The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Chapter 12 Is it for real

"💕💕💔و ما أحببتك لشئ إلا أن قلبي تعلق بك "

" Hey stay where you're don't dare come near her, and yeah I don't owe you nothing, just let medicine go through her body then I take her from her with friend's help" she said, never taking her eyes off of Nour. "You won't take her anywhere Mss until she regain conscious", I said taking a sit on the bed, and all I hear after, is things breaking up, and the woman holding vase in hand, and injection in the other, she really threw the staffs which were on the coffee table on floor, glaring at me.
"you better get off from there and don't go near her did I make myself clear, she yelled threatening me".

I nearly lost it, "men anyone pleas give her resume of the situation", I said while I run my hand throught my hair. "Miss you have to calm down the whole area surrounded by the huntsmen and every now and then we tell them to not take what is goining on in here seriously...", Fahid tried to enlighten her but failed.
" shut up no-one of them dare to act without green light from you, so just back off, and let the other one to do so" . she yelled crying she's in big mess even she needs a doctor too.
" you know what, all of you out of here". she said throwing lamp on us. "just get out, leave us alone".
"Saif please buddy come on". Youssef said with pleading eyes, "please man think of her as princess, she needs to that", he tried to convince me, so I decide to go with it, we left and closed the door, as we expected she locket it from inside.
Fifteen minutes had passed since we left the bed room I'm sitting on the couch in the living room with youssef across me on the leather arm chair, and fahid standing by the books shelf, "what now saif? had you relaxed, can you tell me what's matter with those girls", Youssef asked placing his elbows on his kneels. " not now youssef please not you too I already had enough okay", I said turning the CTM of my bed room on tv, he stared straight at my eyes.

"you have nowhere to escape the coming five hours until then I'll let you to yourself hey bro what are you doing, there're girls in there man". he follows behind me while I'm going little close to t.v. " we have to check them any way, one is unconscious and other is out of control so no chance to found them do something suspicious" , I said shaking his shoulder, I returned it to the beginning since we left them, the mad girl walked back and forth after closing the door stupid I can open with my card... anyways..., she stood by the edge of the bed observing Nour for minutes then slipped down, she crossed her kneels to her chest placing her head on them spinning side to side. Stood up again her eyes are red wiping tears away then lay on the bed hugging nour, talking to her, I turn on the volume. " Rojeana.. rojy! You won't do it again right sweetie?, please wake up it will be enough if it's for just minutes...Mmm we do promised we won't let you alone, so sweetie you won't me be murdered, Are you? hha,? You better wake up for while, or both me and Jad will make it sure to put that idiot ten feet underground". she said placing her head on nour's stomach, she was talking none stop and with her crying we expect her to strangle.

" for Allah sake saif tell me what's all this man" , youssef asked while his eyes on T.V.
" likewise bro, I have no idea" i said. " stop this nonsense bro, while we were there I saw you man, I saw you, if it's up on you, you would bury the one on the bed into your heart man", he said daring me to deny it.
"I still have hours till your investigation time bro right? But really I don't know what's a big deal of letting nour asleep..."

"W.what what nour man, what nour.., for Allah sake the girl keeps saying Rojeana.., got it Rojeana! Don't start that shit again man..." he cutted me yelling and moving his hands on air.
" I'm not making things Youssef she's the some one but had new name" , I said looking him on eyes to insured him, that I'm telling the truth, whilst just keeps shaking his head denying it. It's been an hour since we watched the girls and the fierce puppy still talking none stop, she talked too much about some other trouble maker girls as she saying, and their plans for tomorrow so nour had to wake, I nearly lost it due her keeps asking her to wake, youssef gone to show up in the party for while then came back.
"Sir, the girl's friend insist on coming here to see his friends and check them up" , Fahid said standing behind youssef , " make him leave and tell the mad girl will kill him if he show up in front of her right now...".

"yeaaah!yeaaah..., You ugly girl , you finally woke up, I swear rojy, you don't love me anymore, hha, I keep waking you up but no. noo, you loved the sleeping more then me.." . The girl's screams come from the T.V stopped my talk, so I signed to fahid to leave us.

