The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Evil has awoken

Ch 17

Jenna pov

We just relax enjoying each other, but know we will soon have to head back. I am unsure where our lives will take us from here.... wait a minute! I quickly stand up and scramble to my clothes pulling them on mumbling to myself. I can see him just staring at me confused trying to understand what I am saying. What was I thinking? I know nothing... scratch that we know nothing about this pack and now I'm fucking mated. I see a hand reach to stop me fidgeting with my shoes when the tears start falling.

"Jenna please talk to me, I don't want you to be afraid of me."

I stand up just glaring at him trying to read my answers when all he has is a blank stare.

"Where are you guys from? How is it we don't have you on our roster of packs, have never heard of you, but you show up out of nowhere? We have a list of all the packs in this area. As far as I can tell it seems you are not even from around here!"

I watch as he turned his head to look straight ahead and nods his agreement. He motions for me to hold on a minute as he walks away retrieving his clothes and quickly gets dressed. He walks back over standing in front of me looking out over the forest when he takes a deep breath letting it out.

"It is not my intention for you to think you are being deceived. I wish I had answers for you. All I can remember is we just were. Like we appeared at the pack house. We all knew our roles but don't know how we got there. It's like we've known each other our whole lives, but we don't at the same time. No one has memories of being younger than when we got to the pack house. That was around a week ago. Then we started to work like a pack and I found a note earlier today to send an email out. It took a few of us to even figure out what to do, but we did it. Then when I got the response and read your name my wolf went ballistic. So I made a phone call, and when I heard your voice I knew you were my mate. I just wish there was someone to explain all of it!"

"Hang on I know just the person!"

I quickly mind link my grandma asking where she is. I grab Andrews hand and soon we both appear back in the gardens.

"Grandma what did you do!"

"What are you talking about?"

I just point to Andrew and you can see her look between us trying to understand what is going on. He quickly explains what he told me and she starts trying to process everything.

"The only way wolves come to be is through me. You say this happened a week ago. I think I know what caused it, but will have to do research to see what else could have been woken up."

"Woken up?"

"A week ago Eurydice spoke for there to be life. If something positive has come up there is bound to be something negative to counter it. Kane didn't come back so it's not him."

"Grandma you don't think! Tell me theres no way!"

Overhead we hear a crack of thunder and see dark clouds moving in. I stare wide eyed at my grandma when she starts to panic.

"Get your mom locked up! If it's who I think it is he has come with help!"

I grab Andrews hand and teleport back to the palace into my dads office. I see him and my mom sitting down and they can see the panic in my face.

"Jenna what's wrong?" My mom asked.

"When Eurydice asked for life, she woke up Andrew and his pack. With good comes bad and grandma says to get you locked up now!"

"Jenna why would we need to lock her up?" My dad asked.

"Because if the bad is who we think it is, he will have help and is already on his way! We need to go now!"

Before anyone can say anything we hear my mom's name yelled from outside like it is on an intercom. I see their faces pale because we know the voice.

Lewis, and my dad grab my mom as Andrew grabs on teleporting them to the basement. Andrew and Lewis reappear saying that they are locked up. I nod as Kyle comes rushing in trying to figure out what is going on.

"Mom and dad are locked up but looks like that son of a bitch is back for round two!" I mind link my sisters and we all walk out on the steps to the palace. In front of us we see people that we thought we would never see again.

Standing in front of us is Daren with Nikki, and mom's parents. With an army behind them. I see Ailana run up with Eurydice.

"Ailana can you end them?"

"No, it was Eurydice that awoken them. I can't intervene."

I nod and tell Andrew to get them underground also. I see him disappear then moments reappear nodding that it was done.

"Where the fuck is my mate!"

"You have a lot of fucking nerve to come here to start making demands. Do you remember what happened last time?"

"Look it here little girl! I am not in the mood to play fucking puppy games!"

I start to step forward as Andrew holds me back. I see Eva throw a fireball at the army and it's immediately extinguished. We all stand there staring as Cyndi tries to freeze them but nothing happens.

