The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Part 7 * The Chaos*

،أتذكرين يوم قلت لكِ إن كل امرأة قبلكِ غياب "
يومها ابتسمتِ ابتسامتكِ الشريرة و قلتِ لي
و كل امرأة بعدي غياب. أكنتِ تعلمين وقتها
"أنني سأصل الى الحدِّ من الجنون بكِ❤️؟؟

"Are you Remembering the day I told you
Every woman before you was nothing,
That day you smiled your evil smile then
Told me and every woman after me
is nothing
Did you know at that time, that I would reach
the insanity limit loving you"


Last Months were to hard on me, I had an armed deals to close myself, and lots meeting with our investors of the coming Ship facilities, in other hand my private detective informed me that he finished his searching, I couldn't tell him to send the report to me when I was at trip to Germany an Turkish, I'm afraid of what it content, I'm afraid to found my super fears become true, who can I bear seeing her with her kids from another, I had to focus on the sensitive work I'm handling there, then check the report when I come back.
I waited for Mr, Safwan in my office, youssef just left with clients to the presentation meeting of their project, there is knock on office door, I mumble a "come in", "sir yo...", my assistance starts but can't wait more for report. "let him in, an..d", "did I seem to you like a *him* Dada haa ?". my sis said behind my assistance cutted my words while she entering. "you can leave Mss, Samar" the assistant nodded before closing the door behind her.
"What brought you here princess?" I asked her worryingly, while taking her in arms.
"Can't I give a visit to my brother when I'm around his work area" , Areanas said resting her back on the shelf's side.
"Mm.. , I'm just worried about you, I thought you are in problem cause rarely when you come to company princess".

"Okay then, dada lets me be honest, I'm worried big bro, what is going on with you? you looked tired while ago, you are treating people even more roughly..., your employees are afraid to just hear your name bro. Pleas tell me, I wasn't the little girl anymore, you can share your problems with me Dada, please let me gives you help you needed".

my little princess told me caressing my hands, whilst both siting on the couch. "ohhh my little princess grew up, now feel even responsibility toward her brothers, but baby even if you're 40 you'll main my little princess", I said picking her noise.
"Dada I'm serious don't you see we're all worried about you, haaah, mom thought that if you find a girl marrying her, and settled maybe..", " princess its just work issues, its nothing I can't handle so you have to forget these boring things you filled you mind with". I said stopping her from ending what i
I won't to hear especially at this time.

"But dada I'm to starve to have niece or nephew, who can I have then without new a beautiful girl in our family as my bro's wife", but she ended said what she wants, then pulled off breaking the hug.
"Areannnas!" I threatened her from saying more about this matter.
"Easy, dada easy, and this threat won't works on me, cause I know you won't throw me even by a rose", she mocked then add, "Remember you promised me for tonight you'll take me to dinner, in case you planed to cancel it just dug your grove big bro, because I won't accept any excuses".
"I won't break any promise I gave you princess", I said walking her to the door.

Office interphone rang while I'm tapping on laptop. "yes" I peck it up, "Sir, Mr, Safwan is here", the secretary said through the phone.
"Send him in, and don't disturb us whatever the matter is". I ordered, within a minute there is knock on the door. "come in" looking ahead, Mr Safwan entered while secretary closed the door.

"Good evening Mr, Saif who are"? Safwan greeted, marching towards the desk where I stood.
"Evening Mr, Safwan, and am fine" said while shaking hands, "have a sit mr, safwan". i said sitting back on my leather chair.
Thank you Sir, here is the thing you asked for". He handed me a bleu file, i took it placing it on left side of the desk, i wanna check it when am alone.
"Sir the girl is 25 years old she has tow siblings, and three closest friends, she's from Chafchawn city, she's living her in Tanger with her young sister and tow friends".
"what is she doing?, and when she came to this city, is she married? I asked
"Sir, according to the search, she lived here four years ago, she is from middle class repectiful family, I watched her the whole tow months, she seemed a simple, caring ,and loving woman, however I asked about her said that her family blessed having her as daughter a...nd" .
"yeah, hhhha of cours she id an angel till you faced her real being," I lost in thought and couldn't listened to what he's saying at that time.
Until I heard him saying, " Mss, Rojeana just got a....".
" Sorry, what did you just say? I asked in chock. " I said lots things sir wha...", i stopped him.
"I said what is the girl name?", I asked
" Rojeane Sultane sir ".
"Are you sure of this? I said angerly opening the file.
" Hundred percent sir". the detective said, while I got up from the chair, holding the file in my hand, then sat on the couch.