" Oooof, Mary, ooof, can't you stop talking, my head is aching, and for sure I'll die before given up on your love mm.." , Nour said in tired voice. " shut up idiot you better don't took this word on your little mouth again, or forget about all your baby books because I'm gonna born them all, and I won't let a single paper..", she said putting her hands on her hips and laying her head towards Nour.
"lair, you're a bad lair Mary you wouldn't do it even if...", " I said shut the hell up Rojy" . the girl named Mary yelled angrily, " okay fine why are you taken it seriously I'm just kidding sis, above this, I'm the one who should be yelling, why you disturbed my sleeping ha, whyyy?" , Nour teases her friend.
" A.aaah.Mm... n.not at all sweetie, I just called you once, I had felt boring and I wanted my bestie to accompany me is't a crime? " , The girl said staking her tongue out to Nour teasingly.
" M.mary where are we? What this place and all this mess? Did I passed out again?", Nour said looking at her surround. " You dare asking Rojy for sure you do, when you din't eat anything will your body keeps standing, ha ...?, " , "but I did ate mary a...nd",
"No buts Rojy did you called that eating birds of yours food, I pet even birds ate more then you. When you passed out a guest of the hotel helped us by bringing you here to rest he even brought a doctor who gave you vitamin injection, how are feeling now? ".

" I'm fine, just my eyes are little heavy and my head ached a little, Mary are we safe?", " don't mind the mess rojy it's just a..ah. ah.. actually we found it this way and it's none of our business whatever happened here, no need to be afraid remember Albouraq and Elmonsoury families had high security due the party and the guards watched everywhere, anyways we'll leave right now you can walk ha?" . "Yeah, yeah, this place is lavish and I don't want something to disappear from it and blame us for it" . " great go wash you face, and I'll talk to the host".
I switch off the T.V then both of us head to the glass wall looking to the moon reflection on the sea, "Saif, is any of this make a sense ? The girl practically leid about everything" , " it's weird how much she concerned about her, and meantime doesn't telling her the truth".
the bed room door opened we turned aside face it, the girl comes out she seems tensed, she cleared her throat, "sir , Mm... actually I want to a. ah .. I'm sorry about earlier in fact I'm not in my sense at that time. But I'm not totally at fault because your men didn't let me to come with my freind .. anyways thank you for bringing the doctor for her, and about the things I destroyed iI'll pay it's bill I'll contact the hotel for it tomorrow".
youssef and me shared a look he tried to not laugh she wanted to pay the bill for the hotelier, "it's okay you don't need to worry about the things bill , did your friend awake? "Yeah she's and will take our leave, but before this I insist to pay for what I broke I don't like to owe to anyone".
she said trying to be calm and behave normal, but we noticed her talking carefully, so Nour wouldn't hear her." Fine, in fact you looked much better then when we just met, and you shouting and made scenes, are you happy that she finally woke up? I said while she glared at me then took look behind her shoulder, "I do thanked you, and pay for what I broke that all you owe me, anything else is none of you business".
she said wrathfully, " what were you doing by shore anyways ? it's forbidden for the guests to go there ". youssef asked her, he doesn't let go off my back until I tell him everything since I first seen Nour again after all these years.
" I'll tell you not because I have too, just to not stand her awkwardly while I'm waiting for my sis, long short story we don't like be surrounded by fake people all they talked and cared about is rubbish if it's up on us we gladly spend this time with our lovers having fun time but it's not on our hands". she said fixing her heels
" Mary did you called girls informing them about us being late?, if you don't they gonna hide all the chocolate and cheese from us for the whole month, or either making us wear according to their taste..."
Nour's voice echoed through the room while chuckling, her soft childish voice turned my being upside down it has little different tone while talking as if she has flu but it sounds good maybe she really has flu earlier, she walked out from the room her head down wiping her dress actually both girls are wearing beautiful traditional grown called *Caftan* her hair falling on her shoulder it's amazing how it shine under the lights with it dark red color and the shawl above her head and shoulders in messy way, but it just makes her more prettiest, she raised her head up looking straight at me wide eyes. "Y. You!! .."
She said surprisingly, "you know them Rojy?" Her friend asked" n. no not personally the one at right is the man I bumped into whenI went to bring you water" she answered innocently, but daggers gone deep my heart whilst hearing her, youssef comes near me to stop from doing something I'll regret he tapped on my back while saying, "so this incredibly coincidence to meet each other in such situation, by the way I'm youssef, and this is Saif, and you?" .

