The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Part 11/ The Confusion

لو أن الحب كلمات لنتهت أقلامي، ولكن الحب "
"💕❤️ أرواح فهل تكفيك روحي

"If love was about words, my pens would
have ended, but love is about souls, will my soul be enough for you?"


"Mr. Albouraq, Mr. Elmonsoury , are you going to introduced you girlfriends to the public to night?".

"Mr. Saif there're a rumors of you being in love.., and you and your cousin have kept your women away from your the public life..., is these news true?".

"bachelors, is there any chances to explode a business bomb tonight ?".

"Gentlemen, why don't you let the press inside? Even the cellphones are forbidden in every party held, either by Al bouraq, or El mansorry group? "..." .

The media's press asked a lots questions, while me and Rayane stepped off the cars, heading together to the hotel entrance. we didn't give answers as usal, we're having little chat while we walk, then I hinted Aryane ran his hand over his hair, I'm amazed, because it's his way to calmed himself.

" buddy are you okay?". I asked
"I'm good bro, I'm good". he replayed, he sounds like he's gonna kill someone, as we're few stairs away from the hotel's entrance, i heard mumbles between the reporters then

" is the family princess doesn't look like her nickname? So she is avoiding to show up in the media, an... d?". The man is asking remain silent, as both of me, and Rayane stared at him to dare complete his shit.

I cursed under my breath, tightening my grip in the pants pocket, i kept walking but Rayane wasn't by me, i looked behind, there he's standing like god Greek whilst his bodyguard talks to him.

"Bro will you spend the night over there ?" i joked "Rayane!" I called him, "Mm.. you wish bro i won't let the spot lights all over you". he said patted on my shoulder.
but the mad fucking reporters didn't stopped nonsense.
"It seems she really is", that bastard said again.
"Yeah it seems like you had a wish to ....".

"yeah, you certainly right man, because she is the angels queen, you fucking bastard".
A familiar male's voice said coldly interrupting Rayane's talk.

His voice hold untold threat to the press man for saying more about his lovely twin.

now all the camera's are on him, or should i say them, he is climbing stairs towards us, and guards at their sides, his hand wrapped around woman's waist. my princess is a breathtaking unfortunately the crowd won't know who the femal is.

"Rayane! Isn't princess something else ?, look she had done, wearing the traditional coat, which covered her head up, while the long copper hair is on sight, it just makes her look like a queen came from the old times?", I whispered too low to my cousin.

"Mmm...Mmm... yeah, certainly she is. She couldn't hide the angel she is". Rayane said extended his hand to princess helping her climbed last stairs, because she couldn't see where to step, due cameras lights.

"good to see you angel", he said kissing her cheek.

"Ayan you said it like we didn't meet this morning, good to see you too". princess said with beautiful smile appeared on her face.
Rayane gave hug side to Amaeas, while saying: "Did you plan this show buddy, which why you come late".

"Cousin! she is the one to be blamed, we spent hours trying her stupid methods to cover up herself, as dad insisted on her to came along whit me, which means she have to show up infront the media ...,".
Amaeas said the things in details, while princess keeps beating him with her elbow to shut him up, but he just rolled his eyes at her and adds.
" w.what stop eldow me coopery girl, it's like they didnt know you.., I just give them our evening events", he is laughing while talking innocently, like he doesn't making her angry purposely.

" I'm upset with you! you annoying monkey, you can't be happy until making fun of me". She said sadly then pushed him to Rayane's side.

"Dada! my love,ooh lovely bro *Macha Allah* you'll be the death of women tonight you're even more handsome tonight did you done surgery by any chances ha.ha?". she said almost whispering the last part while throwing herself onto my chest.
I hugged her then kissed her forehead.
"let's get inside our parents will kill us for being this late".

Amaeas said to us, then when we stepped inside and get little far from the door, unexpectedly he knelt and carried princess up and spinning her in rounds, she is screaming and begged him to put her down, while he is laughing at her funny word, all we could do, me and Rayane is watching them, the bodyguards also are there but aren't too close.

"Coppery...little sis, who is the favorite bro? ".

"Aaah! Amaeas please let me doo..!! Amaeas i swear i won't ever go with you again to your stupid shopping stuff, aaaah! Even I won't let you play the games in my room, you have yours man,....Aaaah".

" Oooh coopery all these will remain as they are, I had asked you somthing little one..". He said in a little harsh.

