okay as we're gonna be friends then you can call me Rojy is that fine"
"Ooo am lucky that you accept my friendship". He said then chatted for while before we headed back to work, he is really friendly, and funny company, and for sure we agreed to meet later.

"evening guys, Mr BANANY called for meeting". our Director's assistance said in panic voice while standing by one of documents shelf.
" Samea, why can't you bring us a good news ?" one of my partner work said
"Hey scary girl don't you know why boss held this fucking meeting", " buddy it seems really serious, if not he could just meet Mr,Ibrahime and passed the orders to as right" anther employee said. " god be with us, that man will kill if there are something wrong in work we had done".
" I know the reason of this meeting, but my fear isn't for that you'll find up yourselves, be in the master meeting room at 16:00" the assistance said walking out of our cabinet.
My department is an open area, at right side of its corridor was the desk of director assistance, beside it is a glass door of the director office, and at left there a group open glass cabinet you can see everything through it and there is a large rawers of files, law books, magazines, you can find what ever you look for which concerned law in there.
Any way I wondered why for this meeting, the single time I saw the boss was when first I came into this company, he is a cold and dead serious man if you made an error tow times, then at third you'll be out of this company.
When I entered with legal team, and our director, we find all the leaders employees of every department in there its almost fifty persons, plus us, so totally we are fifty seven, but the company 500 members in general I knew this from the reports I did last month and I was actually surprised. we took our sits many minutes passed when the door opened and a the fierce boss stepped in, and his assistant flowed behind, before his arrival employees talked trying to find out a reason of this gathering, I even heard many of them whispering something about big boss, they were afraid when ever they took the words*big boss*.

"Evening everyone, it's nice to see you again, I know you all wondring about this urgent meeting, so let me inform you the company has a big deal offer, but its not concerns just us, but also another company within the group.
Mr, ALJOURAQ held a meeting gathering the tow companies leaders and specialists to discuss this matter, I want you to be prepared for whatever is needed to make this deal done, I won't tolerate añy mistake from you, you all know the result of this, thats all for now, the assembly held by the holding's owner is on Friday at 20:00 ". The boss said then left us, employees some are passionate for the gathering, and others just begging for this matter to passed safely.
"men we have to make our best to not got face to face with Mr, Albouraq, that man is ruthless or should I say a mon.....ster ".
"Be quiet Faride do you want our heads to snapped out from its place man?. or to spend the rest of our life jobless, who'll gave us work if he personally fired us?.
An employee was saying to his friends, but stoped by another one, putting his hand on his mouth to makes him shut up.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday Maria??, happppppy happy life for you sweetie ??".
we are at our favorite simple but beautiful restaurant, we make a surprised party to my friend maria for her birthday. the whole four days Chamss and Sahar pretended to be dispute of the project idea which they are about to work on. and now are as always *Ghee on honey* hhh. I was too worry because of that, and how I could fix this, and be able to celebrate this day, but at second day of their fight, they told me that all this was just to make a surprise party birthday for Maria, which means I had to I avoided her all these whole days as much as I can, due my bad skills at lie. I suggested her to brought Sahar to the restaurant for dinner, and I'll come with Chamss, maybe in public will be able to make them talk about the matter calmly, so here we are as idiots still on their fight mood because they refused talking to each other, so we just ate dinner, and now we're waiting for waiter to brought the cheque, but instead, he comes holding the birthday cake, while us singing to her our usual song with big smile on our faces
"W... what this supposed to mean girls? Did you both planed this hha? Maria said, in shock, more than being happy by the surprise.
"Sis drop up our fake fight, in the end we succeed surprising you right" Sahar said to her sis, but she is totally angry what is happening with her, she is glaring at them if look kills they could be six foot under ground.
"Maria don't be too harsh on them, me too I was aware of that they told the flowing day of their fight", I said putting my hand around her shoulder while people in restaurant looking at us, in fact we are giving them free show due unbelievable situation we're into of yelling, singing, laughing...