"Nice to meet you, I'm Rojeana, and this my sis, Maria, thank you for having, and heping us , I hope we didn't troubled you".
Nour said pointing to her sister, before she grasped her arm to keep herself stand, she looked at youssef then at me, finding me already staring her. her eyes are shining, I had just noticed their color actually they'ernt hazel, but olive green, she got restless which why she looks down. "Not at all right saif? In fact he is the one brought you here it's his place, I hope you feel better now", youssef breaks the silence, while the other stared at me didn't like the way I checked up her friend.
" thank you again sir , Maria.., Maria! ". "Mmm ...", "Come on sweetie lets go" nour thanked me, then called her sis twice due her full attention on me, they head to exit when I say
"how will you go home beauties, you friend had went , and none of you could drive".
"we will take taxi good night" The girl said, still heading out, gripping Nour's waist. I walked fast blocking their way,"you won't go by taxi at this time Mss, we don't let the female guests go by taxis at 1:00 morning", youssef comes to my side nodding his head.
" we appreciate that you helped us, we're far from being your guest we're attending party held by the companies we worked for, and you're right, I made my minde and Im gonna drive myself I'm fine, it's not like I'm drunk woman" the forceful girl said signed me to back up, both youssef and me couldn't stop the laughter,
"hha,hha, I had seen this day bro, finally there're girls who didn't know you even speak up on you, when millions wished to just have chance to reach you here we're... those didn't give shit to none of us man.." youssef said in low tone just for me to hear, the girls looked at us nervously.

we'll drop you home girls, or spending your night here", youssef said then batted me on shoulder to have my attention.

"I thought your eyes had hazel color not an olive green" I said referring to Nour, her sister coughed several times.

"lets go Rojy you need to rest, come on" ,the girl said dragging nour out, egnorring my statement.
"Hey don't you dare avoiding me women you don't even know who I am, and what I'm capable of.." i said angrily, since the beginning she made it sure to drage nour away from me like I'm kinda monster 👹
" I don't give damn to who you're okay, and don't ask of what isn't concerned you". she said raising her index towards me is she has a wish death or something...
"Enough guys, mary! cool it's not a big deal, and Mr. Saif don't mind us, I even find your question weird but it's ok I'll tell you, this the original color of my eyes, can we leave now". Nour said picking her sister's cheek and twinkle her eyes, she's smiling to her sis innoncently, like little child which his soul, and heart still clean and naive. Her denies knowing me just bring the worst of me, and making my heart bleeding none stop, youssef don't know what to do, because I'm about to explose anytime.

"I guess you'ernt interested of your precious silver piece anymore". I asked sarcastically while smirking, she didn't reacts to whatever I said, suddenly nour touched her neck line, she was inspected if the necklace is on her neck, then look at her sis suspiciously.
" are you asking us man? there's nothing we cared for could be with you, we met just hours a go, if you want to play games you should find whom interested on it , because you tried with wrong girls", nour's friend said laid her hand to open the door.
"I did knews you as strong, fierce, and confident girl, not the one I'm facing now, coward, weak, and don't even speak for herself, are you now letting other talks on your behalf" i said turning up nour to face me again.

