The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Part 9 /The family gathering

"❤️💕آيا حباً أخد الأماكن في روحي؟؟"


Week had passed since restaurant's incident, my baby sis got well the flowing days, she made me promised her to not hurt myself in purpose again, but as I know I'm already hurted and there is nothing I can do about it.

"Dada, Dad the event you held tomorrow, isn't a family party so..., guys I'm free to not go there right"princess said.

we are having our family session as we do every Friday evening, we were had this sitting since childhood, just us and sometimes my best friends joined, as they're family too, she is playing chess with Dad, whom's tried to hide his laugh.
"hah, hhhhhha, sorry baby copper, but your begging won't works this time you have to be there too, people we worked with want to see the family precious gem", Amaeas said while his eye on tv watching tennis game.
" firstly if I'm a baby if I'm tben you're too, we're a twins aren't we? And I prefer to spend that time with my friends than thoses stupid...", Arenas said while making funny faces to him,

"baby girl don't juge people befor you get to know them, above this you have to be use to the business world, sooner you have to run our design company", Amaeas starts to speak,but dad interrupted him.

"old man my daughter already got internships into many companies, she knows who to handle these matters".
"wifey I'm aware of it love, but she needs to be used to these crowded events", mom and dad Argo.

"Guys okay,okay just stop this, but no need to pointed on me as your daughter every now and than, I would like to be known within my work ok", she said whilst point chess's piece to dad, as she's about to win the game over him.

"Princess we'll be happy if you wear the gift we given to you". I said.
"Oooh, coppery you'll burn the party by your pretty look, but you know what? I feel pity already for those men, they wouldn't have chance to come close to you ever". her twin said teasing and laughing.

"Behave son, you better behave", dad threatened him.

"why? ha, why? wasn't she our pretty coppery princess", he mocked raising his eyebrow, and clapping his hands in the air, time to time sticked out his tongue to her.

" won't you stop this nonsense monkey..ha?", I knew this is coming soon, she chased him holding the water's jar in her hand, she succeeded wetting him, but still running behind him through the hall.
"Hey men!!, stop this copper s...savage of yours..", Amaeas shouted to me Dad, then stoped for a while to breathe because his laughing normally he could not breath easily.

"you're dead dare twin dead, dada be honest is this cutest sis is a savage ha?ha?", she got close to him when she's talking to me her eyes looking my way, so instead of empty way she had seen earlier she runs into something, or to be clear into someone.

"Aaaah! aah, I hit myself by wall all because of you, happy now? Haa?" she complained childishly while letting low cries.
we're laughing unstoppable, she is rubbing her shoulder, and forhead still lay on the floor.

"Dada you too, I thought seeing me run into the stupid wall, you'll....", she couldn't finish as we got into hysterical laughter.

"Angel are you okay?" As she heard the voice she looked back up, when she saw him, she tried to get up but fall again.

"Mmm,aah, A...Ayane !!she said whispered, her cheeks are too red, Ayane helped her to stand on her feet, while he's smiling ear to ear.
"Angel did you really got hurt", he asks, while making her sat on nearby couch.

" Princess! ooh my naive girl since when the hall had wall in the middle? You'll always be naive, and innoncent no matter who old are you", dad told her then gave her glass of water sitting by her side.

"Welcome son" he greeted Ayane, giving him side hug.
" thank you uncle, good night aunty, hey guys" he said kissing her cheek, then takes a sit next to me.

" Hey buddy, I want to ask how are you.., hhha. hha, but just while a you felt like wall to princess, so it's obvious that you're super good,hhhha". my stupid bro said humorously.

" Still not as stone wall as you are". Rayane mocked him.
"man you almost break princess's shoulder and...".
"Dada I'm at fault I was chasing that monkey, without paying attention to my surrounding", she interrupted heading towards us coming from the dining room. " dinner was served so let's go to eat". she add while totality smiling ear to ear playing with her cat which is on her forearm.
After dinner, we men talked about tomorrow's event, while mom and Arenas sitting a small table of snacks, drinks, fruits, and desserts, We sat in an opening garden tent in backyard house's overlooking the sea.