"Did you found the reasons of why she changed it? I asked, at first he seems tensed, thoughtful.
"Mr,safwan I called" I yelled.
" Mm, yeah, I mean , it is her real name, her....".
"okay, I had heard enough you can leave" I couldn't hear more, did she lied to me about her so called name too....

After the man had left, I looked through the file he gave me. the first thing I faced was her profile, Rojeane Sultan, Financial and legal analyst, 25 yrs...., there are many shoots of her, she seems happy at all of them, my hand tighten into a grip, which became harder by each photo I'm seeing, she was in sameone's embrace, he held her too close to him, and hugging her, spinning her in rounds, her eyes closed while placing her head on his neck, I'm gonna kill the fucking guy she chosen over me, oooh god help me, who am i here suffering because of her. while she is living all happily, the same man sat by her side in football stadium, the smile on her beautiful face was breathtaking, it glowing innocently, who she could have a angle looks, instead of the evil she really is. There are also photos with her friends, of her focused into book she reading, and others played same games, I swear I'm gonna kill that son of bitch, who the hell he held her in bride style this close, I put the photos dawn to read the rest of her profile, she has an impressed cv, I turned the paper the look on rests when a headline took my attention, rechecking it, to found it right, it was Al AANQA Design Company, hahaaa, is it coincidence ? or fate played its game again, she's working for one of our Holding companies, yeah the jewelery and textile design's Company Al AANQA belonging to the Al Buraq Holding Group. That's good, its needless for me to asked or forced anyone to fired her.

I keep turning her shoots between my hands, it's almost five hours since I got the report, dumped it all over table, I tried to do my work, but failed all I could done was replying to many important e_mails, I couldn't let go of her new photos, I went crazy by what I had seen, and what I had experienced because of her.

the naivety and simplicity she looked like, makes her as an angel. But I'm not the same guy from the past to fall into the same prank, I knew the real her, she wasn't a truthful woman when it comes to love. She will pay for giving me hopes on her, when she already decided leaving me, the phone ringing snapped me off of my thoughts, I take look on the caller ID, it is my little princess.

"Hello promises's man" she said on other side while shackling
"I am princess. so where you wanna me to took you" I assured.
"Dada it supposed to be me who will decide the place, didn't I ? . She impugn my words.
"For sure little one its up on you, be ready princess am gonna pick you within an hour" I said, whoever I heard her yelling to some at her side happily," I'm gonna have funny night with handsome man, and you couldn't protest about it",
" Okay coppery, just let him show up and I don't need to protest, due his grave would be already waiting for him". A man voice echoed trough the phone.
" Annoying bro stop this, I'm not copper, it is just my hair". she shout angrily.
" who cares coppeeee..rly, all I see in you is that copper hair". her crazy twin teasing her again, he likes to makes her angry, due funniest girl she become while being furious.
"I'll complain you to dad and big bro, you keep call me that even when people are around us, I have name got it, I. H.a.v.e.n.a.m.e., do you like make fun of me Amaeas?".
These tow are my family lights they make every day a different one , without them the house is just walls, empty and lifeless. I can't hold laughs on her behaviors anymore, firstly she screamed at him, then asked him by her childishly voice which is actually little kid on grown-up woman form.
"listen here coppery girl I won't let any guy comes near you, because the who deserves you didn't born yet, and I'm only one referring to you using this name. you're the monster ruthless Saif's Al bouraq sister who dare to be dead then just let him makes fun of you baby, I'm also a boxing champion I'll even dug their graves myself, before taking their breaths out off them" .
the fucking bro of mine, just scared the girl instead of calming her down. I hung up on her to call that careless man my parent gave me as a brother, Im the one taking his life, if he said such things like this to princess again.

