The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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A plan

Ch 18

Lewis pov

We all run sprinting as fast as we can laughing along the way. A fucking egg, she laid a fucking egg! Like how was that even possible! I swear if this thing is huge I am giving her an award for pushing that shit out. I keep thinking of how things have changed dramatically in the last 20 minutes when we finally reach the underground bunker. Kyle quickly open the door when we see his mom holding the speckled egg cuddling it like it is an actual kid.

I run over to Ailana kneeling down as she starts grabbing onto me hysterically. I scoop her into my arms and set her in my lap and she just cries into my chest. I have no doubt it was the scariest thing she has gone through. To think your early in your pregnancy, then contractions come thinking your losing the pregnancy, then out pops an egg. I see her mindlink someone and assume it was her mom because minutes later her mom comes running in rushing over to us. I see Kyle gently grab the egg from his mom and set it in Ailanas lap when her moms eyes go wide.

"Mom now before you freak out, apparently I am a dragon of some sort and hatched an egg. So now we will have to build some kind of nest, and wait for it to hatch. I still don't know how it works."

"I already have blankets being rounded up and brought down to build a nest! Also a heat lamp in case we need it." Tara said.

I just look at this egg on Ailanas lap and softly place my hand on it. I can feel movement inside and soon feel something press against my hand from the inside and know that me and this little one are connecting. Who would have thought this is how our outcome would be. I feel Ailana snuggle into me as staff come running in with blankets and Tara and Nick start building a nest. Apparently they weren't doing it right because after a few minutes Ailana sets the egg in my lap and took over.

Once the nest was built to her liking which took a few tries, she placed the egg in it and wrapped herself around it snuggling up next to it. My heart skips a beat just watching my mate who is a freaking dragon snuggling our egg. Who saw this shit coming? Not me that's for sure.

"Ok so now that there are 4 dragons and 4 assholes that came back how do we go about dealing with this?"

"Who all came back?" Tara questioned.

"Darren, Nicki, and your parents." Jenna responded.

"So what are we going to do? How are we supposed to fight them?"

"Well if anything from the past tells us they won't use the same tactics as before. So there has to be a way around it. He only wants me, so if we have Nick go out there I can look through him to see if I spot anything abnormal."
Tara addressed us as though we had a clue what she was talking about.

"Uummm, you can what?"

"Long story but I have many powers. Each of my powers got separated between kids. Just roll with it!"


Aster pov

After leaving the group I met with Jovia trying to figure out how we can take the evil down. When I appear back I spot Jovia crying in her hands and run over to her. I quickly wrap my arms around her to comfort her until she calms down.

"I can't find a way! What if there is no way? What if Toroya made it unbreakable?"

"Jovia if there is anyone that can find something it's you. Where are they at now?"

"They are held up in a cave a couple miles from the palace. I'll show you!"

We walk over to the fountain and as she touches the water we see the picture come into view of where they are held up. We watch like flies on the wall looking for anything, something that can help. There has to be something that we are missing. I see the guards all standing and sitting around, Nikki playing with her necklace while Tara's parents and Darren are all pacing.

"Are you sure the plan will work this time?" Darran asked.

"Yes! I made sure of it! I took the initiative and made sure everything was going to work! Why Darren? Why was I never good enough? I tried so hard to be everything you wanted! I gave up everything for you!"

"We are not going to get into this Nikki!"

"Why Darren? Why not? You never could give me an answer! You rejected me then I was forced to be a chosen mate. All while my real mate couldn't look at me! What did I do that was so bad?"

He rushes over to her grabbing her by the throat and shoving her up against the wall.

"Remember when I found out you were my mate. It was a couple weeks after you turned 18. Remember who introduced us.....Rex. You know the guy you kept fucking even after I found out you were my mate. That WAS my best friend. He knew you were my mate, so did you and yet you still kept fucking him. I made sure I rejected you and sent you off to be married. Once you were out of my life, as for Rex... I got him drunk and killed him. Then as I moved up I had no choice to deal with your trashy ass."

"Say one more word to me and I can end it all before it even begins." We see her hold up her necklace and he quickly releases her snarling in response. That's it the necklace is the key!

I quickly grab Jovia crashing my lips to hers. She stands staring wide eyed at me as I back up smirking.

"When I get back I am going to show you how appreciative I am!"

"Where are you going?"

"To help save the King and Queen!"

I instantly appeared in the bunker and see Ailana curled around her egg and immediately smile. I just stare and notice everyone is staring at me. I quickly snap my head to the King and Queen and smile.

"Tell me you have something for us! Some kind of info!" Nick hollered.

"Oh yes!" I responded and started going over the plan.

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