" Hey men its a family sitting no work discussing here am I clear", mom said glaring to us.
"monkey set the projection screen for us to watch a movie together". Mom adds
"waaw mama it's a good idea, but why you gave me this annoying task, see here are three old men tell them to do it". Amaeas said acted to be mad.

"Either do as told you young man, or I'll throw you down, so you can have a swim exercise for awhile, it's just yoù won't reach the land until the morning, so what do you say hhha ?". She threatened him,whilst winking to us.
We had funny time, we watched a comedy Turkish movie, we couldn't shut our mouths the whole show time, it was dead comedy film.
"Mama you had choice a wonderful film" Amaeas said holding a glass of juice in his hand.

"it's me you monkey, am the one picked it ". princess said resting her head on dad's chest, while eating sweets.

"w.whaaaaat", he yelled at her, she raised her eyebrows looking at him, she is wondering what's all this for.
"Dad passed this cheating girl to me, I have to teach her a lesson for betraying on me". Amaeas is still talk nonsense and arguing with his twin and dad, when I heard Rayan's voice,
"Saif this bro of your's won't ever stops annoying his twin right?". Ayane which is next to me asked.
" if both of them don't behave with each other this childishly than there's no meaning to live in this big house" I said looking to them while they're arguing seriously, it's really funny listening to their little fights.

"Dad he is lying I didn't done anything, hey man did you seen me in your short dream, as we were watching the film, hhha?, go away annoying, go".

"How the hell you didn't cheated on me? you picked this film which means you had seen it before without me!! didn't you little princess? Ha ?, we had promised to see the movies all together, you and me, didn't we?".

"Aaaah ,iiiiih !!" that's all she lets out of her, eyes widen.

"what these iiiih, aaah, mean copper ?". He asked going closer to her.
"Da...d, please ...don't let him got.... me please", she hardly speaks while begged dad due her laughter, but she couldn't stay where she was, she knows well that he won't let go of her easily, she runs while shouts out.

" Amaeas, A..bro, you have to listen, I didn't seen it bro, please stop ch...chasing me". she stopped far from him pointed to him to listen to her.
"you have to have mercy on me bro after all I'm your little sis right..., you'll murder me if you tickled me". She said breathing hardly,
", no I won't coppery, just let me got you then you'll se...e".

"Noooo. No, I really just brow it from my friends this morning bro, I didn't cheated on you". she begged then running towards me and Ayane. When she reached, she sat on my lap, and took my arms crossed them around her.

" Dada please don't let him tickled me, please dada, please". She begged, when I'm about to lose my breaths because of their live comedy show.
" hey buddy enough, leave her she just got well, we can't handle anther experience as what had happened to her last time, so that's enough bro". Rayane angrily said to Amaeas, his anger reaction surprised all of us.
My princess turns her face looking at me then said : "it's okay dada, don't think about it..., Mm I love you". She kissed my cheek between her talks, she must be felt my body tensed by my cousin's words. I'm the reason of her bad state that time, we all fell in an awkwardly silence, looking every but each other.

"Bros, did you asked a female partner to make you company at the party. who has the pleasure to?". I heard my bro asked, none answered his question again.
"Ohhh, yeah guys all the people though you both had a girlfriend, or even a hidden fiance". Amaeas adds. I caught the meantime as Rayane's do too.

" what nonsense fiance you referred to princess". I asked grabbing juice glass in my hand.

"it's the media's and magazine's talk not mine right Amaeas? She added while her twin nodded at her. We don't care about these useless news princess a...nd".
" you both really don't have a special girl even in your mind". she asked, and both of us just stared to her, as her voice seems happy..

" yeah, guess what? my friends had eldest sisters, I didn't had chance to see them yet, but I'm sure they're beautiful, so for sure they would be good wives for you both, and good sisters for me". she suggested happily clapping her hands.
"How did you know they would be the good ones for them princess?". Dad asked while pulling her to him so he can hugged her and placing her head on his chest.

"Dad if you sit with them once and listened to their talk of each other you'll know how much they care and love one another, can you believe even sometimes I felt jealous of their relationship". she said while smiling.

"You can keep your friends to yourself angel I'm good the way I am". Rayane said harshly, and he sounds irritated. I looked his side finding him stuck lost, while the crystal cup is gonna break in his hold, before I let out a word, the glass turned into pieces in his palm.

