The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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An email

Ch 16

Jenna pov

I have been working on stuff for my dad for so long I don't even remember when I have even had a break. Emails after emails, phone calls after phone calls. I lean back in my chair exhausted when a ding comes through the computer. Another fucking email. As I open it up I start reading it and I am a little confused. I print it out and leave the office to go find my dad. I mind link him and he is in his office so I quickly make my way down to it.

When I enter he looks up smiling, and I hand him the printed email. He reads it and is confused also. An Alpha has a pack of 20 members but isn't apart of our group? Where did he come from?

"Write him back and extend an invitation for him and his pack to come here to introduce themselves. Then we can sit down and look at having them added to the list of packs."

I nod and head back to my office when I keep saying his name. Alpha Andrew O'Conner. My wolf Aliyah is smitten with the name but we don't even know him!
I keep reading the name making her purr in response and I just laugh. When I enter back into my office I quickly type up our response and send it off. Within a few minutes my phone starts ringing and I pick up.

"This is Jenna, how can I help you?"

Silence.... no words are spoken but can hear breathing from the other end.

"Hello? Is anyone there? How can I help you?"

"This is Alpha O'Conner."

As soon as I heard his voice I dropped the receiver standing up backing away from my desk. Aliyah is going crazy bouncing around whining out 'Mate! Mate!' No no this can't be! I can hear him still talking as I just stare at the receiver. I walk over picking it back up and listening to him as tears slowly fall down my cheeks.

"Alpha O'Conner, how can I help you?"

"Please my little mate my name is Andrew. I got your email and we are on our way. We should reach the borders in an hour or two."

Before I could respond the phone is hung up and I just stare at my desk. I mind link for my dad to come quick when he comes barging in looking around for the danger.

"Jenna? Goddess what's wrong?"

"Alpha O'Conner is coming."

"That's great! Wait why is that not great?"

"He is my mate dad. I don't want to leave the palace, but there won't be room here for two Alpha's."

I cannot deal with this right now so I teleport myself to my room. I look around and it hits me that most likely I won't be living her anymore. I will be going wherever my mate lives. I just lay on my bed and before I realize it I am being woken up by commotion downstairs. I quickly run out of my room to see what is going on when I see my dad shaking hands with a man standing with a group that's built like an ox. He has dark tanned skin with red hair and a beard. He stands about a foot taller than my dad and is as tall as Lewis. Except he is broader shouldered and the shirt he is wearing shows off every muscle and seems to be a little to tight.

I see him take a deep breath and whip his head towards me when his eyes go pitch black. I feel my tears start to fall when he slowly approaches. He kneels down in front of me looking at me curiously.

"Little mate why are you crying?"

"I know what is going to happen. You will take me from here, and from my family!"

I hear a loud 'NO!' Screamed and Cyndi, Kattie and Eva all run in grabbing me away. When loud growls erupt through the palace entrance. We all stop as 3 more men step forward smelling the air. Andrew stands up laughing to himself.

"Looks like you won't be alone. Seems some family will be coming also."

We all huddle together as my dad comes over watching everything unfold.

"This is my Beta Micah, Delta Conrad, and my head warrior Angus."

"Well isn't this something! We need to plan a feast in your honor. I do have to say I am happy they found their mates, but I wasn't expecting to be seeing 4 daughters go at once."

I look at my sisters who have moved away from me to stand in front of their mates as I take a step back. I can see the concern in Andrew's face when I shake my head no teleporting myself to the gardens.


Andrew pov

I watched as she disappeared and stared wide eyed at her dad.

"Yeah sorry I should mention they each have powers. Jenna is teleporting, Eva can throw fire, Kattie can choke, and Cyndi can freeze things."

I look at my guys and wonder what the hell we got ourselves into. Why did I write that email? Who knows but now here we are. I feel a hand on my shoulder and turn towards her dad.

"She probably went to the garden. That's where she runs when she gets overwhelmed or stressed out."

I thank him and follow where he is pointing to as I start walking that way. Soon I catch her scent, and as I exit the palace I see her sitting on a bench. When I start getting closer She catches my scent and quickly jumps up turning to face me. I slowly walk up so I am standing right in front of her and kneel down so I am eye level.

