The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Round 3

Ch 20

Killian pov

Right as Tara is done speaking we hear the alarms start wailing outside. I scream through the mind link for everyone to get in their places. We all leave Tara with the egg as the guards lock her up in the bunker. We tell Jenna, Andrew, Ailana, and Lewis to stay behind till we give the cue for them to apprar. I go running up to the main level of the palace and when I run out I come to a complete halt watching chaos unfolding before us in the forest. I feel Tara tap into my view and can feel the anger flowing out of her.

Tony is screaming at his men who are shooting and going through their ammo with having no effect. We see our wolves have shifted trying to hold off the slowly advancing army, but they can't hold them back. Tony's men are slowly walking back as the fire at the soldiers and they are having a hard time keeping them back also. How is this even possible? They have silver bullets!

We see soldiers falling down onto the ground from being shot and getting right back up to stand in line and keep advancing. Kyle runs up to me with Tony asking what should we do? Tony's men are running out of ammo, and they are still walking towards us.

"Everyone stop! Fall back and surround the palace!"

I watch all the guards fall back taking defensive positions surrounding the palace praying that they fall for this. I need them to think we have nothing to battle against them with. I see her parents with Nikki and Darren make their way to the front of the army laughing. No doubt they think we are helpless but little do they know.

"So what is it Nick? Do I finally get my Queen or do we just storm through killing everyone in our way?"

"You won't have her! EVER!"

"You see Nick, that isn't the answer that I want. Now I can have Nikki here teleport to her and get her, or you can hand her over."

"I will never hand her over to you!"

I see Nikki disappear and within moments reappear empty handed. I just smirk to myself. Did she really think Tara was just going to stay in one spot? Tara links me that she has moved to our bedroom with guards .

"Where is she Nikki?"

"She wasn't in the bunker! I don't know where she went to!"

I mind link for everyone but Andrew to come because I have a plan. Darren doesn't know Jenna is mated or that she is a dragon. Or that Andrew can teleport either. I smile laughing at my idea which sets Darren off, and you can tell he is clearly pissed. I smile when the three show up, and when Jenna disappears and appears next to Nikki. Nikki reacts and disappears. Jenna looks up the moment Darren runs straight at her. She quickly disappears and then reappears next to me.

"Did you really think we are that fucking stupid? That we wouldn't be prepared?"

I watch while Nikki reappears next to Darren laughing when Andrew appears next to her yanking the necklace off and disappearing.

"No! Shit he got the necklace!"

I get confirmation from Tara that Andrew has arrived with the necklace and she has it. Perfect! She is leaving the egg in the bunker with Jovia and Aster to make an appearance.

"Where is he Nick!"

"Oh my son in law? He will be back soon don't worry!"

In a split second Tara and Andrew reappear with the necklace in her hands when I see everyone react. Jenna and Andrew go to one side of the army while Ailana and Lewis go to the other. They all smile and soon strip shifting to their dragons when growling erupts through the air. Tara holds up the pendant in her hand when she crushes it to a million pieces. We see their army fall behind them and soon the four start looking around in a panic.

"See a lot of things have changed around here! You always seem to think you have the upper hand but you don't! You always think you will win, but you never will."

I see as he bolts straight for me and I take off running towards him. We clash with fists flying in the middle of the field while everyone is watching. I wait till just the right time when I jump on his back getting him in a headlock. He struggles to breath against my arm when I lean over and whisper in his ear holding him to look at Tara

"You will never have Tara! Not then, not now, and not ever! She is my mate chosen for me! You will never see us again! Where you're going only Hades will know!"

I nod to Tara which puts her hand up freezing him in place. I move around to the front of him and stare down at him.

"I would kill you myself, but I want to see what my little girl to have some fun!"

I slowly back up to where Tara is standing when she lets him up just to move him over to where the others are. The dragons start to circle them when I give out the order.

"Roast them!"

All four breath in deep letting flames fly and soon we can hear screaming echoing all around. After a few minutes the screaming stops and the dragons let up on the fire breath while we just watch them continue to burn. I see the four shift back walking up to me with Ailana and Lewis asking if they can go to their egg. I nod ok since Jenna and Andrew are staying. Jenna teleports them and comes back with Aster and Jovia.

They walk over to the burning bodies and I see a very large man appear dressed all in black. He looks over at me and has jet black eyes and features. He nods and soon disappears with the bodies. I look towards them in confusion when they smile back at me.

"Don't worry they bodies will be going under lock and key in their own cell so they cannot get back out."

When they disappear I look around and think is that it? Can this shit finally be done? Then I see Jenna, and think oh no the dragons!

"Hey Tony! Want to go rescue some dragons?"

"Now Nick! Have we ever backed down from a fight?"

I hear guns reload and think oh yes we will be on our way shortly! "Jenna and Andrew where are we supposed to go?"

Jenna and Andrew just look to the south and know we will need lots of cars! Now what to do with the egg while we are on this little adventure. Looks like Tara will have to babysit for a while!

"Oh no I am going with you guys! Don't even think for one second I am staying here!"

"Well then who is going to watch the egg?"

"I can! Besides it will give us practice for our own!" Jovia chimed in.

We all stare at her including Aster.

"Alright then! Off to the next adventure!"


A/N .... don't worry everyone! There will be a book 4 Jenna's story that will pick up their next adventure! So take a moment to breath and relax and lower the pitchforks.... the teaser will be us soon!
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