"Maria sis, twenty years is too long time, and we already used lots ideas to make every celebration successful, and faking a fight was just the one used this year, forgive us we won't do it again, and we promise to find a better ideas in future. Right Sahar ?", Chamss add
" guys it was a hard time last days we never had..., never quarrel this way before I couldn't even focus on work, you'll pay for this but now.." she said cutting the cake, she took a slice, ate a small bite then feed from it too, she took two more pieces to give it to girls..., But she took them by surprise, by smearing their faces with the cake.

"Maryeaaaà!! Maryeaaa? You seemed in hurry to get your gift, aren't you? Chamss and Sahar shouted at once, both take piece of cake in hand chasing bihend her while she run toward restaurant's exit...Ya Allah they made fun of us, even their laughs echoing in restaurant, I don't now what to do I just look at them amused, but also I feel like I'm gonna cry, no, no, actually there are tears running on my cheeks, but why am I losing my sanity, my heartbeats goes faster, then I see myself in an empty place, and all of them gone far, too far from me...

" lovely won't you join us? come on, hey Rojy! hurry up" Sahar yelled taking me out off what I'm feeling, no actually I really was there am not imaging things did I ?. I'm about to put cheque on the table, when waiter told me that the bill already paid by girls the day yesterday, when I'm leaving I felt like I was watched, and I had this feeling time to time, since term, but I'm sure it is an illusion cause the last I checked up I'm not celebrity, or someone's secret love, so me being watched is impossible.

"Rojy...Rooo"., Maria called out.
"what ? no need to yelled so loud, I able to hear you mary". I said turning to where she is,
She get off the car coming towards me,"Rojy don't stressed yourself okay, we were worry about you yesterday's night even doctor said you passed out due stress".
"maria sweety you know, I can't control my fainting spells I wasn't even stressed as he thought, but I'm happy to always being by your side at that moment, so no worries sweety I'll be fine" I said hugging her.
" Rojy can I ask a favor from you, but at first promise me to fulfil it" she demanded.
"I can't refuse anything for you so just tell me what's it"
" can you give my number phone to your work friend, just in case you don't answer your own".
" I will Maria go now you'll be late for your work" I said pushing her toward her car.
"Have a good day lovely". she said spinning herself in rounds while headed to the car.
" You ! be careful you'll get hurt" I scolded but she didn't stop, " don't be late at evening we will go to the shore's coffee okay. salam for now" maria said through car's window.

It is 14:40, and I still do some work papers, I was preparing many contracts according to domestic, and international law, I almost finish when company's Casanova comes into my cabinet. " pretty you didn't show up at lunch, and at morning I couldnt see you because I had an early meeting", Ahmed said, I looked up at him while I taping on laptop. all my colleagues looking at us, and whispered to each other its because he is my only friend here. whatever it's like I care what they thought about me.

"Pretty, are you starving yourself?, this is second time you did it, next time I'll complain to your family..", he threaten, putting carton box on my desk.

"Ahmed, see I called you by your name, why don't you do the same? I told him taking box, and opening it .

" oooh its ok if you called me handsome, pretty I don't mind it at all". He said fixing his leather jacket.

"Hey, stop this all people staring at us". i said

"Beautiful, I like calling you this, not just due your pettiness appearance, but you have a beautiful and clean heart, so all I could call you instead of these names is angle, then what you preferred". He asked resting his head on his arm whom his floded on my desk, and never gives a damn to what other talked of.

