The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Bad joke

Ch 13

Ailana pov

I feel like I am laying down again when I open my eyes. I can see I am inside some kind of house and can feel Lewis' hand in mine. I quickly sit up thrilled to be awake when I see everyone standing around me watching us. I turn and see Lewis still sleeping when I nudge him to wake up because we are back. Except I don't get a response. I don't understand his hand is still warm, but he isn't moving.

I look around at everyone in a panic thinking he lied! He didn't let Lewis come back. I kneel next to him trying to wake him up but still get no response. I feel someone's arm wrap around me pulling me away and then it really sinks in. I start screaming for lewis trying to keep a hold of his hand when I am pulled away blocking my view from him. I see King Nick has me and Tara is trying to talk to me but I won't hear it! I need Lewis with me!

I drop down to my knees bawling as Tara wraps her arms around me comforting me. When I hear a noise and Nick spins around. I see Lewis sitting there staring at me.

"Sorry King Nick. I thought I would play a little joke, but didn't realize everyone was standing here."

Next thing I see is Tara jump up from beside me and run at Lewis when she is quickly grabbed by Nick.

"I swear Lewis if she wasn't your mate I would have blown you to pieces!"

He laughed out loud until she points at a tree and it blows apart into pieces. His laughing quickly stopped then when you see him look back at Tara wide eyed taking a large gulp.

"Ok ok I am sorry! It won't happen again!"

I have had enough of his shit already and he hasn't been here for five minutes. I stand up and make my exit when I hear him jump up and trail after me. I get to the outside and start walking when he runs in front of me kneeling.

"Ailana, please I am sorry! It wasn't a funny joke to play, and I made a very dumb decision to do so."

"Lewis! I thought I had lost you and wanted nothing more to be with you! Willing to give up life itself for you! Then I find out I have our pup inside me, and have no choice but to choose to go on for the sake of the pup. That at least I would have some piece of you left! Then to have that almost taken away also! Now I finally get you back, and you thought it would be funny to pretend I didn't!"

I watch as he hung his head taking a moment and just wrapped his arms around my waist placing his head against my stomach. The love I feel for him is beyond anything. Now we have a chance to be a real family, and raise this pup and hopefully have more together.

"Ailana I am sorry! I truly am! I cannot guarantee I won't do stupid shit in the future, but I will try my hardest not to. I love you and our baby more than anything, and I won't take this second chance for granted."

I feel my tears betraying me as they slowly slide down my cheeks. I wrap my arms around his neck and squeal when he picks me up crashing his lips to mine. I cannot get enough of his touch, his scent, or his kisses. He leans back breaking the kiss and rests his forehead against mine. I just cannot believe he is here and he is finally mine.

"Hey I do hate to break up this beautiful moment but we have a slight dilemma. We need to assess the damages and a new Alpha to replace Kane! We will have to have interviews and I will have to conduct them so will be doing a lot of traveling. How do you feel Lewis about being my right hand man for this task? Like a personal body guard? Ailana can live at the palace while we are gone and we won't be long." Nick stated.

"You would want me?" Lewis replied.

"Well I figure if your good enough to fight for the God's you must be something! So why not use that talent!"

"Of course! It would be my honor!"

"Great! Now let's all head back to the palace. We will need to check in with what packs to see what services and supplies they will need to get their packs back up and running."

We all agree a good rest will do everyone good and load up to head back to the palace. As I settle in the suv next to the window when Ailana slides in next to me except it doesn't leave much room for her. So I turn my back to the window sitting sideways and pick her up setting her down in my lap. She leans against me and before long the car gets moving and she falls asleep. I place my hand on her belly and feel the instant connection with our pup. I see willis puff up his chest with pride for this little pup that's growing inside her.

When I knew there wasn't going to be an after I was ok with it. I had come to terms and accepted it. Except I cannot imagine not being here right now! My mate asleep on my lap with a pup of my own on the way. How could I have thought there was nothing worth fighting for after when I was supposed to die. I would have missed out on this... on our future. I lean down kissing her head when she repositions her self and snuggles into my chest. I can feel the faint heartbeat of our pup after she moved and I just close my eyes and soon I fall asleep.


Eurydice pov

I look over at Kyle who is driving and cannot believe how fast life has moved in the last two weeks. Going from a prisoner in a cell, to being mated to the Kings son, to saving the world. Now we can finally get to have a normal life. Although something doesn't seem right. As we drive I try to get some sleep but my stomach isn't settling, and my wolf seems to be in a panic. I must have dozed off for a while because I am nudged awake by Kyle standing next to me with the door open. I can see most people have unloaded when I just stare at him.

