The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Our families hold our back since the first breath we took in this life,and would do whatever needful to keep us safe, even if that means to hide the whole past from us. SAIF ALBOURAQ is a young businessman, and Abouraq's family elder heir, he used to be kind, friendly, but never, never believed in love, but fate had another plan for him... when the first time his sight fell on "Nour", she stole his heart, and made him feels things he never knew are existed. It's not like he didn't see beautiful women before, but there's something in her eye who made him lose himself to her. she rejected him many times for different causes, but he ended making her his, and fell for him. He won both her heart, and trust. They had a plans for life, and very first one is getting married. Eight years had gone, since all of sudden Nour disappeared with no trace. All these years Saif felt betrayed, and has his heart broken into pieces, he became a heartless, ruthless man. he swore to make nour's life a hell when he find her. Find out what will happen when destiny brought them face to face again,however Nour by another identity, acted as if she had never known him. ✏ by sun_hoyame

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1/ Rojeana

."أحببتك كالحياة و الحياة لا تنتهي الا بالموت"

Rojeana PV

I woke up feeling sun rays on my face, Ouuuuf..., ouuuuuuf.., turning aside to see my sister's bed empty, knowing she's not sleeping till now specially it still weekday work. I looked at clock on the bedside it read 12:30, yeah, yeah I knew what are you guys thinking about, but believe me I'm not a lazy girl so just drop this idea. anyways I get the cover off my body and take my way to the bathroom i finished my morning routine, then headed to the kitchen to make my favorite first drink of day, yummy, cup of coffee with piece of crepe I like it with cheese I'm not fan of chocolate can you believe it here where is a girl being who doesn't like choooocolate, you had got it wrong if you thought all women love it.

Its been two months since I resigned from my former labor. I was working as legal counsel at law firm, I didn't like the way new manger's treated firm members. Since then I'm searching for new post, while right now I'm about to send an application according to the job offer on set web, suddenly there's Email popped on my screen clicking on it and it is :

SUBJECT : Your Application For Job

We received your application E- mail for the post we had offered, and we would like you to be in Our Company Headquarters Tomorrow At 10:00 For the Interview.

R /H Department

Jumping up and down due to the happiness?? even if it is just an interview, but I have a hope to get it, and I'll do my best for that.
It is 19:20 evening when apartment door opened and my beautiful sis appeared walking through the corridor making funny faces, and louddly says,
"soooorry sooooorry for not informing you that I'll be late".

" Chamss Douha don't you dare do this again I was worried, you didn't peck up the phone, I have called you a several times ", I said putting plates on dinning table ready to serve dinner.
" Rojy I realy wanted to text yoy but my friend also had forgot her cell phone in the car" . she said hugging me from behind her on crock of my neck shaking us rightto left.
Fine, fine enough! You know I get tackling that way get off me Chamss, hhha,hha, enough!" This brat as sis if mine knows how much I can't bear too much touching on my neck line, but still do it time to time in order to my mood. If you asked it will be good not because must I can't control my reactions at this point, turning quickly facing I moved her away of me, but surprisingly I gave her cheeck a little pick before placing small kisse on it, her pretty face lightened.
"go fresh up, I'll set up the table while you do. I said while pushing her towards stairs.

By the way guys forgive my mannerless I didn't yet introduce myself, well my name is Roujeana SULTAN, 25 yeas old, graduated in law "legal studies".beside my little sis I have a brother he leaves with mom in Chafchawn city, 5 hours away from here, and yeah dad is died when I was 15 years old

Me and chamss moved here because my lovely sis studies design in this city at very high and famous academy, and this year is the last to finally get her degree. We shared this apartment with two other sisters they're our childhood friends, you can say we're family.
After half an hour Chamss had came and sat across me and start having dinner whilst chatting.

" so chamss where were you is everything ok? I didn't ask you when you just came, you seem tired then now you all fresh up".

"Where I would be Rojy at the mall, the profesoures gave us the project we'll work on for the graduation ". she said taking full fork of noodles.

"What is the project theme?", I asked
"It is on Quaften "Moroccan traditional gown ", new ambition, inspired by 18th century with modern soul "she said staring to me because I laughed.

"Sweetie don't stressed yourself, you'll find an aspiration and do the most wonderful work, and a beautiful Caftan piece,". I assured her Picking her cheeks. "I'll do my best rojy to make you all proud of me". She assured her face printed with beautiful warmth smile.

Yesterday I told chamss about the interview, she was happy for me, and wished me best lack, actually we are just us at home since our room mates are out the city visiting family.
I woke up early morning offered Fajar Salah, and started reciting Quran, when I finished I putted it on shelf, looked to the clock hanging on the wall it was 5:00, so go back to sleep for some more time.

Feeling cold wind on my face I turned to the other side and covered my face, within a minute I stepped off of the bed feeling horrible.
"ya allah!", did I miss the interview, I looked wide eyes to the clock then I let out deep breath think god, I still have time it's 8:15 and the audience it's at 10:00.

