The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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part 10/ The party

Rojeana POV

Maria is in driver seat, she is driving us to the party, yeah this the interesting part of her news, the owner of the company she is working in, turned out to be relative with my company big boss, their groups recently set up partnership deal, so Almansory group informed her leaders to be present at the Albouraq's party, here we are heading to the hotel where this fucking fete takes place.

" bestie you knew why I'm too happy attending this party right", she asked looking straight to the road.

"It because of the handsome men that would be there bestie" I mocked her.
"I'm seriouse Rojy, its because I can be with you knowing about these shameless rich men, and the jealousy women and their pranks, I couldn't stop thinking how can you handle all these without any of us around you, due your innocent and naivety .. I can't bear someone hurts you sis whoever is".

"I took her hand on mine then placed my head on her shoulder, while saying , "I always thanking Allah for giving me a loving, care family, I don't knew what the a good I had done in my life, that Allah blessed me by all your love, and i love you all, more then you even think".
we shared a look, her eyes held a guilt and sadness, I used to this whenever we talked in sentimentality way, it's weird.
"We are here, Rojy I'll tell you again your're breathtaking, So take care in there okay".
"Maria for Allah sake I'm 25 years, not a kid" " oooh Maria please take us to the hotel backyard, look there're too much media reporters and press at front door".

"Okay, as you want babe, anyways all they cared for is who is the Mr,Albouraq, and Mr, Almansory partner for the night".

"Who else could be either then their wives Maria? These media left serious topics, and citizens issues to pursuit and write about, however chasing behind silliness things". I said checking my phone the last time because we can't take it inside as one of shits rules of this party.

"Ah ah Rojy you don't actually belong to this generation you should be liveing at the past centuries" maria said holding her dress whilst we entering the place.
"Rojeana! waaaw! the place is much beautiful then I thought, look at this decoration waaaw just waaaw".

"Ladies welcome to the party, would you like to have something, if you're you can find the buffet in tent at your rights in garden, and another one inside the main hall " the waiter had told us, before we walked through the crowded hall, we want to go to the garden, people stared at us, they wore fancy cloths either modern or in traditional styles. The hotel itself was built in Andalusian style, its like you are into another time, it gives the feeling of being in the thousand nights and nights story.

" Are you enjoying the party beauties?" Ahmed said showing up from nowhere.
"Where have you been man we reached here since 40 minutes"
"I met a friends from another company, we didn't see each other long time ago, but i knew you aren't alone while the fighter was by your side and don't forget no one would dare to mess at Albouraq party"Ahmed said taking sip of juice holding in hand.
"Do you know this people Ahmed!.
"Yeah most of them, how wouldn't I knew them, their faces always full the news". he mocked while he replied.

"We can't say this about her Ahmed, do you believe if i told you something, I told her the press is looking forward the bosses partners, and all she said was who will be either then their wives", she didn't finish yet, and Ahmed is laughing none stop.
"what was so funny Ahmed ...?shut up the people looking at us".
"No, no sweety they're staring cause I'm the only man you talked to, my beautiful"
He said pulling my cheek with his fingers
"Am I a ghost here, as I see you treated her like a princess, I'm warring you Ahmed, I'm here too .. ". my bestie said pointed to her forehead.
"Aaay! I plead forgiveness your highness, don't minde my foolish, all the blame on my blind eyes due to the pretty creature at your side".
we're in the garden talking about nothing and everything, never mind what others thinking of us when he kneels while talking to her, maria needed a support to keep herself stand, due to her burst in hysterical laughing, which made lost balance.
I'm sure if taking videos, and shouts aren't forbidden in here we will found ourselves as buzz on YouTube by the morning.
"Ahmed I'm bringing water for her, please try to calm her down, I'm afraid she would pass out, if she keeps laughing this way" I said marching away from them.