" you really angered me, first of all don't touch me, and I find all this fucking state as nonsense...mmm, secondly how could you know me if I never seen your face man? Being calm and harmless isn't a sin man,..ah yeah I know how to stand for myself, and having the people care and defend us is a god blessing", Nour said harshly taking, my hand off of her arm, before she throw the mug of water on my face, then hurriedly go out runing towards left holding her friend's hand, I was shocked , I just stand there staring to corridor till her figure disappear.
All you can hear after that is the furniture breaking, throwing it all around, the coffee table, glass shelf, T.V, whatever comes on my way turned into pieces, he keeps destroying things while shouting, "whyyyy?..., whyyyy Nour? I'm that meaningless to you ha?, Am I not worth it to your hearrrtt ...? What I had done that you treated me this way you I'm even about to believe that we never met befoooooore... why? You were my fuking girl... what a fuck made special and my stupid heart and mind refused to forget you ha whaaat?...."

"bro, clam down man, calm down, aren't you tired , you destroyed the whole suite bro, you know what saif? I doubt this girl saw you ever in her life, it's impossible man there's nothing in her eyes for you man..." youssef said lying on the wall with hands in pants pocket, before he finished my hands are on collar, he's surprised he didn't expected this, "Youssef, don't, don't ever pointed to me as an idiot bro, I'm not a fool okay... I'm not fool " I yelled, slamming him harder to the wall.
" who can you explain that bro? You loved a girl named nour, while the earlier was Rojeana, accorded to what I had seen there's no hint of lies when she said she didn't know you, something isn't right bro" he said looking deep in eyes.


To day is a big day for both, my family's company and uncle's, our families are in there me and saif just arrived to the hotel where the event taking place, the media and press filled the entrance surrounding, the hotel is one of biggest hotels in the country, it's a piece of art his designs gives you a feeling that you had traveled back to the old times, the Andalusian trims on the walls, and the blue silver marble floors are wonderful, of course I can't forget the length golden chandeliers on every ceiling, if not three at once when it comes to the large halls.. we built it according to old places style, yeah the castle hotel belongs personnaly to me and saif.
"Bachelors there're rumors about you presenting your so called be_wives, is that true?......?" .

" Mr. Saif is't true that you both fell in love, and hiding your women from the media?...?".
" Young men!..., is the family's princess doesn't looks like her nickname, which why never show up in front the media?".

The press asking questions non-stop, and we didn't give any comments about it, everything goes as expected until I heard an idiot talked about angel, I didn't get what exactly said due the noises, but just the thought of someone took her name make my blood burning, I snapped off of my thoughts by Saif's voice while saying to me when he saw me stopped walking. "bro are you okay? Did guards found any threat?. "No. No everything is fine". I lied not everything fine because now the question about angel from the same idiot I think echoed through the whole place. "Is the nickname princess doesn't suit the family princess, which why she keeps hidden, and never show up to media?" I'm already furious, and this man just pressing more on me, is he calling for death tonight or what, I looked towards the spot where the voice came, but I couldn't know the right man. "Y...ou". I started but I interrupted by a very familiar tone
"It's obvious as a sun lights man, actually this statement you threw around, is truly right, you know why..., simple because the family princess deserve the angels queen nickname, but nothing in hands she likes the*princess* as one to called by right brothers". The man said heading towards us letting behind him his favorite's NSX car, he got all the crowde attention, he is walking while his hand on a girl's wrist, she wear a Caften with a traditional coat o above it, her half face covered by coverall veil, she looks like an old times queen, hha, the girl is none other then his twin, my angel, and the family's princess, she walks carefully due the high heels she wore, her wavy long copper hair fall on both sides of her chest, her breathtaking appearance made all camera's flashes on her. The people asked each other about the girl ID, whether she's the Albouraq's younger son girlfriend.
Reaching us angel threw herself on Saif's embrace hugging him, as if her life depend on him, I was dreaming of her between my arms hugging and taking on her scent like there's no tomorrow, I had a lots dreams of her, but I couldn't fulfil none of them, who could I when those two idiots are always with, hha, hah, they want to keep her with them forever, can someone till them that all this is just a day dreams, because I'm the one will still their precious gem from them, stupid possessive's brothers I was talking to myself when her voice echoed in my ear.