"Eurydice you don't look very well, maybe..."

Before he could even finish I grab the door and lean out throwing up any contents in my stomach. I see him mind link someone and as I try to get out of the car I immediately collapse onto the ground groaning. I feel Kyle pick me up running inside heading somewhere, but my brain just seems to be in a fog of some sorts. I just can't seem to focus on anything when people start surrounding us as Kyle runs. I hear a door fly open and some doctor comes into my view just as everything goes black.


Kyle pov

I quickly set Eurydice down making my way to the side of the room as the doctor and nurses are trying to figure out what is going on. My mom and dad come barreling into the room and just stare. I don't get it we were just fine a few hours ago. The doctor ushers us outside and tells the nurse he needs a sonogram machine just in case. I look at my parents then back at the doctor.

"We just ran a bunch of blood work, once we get the results we will fill everyone in. How long have you been mated for Kyle?"

"Just a week, but it has been a crazy week!"

"Ok as soon as I find anything out I will let you know!"

I just nod, and we all sit down waiting for some kind of news. Hopefully it can easily be fixed and we can get back to our lives. We just sit here waiting when after about an hour the doctor walks up with a nurse and the machine he asked for.

"So we have some results back and she is very dehydrated. She needs a decent amount of food and fluids as she is eating not just for herself but for a pup also!"

I feel my dad pat me hard on the back, and I don't know what to feel right now. He has us follow him in and can see Eurydice just laying there crying. I run over asking what's wrong and she just starts crying harder pushing away from me. I don't understand what is going on. I look to my parents and they are as confused as I am. Sly is trying to get info from Lita her wolf but she has cut off contact.

We see the doctor ask Eurydice if he can do the scan to see the baby and she starts freaking out. Something is going on, and this nonsense needs to stop! I let out a loud growl that shakes the room and makes her lay still.

"Let him do the scan Eurydice! We need to make sure the pup is ok!"

"Please Kyle I didn't know! My wolf hid it from me! I swear on everything! I love you! Please understand that!"

As she is saying this he brings the image up on the screen and we all stop and stare. There the pup is healthy and happy, but she isn't one week along. She is more like two to three weeks along. Thats why we can see the pup, and not just the sac. That means before we mated she was already pupped. I whip my head to her and can see her pleading with her eyes. My wolf is demanding answers from hers but she just hangs her head. I slowly back up, and just tune everything out.

All I hear and see is the pup on the screen and the heartbeat pounding through my head. I see Eurydice reaching for me screaming at me while my mom tries to calm her down. I need answers, and I need them quick. I say I will be right back when I rush out heading towards the main part of the castle. When I enter I see my grandma talking to Ailana when she sees me in distress.

"Kyle what's wrong?"

"How? How is she already pupped!"

"Kyle what do you mean? You mated her a week ago! Surely you know how these things work!"

"She is three weeks grandmother! Not one week! How did she end up pupped by someone other than me!"

I see it finally hit my grandmother on what is happening when she says she will be right back. She has disappeared and can hear my mom and dad yelling at me through the mind link. I explain I am trying to get answers and will be right back I just need to know how!

Ailana and Lewis just stand in shock when the minutes slowly pass by. I pace back and forth when my grandma reappears in distress.

"I found out what happened, but you aren't going to like it Kyle!"

"Tell me! She is my mate regardless! That pup is mine regardless, but I have to know!"

"I think it's best if she tells you, she knows now from her wolf but is afraid you will reject her."

I sneer at her and storm out back towards the medical ward. I go flying through the double doors and people start scattering to get out of my way. I throw open the door to her room and march in. My parents start yelling at me when I just hold up my hand.

"Tell me Eurydice! Tell me how this is possible? When we mated you had not been with anyone else so how is it you were pupped already?"

"My wolf just told me what happened when I was knocked out a few weeks ago. Kane would beat on me knocking me out so he could insert his seed inside me. He never mated me himself because then I would know what he had done. He did it for days on end right as my cycle should of happened. My wolf didn't think anything happened as this last week has been crazy. But now that I am a week late we know that something did happen."

I just stare at her as I flop down into a chair. I watch as she curls up into a ball crying her eyes out and I try to process all this info. My mom and dad wait outside as I just watch her. Is it her fault that this happened, absolutely not! Kane was a sick and twisted wolf, but where do we go from here? I hear her sobbing into the blankets, and slowly stand up making my way over to her climbing in the bed with her. I wrap her in my arms and just let her snuggle into me.

"Eurydice we will work this out. You are my mate, and that is MY pup!"

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