"I can't win over you so fine call me as you like, but not angle okay by the way I'm normally girl there's no wings on my back" I said grinning before I add, " you're really a thoughtful friend Ahmed, thanks for brough the food for me"

" there is no thanks between friends right pretty? I nodded. " well did you heard the news," he asked

"What news? Is it about the meeting you attended this morning?, i asked

"yeah this is my beautiful friend, all you care of is the work, listen then a group from the corporate headquarters came here for meeting, and at end of it the leader told our Director that there're a party we should attend along with other companies members, and also the holding's clients, and investors will be there too, and guess what all ladies look forward this party with high hopes to find a rich ma....n".
"When this party takes a place? Aren't we supposed to attend that big meeting to discuss the deal issues? I asked him

" we still have the meeting, and the party take place Saturday's evening, you'll be my partner for this party, will you Rojy"? Ahmed asked with pleading eyes

"Ahmed, do I have to go its just party" I said whimpering.

"if you wish to be out this establishment then don't come, Rojy its a business fete, more than this the big boss himself will be presented"
"This old man has a mood for such noises fete, while many youths like me don't bear it" I said in tired voice, I ook at Ahmed, founding him staring at me wide eyes. "What" I asked pupped my eyebrow
" Didn't you read magazines beautiful?"
" Do I have to ? Its was wast of time, you already know I like books not boring things" I said
"Mmm, I see, I see, aaah! so what about the richest and influenced families in the kingdom any idea? He asked playing his eyebrow mocking me.
"Ahmed forget it, I don't give a damn to know anything about them, so Ahmed if you left me alone there when you see these beauties, then your head will be off of your shoulders, am I clear my dear friend?". I said placing my index finger on his forehead.
"Aaay, aay you heartless you'll do this, while you considered me as a friend, so what if I didn't, will you throw me into acid?" He said pretended a shock.

"Listen Sahar I'm aware of your make up skills, but I won't put too much, just a bit okay don't forget we still noon, and the party starts at 18:30 ", I told Sahar who insisted to put the make up to for me

" Rojeana can't you please take what we told you seriously this isn't like others which your former company held ok".
" yes sis, do you even get the meaning of Albouraq Holding, their parties news occupied the economic,and celebrity magazines for months because of the billionaires, celebrites and more whom are presented in them". chamss said, whilst both her and Sahar do dishes. While the apartment door opened and Maria's voice echoing through hall, " sisters I have breaking news, yeaaah you couldn't guess it even if you tried, but I'll give you a chance to try".
She kissed us, and sat on sofa indicated to us, to guess what she was talking about, she is smiling ear to ear, and make dancing moves by her hand, she is too happy.

"Maria lovely fiercel ?..." the girls said raised their eyebrow
"You babies don't ferget I'm your elder sis, so its better for you, to behave else ...," She pretents to be angry, but fails due the laughs between her talk, she is running bihend them suddenly I heard her yelling: "yeaaaah my love, my love ohhh..."
I marched toward kitchen where the sound comes to check what was happening
"Bestie, my lovely friend thanks for making couscous, thank youu..., you know I smelt it from outside the building, but I thought it was from the neighbors apartment".
Maria said grinning happily, the second I stepped in kitchen, she loves the couscous more than you can imagined *couscous is one of traditional Morrocan dishes *.
"Sweetie you are welcome I'm not working today so I prepare it" I said
"Rojy sometimes I thought this friend of yours she would even forget what a criminal done, if he made this dish for her". her sister said teaseingly.
"Shut up, and stop this nonsense" she yelled
"Okay, okay, now hurriedly fresh on, we'll set the table till then, go.. go, and about the news, it most be you got advancement right ?".
" this one part, try to find the interesting part while I'm taking bath". she challenged us swaying her hips before she left.

"Chamss, Rojeana any ideas about this?" Sahar asked
We nodded negatively. "Just let us pray to not get herself into a fight with someone, if you got what I mean by this!?" Chamss rolling her eyes.
Girls don't jump on bad things, Maria is a fiercel woman but she won't do such thing at work". I defend my sis while these idiots always first thought of the worst scenarios.
"Yeah, yeah, as if she wasn't the one who poured the whole hot coffee pot on the manger's head, after she threw the cups on him where the sun never shined", Sahar add mockingly, I don't know should I cry, or laugh because of the flashback I had of that incident...

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