"have you lost your mind? we're twins, you birthed five minutes before me didn't make you too old ...Aaah,"Daaaada!" She asked for my help but"...".

"Nooo,nooo, listen here dada, if you dare come close haa, I'll place her on my shoulder then run towards the hall". Her twin threatened, and I'm hundred percent he will fulfil what he said.

"So coppery!" he said spinning her again,
"okay, okay just stop" she plead him.
"Naah, naah, you say it first".
" Amaeas buddy enough, you might got her hurt". Ayane said .
"I'm the last one who would do this, and still the man who would bring tears in her eyes, i'll dug his grave my self right coppery". Amaeas said seriously.
"it is my dead protector twin.."
"And..." Amaeas said looking her up.

"And! mmm...and! Ahh, you're the most favorite lovely bro in whole world". She pretending to think what to say, she hardly talked while laughing as her twin spinning her around whilst holding her bride style, she held on his kneck by one hand, while the other on air.

" That's my lovely copper". Amaeas said putting her down, as her feet laid on the floor she started to talk: "y.youu "

"I'm what again ha?" in flash he carried her bride style while asking.

" Please bro we'rent at home, and you're my annoying bro, but i love too much what can i say other than that". She said picking his cheek.

"Not as much, as me princess, come on let's show up there, otherwise dad and mom, we'll take their revenge on us for being late". Amaeas said dragging her to main hall his hand wrapped around her shoulder marching towards the party.
"If anyone tried to understand their relationship, will ends up into a mental issues hospital" I said to Rayane whilst heading to them.

We greeted guests, and had little chat with others, you can find here Various components of high society : money, knowledge , politic, science, arts, business ...

"Ahh we finally have the honour to meet you young man, we thought the party will ends without seeing our young host". A businessman named Anass Choukg said bit louder, so I can hear him while I walking towards his table to say hey.

"Mr. Anass, its like all of you didn't get into an intersting chats about more important matters here, that you missed me showing up" . I said jokingly even if it's true, due the big deals made in events like this. Mr. Anass is really good person, and his reputation in the business sector is too.

"What else could we do young man, that's the benefit of parties like this, I like seeing you too man after all you're the host, it seems you don't want to be surround by old people, while the pretties women are out side in garden. have a mercy on them man, you have to know all young females who attended this fete praid for the rumors about you brothers had girlfriends to be fake, so they could have chance with you brothers" .He said while smiling ear to ear.

" You might be right old man, but you are always welcomed to join us there and have some fun haaah," I said then took a sip of the juice I'm holding in hand. while headed out, i heard someone said: " hey, man is the scary billionaire had crush on your daughter, or already fell for her that he treated you with much respect and love, he treated all the businessmen coldly, fiercely competitive to them except for you?".

" firstly i don't have a daughter, then people treated me as I do towards them, if you wanna this time to ended well you have to watch up your word man" .
Mr, Anass said as I organized his voice, i was on my way to join the family members, but my mind is in other place, the watchman had said she is here, but didnt see her yet, did she left that fast? Or...".i snapped out of my thoughts by something soft bumped into me, then.
"Ahhhhh!aaah!" I looked down, there's little figure on the grass rubbing her shoulder.

" ooof; Maria ooof; for saving your dry throat I'm gonna break my bones, due the stupid wooden lath, the stupid thing wasn't here while ago, ahhhh! my shouldddder" . The girl said painfully while getting up slowly, she still didn't turn around to face me. her petit figure moved back and forth like she is in dizzy.

"you should have watched where are you stepping on ma'am" . I said checking my suit whether it got dirty or not.

"oooh god, i thought it was a wo...oden.., sorry sir, really sorry i.."

"what can you woman do other then said sorry, after you ruined things", I cutted her ..., but, but hold on this voice is a little familiar to me.

" Hey! I might be at fault, and my apology doesn't mean I'm the only one, you too should have watch up, if you were, we won't be here now". she yelled at me looking into my eyes, while I just staring at her shocked, it's her.., my heart beates gone crazy seeing her. She looked amazing, she wearing a caftan, with heels, she walked away but slipped.

"aaý"! she screamed onto my chest because I held her before falling down, her hands laid on my chest, while her eyes closed, her scent hinted me after long years, uncontrollably my nose placed on her back neck taking on her scent, "I got you Nour". as the words come out, she withdrew herself from me then ran away.
two I can't forget them, her scent, and he. why ...these twice times, i got near her. She seemed scared like i'm a totally stranger to her, and it killed me to not see any affection for me in her eyes seeing me suddenly after all those years ... Allah knows my love for was and unfortunately still pure and innocent, but the hating is it's other side. you're the one created these battle of feelings, which almost ended me times ago.

