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The Scarred Alpha 3 - Kyle's Story

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18yo+, sex, adult themes, attempted rape, murder. I hear a cough and rush past him over to my mate. I bury my face in her neck breathing in her delicious scent which gets a little giggle in return. I lean back when I see the blood drain from her face. Tears start falling down her face as she shakes her head no. Sly is freaking out right about now! 'What's wrong with mate? What did you do?' I don't know what is wrong! I try and read her face to give me some kind of clue. 'You're... you're really the Alpha King's son! You don't want me for a mate! I'm a small she wolf, I'm no one. I don't even have a pack anymore. The rogues killed my pack and took me as a trophy." I lean my forehead to hers. "I don't care who or where you came from! You are mine! I already told you this!" "But you don't." I growl out so loud the whole room shakes! "YOU ARE MINE!"

Romance / Fantasy
Melanie Gomez
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First scent

Ch 1

Kyle pov

I know everyone has been waiting for my story so here it is. Well at least what has gone on so far. My dad King Nick and my mom Queen Tara are forces to be reckoned with as you know. Uncle Tony is around often with his mate and we get visited a lot by Uncle Tona and Jack and Aunt Corrin and Kelly with all their cubs! There’s a lot and we have fun training when they roll in. Most of our warriors don’t want to take on the bear shifters, but we have to be ready for anything!

I’ve been working with my dad day after day learning the ropes since I’ll be taking over soon. I get along with my siblings for the most part but since we have come of age every year we have a party with all the single wolves to hopefully find our mates. We haven’t had any luck so far, so I’m thinking either mine hasn’t come of age yet or for my sisters theirs just hasn’t shown up as they’re afraid of rejection. It would be very intimidating being mated to someone in the royal family with powers.

Every morning I get up and it’s the same routine. Warrior training for two hours. Border patrol for the next couple hours then I finally I get to sit and deal with business aspects. I sit in with my dad on business meetings and listen to the council’s guidance. I didn’t have that much of a crazy childhood. Who are we kidding right! My mom Tara made sure we got to be kids even with all the craziness that happened growing up. We never lacked in anything and always had what we needed.

While we are in the latest meeting we get a mind link that there is a disturbance on the East side. My father and I go running out of the palace and strip when we get to the tree line. We shift and start running full speed when I start pulling away since I can run there faster. Dunno how I ended up bigger than my dad but my legs are longer also.

I arrive about a minute ahead of my dad when I can smell some rogue scents. It’s faint but they’re definitely there. I also smell a faint sweet scent but can’t put a reason behind it. So we wait and soon the smells are gone, and we start to head back to the palace. Wonder what the disturbance was all about. I wonder what that sweet smell was all about also? It smelled like something citrus. I don’t know, even my wolf is trying to figure it out.

“What are you thinking about so intently son?”

“It doesn’t make sense? I smelled the rogues faintly, but there was another scent. Something like a citrus fruit that was sweet smelling. My wolf can’t make sense of it either!”

My dad stops in his tracks and looks at me. I just stop staring back.

“Do you think it was your mate?”

“A rogue mate? Seriously? That’s crazy!”

“Why? Does it matter where she comes from? Or what her background is?”

“Dad of course not! She would be my mate picked by Grandma herself. Who am I to argue with her!”

“Then we will have the patrol on the East side notify us if they hear anything again. We can’t go outside the border. Your mom will have both our behinds. We’ll find a way to find her though!”

I nod when we start running again back to the palace and during this time I start to think. What does she look like, how tall or short is she? What if she’s as tall as me? What if she’s short? I don’t care! Now all I can think about is our mystery mate. I had always assumed I’d meet her at an event. We have one in less than a week, and I’m hoping she will be here.

When we approach the palace everyone is outside and before I can say anything my grandma comes running out.

“Did you find her yet?”

I just shake my head no, and she huffs.

“You will find her soon! She is getting braver and braver and will soon be close enough.”