Like every day I do my morning routine, heading to the closet I brought out lengthy dress it was an two pieces dress in blue ocean color, with waist belt in silver color, and matching veil and a three inches cane heel. wearing a light and simple makeup I don't put full makeup except at family parties.
Getting out of bebroom I smell the *Mssaman*with honey on it, it smelt delicious; *Mssaman* is one of Moroccan pies.
" waaaaw, my baby doll made breakfast herself, it smells delicious baby", I said kissing her cheek and sat on my chair, the table is already set up, Chamss brought coffee and milk jug putting it on table, she took chair and sat.
"you looking beautiful Rojy, if you didn't get the job, you'll come with many proposals in hand instead ". Chamss said teasingly with big smile on her face, but never reaching her stunning hazel eyes, she is always this way, even during our family gathering, happiest time her joy ever seemed incomplete. To be honest she isn't the only one, but also mom, brother, either our friends, so I keep say to selfe that is all my allusions, because if is there something which make them sad how can I be unaware about it am I right ?.

About forty minutes ride by the bus I arrived the town where the company building located, I walked five minutes away from the bus station, and I found a tall structure standing front of my eyes.

Entering the company, I see people walking through are all in suits, women in high heels and fancy clothes, as I see with no doubt, I'll do fun of myself over here, I headed to main desk where a young woman do her work in computer. " good morning my name is Rojeana Sultan I've got interview for legal counsel and analyst position". I said, and the women nodded, after checking, and clicking on her computer she said, "Mss Sultan please take your way to the 10th floor and you'll found someone to guide you". I thanked her and make my way to the elevator, the lobby itself screamed beauty, the modern decorations, and traditional touches fitted perfectly, everything is on lilac, tawny and silver colors its just weird how they fit together.

I stepped out of lift I sow a young girl standing next to the reception desk holding file on hands, I'm about to talk when she pointed to me to the waiting area where other girls are waiting.

While I'm waiting for my name to be called I felt strange glares on me every now and then from the girls, I pet they thought that I'm not suited in here because I wore simple length dress whilst they wore fancy pieces, showing thier body more than what it cover, I raised my eyes from the magazine and give them smile which means I don't give a damn care to their dirty stares.

Thirty minutes after I marched toward's double wood door, I knocked and entering office which was totally beautiful with grey and black theme design, there behind the desk sat a young man he looked calms, and screaming rich and powerful, standing beside desk I cleared my throat, so he snapped out of whetever he's thinking of.

He took a look on my profile while saying,"as I see Mss, Sultan you don't seems surprised seeing me ".
" Excuse me !!" I mumble to myself, is this man mentally okay, why should I be surprised.

"Actually every girl came to this interview expect the big boss to be here not me".
Like I care who is the boss all what's matter to me is to get this labor and developed my carrier.

"Mss, Sultan you have a good, and impressive profile", I give him polity smile, then asks

" why you quite your former work? And what made you interested in this offer?.
"Hhm... all I thought about when I applied to this post is that I have to find a job, so soon because there're bills and rent to pay, and a sis to support even thought our family fulfilled all our needs but I do like earn money by myself, I whispered to myself looking to my hands on my lap.
I lifted my head to give him an answer when I found him staring at me, did I say it out loud? Oh ya Allah no no. "sorry sir I didn't mean to be rude. " Mmm" tried to speak when he said. "so it doesn't matter to you that our company is one of *ALBOURAQ HOLDING GROUP and the best design company at all Africa and its products wanted in the whole world.
"No... not at all sir in fact it's my honor to be a company's member which a lot to me and my carrier..."
many people dreamed joining, AHG, and here I am never know I'm giveing interview into one of it's enterprises, we talked for another five minutes before I leave, he said they'll contacted me within two day if I'm hired.

Next day I was at home alone, chamss has work to do with her university friends, at 13:00 clock I finished my workout taking shower, and offered Adohar Salah, then headed to the kitchen I took out the bitza from oven and have my lunch I hate it eating alone so I just took one slice and put the rest in fridge.
After 40 minutes I took as nap, I sat on the sofa switching on tv looking for something to watch but within ten minutes I turned it off, headed to the bedroom, I grabbed the novel I didn't finish reading yet it's title is :
" في قلبي انثى عبرية "
Last week I read the fault in our stars, and The Labyrinth of Spirits, I like reading as I'm not so socialize, without knowing how much time has gone while I'm reading, all of sudden I felt like something heavy fell on my heart and making hard for me to breath, i don't know why I got this feeling of lost, and insecurity. I just want to go out for while, so I take my phone and called chamss. she picked it up in second rung. " Salam, Rojy what's up are you okay is everything alright?".
" Salam sweetie I'm fine baby doll I just wondering if you wanna go to the city center this evening " I said, trying to sound as normal as I could.
"Sis I know you very well, so don't lie at me tell me you'rent sack, are you?, please don't hide it from me if you aren't feeling well". chamss asked worryingly she even sounds afraid.
" chamss baby don't worry I'm fine, I just wanna have fresh air, and feel sea waft on my face, which means changing those walls to the beautiful sea surrounding that's all ". I assured her,
" okey Rojy it sounds good to me".chamss said gaily.
"Ok, than sweetie meet me at park when you finish, love you baby sis". I said she murmur "love you more Rojy" then hung up the call.

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