"Aaaah, aah, Maria! Maria! While I trying to save your life, I'm gonna break my bones, did I get in another corridor, there're no trees here last I checked it up", I mumbled beneath my teeth, after i run into what i thought to be a tree when I'm on my way back to my friends.
"can't see where you step on woman", I heard man shouted at me, opening my eyes I saw a man by my side, oooh no how am I not aware of him holding me by my waist to not fall. "S.s.sorry, I'm really sorry, I was in hu....rry".
"you are lucky you din't get my suit dirty otherwise..." he cut
"Hey! you, wack up my apologize doesn't mean I'm the only one at fault, you too should have watched your steps", I said taking off his hand of me, ".
how dare you, I saved you from falling and here you". " saving me from falling its not a favor towards me man. I wish my cloths got dirty, at last I could escape from this place for a reason". I interrupted him yelling,while he is staring at my eyes, his own held lots anger, I can see it, even with light lights in the grass way, feeling uncomfortable I stepped away to leave, but I slipped, and finding myself in his arms, I quickly stand on my feet, and run far from him, he scared the hell out of me by the way his hold pressed on me, no man ever got that much close to me.

"Where have you been girl, if it wasen't for the waiter I would have been dead" Maria said, then taking a sip of her cup.
"Sorry, but I ran into an assholl he scared hell of me" I told them putting the bottle water on table.
"Rojy did he mess with you, sweetie you're pale did he hurt you? That son of bitch I'll show him how to messed with my girl I..."
" calm down Maria, easy, its nothing I can't handle, please people are listening". I shut her up.
"It's okay girls he most be kidding, everyone knows the Holding parties rules, no chances here even to flirt with a girl without her willingness, so how it come to hurt a woman at Albouraq event, Mr, Saif was a ruthless cold man, and he had any girl he likes to, But niether him or the oldest masters will tolerate any act that would dishonor the families reputation". Ahmed said pointing to the people and adds, "all of them can face Mr, Saif's anger, because he destroyed whoever in his way or wanted to harm his family".

"Ladies, and gentlemen, firstly good night all of you, we're happy to have you with us in this occasion to celebrate the extraordinary deal the company won, We obtained the rights to build ships and have already finished building docks in three cities by now...", the old man on stage said while guests some looked shock, jealous
" can you tell me which work this Holding didnt get into why no-one can win over them". A man told his friend.

"...easy please I didn't tell you the biggest news yet, so do you wanna to hear it here first, or read about it in tomorrow's newspaper". All of sudden people get silent waited for the news while a young guy asked.
"what's the more intersting then this deal Mr, Ahmed Albourq?, your group is the only one who could make ships in the whole north Africa".
"Son this announcement, will you heart it from my sons, come on young men throw the bomb" Mr, Ahmed said comically.

"Guys don't mind dad, he loves to make jokes. Anyway thanks dad, I and Rayne will inform the guests the breaking news from here, so you can keep the stage for you and uncle".
I couldn't see the man who's talking due to the crowd he is standing in first row of tables right infront of stage.
"So the biggest announcement is, the partnership between El Mansory Group, and Albouraq Holding that's it, now enjoy the fete, and have a good time with us thank you".
the man ended his short speech then music turned on, and the dance floor lighted by beautiful colors.
"Ahmed, who were men that just talked ? I asked while we're walking to the pool area, I was tired and couldn't hear the nonsense people whispering to each other God knows what venom they are saying out their envy.

"They are the heirs of the both families, Saif Albouraq, and he is the Holding CEO, and his cousin Rayane El Mansory he is too the CEO of their group companies. He said holding both of us by arms he is in middle Maria at his right, and by left.

"Waaaaw guys look, waaaw what a beautiful view, the pool is connected with the shore, Maria Ahmed lets walk on sand, hha? or even play in water what do you think?", I suggested happily.
"I'm on whatever you want to do pretty, but I feel bad for your beautiful appearances to messed up by the water", Ahmed said pointed to both of me and Maria.

"Rojy did your friend just point to us as ugly girls without make up, haaa,? are we even wear make on it's just lipstick and eyeliner". Maria said going closer to Ahmed, as we have left him behind just moments ago.