" Rayane, Rayane hey buddy what's this for bro", I said, whilst he looking to me weirdly.
"sorry aunty, but I was thinking of some work issues". he apologized to mom how's too worried about him, as she hurriedly checked on his hand before asking princess to bring aid box for him.

"it's okay aunty I'm fine, no need to bother angel with this...". "Mama*Mom* don't worry I'll handle him, Ayane you better come with me, your hand is bleeding a lot, can't you forget about the work for while man, we were having good time here, but what can I say both of you, and dada will lose your mind due this stupid business someday". Arenas, said pulling him by his arm heading inside. Mom glanced at dad shucking her head in disbelieve, however Dad shucked his shoulder up and down.

I'm under water having a cold shower, after an hours of sport session. I kept myself busy by working all the time, so my mind would be occupied to think of her, when I failed I went to gym. turning off the spray, and stepped out under it, I wrapped a towel around my waist heading to closet, while I'm drying my hair.

" Please don't slip that towel off, as you know I'm not the interested to see what it covers, however plenty women did" .I heard my bro said behind me, he is sitting on couch which is in the left side of the room facing both, closet and balcony, I look to him through the mirror, he smirked to me then lays his feet on the table.

" what brought you here idiot? Aren't you supposed to be dreaming at this time?". I said while putting a sweatpants on.

"Who is she dada?" He asked with much concerns, I looked to him, he is now sitting upright.
"what are you talking about bro". I said taking a glass of milk I brought earlier.

" Dada I had seen, and heared you from the garden, you were shouting, and cured your heart". he confessed, following me out to the balcony, I laid on the chaise, while Amaeas on the door's frame, we stayed this way for while, none said a word.

"bro, I knew you don't keep a girl with you more than day, where and when this woman comes from?, you didn't even tell me".

"it's nothing Amaeas I was thinking about the canteen incident that's all", I said looking to Mediterranean waves .

" This too Dada, rumors said...". I stoped him.
"its too late Amaeas, tomorrow is a busy day,
I don't want to talk of this issue again, please turn off the lights while you leaving".

"Is this your way to tell to get lost, whatever you can't run away for long Dada, sooner, or later things come out, and I'm not a teenager anymore, I can see the reality of what's happening". He said, patted on my shoulder, I do so then looked back to sea.

I barely handled myself with this betrayed. I did because she wasn't on the picture, but now I'm not sure of my acts, and reactions anymore,
I did followed her yesterday.

flashback :

can anyone expected Saif Albouraq tracking a girl. of course there is a begining for everythings.

I watched her gave what I thought was a box of food to the watchman of the company building, they talked for few minutes then goes inside company, but turned back lookng to the road before completely got in. her face is glowing, she seemed happy I took a look where she was looking to, it turned to be one of the men from report's shoots, he pulled her cheek while they were talking, she took it off, but hugged him. She wore long blue ocean sweater, with midnight blue jeans pants and matching scarf on her neck, and black laced booties, she is really pretty even by this ordinary outfit.

"soon you gonna repay for what had you done Nour", I said tightening my grip on handlebar. I set one of my men to watch her and inform me about her moves.

By 20:20 i still in my office all stuff left it just me and securities in there, i took the suit coat from the chair. I Walked out heading to elevator, while i'm going down my phone rung. "yes" I picked it up.

" Sir the man said the Mss, is at mall for almost two hours, she went there after work".personal bodyguard said in other side.

" is she alone ? I asked i don't expected the what he said." No sir, her friends accompanying her, three girls, and a guy mm...", I hung up on him, exiting the company.
"Evening Mr. Saif". My driver and bodyguard greeted.
"Evening Fahad, head to the that mall please " I said getting in the SUV car, he nodded then sat in driver seat.

"Bro you know the address, we wanna things to be delivered there by tomorrow evening, we need to do work fast".
"it seems you'll do wonderful design over there beauties". man said to Nour and her friends, they are at hug shop which sells different items and tools for decorations, I'm here since an hour now, and the man was watching her said they were here since three hours. I entered to mall I headed to where she is, covering my face with hoodie I wore while I'm in car to avoided the press. I heard them negotiating about many things while buying them.