I stopped my Range Rover car dawn yard of the restaurant princess choice's to have dinner, it was a simple classic place, but beautiful with sea view facing, it located at the city east overlooking to the mediterranean sea, I'm not surprised with this choice because my little princess don't likes fancy places, she belong to an ancient and rich family, but she lives simply even her friend belong to middle state class, because she don't likes the materialistic people, and as I knew the most family friend's daughters found her boring, but they tried to be close to her, due women knew who much Albouraq's sons loved their little sis, so to get close them you have to gain the sister loves first.
"Dada do you like the place?" Arenas asked, rubbing a glass piece between her hands, then looked at through it, the thing has roses inside.
"Yeah it is calm and beautiful" I said taking look in the menu.
"Big bro you should take rest of these richest and fancy places where you went all the time, so I brought you here, look at the lights reflection on sea, and waves sounds giving peace to the visitors", she said looking to water, her eyes screamed happily she is too innocent naive, she always use her heart more than brain, that's why we're too protective to her, her bodyguards by her side every time, but from a far.
We had a good time, we talked about random things, when people saw us while they entered, or left the place whispered to each other and some of them took secret photo for me and my sis, my princess didn't show up on the magazines so people don't know Al bouraq daughter how she looks like, when they saw her propably thought of her as my girlfriend, anyways nothing of this will be on the media my assistant will handle the matter.
While having our food i hear voices time to time, from the table at the end of the restaurant hall its the most beautiful side of the whole canteen there are coloful candles, and roses seedling hanging through the half glass wall, you could see their beautiful reflection on water, " I tried to make reservation on one of these tables but were already taken its the homey yard of this place". Arenas said when she saw looking towards the hall end.
"Yeah the special surrounding in there is good, as you like that place I'll reserve a table for you in there as long as this canteen works", I told her and she got off of her chair then hugged me then say: "your the best bro ever dada". she makes some dance moves before sitting down again.
"princess this is nothing, just say the word and this restaurant will be yours by tomorrow morning", I said cause its rare when she likes something that much.
",no dada please don't I like to come here as client not owner okk so just drop this idea, just let's us enjoying the scenery, and delicious food". she pleaded caressing my hand.

"You both when this damn cake will served, can't you see? Maria made her best to fix that fake misunderstanding of yours, I'm done with that game of yours." I heard a woman said, the voice was calm and warm.

"Its the only idea we got this year lovely, how else could we make this birthday dinner successful haa?". another woman said chuckling while she talks, looking to their side two girls are laughing, then all of sudden they became silent, and each one put her attention on her food, while another moves her head right to left. A girl passed by us headed to them, just as she sat, waiter pushed petit food carte with birthday cake onto it, and a song singing by the girls echoed through the place.
The second song ended the girls group got the whole canteen attention as the girl argue with her friends, their voices became louder, I looked back to them.
I coughed too hard at meantime I was drinking water, I got myself shock, " dada are you alright", my sis asked in terrified voice and patting on my back, "I'm fine princess, I'm fine, its ok", I assured her. "Good. dada I'm gonna to toilet, I'll be back soon", she said then walked away.

The girls still arguing, but in funny way, it's obvious as sun rays that they loved each others, but for me all am seeing is her, her dark red hair under the messy shawl she put on her head, her hair still long as before, I always loved the way its color change under lights. She smiled and I felt like the whole wold smiling, she's moving between her friends, took two of them by ears mumbled something before beaten them on the head, then hugged the other one from behind moving with her right to left, she wore a blue dress with black blue shawl it isn't a hijab, she just putted it on her head, every now and then fall on he shoulders than putted it on again. She took a bit of the cake her friend gave her, the girl took two pieces to feed the other girls, handing them the cake, but screams heard all over, she threw the cake on their faces instead of feeding them.
"this for your fake fight last days, next time don't make me worry about you, while its just one of your game", She said running out toward restaurant exit.
" Mariaaaaa!!.., trouble maker we won't spear yo....u", " shut up idiots I!m your eldest sis, you better behave, or..". the girl yelled back, but interrupted by the girls who running behind her.
"Or what, Haaa? Or what darling? or whaaat...?"
"you'll know about it at right time, crime partners".
The the girls chasing the one heading out, while the one who took my breaths away stand still looking at the show created by her friends.
"Mss Rojeana the bill has been already paid". A man standing by her side told her, it seems like he knows her, I don't know where he comes from, he wasn't there minutes ago.

" Hey kittenoo, we paid the bill so hurry up we have things to fix aren't we?". The girl was talking then stopped. then yelled out :
" ! no. no. Rojeana babe please don't...nooooo" ."
" Are you fucking lost your mind? for billions time I said mind while you s.p.e.a.k with her, I'm gonna kill both of you if she didn't wack up, you fucking careless idiots is this how you taking care of her ha...?". One of them shouted to others.
"Ayman bro, please help us to take her to the car". the girl said, all of sudden turned into fiercel woman.

The man hold Nour into his arms taking her out, I'm bleeding, burning inside, the way she looked at me earlier, like I'm totalitly stranger to her when she felt my eyes on her, there are no emotions in her eyes, had she really forget about me? You'ere the only one on that love Saif. you clobbered whoever faced you, but an ordinary girl got into your bones, and won't let go. this feelings are out of my hands, I hit the table breaking it by my feet, throwing everything nearby away, I couldn't bear more since the evening when I saw her in that guy embrace I wanted to destroyed whatever in the office, but I keep saying she doesn't deserves even my anger ooooh, I was just lying on my own, I wished her to be dead, than done this to me.