"Dada what are you looking at, come on, dad and uncle are on the stage talking to the guests", bro said putting his hand around my shoulders dragging me towards them.

Guests started talking about the news me and my cousin had announced earlier, the partnership between our groups shocked and surprised all guests,the holding groups joined hands, which means gaining more power to enter more international markets, either home none could win against us even while we worked separately..
" buddy we have to go to the press conference the assistants said everything is done to started the congress ". Rayane informed me.
"okay let's finished this " i said then head to meeting hall, I heard Rayane breathe heavily I looked at him, he was wiping his forehead again and again.
"hey what is it? What made you restless bro? is there a issue you didn't tell me about?" , I asked

"no, not everything is fine, just let's ended this, so we can enjoy the party". his talks held meaning of something that i didn't get, he sounds like making a promise,weird!


I went to my suite in the hotel to take pain killer medicine and rested for while to be able of joining the family in party again. As i was resting i heard laughter, screams, the voices sounds happy, its good people had enjoying themselves, but it said clearly on notes hanging at the entry that, its forbidden to go to the hotel
pool that connected with the sea, i took a look of the CTM screen whilst knock on the door.

"come in", i mumbled heading to the glass wall looking to the people by the shore.
"Sir a group of...",
"it's okay Fahad but make sure none else go there, and those don't let them go too far" I stopped Fahad's knowing what is he gonna to say,

" ok Sir, sorry to interrupted your resting Sir", he said then close the door behind him. The group was none than Nour and her friends, this girl doesn't want me have some peace, she doesn't know what is she going to face the coming time, i'm gonna make her days as hell.
They're chasing the guy while he's yelling at them, when they reached him I can see that he is wet as girls threw the water on him, they ran through the shore, another time laid on the sand raised hands up like if they tried to grape the moon on palm, their chats, laughter echoed through the place, it's almost forty minutes passed and still playing and enjoying their time, I got down to the glass tent not too far from them, it seems Nour doesn't take the securitie guards talks seriously, due her gone playing in water and splashed it around, when they are close to where the tent is, I opened the door to hear them clearly that's when I heard her, her angelic voice,

"Mariiiia!!Maryyy! forget about tomorrow we're here for now sweetie " , she told her friend while making arcs splashing water by foot.

" Rojy did...t". The girl suddenly stopped talking and all you can hear are the sea waves, and a soft voice singing, the song is very emotionally, and heart touching, her friend shaking her head unbelievably , she isn't happy with whatever is going on.

"Hey Rojy,...Rojeannnna!". She called angrily, "Mmm...what that for Maryaman?". The girl face get pale while Nour talking to her.
"Waaaw...the song is ...".
"shut the hell up Ahmed" what is going on now the girl is really angry and shutted the man up, and Nour walked by them singing, and chasing waves.

" kittenooo wha...t"
"if you say elseword, you won't realized me got it Ahmed". the girl stopped him again from continued his talk, threatening him. The man just stared to her shocked by her behavior.

"Ahmed did you really take her seriously she is kidding man" Nour said holding his arm.

" pretty your bestie turned to be tiger female, than a little kittenoo...".


"Rojy!no,no, Rojy! please open your eyes, please sweetie look i'm here with you..".

w..what hell is this, Nour is lying on the sand, while the girl talking to her, and caressing her face, standing up she faced the man, then slapped and shouted at him loudly.

"didn't i tell to shut up you fucker head ha? I'm gonna kill you Ahmed , you better pray for her to regain conscious safely ".

I reach to them and asked while kneeling down towards nour,"what is happening here ma'am?"

"Can you please call the ambulance hurriedly", the girl pleaded looking at me, while rubbing Nour's hand. I'm about to hold Nour when she yelled.

"Don't dare touching her bastard, I said to call the ambulance not putting your dirty hands on her, Ahmed!...Ahmed!, do something, go get the phone from the fucking car, and call the doctor which is in my contact list..." .

"Sir, they are here " Fahad who's now standing behind the girl said.

"Good, you know what have to do right" I said, then take Nour on my arms, while her friend yelling, " who dare you taking her away from me you shithead ".