"Dada, please shut him up he had annoying me the whole day, can't he just give me some peace? Hah, don't look me this way i'm complaining you to my favorite bro.., angel begged saif after another harassment round got from her twin Amaeas again, she buried her head on saif's chest while she talking, then turned her face to Amaeas stoked her tongue, and twinkle her eyelash at him, when she finished. it's impossible for to not teasing her every now and then, whoever her complains are not serious, but her hated when she called anther man her favorite's even if it's their old brother. It's ridiculous but it's true, we all know that is the only thing angel could do to upset him, whatever else other than this is useless..., his wrath of her is clear on his face, god knows what is he planing for her as punishment, but his anger won't reach mine, the mindless stupid angel dared to call me bro, but I blocked her from ending the word, this is the first time she tried to call me that, and I'll make it sure to be ever the last, all my cells aching due the anger is she blind, it most be because it should be more than just being naive and innocent to not noticed my feelings towards her. "Aaah, n, no,"
the princess scream echoed through the hall after we get inside hotel, Haaa, of course he won't let her go away with what she said earlier.

"Please not here Amaeas , please..., please, look we're into a crowded hotel the people are every where", Areanas pleaded her idiot twin to let go off her, he kneels down and crossed his arms sround her thighs raising her up. he's listening to her with smirk on his face, suddenly spinning in rounds holing her, while she just screams and laughs the meantime.
"Ooooh, no, man your bro will end up hurting her man say something man..., stopped this mad bro of your's". I said to saif when Amaeas changed the position of angel so fast, holding her in bride style, then back to the first position, while daring her to repeat what she said earlier.
"what you just said princess hah? Whatttt .., who's your lovely favorite bro? Hah ? Is he that coldly, ruthless, old man ha? ".
The mindless twin of her's wondered not stopping the spinning, her soft light voice fell the whole place, the employees, and guests passed by us stared at them while saying. "Isn't that Al bouraq's younger son? Who's the pretty girl in his arms"..., "Oooh, men, this young man is really lucky, even with her face covered her beautiful figures shines under the coverall veil".
me, and saif stared at once to the group people. " annoying, dada isn't none of that he's a p...perfect, aaah, caring, and lovely man...aaayh". "this girl is something else bro, even while she's in trouble she defends you", I said shaking my head unbelievably to what this man doing to his sister. "Amaeas enough man, enough you could hurt her man... put her down" I yelled to Amaeas. " he won't put her until she take her words back so just let us watching the scene.., you know Rayane, I can't imagine my life without those troublemakers, they're the happiness of our family, I'm aware you already knew this, it's just when I looked to them and though of them got hurt, my heartbeats running faster, as if the fucking heart gonna stop" saif said while his hands in pants pocket, eyes not letting his siblings, I know why is he saying this, due the business we got a lots enemies especially when it comes to weapon trade..
"nothing will happen to our family bro, we'll always do the best to keep them safe". I assuring him, the family weakness is that little things Amaeas holding right now, no-one, I mean no-one wishes to face the beasts, Amaeas, and Saif turned into when it come to their sister.
"it's not fair Amaeas can't I annoyed you too hah?. She said looking him down while her hands gripped his shoulders. "Let me asking you the last time coppery, who's i'm to you?"
He asked, spinning her in rounds, whilst holding her. "Fine,fine you're the most lovely brother in the world.. and mine, my lovely twin bro, happy?" She said, finally ending the show. "Not really!" He protest what did he wants now. "Mmm, yeah, yeah" she said, then kissed his both cheek. " much better now princess". Amaeas said putting her down on her feet, he took her face in his palms kissing her forehead smiling ear to ear, then hold her shoulder dragging her to the party while say, "come on, brothers lets go, our parents waiting for us. by the way dada, we both, me and princess loved you to death, I know Areanas loves you as much as me, but if another man comes between me and my twin I'll bury him alive". Amaeas said seriously, no hint of joke on his face, or voice, when I heard him suddenly my throat dried, and cough hardly.
Am I entering a war with those godmen protector brothers, I loved their sis, what a big deal it's not like they'll keeps her without partner for the lifetime.

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