The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Chapter 2/ Allusion and Shock


I was in my car checking up some folders, it's nearly 19:00 pm ,my the day passed in meeting to another, my company has big deals to set up in many countries, so my shedule is too much occupied. I couldn't finish them cause I'm really tired, I put folders aside and close my eyes, unawares car stopped.

"what was that khalid" I asked my driver
" sorry sir, but little kitten came into the way I'll check under vehicle maybe the cat hides there" . khalid said getting off the car.

I took look of the surrounding we're nearby green park you can see families, and couples every where the kids are playing, I can hear their shouts from here. While I sill staring towards kids a little figure took my attention, she helds a book between her hands she seems reading with much concentration, time to time moves her little hands in interesting way. She wore dress *Djlaba* a Moroccan gown", in light blew sky color it was simple but beautiful, the more I looked at her she reminds me of the one I used to love with all my heart, but all got in return is betrayed, to remind something, you have to forgot about in the first. but Nour no, no, I never let her out of my mind, it's ridiculous she broke my heart, however I couldn't took her out from the damn piece between my ribs.

The girl suddenly turns toward us like if she sensed my stars on her, meanwhile khalid started engine, I sill shocked, wide eyes, my mind couldn't realise anything. Is what I'm seen real? How it can be? h..ho...howw after! After what she did, and now, no. no she can't be her, I did Looking for her trace eight years ago and I failed. "Khalid go back to the park " I said while the thoughts keep hunting me.

"Sir is everything okay?" Khalid asked into worries ton. "just do it in hurry please", I said looking out through the car window.

I was looking to the beautiful scenery of crowded city from my office glass wall, thinking about yesterday's event, when I reached the park but I couldn't find the woman, I checked all surrounding of the spot where she did sat, when give up and headed to the car, I saw a girls group still there as I remember they were there when she was too, when asked them about her they thought of me as fall handsome man, but my serious stars shut them up, showing them her photo from my device they assured my methat's the same female sat across them is the one in photo.
I felt a weird, and strange feelings, it's like knives on my heart, and the meanwhile it beats are fast, all I want is holding and inhale her smell again. But I can't do it even if she's near me, I wanna hear from her the reasons of breaking my heart, and giving me fak promises. I snapped out by door office opening.

"Evening bro were where you letting me alone handled with these idiots in meeting". Youssef my partner and childhood friend said resting on the sofa, while looking at me and rubbing his up eyebrow.

I head next him then slapped his shoulder,
"didn't you like the slam figures, height heels,and Europe beauties are your favorites right so i just gived you a chance to be the only charming knight over there or Mr SALVADOUR's female team didn't come" I said in humorous tone, he looked at me, his eyes held meaning of are you serious? and says:

"Are you making fun of me Saif it was a meeting with one of our big clients him and his team expected you too to be there".I was lost in my thoughts when Youssfe shakes my arm.

"saif what are you thinking about you seem tensed and lost, is there a seriouse problem is't a family or business issue?".

" It's bro, it is a dman serious issue and don't worry it's not about the business". I said, while I tightly hold the silver piece in my palm.

"Brother we can handle the business affairs easly, unlike the family matters yo...." " I can slove it youssef so just drop it". I cuted him

" how can I man, didn't you see yourself you look like zombie if its an ordinary things you won't mess the fucking meeting, I'm asking you again what is that for?" Youssef said and goes towards the glass wall he looked out for while then cleaned his throat.

" saif I didn't seen you in this stat long time, whetever the issue is you always face it with so much confidence, as long as it doesn't , ", he cut off his talk and faced to the city view again, rubbing his neck.

" I had seen her... ,". I said while I'm holding the jewelry piece between my hands staring at it.

"what do you mean by her? ", Youssef asked in statement way more than question, his voice held so much tension.

"You know what I'm talking about buddy, just minutes ago you almost spell her name".

Youssef marched to me and said : "buddy why? Why didn't you just let all what happened behind, and move on haa. You almost destroyed yourself eight years ago.

"Yeah I almost do that but I'm her now because of my family and friends support, I tried to get over her, but I couldn't and I hated myself for it".