"Dada....,Dadaaa stop it, stop it, wha....t's w..wrong with you". my sis yelled too loud while crying, I'm not in my sense, I didn't realise what I'm doing, there're men trying to block me from destroying the place, the people are scared and leaving the place.

"Mr, Al bourq what's happening, what is going on ?" the man from earlier asked me, then pointed to other to let go of me.
"Get out of my sight before I put you six feet under ground".

" princess calm dawn, calm dawn baby please forgive me, I didn't mean to scare you". I get on knees, taking the terrified girl from the floor, holding her between my arms, I can hear her heart beat heavily she is crying, mumbling something I don't get, I couldn't calm her down, she is shaking on my chest, "ya Allah what have I done.". Baby please stop don't cry anymore your heart will stoped beating this way, it's ok princess,'s me look at, look at me I'm your brother ". I keep talking to her, god my princess is afraid, afraid of whom will declared the third world war, if she got hurt by anyone, I look at the surrounding, the bodyguards came inside the canteen, which is in big mess, the restaurant's stuff looking to the place then to me in shock.

"Saif, Sir.." the bodyguard starts to speak, then stoped after I glared at him, he got me without me saying a word. "Call doctor I want him here hurriedly, if he doesn't show up in time, I'll make sure all of couldn't see tomorrow's sun rise", I threatened, they knew I'm the man of my word.
"For Allah sake what had happen here Saif, have you lost your m.....ind". I heard familiar voice said.

"The second Rayane's voice echoed in the place, my baby sister pulled off of my hold runs toward Rayane, my cousin couldn't finish his talk, due the surprise of little thing threw herself on him, hiding her face in his chest. all happened blinking.

"A...Àyan..aah,Sa..if sss". princess cry echoed trough the place, listening to her cries I can tell her heart would stop any time.
"Angel ! Ary!, little one it's okay calm dawn, please angel don't this to yourself, and to people loved. Look Saif is fine he'll never hurt you little one" . Rayane keeps talking to her, while caressing her back, she's hugging him tightly, I felt jealous he is the first man princess got so close to, other than me, Amaeas, and dad.

I looked to the people in the canteen then calmly say : "Listen to me all of you, if what happened here got to the media, you should dug your graves firstly, you got me right".
I take the glass pieces off of my palm, my hand is bleeding, but all care of right now is my baby princess, she isn't used to the violence or guns, I drew a check handed it to one of guards.
"give it to place owner" I said heading out to my cousin who is carrying my sis to the car.

"Saif for god sake whenever you decide to act like a ruthless, monster... man please be sure to not be near my little twin, we almost lost her due panic attack," Amaeas said harshly walking back and froth trough the gym

"Listen here young master, I had enough already from mom and dad, above this it's not like you love her more than I do". I shouted back, if anyone else done this I'm gonna pay the hospital bill for him. looking to him I grabbed the boxing bag between my hands then beat hard on it several times.

"calm dawn buddies, seeing her in that situation wasn't something easy for us, but she won't likes to see both of you like this too" .Rayane said while he is going push-up
"It wouldn't happen again bros, it wouldn't happen". I whispered again and again, my sis terrified eyes at that time are killing me, did I really turned into a beast, I don't won't my princess sees me this way ever, she was just hearing from people about my anger. now she saw it, who am I gonna face her after what happened?,
"guys you know she was super happy to go out with her favorite bro as she loves to call him when I'm around just to make me jealous, she told me there's a guy will accompanied her to dinner, to make her upset, I threaten to murder whoever dare to come near her, because the one deserves her doesn't born yet, but now as saw her, no doubts the one comes into her life burying him is my pleasure, if she got hurt because him". Amaeas promises us.
"like we will let a man took her from us, she will be just dream wouldn't come true for any men, princess is ours", I assured him.
the meantime Rayane cough repeatedly, his eyes became red, Amaeas handed him water to drink." easy bro, it's almost hundred pushes you done, and thank you again for being there, I can't imagine what would happened if you weren't ....",
" angel is the family's gem so no need to thank me every now and then". My cousin interrupted me with too much irritation, throwing the bottle to me, and head out to garden looking back to us he said, " I'll check on Arenas before I leave, Saif we should talke tomorrow before the meeting we have".
"why is he stared at me like I murdered his loved one", I mumbled to my brother who is looking to both of me and Rayane blankly.
"Your bodyguard most be cut his fun when he asked his help", bro said in joke.

" you're lucky he didn't hear your talk, or you gonna had black eyes by now, we all now who he cares for family reputation, he wasn't the same guy he was ten yeas ago" I said passing him boxing bag. "Nane of us is dada, nane" ,I heard him whispering, but I still heard it. ?????

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