The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Ch 10

Lewis pov

I just kneel next to her and can feel the hate flowing through her. What have I done. The God's told me my mate would know the plan. They lied to me, and now I have a pissed off mate. I stand up walking away to go find a quiet spot. I sit down and try to clear my mind so I can get one of them to explain this shit to me. Within a few minutes I feel the atmosphere change and open my eyes. In front of me sits Toroya.

"You fucking lied to me! You said she would know! Now I have a mate that doesn't want to be near me. How am I supposed to protect her now?"

"She was supposed to be told, but plans changed. She will have to make a choice. In that final moment something will happen that will make her make the right choice. We had to have this happen this way. Just stay as close as you can. We know it will be hard but it will work out."

With that she was gone. What event could possibly take place to effect everything? I quickly jump back up making my way over to the buses and spot my mate in a window. I run over jumping on and quickly sit down in the seat next to her.

"Do not sit next to me! I don't want to be near you!"

I turn to look at her smiling. "Listen mate! I don't give a shit! I have a fucking job to do. Regardless if you like it or not, it's my job. So deal with it!"

I just turn to stare straight ahead and out of the corner of my eye I see her jaw drop open not knowing how to respond.

"Might want to close your mouth before you get a fly in it!"

I see her quickly close her mouth turning to sit forward leaning against the window. I smirk knowing I won this battle for now. I know I won't win the war but these little battles along the way can be fun. I'm probably an ass for it, but hey at this point who cares.

The ride seems to take forever but soon we are arriving on Kane's territory. It will still be a few days before he arrives, so we can get our warriors ready. The pack members said we are welcome to stay in their homes if we need to. We know what way he will most likely be coming from so we know to be on the opposite side. We start strategizing on where to have everyone situated for when he comes. As we stand there Ailana starts to walk away when I grab her hand pulling to stand right beside me.

"Leave me alone!"

"Look it here little mate! Either you stand by me while we figure this out or I carry you as we walk around. You cannot leave my side either way. Want to act like a baby about it then I will treat you like one!"

"Oh my Goddess you are being such an asshole!"

"And you're being a bitch. Yet regardless we are still mated and I am still your guard. So what is it going to be? Want me to carry you over my shoulder around like a baby? Or can you stand here so we can finish the plans?"

I see her stare at me contemplating if I am being serious or not. I can see her eyes shift as she has a inward argument with her wolf. She lets out a chuckle and turns to walk away when I grab her spinning her around and throwing her over my shoulder bringing down my hand across her ass.

"Bad girl! You didn't listen so now you get to hang out while we finish the plans."

"Are you serious! This is not acceptable! This is not how you treat your mate!"

"Well maybe if my mate would have listened she wouldn't be in this situation! Now be quiet the adults are trying to talk!"

She grunts loudly and starts hitting my back in frustration as I just laugh.

After thirty minutes we start splitting up, and I set her back down. I stare at her as she puts her hands on her hips looking back up at me.

"Now did my little mate learn her lesson or will she need another spanking?"

"You are unbelievable! I am going to where I will be staying for the night. You my mate can stay outside the house!"

"Not happening! I will be laying right beside you so I hope you get a good night sleep. Now let's figure out what to eat shall we?"

"Don't you get it! I don't want to be around you! How can I get attached to someone who I am going to lose in a few days! Don't you understand my heart is hurting!"

"Ailana I am sorry but what's done it done! The God's were supposed to let you know and they didn't so if you want to be mad at someone be mad at them!"

She turns and storms up to a house and marches in slamming the door behind her. Oh is she going to test my patience! I quickly march up opening the door and shutting it behind me. She turns to stare at me and can see tears falling down her face. I quickly rush over picking her up and carrying her over to the couch. I sit down with her straddling my lap when I just stare at her head as she lays against my chest.

"Ailana I know your mad! You have every right to be, and I understand why!"

She slowly sits up staring at me. "You do?"

"Goddess yes my little mate I do! I finally found you and know I only have a few short days with you before you are ripped away from me also. I have been training my whole life for what will happen, and came to terms with it. But now that I found you I don't want it to end! Except I have no choice now."

I lean my forehead to hers as tears start to fall down my face. I wrap my arms around her and just hold her.

"Ailana I have fallen hard for you and love you beyond anything imaginable. I just want these last few days to be the best that we can make them. I know your heart is hurting, and so is mine. If I could change it I would, but it's to late now."

"Lewis I cannot lose you! If you die than I will die with you! Let it be the end! I will have nothing to live for if I don't have you in my life!"

"Ailana you have to make the decision in the end. You have to live! You are the bringer of light! A new beginning."

"NO Lewis! I won't! I can't! I have to be with you!"

"Let's not talk about this anymore! I just want to be with you, and hold you. Let's make some food to eat. We still have a couple days so let's make the best of it.
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