"This is the funniest shit to watch! The pup must have thought we forgot their little powers. We made sure we were ready before we came believe me. You have 24 hours to produce my mate. Or we will destroy everything and everyone!"

In a split second they disappear and shit are we in trouble! What are we going to do?


Andrew pov

I feel the fear coming off my mate, but don't know what to do. I wish there was something we could do. I see Lewis motion for me to follow him, and although confused I follow. We walk for a while to the edge of the forest when he turns to me.

"I noticed your the same size as me, and wondered if Aster was talking about you." He said

"Ok... I'm a little confused so maybe you can explain it to me."

"Let's just get Aster here." He responded.

He yells out his name and soon a man in white clothing show up, and I recognize him immediately.

"Hey what the hell I know you! What the hell is going on!"

"When Ailana spoke for there to be life we were so blindsided by Toroyas involvement with Kane we didn't realize evil was awoken also. So we got permission to send you and a pack down. As you have realized you two are the same size and build. You are not werewolves. We hid your true identity until you found each other so you can learn together."

"Do you have any idea what my mate Jenna is going to do when she finds this out!"

"He is right if we are not warewolves how is my mate pupped?"

"Have you had a scan yet?"

"No! What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well you will be surprised with what you will see."

"She is a werewolf though! She was seen as a pup!"

"That was before she was transformed to her true self. Now we can keep going round and round about this. Remember identities had to be hidden. Now as for Jenna, she can change to whatever she wants. She is a wolf, but beings the fact her mate is not once mated her DNA has already started changing to match her mate."

"What about her sisters?"

"Your pack members are wolves that wont change."

"Ok so then what are we?"

We watch as Aster smiles leading us out to the training field and a huge clearing. We can see everyone still talking on the steps as they suddenly have become aware of what's going on. Aster leads us and has us stand about 50 feet apart. While he stands about 50 feet in front of us. I look at Lewis and think man something better happen or we are going to look like fucking idiots.

"Look deep inside yourself for your inner creature. It is shy and has been hidden for a while. You will need to coax them out by sweet talking to it. Let it know its time to make themselves known because war is coming."

I think this guy is fucking whacked in the head, but do it anyways. So I close my eyes and slowly start looking through my mind when I can hear breathing. I slowly make my way towards it getting down on my knees like an idiot because I have to coax it out. I can see a light glow in the air above and although I start to panic I reach out my hand. I call to it and can soon hear some shuffeling. I see something move in front of me and a huge paw comes down with razor sharp claws that are as tall as me.

It has fire red scales and as I slowly stand up I hear a huff as smoke surrounds me. I close my eyes because every fiber in my body is telling me to run, but against my better judgement I look up and just see two nostrils. I slowly back up when I start to see above the two nostrils and see a large dragon head with eyes bearing down on me. Before I say anything I big tongue licks up my side and hangs out like the goofiest thing you have ever seen. Almost like the biggest puppy you could ever imagine.

This is what I am? A freaking dragon! I hear gasps and screams when I turn back and realize I am staring down at everyone. From what feels like 100 feet in the air. I look over to where Lewis was standing and see another red dragon in his place. I just start to get the 'this is fucking awesome feeling' when I see her. Jenna is now marching slowly across the field yelling at me. As her temper is flaring more and more she doesn't realize that she is transforming also.

By the time she stops she is eye level with me which makes her stop talking and look down. She looks back at me wide eyed and my goddess she is beyond gorgeous. An ice blue dragon with yellow eyes to match mine. I stare as she looks down at her tail and is now spinning around. In a split second we change back to our human form and are quickly thrown clothes to put on.

"You! You did this! You knew what was coming and had to react!" Jenna's grandma screamed.

"Calm down Moon Goddess, we have it under control!"

"Um maybe not so much? My mom just told me Ailana laid an egg?" Jenna announced.

We all look around shocked as Lewis looks at Aster. "A fucking egg?"

"Yes congratulations! It will hatch soon. Until it does the king and queen can quickly build a nest and sit with it to keep it warm while she helps you fight. I will be back soon. We must rally our side." Aster said then quickly left.

We all stare at each other dumfounded when Lewis yells out. "Let's go see the egg!"

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