The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Private show

Ch 15

Eurydice pov

It's been a few days and even though I am coming to terms with the pregnancy I am not thrilled. I mean who would be? Maybe it will get better as time goes on. At least that's what I hope will happen. I just sit mostly staring out the window. My wolf although upset has come to terms with the pups and so will I. Kyle has been gone all morning I'm assuming working but soon I hear a soft knock on the door. I watch as guards bring in bouquet after bouquet of roses setting them all over the room.

I get into a kneeling position on the chair like a little school girl and giggle as they just keep coming in. After about the twentieth bouquet Kyle stood there looking at me as I just look around wide eyed. All the guards leave shutting the door behind them when I wait in anticipation for him to say something. He just smiles and I can't take it anymore so I jump up off the chair and run straight at him.

I get within a few feet and launch myself into his arms when he catches me spinning me around just like in the movies. He stops and walks over to the chair placing me on it so I can stand and be almost at eye level.

"I am taking a week off so we can just have our time to relax, and not be bothered."

I smile as I hear a knock on the door, and he motions for me to wait a quick second. He opens the door to peek out when he steps back opening the door. Staff members walk in with bags upon bags of items and I just stare wide eyed. I look around and see bags littered all over the floor when Kyle comes and sits in another chair. I look at him in confusion when he just smiles back.

"I had my mom and Ailana do some clothes shopping. Also we have maternity clothes for future. I think they also got a bunch of bath stuff. Who knows what else, but it's all yours!"

I just look at the first bag and quickly look inside. I turn a bright shade of red when I look up wide eyed at Kyle. He leans back with his hands behind his head laughing at my now bright red face.

"Oh yeah, there is also some stuff I ordered for you to wear for me to enjoy watching you wear. And since we will be here for a week without interruptions I would like for you to walk around in some of them. Do you need help putting stuff away or do you think you can do it?"

"I can do it, but Kyle I can't wear this kind of stuff!"

"Why not?"

"I am pregnant for one, and two... well I don't know yet."

"Well I don't know what made you think you can't wear it because you are pregnant. So let's do this, hand me the bag and stand up."

I reluctantly hand him the bag which he sets on the floor next to his chair. I watch as he starts looking in all the bags and setting ones aside while grabbing a couple more. He sits back down and digs into the bag I handed him holding a lacy thong and matching bra. I quickly snatch it when he just smiles winking at me.

"We are going to have a private little fashion show."

I just look at him mortified when he points to the closet. I nervously swallow and head towards the closet wondering what I am getting into. Holy goddess what am I doing? I enter and stare at this little ensemble and wonder where the rest of it is? I undress and put the lacy set and slowly peek my head out. He motions for me to come out and I slowly emerge covering all the right areas when I hear a low growl.

"Don't cover yourself. I want to see the outfit."

"This isn's an outfit! It's body floss with patches of fabric!"

He motions for me to drop my arms and as soon as I do I hear a purr come from him or his wolf. He adjusts his pants when he digs pulling out another outfit. I grab it and go change. I thought the first outfit had nothing to it, but this takes it to the next level. I walk out and hear a low "Fuck me" while he squirms in the chair. I let out a giggle when he just hands me the bags. I grab them and walk in the closet and start searching for my next outfit. I find a lace see through baby doll dress that I pull on with a red lace thong. I walk out confidently when I see him motion with his finger for me to come over to him.

I walk over and he slowly looks at me up and down when he motions for me to spin around. When I slowly spin he stops me when my back is turned to him. He has me take a few steps forward standing up behind me quickly stripping off his shirt. I feel him stand up against my back and I can clearly feel his erection through his pants. He leans over breathing on my neck making my wolf wake up and start paying attention.

"You have no clue what you do to me. You are amazing and strong and cannot imagine a better mother for MY pups. Now why don't you get undressed and I will start a bath for us. I want to show you how every inch of that body is mine, and only mine."

I giggle and run back to the closet quickly stripping off the flimsy clothing, and when I exit I become instantly red as I see Kyle walking by. "Anxious are we?" I quickly duck back into the closet shutting the door embarrassed beyond belief. I know what! I will just blame my wolf, yeah that should good. Lita instantly huffs at me knowing it's not her causing this. I steady my breathing when I hear the bath water starting, and make my way back out again.

I enter the bathroom and see Kyle already in the tub waiting for the water to fill up. He looks at me when his eyes darken motioning me to come over. While I approach he quickly shuts off the water and leans back waiting for me to climb in. I place one leg in on the side and the only other place to put my other leg is on his other side. I try to sit down but he stops me before I get very far. I stand there straddling him while he just looks up at me. I just stare down in anticipation of what is going to happen with Lita is pacing back and forth panting liking what she sees.

"You my little mate are the only wolf I will ever bow down for being King."

Lita rolls on her back panting and the first thing I can think to call her is a hussy. She yips back in agreement and I can't help but let out a chuckle. I look down at him when he gets a smirk on his face making me wonder what he's thinking. He slowly sits up moving his hands up my thighs to my ass and he grips it tightly as he buries his face between my legs making them buckle in response.

I quickly place my hands on his head gripping his hair to help hold me up as he assaults my core like I am his last meal. Within minutes I am screaming his name and falling over his head while my legs spasm in response. A clear sign to him and his wolf on a job well done. He leans back against the tub while I slowly sink down onto his lap laying against his chest. I try to get my breathing under control when I am slowly picked up and held.

I can feel him reach behind me gripping his shaft positioning himself at my dripping entrance and before I say anything he slowly drops me down. I instantly tense up from his size and he stops until I can adjust to him and relax. He tips his head backwards when I decide to take the reigns and start rocking my hips. I sit up rocking faster and faster when his head whips up to stare at me. I instantly start to slow down which gets me a growl in response.

His hands quickly grab my hips and he starts lifting me up dropping me back down building me up again until My legs start to shake. With a few grunts I feel him swell up spilling his seed inside me when I just collapse against him. I know that if we can get through this we can get through anything.
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