The Beautiful Destiny "You By My Side"

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Chapter 3/ Memories

"...I don't like bieng this way_ overthinking is not a blessing, and it never just goes away...".

Eight years ago,

Jet landed in Agadir city airport, a tall handsome young man stepped out of it, boardshoulders, with hard muscles he looks like a greek, or an athlete.

"Welcome sir how was your flight," a middle age man said, he was waiting with many others men for Saif's to arrives.

Saif hugged the man saying : "it was fine uncle, and why are you here you had just send the driver, you shouldn't come personally".

Fahid pulled him holding his arms then say
"I know we are like family, but with others surrounding us, I have to give you respect as boss you truly are.. , ". saif cutted him while he takes the man's hand in his polm and say:
"Do as you like and so I, then kissed Fahid 's up hand. Fahid is a close friend to dad since they were youth and he is a director of one of our companies. saif and his team headed to office in separate cars.

" so uncle how is aunt long time no see" I ask uncle. "she is good son and still giveing me headache for such things ", he said with a chuckle."ooh uncle you talked about her with much love even when you complain".

"Son you'll understand this stat when you have that kinda woman in your life, that time we'll see how you'll behave". he said batting on my head.

" Saif why don't you go home, have some rest I know you had a busy week in German, you didnt rest during flight too anyways we fixed the meeting with Mr, Khwaking for tomorrow".Uncle said checking his e_mails.
"Yeah you right actually I'm tired and it's alread 17:30" I said pointing to the driver to head home.

It is my fourth day here in Agadir city, the days went by checking the constracture
location and preparing some changes in the hotel's designe. And finally we closed the deal with Mr, khwakin.

I have to go back to Tanger city by tomorrow evening. So I took this evening off to do surfe, it was amazing the waves were huge and high but it would be greater if my friends are here, we used to do surfing together. On my way back from Taghazot shore I decide to have dinner at one of the best sea food restaurant, I was setting in my table awaiting for my food to be served, looking throught the glass wall to the beautiful flowers in the restaurant's green space suddenly my eyes dropped on a girl taking tow scarlet roses. she turned her face mumble something to yje guy standing by the reception, it looks like flower took flower, I was lost in her, her eyes shined under light sun rays which is about to set, she smiled widely as she talking to her at meantime, she headed with the other girl toward a beauty center across the restaurant. wait why are they going there, they are already in full make up and wore Caftans.

" Saif mind, and gather yourself man you are looking to her, like you haven't seen a woman before"I said talking to myself, but when the sun rays fell on her, and that warmth smile on her face while she waving her hand which holding roses in front of her friend's face, while jumping lightly,...she seemed so soo happy just cause she was able to take many flowers from certain Priority, I couldn't take off my eyes of her. "Is stil there a woman how will be that joyful jut by many roses? I wondered.

As they head up stairs the beauty center I saw something shined when it falls from into the stair. Sametime after I saw a teenager took the piece and walked away, I don't know what got in me, because all I'm aware of is me running behind the boy when he refused to stop when I asked him to do so, reaching him I take back the thing, but not before I give him money since the jewellery piece wasen't mine too.

" Saif dear enough of that torture, you're already tired of the endless work". mama yelled coming into the sports hall we had in our mansion.
" Join me mama you know workout helped to let out all the stress you had" I teased her knowing she do her season early morning most the time.
" don't fool me wolfie since when you do four hours of sport instead of two haa ? enough, go get a shower dinner will be served in thirty minutes". she yelled and walked away.

I was grabbing the sweatpant, when it's belt stuck in drawer handle which get it open when I walked out the closet. And there's the silver piece which belongs to the girl from Agadir. that day when I got back the thing from the boy I didnt found the car girl comes by, so I keep it to return it to her at morning, but she doesn't come, I was surprised cause when I checked the jewellery it was an ankle, and seemed special to her, accordingly to the line printed on it, it was an Arabian script that says :

" أجمل قدر في دنيتى انكِ بها "

It was a very touching line, and it means
"That she was the most beautiful thing destiny gave to the one who gave her that anklet".
Know I hold it again it was a beautiful anklet, and every words printed on very piece the anklet design content with single heart that was nearby it's lock. Its being three months since I saw her, every know and then her innocent and childish smile comes between my eyes, all I want to know is why the hell I'm affected by her that much, we didn't even talked,... for Allah sake I'm getting crazy by unknown girl.