I look up at her wide eyed!

“You know who it is? Grandma please tell me!”

“No, no Kyle! I cannot! But believe me when I say she is your opposite in every way!”

With that she smiled and walked away to do who knows what. My mom can tell both me and my wolf are upset and pacing. I just walk past them all and head up to my room. When I enter I walk over to my bed flopping down onto my stomach. Mom had to have a custom bed made because of my height. I tower over my dad and he’s six foot seven. I’m a whopping seven foot six inches tall. I have muscles where they need to be as we are always training and running. I have added some weight with the last growth spurt so will need to start working out again.

I wake up and I’m in the forest standing somewhere on the East side. I turn around looking but see absolutely nothing except for the forest. All I hear is nature around me and I can’t figure out how I even got here. I was in my bedroom last and don’t remember leaving. I hear a stick snap behind me and when I whip around I see a small white wolf cowering. I just stare at her since she is the smallest wolf I have ever seen.

I kneel down and she slowly crawls towards me whimpering. The scent of citrus and chocolate are overpowering and I know it’s her. Her fur is the purest white I’ve ever seen. I run my hand slowly through it and it’s absolutely soft. I stare at her when she just stares back slowly sitting up. I watch her carefully not making any sudden moves since I can tell she’s nervous being next to me.


Within seconds I see a small frail, pale skinned, blonde girl cowering before me. Her hair is so pale yellow it looks like it’s on the verge of being white. It falls down in curls and I can’t help myself but take some strands in my hand smelling it. Oh yes goddess that smell. My wolf Sly is going crazy screaming mate in my head. I shake my head side to side to try and get him to calm down so I can even think straight.

I reach under her chin and slowly tilt her face up to me. When I see her face come into view she has her eyes closed tightly with tears falling. Why would she be crying? Wouldn’t she be happy to have found her mate? The one that swears to hold and protect them with their life?

“Open your eyes and look at me little mate!”

When he eyes open my heart skips a beat. They are the palest blue I’ve ever seen. Sly just rolls over in my mind purring his contentment gor our little mate.

“Why won’t you come to me, little mate? You know who I am and where I am? Why not come to me so that I can claim you? Whenever you run, run straight for me! I run the East side every morning for patrols! Run to me as fast as you can. I will get you and protect you with everything I have. You just need to get to me!”

I watch when tears start to fall.

“They won’t let me! I try to run every day to get away, but they always catch me. I have to go now before they find out I’m linking you. I can’t get caught away from them and they hurt me again!”

I try to process what she says when she shifts back to her wolf running off. I try to follow but she has disappeared. I can’t find her anywhere and her scent is gone. Where the fuck did she go?

I quickly get snapped awake and sit up when I hear pounding on my door. I was in a dream? She came to me in my dream? Where is grandma! How did she do that! I quickly run to my door, throwing it open and see my mom Tara.

“Kyle, it will be ok! We will find her I’m sure!”

“Where’s grandma?”

“Oh I don’t know, oh she’s in the kitchen hold on!”

Within seconds my mom teleports us downstairs to the kitchen where my grandma the Moon Goddess is standing there about to take a bite of cake. She tries to quickly hide it but I don’t care.

“How did she do it grandma?”

“Who did what, Kyle?”

“How did my mate come to me in my dream and talk to me?”

“So it’s true then?”

“What is true?”

“There is a prophecy that the two greatest forces from both sides will come together as one to have the final battle. Like a good versus evil type deal. Your mate knows of you, but is scared. She doesn’t understand everything yet or know the extent of her powers.”

I hear my mom gasp beside me and I turn to her.

“Mom, she’s such a small white wolf. How will we fight this battle!”

“Kyle! You have forgotten who we are! With everyones powers you will have an army behind you. We will start training to sharpen our powers and once we find your mate what better teachers will she need?”

I nod and mind link the patrol to watch the East side like a hawk. Any kind of disturbance let me know immediately. I’ll find her and get her!

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