She looked funny while she ate the ice cream, and talking to sales men. they didn't know what to do either taking and noting their demands, or being careful and watched her, so she wouldn't mess the things at her side due her careless moves while holding two ice creams in a hand, and spoon in the other. I just want to see myself how she moved on in her life, while mine was and still crushed down.

" pretty didn't you finished yet? we almost spend the night here". the man with them said to one of the girls. "Ahme!!...." "ooooh". The guy shout when he saw what she done, but she continued her talks while hands on hips totality forgot about what she was holding, she finally did what they were afraid of, she threw the ice cream on the man's cloths, and on some decoration items near her.
"what ooooh? it's not like I destroyed the lives here it's all about smearing some tools which I'll clean up okay, and Mr. Ahmed didn't I warned you about this hhha?,"

" pretty I'm gonna even sleep there, if that means not letting you go there all alone... blaa...blaa. these were your words thoughtful friend". she said facing him and tipping her feet on the ground, her other friends laughed while paying the bills.

"Maria do you like the show hha? First she brought me here, without me knowing that whole gang will be here, the little brat cheated me". The guy complained to other girl, who waved her hand in air, indicated him that she doesn't listening.

" just to be aware what's look like to go shopping with a girl, I'm giving you lessons for free in case you decide to do it with you lover". she said tapping her index finger on his forehead.

"everything for gang's beauties, but pretty you have to eat some real food, you didn't eat your lunch..". ,"say it, say it again Ahmed, she what..? A girl yelled stopping the man's talk.
Nour shaked her dead in denying. " think you bro, please send the things to our place". the girl thanked the shop selsman, then held Nour's hand leaving.

"girls go first and pick us a table at mall canteen" she said angrily then girls dismissed.
"Rojeana didn't I asked yo...u".
"hey, I'm sorry for laying okay, but we have to finish this whole shopping this evening, so I didn't want to wast the time..". Nour interrupted the other girl, while the man just stared to them not understands the matter between them.

" look Rojy, you know the reason of my anger, and if you did it again then you have to face your acts consequences". Nour's face looked pale all of sudden when her friend talked. I was behind them checking rose seedling, I'm able to hear their talks due people are few in the shop.

They're watching a romance movie now, and so I'm since I stalked after her, I sat right behind in the middle row. by the way this mall is my the family property, but I didn't came here long time ago. she held on her friend's arm throughtout the movie.

"Excise me, couldn't you bear the heartbreak scenes in the film?" I wondered placing my hand on Nour's hand, while she is about to open the washroom door. she jerked then took hand off of the door handle. she shot me a look, if stares kill than i would be dead by now.
the hoodie still covering my head, I thought she would realize who i am just by my voice, but seems it doesn't works.

"you bastard, how dare you, step off of my way, have shame man it's women's toilet" she yelled, then pushed me aside, opening the door.
"Aaaaaaaah", she screamed ran through the corridor.

"Didn't I warned you nour? You must go inside for more fun hhhh " I said sarcastically while I'm walking behind her.

" listen here you mindless, you should say : Miss, you're going to wrong place, instead of acting like fucking beast...,which you obvioudly are". she said loudly, but the last part was barely a whispering, but I did hear it she makes me burning inside, is she just called me beast?, I grabbed her wrist forcing her to face me, while saying in a dead low tone.

"Don't Nour, don't you ever call me this again, in fact I'll show you the real monster soon. she is too close to me, her scent ohh ..., damn you Nour, damn you". I threatened, looking into her eyes, they wère too red, as she was crying because of the movie, ha! ha!.

"Are you crying because of the tragedy ending of a shit story? it was just a movie, what about ours, you ! Youuu destroyed my life.."

"go away from me bastard, you really need to visit hospital as your mental stat isn't well".
She shouted, and pushed me with all her strength, before running out, her petit figure got out of my sight, still in shock of her behaviors.

*قلوبهم انكرتنا، نحن الدين أمضينا الايام
نتباهى كم كنا نعرفهم*

The line peeps in my head, just describing what I'm facing right now.
yeah I didn't take off the hoodie of my head..., but that doesn't mean it would be impossible for her to realise me, at last the time we shard is enough to keep me in her memory, if not in heart.
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