It is January the weather is cold, and foggy time to time, I was climbing down stairs when my phone rung in my pant pocket, I a look to the ID caller it was my cousin.
" when did you come back buddy, you said you'll stay there for week? I asked answering the call.
" yeah I did say it but I have an urgent deal to fix so I'm here. Saif I have deal for you bro, we need to talk so is youssef discuss about it" Rayane said.
" what kinda of deals is that Rayane, I'm out of it from now on if it's one of your nonsense plans don't forget we aren't in Germany or Switzerland any more" I said while his him laughs echoed through the phone.
" Ooo oooh saif you just hurt my feelings bro, don't omit my two idiots partners in every crime I do". he said trying to sounds serious while he cough to hide his laugh.
" you gangster, did you just sais we have to leave you alone when you got into faith from know on, you see I'll pass the message to youssef even to the young idiots we had". I threatened then mumbled a morning to my family. I kissed mom's cheek and dad's head, after shaking my siblings lovely hair.
I took my place on the breakfast table, while I'm listening to Rayane whom still on the phone threatening me to do so, but I hung up on him when I saw mama glared at me, she hated talking about business on table, or during family gathering.

"Dada didn't I say to not messe my hair by shaking every now and then". Amaeas and Arenas said in meantime altogether.
Ha, haha, I laughed on them and say "in your dream you brats".
"Dad talk to him he always annoyed us by doing this. if you don't stop this troublesome I won't love you anymore hah". Arenas said while making faces.

"I'm fine with it my princess sis, I'll found a girl whom will loved me, and so do I" I said teaseingly.
I was pouring juice in my cup when I realized that the table fell on fatal silence all of sudden. I rised my eyes to found dad giving me a harch stare then pointed toward my little princess, her cheeks looks like tomato, tears going down her chin silently while she wiped them secretly taking sip of her milk.
W...what just happened dose she took my words seriously, am I the reason's of her crying my precious princess cried because of me no, no. I stood up heading to her.
"princess why are you crying", I asked her turning her chair to face me.
" Dada, eeh .. I'm not crying it's just something got into my eyes", she said rubbing her eyes, I placed her hair behind her ear, revealing her puffy eyes, then sat on my knee, " princess lying isn't a good thing, you failed even when you want to".
Arenas cried even more while she tried to speak.
"S...ahh S...Saif Dada, I do want you to find a beautiful girl for you to love and marrying, and I'll love her too, because I love you the most if even you loved her more". she said playing by her hands on her lap.
"Princess I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you I was just kidding, you're my precious sis if ever someone made you cry I'll make his life a hell. No-one can take your place lovely, and I'll love, and protect you till my last brea..."
" n.n.., no Dada don't say that please don't", she said while crying and hide her face in my neck, hugging me tight.
" Mom, Dad did you her, she loves him the most, and here my heart bleeding for her, aah aah". Amaeas said putting his hand on his chest".
" Idiot I sensed burning comes form you haa..., of course she loves me the most, since you are her soul mate, or did you want her all to yourself, you greepy man". I said while I'm hugging her.
" you know how much I love all, and I can't leave without, Dad, Mom I love, I love you more for giving these siblings as a gift of my life of course by Allah's blessing". She said putting her hands around Dad's and Mom's shoulders.
"Troublemaker you are the gift to us". Amaeas said stucked his tongue to Arenas
" wha, whaaaaat" she became little kitten she used to be all of sudden.
, "troublemaker did you remean to yourself "my brother said running out to the garden, Arenas chasing him holding a water bottle as usual.

I dropped by the company parking, I get off the car heading to mean door, I nodded to my employees that greeted me in loobo, then get in my personal elevator, within minutes I stepped into my floor, I saw my assistant standing by her desk. " good morning sir", she greeted holding a note book in her hand.
" good morning Mss, Mousa" I said opening the cabinet door, I turned to her while saying
"Did you get the yesterday's documents done"?
"yes sir, I prepared them for the meeting you have with Mr, Fahid this morning". she replied handing me my coffee.
" good, I'll let you know if I need you, for ended the work are you doing". I'm a bout to close the door of my office when I remembered the coffee. " thank you for bringing the coffee".
" you welcome sir, it's my duty", she said with smile on her face.

I worked none stop today the jolding leaders discussing a new strategy we'll worked by the coming three years it's about the new conditions concerning employment and the guidance compaies interne. now I just finished last meeting.
"Have nice evening Saif sir", the leader firm's justice said before disappear into long corridor.
"sir do you have any orders before I leave?"
my assistance asked while grabbing the laptop from the table.

"Just send the meeting reports to the departments that's all". I said marching out heading to my office, entering it I took off the coat suit then lied on the couch to rest for a while. closing my eyes I see the face whom hunting my sleep since months, I don't know what was happening to me, why can't I forget that girl there are plenty female around me. but something in her eyes keeps as if she held world love in her heart.

The flowing months, were even more busier Rayane my cousin and youssef worked in the deal Rayane proposed to us, it was about Establishing a tourist city according to the Moroccan Andalusian style in New Zealand. we invested our money to created this project and it well the very first project we're making all together.

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