The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Change of plans

Ch 3

Kyle pov

I need a break from this and head straight to my room. I set my beer on my table and lay down on my bed. Goddess please I need to see her! I need to make sure she is ok! Before long I wake up in the forest and call for her.

"Eurydice! Please come to me mate!"

I hear shuffling of feet and see her slowly come into view shifting to her human form. I stride over picking her up and burying my face in her neck. She giggles squirming but I hold her tight.

"Mate please tell me that this is real even though I know it's my dream. Does anything that happens in the dream really take place?"

"Not really. It is just a dream. It feels real but nothing is permanent to carry over to the outside of the dream."

"Why are you scared of me outside of here?"

"You're the Alpha King's son! I know you are my mate, but I am just a small she wolf."

"You are my mate! I do not care where you come from, what your size is. You are mine!"

Right as she is about to object. I lean back looking at her and crash my lips to hers. They are so soft I get lost in the feeling and I slowly kneel down and lay her on her back on the forest floor. I pull back looking at her and my whole body towers over her little frame. She looks up smiling as I nestle myself in between her legs. I push my hard erection into her thigh and she can't help but moan as her arousal starts to permeates the air.

I slowly kiss her lips and move down her neck. She turns her head giving me more access and I cant help but scrape my canines against her skin. She arches into me and my erection twitches in my pants wanting to be let out. I trail kisses moving down to her breasts and split my attention between both making her arch even more as I tease her nipples. Goddess I cannot wait till I have her in my arms to give her body proper attention.

I move down her stomach and by the time I nestle myself at her core she is dripping wet for me. I grab her hips and lick across her core entrance up to her clit sucking it in and nibbling as she arches off the ground. Goddess her body is divine and she tastes even better. I continue my assault on her clit and love watching her react to my teasing. I soon enter a finger into her core and she arched her back gripping hard and coming unglued. Her body shakes from her orgasm raging through, and I can't help but smile.

"Kyle please!"

I rock back on my heels stripping off my shirt, and reach for my pants.

"Eurydice, tell me what you want?"

"You Kyle! I want you inside me!"

I stand up undoing my pants and shove my pants and boxers down stepping out of them. I see her look at my hardened cock when I see her tongue slowly go over her lips wetting them and my cock can't help but twitch. I kneel back down stroking myself positioning my cock at her entrance.

"I know it's probably your first time so I want to be gentle and not hurt you!"

She nods and as I slowly push myself in she starts arching her back trying to get away. I quickly wrap my arm around her waist pulling her up to my chest wrapping her legs around my waist. She is trembling in my arms, and I cant help but feel scared for her. Im no small wolf and here she is so tiny I can only imagine the hesitation. Except we are mates and in being mates she should be fine right?

"I will go slow I promise! At any time it's too much just let me know and we can stop!"

She nods as I reach around behind her to reposition myself again. I set myself at her entrance and start to enter her as she tenses up. I look at her and start kissing her neck and her lips trying to get her to relax. After a few minutes she starts to relax so I slowly move inside her core letting her take the lead. She slowly moves herself further and further down as she throws her head back moaning. Every time she moans my dick twitches inside her making me smile and Sly howl.

She has me wrapped around her little finger and she has no fucking clue. Within minutes I am sitting at her barrier and I start to panic! She smiles and says "It's just a dream nothing transfers outside the dream." I just nod and she lifts her self up slamming back down sending me through her barrier. I am now completely inside her down to my base and I think we are both a little shocked. But after all she is my mate, and she was made just for me.

I look at her face and when she nods I wrap my arms around her holding her to my chest as I just pound in and out fast and hard. She bounces against me and before long we both go over our edges and I spill my seed deep inside her. I just watch her laying against my chest as tears fall down her face onto me.

"Why are you crying my little mate?"

"What happens if you wake up and decide you don't want me and reject me?"

I lean her back so she can face me. I see her look up at me, and my heart breaks. How could she even think I would reject her! She is my mate in every way.

"You are my mate Eurydice! I would never reject you!"

"But I am just a small wolf, I...."

I cut her off growling out loud that the ground beneath us shakes. She trembles in my arms as I snake my hand into her hair gripping it hard holding her face right in front of mine.

"You are mine! MINE! Don't you ever think anything else! You are my mate and will become Queen! We will deal with all those that have hurt you accordingly! I guarantee that!"

She nods as she bares her neck to me. I look confused when she smiles back.

"Remember nothing carries over so if you want to mark me for practice."

I smile as I bury my face in her neck finding her sweet spot as I sink my teeth in. Goddess I cannot wait to take her and make her mine for real! The feeling of her skin against mine is beyond anything. I retract my canines licking her neck and stare at her.

"I have to go now Kyle. I will see you in three days."

"We are coming to the pack tomorrow to search for you in the morning! We know who has you! They came tonight to the mating event with your scent on them."

I watch her face go from happy to terrified as she scrambles away mumbling.

"Eurydice what's wrong?"

"They will find a way to get to me! They kept me alive as a toy to play with. Now that they know what I am to you they will surely kill me!"

"Then run tomorrow! I will be at the border! Run to me Eurydice!"

"I will try!"

With that she was running off into the forest her scent gone. I just growl out loud shaking the ground when I feel something slap my face. I open my eyes and see my dad and mom staring at me concerned. I sit up and thank the goddess I am still dressed in the real world. That could of been a little awkward.

"She warned me! If they get to her they will kill her. Now that they know what she is to me!"

I look at the clock and it's almost six in the morning. As we sit there we get a mind link that Alpha Kane's warriors are gone! They slipped out somehow and made it out of the palace. Shit!
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