"Jenna please talk to me, It was never my intention to just rip you away from your family. Never did I expect to find my mate by writing an email of all things. If you don't want me as a mate then reject me and be done with it. I don't have much to offer as we are a new pack just starting. We have a pack house but that is it. Everyone lives in it until we can build more houses."

"How can I reject you? Then what would I say to my sisters. I'm just scared and nervous."

I place my hand on her cheek getting her to look at me. I can see the fighting going on between her and her wolf.

"Jenna I promise on my life I would do anything for you. I am trying my hardest to keep my wolf Jameson from taking you into the forest and making you mine. I won't do it till you are ready, but I can't hold him back forever."

"My sisters will be living with us?"

"As long as you want them to!"

"Ok then let's do this! Catch me if you can mate!"

With that she was gone and I laughed because little does she know..... I can teleport also. I quickly locate her and appear about 20 feet from her. She thinks it will take hours for me to find her. She strips out of her clothes and climbs down into a small creek laying in the water when I strip and teleport myself to right in front of her.

"What the fuck Andrew!"

"You're not the only one that can move yourself around little mate! Now that I have caught you!"

She quickly moves and lays down on the side of the bank. I slowly crawl up her body planting kisses on her thighs making my way up between her breasts and lay in between her legs just looking her in her eyes. I see her breathing becoming harder and cannot wait to make every inch of her mine. I just watch her staring at me when I lean down and lightly press my lips to hers. I lean back looking at her as tears roll down the side of her face. I lower myself to a forearm when I use my hand to wipe her tears away.

"Will it hurt?"

"It will at first, I will go slow and if at any time you say it's to much I will stop."

I wait for her to give the ok by nodding when I move myself up to a kneeling position. I scoop her up and hold her to my chest as I position myself at her entrance. I just wait as I can feel the throbbing of her core against the head of my cock and I know she is beyond ready for me. I just know what will be happening, and that it will hurt for her when I break her barrier. I watch her facial expression as I slowly lower her down little by little letting her adjust to me.

I see tears start to fall when I quickly stop. I patiently wait and feel like I am going to blow my load right here. She is so fucking tight I feel like I'm in a vice grip that is slowly clamping down. She nods again and soon we come to a stop. She looks up with a confused look on her face when I mouth I'm sorry to her. I lift her slightly up then slam her down as a scream rips through the air. I can feel her shaking, scrambling to try and get away when I try to get her to calm down.

I just hold her tight as she cries and sobs against my chest. I always knew what would happen but you fell like a complete asshole when it does. I can feel my tears falling because I never wanted to cause my mate any pain. We just sit for a few minutes when the cries have stopped and she is just breathing. She leans back looking at me and reaches up wiping away my tears.

"Jenna I am so sorry. I hated having to do it."

"I know Andrew, but it will just be this one time. It was just a shock."

I start to move as she grips my arms for support with tears falling. I know it hurts but I don't know what else to do. I stop again, and she shakes her head no. I had a feeling it would be too much. I let out a sigh and nod and as I am about to lift her off of me she quickly wraps her legs around my waist stopping me.

"Don't stop, we have already come this far."

I just nod as I grip her hips and start moving in and out fast. Building us up till she is about to crash when I kiss her neck finding just the right spot sinking my canines in. She throws her head back and she lets her orgasm rage through her body clamping down on my shaft as her body shakes. I retract my canines slowly licking her wound closed which gets her body to shiver in response.

I can she is exhausted but I keep going until I am just about to let go when I feel her canines plunge into my neck. I throw my head back letting out a growl and releasing my load deep inside her. She shakes in my arms and I just let us ride out our moment of bliss. I roll onto my back with her laying on top and me still seated deep inside her. I raise my body up and brace myself with my arms as she just lays against my chest. My little mate is amazing and cannot imagine being with anyone else.

I can feel the change in my men and I am sure they have now all claimed their mates. We may be a small pack and just starting, but I have a feeling we will have great adventures building it up.
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