The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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A choice

Ch 11

Ailana pov

Waking up this morning I turn over and just look at my mate Lewis. His sandy blonde hair has fallen around his head and has covered his face. I slowly reach up pushing it out of the way to just look at him. His sharp jawline and tanned skin almost makes his hair lighter than what it is. He is massive on the bed and I am truly shocked it didn't break. Not because of us mating again just from his shear size. I understand why the God's chose him of all the warriors, but the thought of not having him next to me forever tears at my heart.

I feel a hand on mine and I am pulled from my thoughts when I see his eyes are open just staring at me. No doubt he could see on my face my internal battle with what is to come. How could I live without this man? I've known him for a day but I am so in love that it hurts just thinking about it. I feel a tear slip and within a split second it's wiped away.

"Tell me what is going through your mind?" Lewis asks me, but i just shake my head not wanting to answer. "Baby please talk to me!"

"I can't talk about it. I just know I cannot live without you!"

"I know but you will have to!"

"I have nothing to live for if I don't have you with me!"

"What are you talking about? Of course you do!"

I scramble over him climbing out of the bed running for the door. I hear him jump up and right as I make the front door to open it when a hand blocks it from opening. I place my forehead against the door trying to calm myself down.

"Let me go! I can't do this! I love you too much to put either of us through this."


Lewis pov

I have had enough of this shit! I grab her picking her up when she squeals out loud. I walk into the kitchen setting her on the counter and just stare down at her. She turns her head looking away when I grab her chin roughly forcing her to look at me.

"You listen to me right now Ailana! I am sorry we have been dealt this shitty situation! If I could change anything I would, but I can't! These last couple days have been the hardest for me! Knowing that at any point it could be the end kills me! I love you beyond anything, and I pray that you make the right choice! If I die protecting you so you can make the right choice and live on then I have done my job! If you die next to me than my death will be for nothing!"

Before she can even respond I crash my lips to hers putting every emotion I can into it. I wrap my arms around her tight and just hold her against me. I would give anything so I could stay as long as I can with her for every minute possible. I lean back and just look at her as tears stream down her face. I softly wipe them away when I go to speak, but I am interrupted by sirens going off. I look towards the windows when I see people scrambling outside.

"NO! I cannot lose you Lewis!"

I just look at her and know it's time. I just look down placing my forehead to hers as she screams and grabs at me. I thought we had a couple days but I guess not. In one swoop I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder as she continues to hit my back and scream at me. I run out of the house with her heading for the main area. As I approach I see an suv with a man and woman jumping out who I assume is the Kyle and Eurydice.

I set Ailana down and she doesn't even notice Eurydice trying to say hi. She just keeps yelling and grabbing at me screaming. Before I can say anything an explosion happens within the forest. We hear mind links that Kane has made it to the border and is barreling his way through. I stand with Kyle in front of Eurydice and Ailana when she stills behind me peeking around. I hear Eurydice quietly ask her what's going on and hear her gasp when Ailana tells her what will happen. I see Nick and Tara walk over standing in front of us as explosions keep erupting while fighting is heard from everywhere.

Mind links are cut and bonds are snapping left and right as wolves and lycans are falling. We can hear screaming and we know we have to hold our stand. Within minutes we see Kane and his soldiers slowly walk out of the forest and into the clearing covered in blood. Their chests rise up and down with crazed looks in their eyes. Nick growls out loud putting everyone on edge and getting ready.

Tara puts up a shield to protect us and with one fireball from Kane she is knocked off her feet and lays on the ground. I hear Nick next to me scream for his mom when King Nick quickly check and slowly rises up. Where the fuck did he get that shit! Were screwed! I feel Ailana grabbing onto me crying into my back when I wrap my arm around her behind me to try and comfort her.

"Did you think you would ever stop us! Where is that shape shifting bitch! I want her!"

"Not until you get past us!" Nick yelled back!

"Not a problem! We see another fireball get thrown at Nick and although he dodged the first he was hit by a second and lay on the ground motionless. I look over at Kyle as tears stream down his face. He runs forward charging and before I can gab him Kane throws a fireball killing him instantly. Now it's just me and the girls and what warriors are left which isn't much. I see Eurydice start to step forward towards Kane.

"Aaahhh yes there you are! Since I now have you we wont need them!"

Right as I look at Kane I see a fireball heading my way. At that exact moment Ailana tries to get around me and I have to turn to grab her when it hits us both knocking us both onto the ground. Next thing I see is nothing but blackness.


Eurydice pov.

I see both Lewis and Ailana fly backwards and I can feel she is still alive but barely. Lewis is gone and now I must end this until Ailana makes her decision. I can see her start to slowly move when I look back towards Kane. He has a fireball in his hand smirking at me when I smirk back. I raise my hands to the side and scream over at him!

"My name means the bringer of life and death. I choose who lives and who dies! You're judgement has been made and you will pay the ultimate price!"

I throw my head back screaming and send my light out taking out everyone! The only person I leave alive is Ailana because she has a choice to make.


Ailana pov

I feel like I have been hit by a truck when I start to see the light through my eyelids. I feel for Lewis' hand because I already know he is gone. I am trying to move but my side is extremely painful. I reach over and feel wetness and when I bring my hand up to be in front of my face I see it covered in blood. I don't even care. I look over at Lewis and he looks so peaceful, but my heart is breaking in two. I look the opposite way and see no one standing around and know it is down to me. I look back over at Lewis and know what my choice is. I close my eyes waiting for the end to come when my wolf whimpers in my mind.

I watch as she paces not liking my decision and decide to ask her why. We have no mate why live? Let us die and be with our mate again. I watch as she growls at me pacing back and forth. I wait when she finds a spot and curls around her belly whispering out pup. I stare wide eyed as she nudges her belly purring. I'm pupped by Lewis. I beg her to tell me it isn't true but even she is crying.

I open my eyes squeezing Lewis' hand crying and whisper out loud "Let there be life."
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