"calm down ma'am, calm down Mr. Saif is taking her to the doctors we called them here", Fahid said whilst grabbed the girl, stopping her from chasing behind me.
"she is the only one allowed to accompanied her fahad " I said to my bodyguards leader after his talk with the trouble woman.

I get in lift with her on my arms, the stuff and peopl in the hall looking at me weirdly,
"is this beautiful the girlfriend all magazines talked about..." I heard them whispering. The doctor and his team are at my suite door, with many men of my security, a guard opened the door for me so I came in, heading to the bedroom I laid her on the bed.

"Where the hell are you!?", I yelled when I didn't see the doctor in the room,

"sorry sir ,but you didn't tell us to fallow you in here, we're..."

" do your job doctor" I ordered cutting the guard's word. The team seemed uncomfortable due my wrath, whilst standing by the bed, and doctor checking her, others stand still, after he checked her wrist he looked tensed, then hands make their way up towards her chest her long hair stalled on both sides of her chest and shawl under it, the man puts his hand on her hair carefully,

"what the fuck are you doing?" , I harshly shouted out, I didn't ever award of myself when I grabbed the doctor's hand almost breaking it a dead silence filled the room except for the doctor's scream, when I realize my act and let go off of his hand, and glared at him.

" Mr. Saif I'm a doctor here, I have to check her breaths that's means placing the material on her chest directly" , the doctor said, he tries to be confident and fearless, but his tone held it anyway.

"every one leave" I ordered laying towards Nour's chest I moved her hair behind her shoulders smoothly, then pulling off the shawl of her exposing her pretty figured and creamy skin of her neck, and collarbone while my hands touch her soft warmth skin my heart ached due this closeness, then I stepped back of her, I can't handle myself if I laid my hand underneath her dress she wouldn't like it ...,

"okey go on doctor ", I said then went to stand by the glass wall observing them.

"She's gonna be fine after the injection we gave her, for now her heartbeats are stable, and returned to the normal" , the doctor said while pointing to his assistances to leave.

" What's wrong with her?" , I asked him looking to her still unconscious body.

"Actually Mr. Saif the girl was almost the getting heart attack her heartbeats were too slow..." .
"w.what, so shall we took her to hospital or..? ", I said nervously.
"She needs to rest now you can bring her there when ever you want to that's all we can do for her at this time" , he informed before leaving

He left closing the door behind him, I don't know what to do, I even don't know what I'm feeling is't anger or fear about her, I couldn't bear her being with me and keep my hand off her.

I am burning inside so i head to the bathroom washed my face to calm myself down, when I got out, I saw her moving on bed and mumbling something, I headed to her and sat by her side, tried to hear what is she saying but failed.

"N..nou...Nourhaaad, no.noo ahhh". all I could hear from her she's sweating a lot and sways her head side to side, I caressed her head, and hand to calmed her, what the hell, why is she crying hha, why!? I looked to her lovely necklace, after all these times, she still didn't take it off.


"Nour; I have a gift for you" , I said to Nour while she cuddle my arm, and rested her head on my chest.

"really?" , she said calmly but tighten her hold on my arm.

"seems you'rent interested about it" , I said little sad, she looked me up while her head still on my chest.

" I do saif it's just; Mm..., you already gave me the most precious gift" , she said while her eyes held mine and smiled, that smile of her's which I could sacrifice my life to keep it on her pretty face for the whole life.

" Actually I almost believed you, but too bad due I remember all my gifts are either books, or roses" , I said with a chuckle while I run my fingers through her hair.

"Oooh dear the gift value isn't by its price, but the people whom gave it to us, perhaps the precious present am talking about is you..., your respecting, caring, and loving me is the most precious gift you ever and forever give me".
Her words shocked, surprised, and scared me at the same time i tried to say something but i just parted my lips then close them again while I buried her into my chest again hugging the hell of her.

"Aaaah, ahh, Saif easy man you'll break my bones man", I heard her saying, I moved her aside then kissed her forehead.

"Nour you're award right? its the first time you let us to be this close.. allowing me to hold you this close to me, and you cuddled me this way, I'm scared to all of these turned to be just a dream" , I said.

" see you'rent dreaming saifo and yeah am just had weird feeling today i can't explain it like Mmm, you now just forget it, and don't use to this okay i still don't like being too close and touching before things is in right term" . she said tapping her index on my noise.

"Alright am grateful just being with you Nour, now take look of the gift", i said handing her the box she hesitated for moment then took it, she opened it slowly then her eyes widen."hhh,Mmm Saif it wonderful, Mmm.." , she said forcing a smile then shut it close again.

