The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Ch 12

Ailana pov

The moment I said the words I closed my eyes as a bright light flashed. I can feel tears stream from my eyes. Almost as if I'm floating through the air but can clearly feel the ground beneath me. I slowly open my eyes and there's nothing but pitch black and coldness surrounding me. I slowly sit up and turn my head around and see absolutely nothing. I feel like I should be panicking but calmness just washes over me.

I lean forward wrapping my arms around my knees just wanting to be next to Lewis. To have his arms around me whispering it would be ok. That everything would be fine and we can just go live our lives. I just start sobbing as the tears can't hold themselves back when I hear some voices around me. I slowly look up and see some people all wearing white clothes staring down at me.

I stand up just watching them when the middle woman steps forward.

"Ailana, I am Toroya, and this is Jovia and Aster. We understand you are upset and understand why. We needed you to make the right choice. And since you have now life will return to normal."

"Normal? What is normal? I am mated without a mate! I have nothing now! How am I supposed to go and have a normal life?"

"Ailana we know it will be hard, but..."

"You don't know shit! Where is Lewis! Let me see him now! I have information he needs to know! You know what no, information he deserves to know and that he will never be able to be apart of because of you three!"

"Ailana will you please just..."

"Get me fucking Lewis right now!"

I watch as the three look at each other when Toroya nods her head. I see Lewis come out of the shadows and starts to walk towards us, but when he sees me he starts running and I take off towards him. He makes it to me a lot faster and picks me up burying his head into my neck.

"Ailana I told you what was going to happen. I can't come back with you! I did my job and that was....wait why do you smell different?"

"I just had to tell you, my wolf told me right as I was about to decide to be with you. We are pregnant! I didn't think it could happen that quick but... what are you doing?"

I feel him set me down and slowly step backwards away from me while he just watches me. I feel my tears start again when he shakes his head no slowly stepping backwards. I feel my heart breaking when I reach out for his hand which he instantly pulls back. He turns storming up to these three and lets out a loud growl.

I can see them talking quietly and I get frustrated because my wolf can't even hear what they are saying. I just fall to my knees holding my belly as I mumble to myself. Never did I think I would be in this situation.


Lewis pov

"You brought me here for this! Toroya you told me I could not pup her! You three swore it would be a clean break! How the fuck did this happen! Now I am set to be a father to a pup I will never meet or see! How could you do this! Not only to me but especially to her! It's shitty enough I had to die but now she is to have a permanent reminder! What kind of sick joke is this!"

"Lewis I promise on everything we did not do this! We were overridden somehow! Someone had to step in and make it happen! There's only one person in charge of that, and she is in the living realm where your bodies are. There will have to be a hearing as this wasn't supposed to happen this way."

"So what happens at this hearing?" I asked.

"We will hear the case of the person and the reasoning behind it. If the higher up deems it legit then we will be overridden and you will live. If they deem it not a legit reason you will not live and any trace will be removed. Which means the baby."

"How do we get the person here for the hearing?"

"I have to do a little traveling. You two stay here!"


Toroya pov

I cannot believe she override us. She knew what was set to happen, she didn't know the final plan, but knew what was supposed to happen. I quickly appear in the middle of the field. I see everyone standing around Lewis' and Ailana's body when I walk up.

"Please take their bodies inside where they can be taken care of for a while."

"What is going on? Why didn't she wake up?" Eurydice yelled.

"Someone overrode our plan and allowed Ailana to become pregnant. So now we must have a hearing. Where is the moon goddess?"

"Mom! Where are you right now!" Tara yelled into the air.

"I am here and yes I did it! I don't regret it! You knew what you had done to her was wrong! No one messes with my mates. You overstepped your boundaries so I overstepped mine!"

"You know what will happen if it's not deemed a good reason!"

"What will happen?" Eurydice asked quietly.

"They will not allow Lewis to come back and will take the baby!"

The gasps from everyone around us startled me. I just shook my head when the moon goddess walked forward to come with me with what looks like 4 more people.

"We will go and fight for her right to that baby and her mate!"

I shake my head and I grab the moon goddess and in a blink we are all in the same room again. I see them all run up to Ailana while Lewis stands back. A voice booms out loud overhead and the hearing has begun.


Lewis pov

I wanted nothing more than to hold her and talk to our pup but I have to stay back while the hearing is going on. I cannot have any part as I wasn't supposed to live on. Except for the fact that now I know there is a pup growing inside her belly that is mine. I just stare because she is absolutely beautiful. I pray that this works out and I am able to see her grow and be able to hold my pup. My heart breaks as I know what the outcome will be if they deem I cannot return. I will have to watch her have the baby killed and watch as she miscarries it. The thought alone make me and my wolf want to rip these God's apart. Never should she have been put in this situation.

I see people moving around talking and her screams break my concentration. I quickly see the gods bow their heads as the moon goddess jumps in front of Ailana. I run over to her as Ailana looks at me holding her stomach. I let out a growl and wrap her in my arms.

"NO! I cannot let this happen!"

A voice boomed overhead asking everyone to quiet down.

"Lewis there was a plan put in place and it was not adhered to therefore it must be rectified."

"No! The only reason it was overridden was because the plan was already overridden before we even mated! The God's switched the plan after I was already sent to find my mate. Why was that Toroya? Why was it you sent me to find my mate only to not fill her in. Then knowing she would end up hating me when I told her the truth, and would choose to die with me than life. The only reason she chose life was because of the baby. So who were you really working for?"

Jovia and Aster turn to look at Toroya stepping back.

"Toroya you told us you told her! You said she understood and was ok with it?"

We hear loud thunder from overhead as a bolt hits the ground having a man appear in a white robe. He walked up to Toroya and in a split second I grabbed Ailana to my chest as this man reached into Toroya's chest grabbing her heart. We hear him hiss at her as he pulls his hand back ripping her heart out. We all gasp as he turns to us holding it. He crushes the heart turning it to ash letting it fall onto the ground. We watch as he walks up towards us, and just stops in front of us. I tighten my grip around Ailana as I am afraid she will be ripped away from me. She doesn't deserve this or having the baby taken.

"I know why she started changing things. Eurydice was not supposed to find you Ailana as you were supposed to be dead. She did and set the beginning in motion. Toroya then had no choice but to send down Lewis. She didn't tell you as she didn't want the world to continue as it was. She was working with Kane. If you chose death than she would expose herself and rule with Kane. He got his powers from somewhere and now we know where. I am truly sorry for what you two have been through. And I understand that this is now bigger than what is was meant to be. Moon Goddess have you issued a second chance mate to Ailana?"

"No I haven't."

"She won't be needing one. I will allow Lewis to return."

I feel Ailana start wailing throwing her arms around my neck and I just bury my face into her neck inhaling her new scent. I get to live with my mate and our pup.
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