"how could you when you remain her memories, jewellery and pictures with you".
He said resting on the front desk.

"It's easy to give adevices about thing you didn't experienced buddy, to get someone love off your heart it not in our hand", i said because my friend didn't fall in love yet".

"Sorry men I just wanna you to move on, and have a new life with someone else, and you're right I don't know what is love, but I love my family and friends and I dont imagine my life without them, so yeah maybe falling for someone is special and diffrent feeling. I was thinking what it's like loving a women, until I saw you in that state, to be honest I don't like it at all, and grateful I din't". youssef said it shaking his hear.

"No. No youssef, love is a beautiful feeling Allah blesses us with but we have to share and exchange it with right person", I said still rolling the anklet in my hand.

"Mmm..h,". youssef starts to talk than stops before talked again, "Mm mm, I saw Mr, LOUTFY coming straight your floor while I'm going to the meeting, aah ah, his visit is't related to her" .

" I don't wanna discuss this now and sorry for letting you handle the meeting alone". I said while we stared to each others eyes.

"I'll drop it for now but we'll have it another day he said grabbing the door handle opening it and waved his hand see you later buddy", I weave back than I saw him disappeared behind the door.
I was working on some finale deals contracts with many clients when I heard a knock on my door. "come in".

"Sir, I don't want to disturb Sir, but I have to remind you of the family dinner tonight Mrs, Alourq told me to". Mrs smar my assistant said fixing her glasses" .

"Thank you Mrs, smar", I said without taking my eyes off the laptob .

"Do you need anything else sir? " . Samar asked while standing by door form.

"Just finish the work I gave you, and please give a notice about it to all the departments then you can leave ".

" ok Sir" . she said before closing the door.

I got tired so I rested on the couch, and after while my phone ringing ?? I took look of caller ID and it was mom.

"Evening ma..m.." I answered but she cutted my words.

"Listen here you little wolfie, if you gonna give any of your nonsense excuses just to avoid this dinner I'll throw all your favorite watches from rooftop am I clear?" , I chuckled knowing she'll never do something that would upset me in purpose no matter what.

" yoo! you pup did you just make a fun of my talk".

" Ooo,h no, how am I to do it mama *mom* you're the moon of my life, and I'm really scared that one day you'll fulfill your words". I said to her coughing in between my talk to hide the chuckling.

" yeah ,yeah like I'm a child to shut me up by candy. be here on time or else you know ... " .

" okay candy mama don't worry I'll be there please jut don't invited more then two girls okayyyy".

" It's none of your business all you have to do is to give one of them a chance, so you can get to know each other".
"No promises mama, but I'll be there for dinner" I told her then she ended up the call with long huff.

Since long time mama was trying to set me with girls of family friends, and relative but all of it failed, because for me all the women are cheaters, and don't forget all this girls want me cause of my wealth. when the one I loved left me because I belong to wealthy family, what a funnny life right.

At 19:20 I grabbed my suit coat , phone and heading to lift, when I reached the loobo the employees voices echoed though the hall, once they saw me the area fell in a dead silent as always. I'm knowing as a cold, ruthless, fierce billionaire CEO, so every one keep muted till I exit the building door any way its rare when they can see me face to face.

During the ride home I stopped by ALKASBA place, I clambered up to top, I took a sit which facing the sea, meantime the sun on way to set. here where I'm able to be myself, here I let out my sorrows, worries and pains .It's where my heart likes to be because it feels like she is here with us. We used to rest on the sand watching the sea waves... she would read to me from the book she's reading the time I went to visit her, I was always impressed by the books she choices to read..., my memories with NOUR LHOUDA are ever in my mind, heart, and between my eyes, I tried to get her off from my life, ha,ha, who am I kidding, how could I ? when my heart still holding her love, and refusing to forget her, as much, as I thought about her being materialistic, heartless, and bad girl but all of it gone in vain, because the damn heart still beat just for her, and no-one could take her place all theses years.
It's complicated when you hate the same one you're loving with all your heart_being.??❤
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