" You know I like you, gifting me because it means I'm always in your mind and thinking about me, i know you put too much exertion when choosing the books for me and I loved all them, same thing goes to roses they mean too much to me, more then you imagined, hhh, mm, please don't be upset with me but I can't take this one". she said looking every where but me, I knew she will do this, not now but the time I decided to buy it for her. she hardly accepted our relation after I told her about my real ID, but when my eyes sat on the piece all I thought of is her. it's a gold chain necklace with emerald green stone on it.

" Nour don't do this, I bought it for you with much love please ..".

" Saif I bet you already know I wouldn't accept it so don't insisted on me" . She interrupted me making it ends of talk.

" Just for now Nour..., just for now, after you are mine in frant of the whole world you'll take what ever I give you", i said trying to not show my pain, actually I had hope of her taking it because I really bought with much love.

"At last you can wear it for me, just let me put on your neck for while ha!", I said placing a curl of hair behind her ear, she jerked under my touch then said laughing.

" okay you have the permission".

" so can you take the one you wear off t...o"

"just drop it up Saifoo, I won't take this off until they bury me in my grave.." , I stopped her placing my two fingers on her lips.

" Never, never say this again, did I make myself clear?" , i said angrily almost yelling at her, we stared at each other for what it seems forever before she broke it, looking to sea...

End of Flashback.

I snaped out of the memories by noises and shouting outside my suite. " you better open this door of shit, and let me see my sis" a female voice shout loudly.

" Miss just calm down the doctor checked her up an...d" I heard Fahad said.

" you jerks let go off me didn't you get me, I don't give a fuck up to all your nonsense,! listen here man! I swear on Allah's name you'll regret it if something happened to her! Open the fucking door".
woman keeps yelling, and threatens, she sounded fierceness. I head to the door opening it, there's a super angry little puppy actually, trying to get her hands free from the two guards beating them by her high heels, they didn't know how to handle with her.

"sorry sir but we couldn't.." , " shut the hell up, and fuck off, where's she? Where is Rojeana!!?", She ran inside, the second guards let her hands free, never waited for my answer or permission to come in.
"Rojy, Rojeana!.." she called out while looking for her in the place then run to the bed room, i fallow her with Fahad walking by my side.

"Hey, sweety, R..r.rojy please, sweetie see I'm here with you sis, I'm with you just as I promised, wake up Rojy! wake up". she got on her kneels taking Nour's hand caressing it, and other wiped Nour's eyes.

" hey! You have to wake up, those little idiots,... you knew I can't handle them alone right, they will eat me alive, come on rojy open your eyes". she keeps talking to her almost pleade her.

"Why can't you just let her have some rest" I said standing by end of the bed, she stared at me then back up talking to her friend or sis, don't know what is she for her.

"what the doctor said?" I hear her asking, hearing no reply she get up and turned towards us.

" are you deaf? What a doctor said?" .
"Listen here woman I still calm and tolerate your insane behaviors, just due the situation you're into, so better you behave and talk with respect or..." .

" you listen to me man I don't give a shit to all of this, all I want is to know what the doctor said?". She cutted me yelling, while the tears running down her cheek, I hat to see a woman crying, so I told her what she wants to know. She grabbed the lond phone from the nightstand dialing someone.

" Salam doctor it's maria, I'm calling because Rojy almost had heart attack the doctor who checked her gave her an injection, and oxygen, she's unconscious now but not fully because there're tears in her eyes, you know what does this means!" .

There is a silence for a while because she's listening to whoever on the phone, she seems scared, and her hand shaking.

"So no effect if I give her the other one... okay just half of it thank you Mr. Taha .. yeah, yeah I'll come by soon , good night". she ended the call turning around.

"where's the bathroom please", she asked in total respectful way as if she another woman not the one earlier yelled and talked disrespectful. She comes out with an injection in her hand, she pulled up the sleeve of Nour's dress, then injected her again.

"You're gonna be fine lovely, you're gonna be fine", she is mumbling insured herself more then informing Nour. All these happing while both me and fahad just stand and watching her, ooh, no, not just both of us, I saw youssef also standing on the door farm who knows since when he joined.

"Can you explain Miss, where that thing you gave her come from last I checked no injection is into the suite". I asked her while walking to the other side of the bed I'm about to sit on it to check Nour, when a scream stopped me.

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