The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Gotta run

Ch 2

Kyle pov

The days seem to drag on and no disturbances that I have heard of. Sly is going crazy in my head while I just look the windows. I do my patrols every morning on the east side hoping I smell her. Hoping for a scent but I get nothing. I know she is out there somewhere.

Tonight is the unmated party and since I am next in line it is mandatory that I attend. I hope beyond hope she attends tonight. Until the party though I decide to rest and hopes she comes to me again. She hasn't the last few nights and Sly has been going insane. I lie down just thinking about my little mate and before I know it I am back in the forest again.

Goddess please come to me! I can't take this not knowing what is going on. I keep looking around and nothing. I just sit down and place my hands in my lap and look down. I just want to see her again. Smell her scent. Touch her skin. I just stare when a tiny hand appears in my view. I look up and quickly stand up scooping up my mate. I bury my face into her neck inhaling her delicious scent and don't want to ever let go.

I set her down placing my forehead against hers just soaking in the moment as much as I can. I open my eyes to look at hers and can see she is nervous. We hear a snap of a twig and she panics.

"I don't have much time, in 3 days I will make a run for it! I will run straight for the East side. If they catch up to me they will hurt me. Please get me out before it happens!"

"I promise! I will head that way in the morning and wait! I don't even know your name!"

"Eurydice. That is my name. Now I must go!"

She smiles and quickly shifts running off again, and just like that she is gone. Sly is content for the time being knowing in three days she will be ours! She will bear my mark and I dare anyone to come for her! I will destroy them and make them meet their maker! Scary I know since she hangs out here at the palace all the time. I can't help but chuckle as I wake up sitting straight up in my bed. Shit the party! I have ten minutes to get into place!

I quickly run through the palace to the banquet room as everyone is staring at me. I have a hand grab me and turn to see my mom.

"You saw her again! What did she say?"

"In three days she will make a run for me to the East border! We will have to be ready for when she comes. If they catch her they will hurt her!"

"Who is they?"

"I don't know! But her name is Eurydice!"

"Her name! It means 'bringer of justice' oh my Kyle what are we going to face."

"I don't know mom, but if anything happens to her!"

"We will get her Kyle! That I promise! In three days time we will be ready. Have Jenna go with you she can easily teleport."

"Mom she already follows me all the time!"

"I sure do! Mainly just to watch, but sometimes toss a stick at him!" Jenna announces.

"Jenna! You know how important patrols are! Now we have a bigger issue getting Kyle's mate! We will discuss that later! Right now we have an event. Everyone take their places, and open the doors!"

I walk up to my spot next to my dad and mom when the doors open and people start filing in. I watch as hundreds of people file in and I can't find her anywhere. I had hoped she would be here. That maybe she could get away for just the night. Once everyone is in I start making my rounds to welcome everyone but first I hit the bar for a beer. Does my mom approve of me drinking no, but will it last me all evening yes. Besides it would take a lot to make me incoherent.

As I grab the beer I take a big swig and swallow hard. I just need to make it through the next few days. I may be a wreck by the end of it but I have to! I turn to start walking around and get bombarded by single females. Even though they know they aren't my given mate everyone hopes I would take a chosen mate. Except now I know who my mate is and there's no way I am taking a chosen one. Eurydice is mine and only mine. I will tear this kingdom apart if I have to just to find her.

"Sorry ladies I am not interested in a chosen mate."

The sad faces that all drop and turn away. I look over the crowd and see mates coming together and running off, and I am truly happy for them. Soon I will have mine and she will stand by me as we rule the kingdom together. I start to walk around when I smell it. The sweet citrus and chocolate. Sly is going insane bouncing up and down howling in my mind.

I look to see where my dad and mom are and as I catch their glances they know something isn't right. They come over quickly pushing through the crowds.

"Kyle what's wrong?"

"I smell her scent! She's here somewhere!"

I start walking around with my parents on my tail following it, and it leads me outside the hall. I see a group of wolves that are standing around laughing and drinking. Looks like some have found mates here, but where the fuck is mine! Her scent leads straight to them and by their size I can tell they are warriors from a neighboring pack. Their warriors are known for being assholes, and their pack was put on notice a few months ago for going and destroying a neighbor pack. They said there were no survivors. Oh but I think there was one survivor, and they have her. When I approach all laughing stops and they all stare.

"Where the fuck is she!" I growl out as the ground rumbles.

They all look at each other in confusion trying to understand who I am talking about.

"Who are you talking about Prince Kyle?" Justin asked.

I walk up getting right in front of him looking down. The anger rolling off of me is making his little mate squirm to try and get away.

"Oh I think you know exactly who I am talking about! I smell my mate all over you little fuckers! So I suggest you get your Alpha here within the next few minutes if you would like to live!"

Justin nods and I watch his eyes cloud over no doubt linking his Alpha to hurry over. I know he is somewhere at the party so it should only take a few minutes. I look over to the others and see they have pushed their mates behind them. I look back at Justin and he still has his arm around his. I look over to his mate and give a smirk.

"What is your name?"


"Well Amanda when presented with danger your mate here still has his arm around you while all the others have pushed theirs behind them to protect them. Yet yours hasn't isn't that a shame!"

"Prince Kyle, King Nick, Queen Tara how can I help you?" Alpha Kane says while he comes running up.

"Seems here your warriors have my mates scent all over them but are playing dumb."

"These warriors just guard our prisoners. Except we don't have any female prisoners."

"Oh I think you do, and you know you do! I will be out for patrols in the morning and we will be going over to inspect myself with the King! You will stay under our guard until such time! Until then you will understand if you contact the pack or any harm comes to my mate I will kill all of you personally!"

They all nod and I turn on my heels going back to the palace. I need to get away from them.

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