The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Part 8 The chaos P.2

Rayane P.V

I has been watch football game, after a long busy day. I had to attend a meeting with europ investors, so I trip to Italy, and back up home the same day which made starving to sleep but not before watching the games. My phone's tone took my attention from the game, checking caller ID, it was Saif's security leader.
"Fahad is Saif okay ?" I asked knowing if it's not a serious matter he wouldn't call me.
"sorry Sir, but its a big mess into the restaurant where Mr, Saif having dinner, we didn't dare to stop him sir", Faha said with much concerns.
"what's going fahad, I thought he got attacked when you sre calling me at this time".
" Sir I sent you restaurant's location please come in hurry, I stopped the staff from dialing police, sir you have to prevent him from killing someone,*oooh no,no*...". All of sudden I heard him screaming in horror, when I looked at phone screen while running towards the door, he ended the call, god what happened, Saaaif what the hell is going on with you, I said beneath my teeth, I almost hit the servant walked on my way. "son hold on, aren't you going to have dinner with us? up Rayane". Mom shouted out to me from the garden, she's sitting in her favorite spot while reading.
"I gotta go mama, it important" I said loudly, whilst starting car engine.
I reached the canteen, the people passed by me running out from place, when I got closer the bodyguards appeared into my sight, Fahad sees me then comes toward me, saying : " Mr Rayane! Mr, Saif had calmed down but the matter just got worst, due young Mss, got an panic attack". "what do you mean? what Mss? and what were exactly happened here? I'm asking him the meantime we're stepping inside restaurant.
While I passed by hallway, heading to the main area, the staff are standing still, looking in shock to the mess.
Saif can you put an end to whatever are you doing in here, man who the hell you turned the place upside down .....", I didn't really know what should I say anymore, my eyes widen, I felt my heart teared up into pieces, the view of him and little creatuer that he has between his arms..., while I tried to calm my anger to not ruined what is left in here, I saw her running to my way, then...., god is she really hidden herself in my chest, she's hugging me tightly, I can hear her heartbeats, tears running out from her red eyes down her cheeks, I stared to Saif who is super angry even more while seeing his precious princess on someone's else arms even me.
"A..Ayane...., Da....D, please...Dada" . my angel tries to speak, but she couldn't, her little body is shaking. I couldn't bear it. "Saif what hell were you thinking out, I don't care if you destroyed the whole city, but not when angel by your side, have you lost you mind, you're aware she cares about you so much, and getting mad just seeing you upset, so, what is she faced seeing you this way ha!ha? I shouted blaming him for state angle is now.

Ride home is awkward, I carried angel on my arms, while her feet are on Saif's lap, she still babbling with Saif's name, and so mine before she passed out. "angel ? angel ! please wack up, don't close you eyes" I begged when I felt her getting unconscious, "Rayane give me Areanas now, finally the injection worked she will be fine" . Saif said calmly but he seems gonna explode anytime again. " it's okay Saif we're almost home no need to disturb her by moving her between us" , I said placing her head back on my shoulder, i raise my eyes from her looking to my cousin, he is looking at me then to angel, and then given in to what I said.

The clock on the wall read 2:00 I'm looking through file on laptop. after an hour of beating on the boxing bag, to let out my anger for being crowd all these years. I had been forced myself to not developing those feeling towards her, she was always someone special for me since childhood, she was the whole family precious princess, and my angel I called her this name the first time I seen her baby face she was just one year. I thought my carrying, and being too much protected to her, is normal like all family do. But ten years ago I realized my true feeling for her, when I was with other girls all I'm thinking of is her, I was with her bro, along with our best friend youssef in Germany doing our bachelor degree, I had lots girls on my bed, but it just made fall even more for her, I fight with my feelings so far, six years ago I given in. loving her secretly is a real torture, her brothers won't let any man took her from them hhha, yah it seems something odd, sometimes I found their love and protect went beyond common sense, it's too much. sooner or later she'll got her life partner. And I'm that man for sure, no-one will take her from me. today I had experienced what is it like losing her, and I could not live my whole life with this feeling of losing her..., I'll make her mine by hook or crook.
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