The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Ch 19

Nick pov

So we have our plan in place and we know what will happen hopefully. We rally all the kids as Tara stays with the egg to babysit. I can't help but chuckle to myself. Tara is going to babysit an egg. You know because it's normal around here. Then it hits me as I look at Jenna. Shit she is now a dragon also! We go from a crazy start to a team of kids now we have dragons.

It will be hours before that asshole shows back up so we are outside the palace getting people in place on where we want them. I pick up the phone and call one of our long time friends.

"Hey Tony.... are you local?"

"I am, just flew back in from visiting Tona and Corrin what's up?"

"If you are up for it we will need your assistance."

"Who are we fighting this time? We can be there in about 48 hours."

"That will be too late we have about 18 hours left."

"Nick it takes time to get the resources together."

"It's Darren, Nicki, and Tara's parents!"

"Fuck that shit we are there! Call you back in a few minutes!"

I knew that would get him wanting to come. He never could stand those fuckers. I start walking when My phone rings again and see Tony is calling me back.

"What's the word Tony?"

"I got so many responses it blew up my phone. We will be there in about 6 hours with 250 men."

"Sounds good see you then!"

I hang up and not only will these assholes be in for a shock, but so will Tony and his men. Just the thought of what is going to happen makes me want to go visit Tara. Herek smirks in my mind in agreement when I hear Tara come through the mind link.

"Don't even think about it you two horn dogs! Focus!"

Both Harek and I huff in annoyance and agree once it's done she better run!


Ailana pov

I keep staring back at the palace because all I want is to be next to my egg. Or do I say my baby? I mean the baby is in the egg so technically it's an egg. Either way I feel like I am being a bad mom. I just stare when Lewis steps in front of me having me look up at him.

"I know what your feeling, I feel it also. Our baby is in good hands! We need to get you to shift."

I nod and close my eyes looking around in my mind for my dragon. Lewis said my dragon might be ice blue so it should be easy to spot right? I walk around looking into the darkness when I hear a huff. I kneel down trying to coax it out when a claw comes into the light. It is pure white with a iridescent sheen to the scales. That is not ice blue! I have a white dragon?

I call to it like an idiot "Here dragon dragon dragon..."

A face comes to look at mine "my name is still Kiana."

Oh yeah sorry duh me. I step aside and let her come forward, and can soon hear gasps coming from everywhere. I look around as I see Tara transport in front of me holding the egg.

"Look at your pretty mama! Isn't she amazing! Oh I can't wait for you to hatch!"

"Tara what are you doing? Get that egg back safe please!" Lewis hissed out.

"I'm going, I'm going! We are on a field trip! My goodness little one your daddy is testy today! Maybe he needs to get some or something!"


"Alright, alright I'm going!"

I see her disappear again and I look at Lewis then down at myself turning around to see my body. I just can't believe it! I'm a freaking dragon. I start to hear men yelling and get snapped from my thoughts when I see men unloading out of suvs with guns drawn at me. In an instant I hear Nick yelling and Lewis shifting to stand in front of me breathing out fire as a warning.

I hide behind him when I hear other growls and see Jenna and her mate Andrew shift. All the men stop in their tracks and lower their weapons at Nick's direction. We all quickly shift back when they all just stare in disbelief. I look down and realize that we are all naked. Now I am really hiding with Jenna behind the guys as we hear some guy yelling.

"Nick when the hell were you going to let me know about this shit! Fucking dragons! Jenna is a fucking dragon now! How the hell did that happen?" Tony yelled.

"Long long story! So surprise! Besides we have bigger stuff to worry about. Let's get you filled in on what has gone down in the last 24 hours!"

I watch as they take off and just stand shuffling my feet while looking at the ground.

"Do want to go back to your egg? Jenna asked.

I wiped a rogue tear and nodded and soon we were back in the bunker. We threw on some shirts and I ran over snuggling around my egg. I feel someone start to lay down with me and can smell that it's Lewis. I can't believe we have our own little family. I wonder what color scales the baby will have? What color eyes? Oh will they be big like us or start out tiny? They must be tiny right to fit in the egg?


Jenna pov

I see those two snuggling with their egg and can't help but feel a little bit jealous. I must have been giving a look because the next thing I see is forest. I look around quickly and look at Andrew.

"Soon we will have our own egg to snuggle with." He said.

"Was it that obvious? I think I am still in shock over how quickly stuff is moving along. You seemingly come out of nowhere. Then I find out your my mate, then your a dragon which has now changed me to a dragon. All for just this battle? I don't understand why have all this happen for just this battle?"

"Maybe there is something else besides this?"

"There actually is something more than just this!" Aster butted in.

"Aster! I have never heard of or seen any dragons before so why us. Why are we dragons?"

"Once this is done, you will find out. You hearts will know where to go! I cannot go into more detail about it."

I stare wide eyed as he disappears. I look at Andrew and when I grab his hand a surge goes through my body and I see flashes of images of more dragons when they disappear and I collapse to the ground. I feel myself being picked up and soon hear my moms voice next to me. I just stare blankly at her as she talks to me trying to get info. I can feel myself in a daze when my eyes close and I see a scene unfold before me. Like I am a fly on the wall watching in astonishment.

I look around and see many many more dragons all huddled together scared. I can see humans in cages being injected with something to turn them to their dragon. When I see them try to defend themselves my heart breaks because they are unable to. The women are being dragged off and chained to the floor. While the males are chained to the walls. I hear a scream and see a dragon lay an egg and it's quickly dragged away while she thrashes around. Within minutes she is bloody from fighting as the male struggles against the wall trying to free himself.

I sit up gasping for air in a panic looking wide eyed at Andrew when I look over to Ailana with their egg. I just cover my mouth while sobs rack through my body when I get shaken out of the haze by my mom. I grab her hand and show her what I saw, and how the scene unfolded. She gasps and looks directly at Ailana.

"We will find them Jenna and free them but first lets deal with the first problem!"
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