"Yeah...yeah, he is only my friend now right!? last I checked he was yours too. And I think he means just you Mary, didn't you hear him I'm his pretty girl, didn't I Ahmed?", I said stucking out my tongue to them, and took my shoes off as we walked on the sand.

"You troublemaker, you wanna get me dead by the hands of your crasy bodyguard as a friend, I was talking to both of you", Ahmed said moving his hand rights to lift.

Maria stared at me then we both shout out, "whaaaaaat did you just refer to both us as uglies, no! No, you really called for your death man", he runs away from us while yelling.

"If I had knew I'll be stucking in friendship with mindless girls I wouldn't asked for it ever, you fierce all I mean by my words is your cloths will get spoiled by shore water, they're too beautiful to be spoiled...", he yelled while we splash the water at him.
"In that case .. you joined us look to your lovely suit Ahmadooo we won't be the only ones with messed up cloths hhhhha".

Rojeana & Maria's outfits

We chased after each others, wetted ourselves, and when we looked around us we realised that we gone far from where come out of the hotel, we heard many voices, but couldn't see anything.
"Girls I think it's better to go back to the hotel, while we play, we most have crossed the permitted range for guests take a look, on the hotel rooftop, and the boats in the sea, there are many guards with guns", Ahmed said in panic voice.

"Come on man we're in a party not at certain gangs gathering", I told him, all of sudden a group of men showed up, not too far from us
"Ma'ams, sir, excuse us but you can't go any far from here, you should be more careful, there are notes for the guests in whole hotel that say to not go to shore, there's a risk if any one did it".

one of the men said in harshly, he seems the group's leader.
"We are sorry in fact we didn't see any of these notes, however can we go back now, as you see we are not a threat", Maria told them expressing our sincere apologies, which I'm really not.
"Of course you can Ma'am, please" the man said showed us the way.

We marched away from them, however we heard a man saying :"haah as if they would'nt have being under ground by now, if we had 0,5% of doubt that they were a threat".
"Hey Ahmed since when you worked for this company?" I asked, rolling my shoes in rounds.
" I worked for it ten years by now", he replied.

"Is this family a part of gang or something..., why all these men are armed, they seemed elit since we didn't notice their presence at all".
"Not really, but it's normal the high security in here, after all there are influential people here, these families themselves, had a lots huge investments in several countries, and the weapon industry is one of them, that's means lots enemies too".

"Mariaaaa, are we their enemies by any chance? We aren't right above this I'm forced to come to this partyh didn't I ?, soooo .... ", I said then hoooop, running towds the sea.

"Rojy, stop! stop! just lets go back inside, we will go to shore tomorrow with our idiots sisters, remember!". Maria tried convincing me she was taking out loud.

"We're here bestie, and will have today's fun, and tomorrow has his hha hhha" . I pulled her into the water with me, dancing, playing, while I'm singing a song I don't know where I heard it before, it just came to my mind from nowhere.

"Oooho, kittenoooo my beautiful friend keeps her singing skill off me" I heard Ahmed said then the song's words stuck in my throat which forced stop singing, my breaths got heavy, I couldn't breath normally, I fell on my knees on shore water while feeling painful headache.

"aaah, M...Ma..ry..." I shouted, but my voice was low then the dark welcomed my eyes.

"Rojeanaaaa...Rojeana sweetie clam dawn,calm dawn I'm by your side baby, look hhha, look the moon you like showed up, and lighting the darkness sky, see". Maria tried to calm her up, she continued talking her friend, putting her head on her lap, caressing Rojeana's back. Maria's eyes wide open when she heard Rojeana's whispered; " mm, yeah just li....k.e n..n.ou..." before her eyes completely closed.

Far from them, man was eyeing every single move of them, anger consumed him inside, the suite he was in earlier got destroyed, he turned it upside down, due to the high security system that had fixed around the whole hotel property, he was able to see, and hear their talk, he heard everything which made him feel more hateful for her.

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