The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Almost there

Ch 4

Eurydice pov

I quickly come back to my body just as the sun starts rising. I wish I could of spent more time as my body aches to be near his. I haven't been held and comforted by anyone since I was taken as the Alpha's prize. I remember talking to my mom at dinner when our alarms started going off. We could hear warriors yelling through the mind link that we were under attack and to get into a safe place.

My mom grabbed me and before we made it to the safe room I was grabbed by my hair feeling a prick in my neck as my mother was yanked away from me. I will never forget his stench as he pressed me up against his body letting me feel his erection against my backside. He gripped my hair with one hand and had the other arm around my waist holding me firmly in place breathing down my neck. I watch as their Alpha grabbed my dad by his hair injecting him in his neck with something and holding a knife to his throat making him kneel down.

We were forced to watch as warrior after warrior raped my mother in front of us. Hearing her pleas to do it elsewhere and not in front of us were ignored. My dad dying inside knowing he couldn't protect her or me because of what they had given him. We were forced to watch for over an hour when their brutality
finally ended by the last soldier cutting off my mother's head spraying her blood onto us. They then forced me to watch as they beheaded my father letting his body fall and tossing his blood onto me.

The Alpha came over to where I was being help and licked the blood on the side of my face. My stomach turned as I tried to turn my face away. He gripped my chin turning my head so I could stare at him.

"You will understand what it means to be my whore. I don't give a shit about my mate since she can't provide pups. So I will find someone worthy of my seed to provide me pups. Since you are the only child to two Alpha's that blood runs deep and since you are female and of breeding age you will be bred by me to bear my pups."

"Like hell I will!" I spat back spitting in his face.

I feel a sharp sting on my cheek as my head gets whipped to the side.

"Well then you will just sit in our dungeon and be a little play toy for our rogues until you come to your senses!"

I feel his hand snake around the back of my head grabbing my hair taking me from the warrior as everyone moves outside. He spins me around slamming me against the wall hard making me cry as my face comes in contact with the wall. I wince at the pain when the Alpha pushes his body against mine. I can feel his erection at my backside when he grabs my clothes with his hands ripping them off. I try to cover myself which get his body slammed against mine knocking the wind from my lungs. I start coughing trying to get air back in my lungs but it's hard with him putting so much pressure.

I feel him start to undo his pants and fell his cock start rubbing against my ass and then in between my thighs. Right as he is about to push himself inside of me he lets out a growl and slams me against the wall again causing me to fall to the ground gasping for air. I hear him quickly pulling his pants up and back on. He reaches down grabbing my hair again and starts dragging me out of the pack house. As he stands me up he makes me walk in front of him. He reaches up grabbing my face, and he forces me to look around. I see warriors, men, women, and even the pups slained everywhere. Bodies are laying everywhere as houses are being burned down.

While I am get dragged I hear my name being yelled out and a pup comes running for me. I scream for him to run away and before he can turn he is grabbed by one of their warriors snapping his neck. I scream out as my onees start to buckle under me which gets me a slap upside my face to 'shut the fuck up!' Goddess please let someone survive. I can't imagine this would even be allowed to happen.

Once we have left the territory we came straight here and I was thrown in the cell. I have been here for months I think because I still refuse to bear pups for the Alpha. I even heard them whispering that he ended up killing his mate due to her not being able to produce pups.

I am quickly brought back to reality when I hear commotion going on above the cells and wonder what is happening. I shake nervously praying I get a chance to run. I need to run to the West as fast as I can. I start trying to get Lita my wolf on board but she is scared.

Every time they take me out they bring some rogues out to play a game of cat and mouse. I don't make it too far as I don't know where to run. Now I know straight to the west side as fast as I can. I have to make it. I can hear locks opening up and soon their stench drifts down the stairs. The warriors somehow got back here and no doubt I will get it as I am sure they know.

Justin comes to my door with his friends and he whips open my door stomping inside. I scramble to the corner and cower in fear when I feel him wrap my hair around his hand yanking me to my feet. His hand grips my chin hard with his finger digging into my cheeks. I whimper at the pain and tears fall. I just want to be out of here, and be with my mate.

"So you're the Prince's little whore mate. Well now isn't that something. Luckily we got here before he makes it. When he shows up all he will find is your fucking pathetic little body. Before that happens though we are gonna have a little fun with you first."

He grabs me by the hair dragging me up to the surface and I can hear them bringing rogues up behind me. As we go through the main doors and walk outside he pushes me up against the wall of the dungeon. He kicks my legs apart positioning his leg in between so I cannot close them. I can feel him fidgeting with his pants and before I know I can feel his cock rubbing in between my legs. I try to squirm but he puts all his weight against me.

"You are such a piece of shit whore. Wont even let me get my jollies in before you die! Don't worry I am not going to rape you but you will let me stroke my self with you!"

I squeeze my eyes closed and before long I hear his final grunts and feel his seed spray onto my back. I cringe internally and my stomach turns. I feel him back away as someone else pushes themselves against me. I just take myself somewhere else and before long I feel what would be the last soldier stepping away as I am dragged away from the building.

I feel all their seed dripping down my back as I am struggling to walk and keep up with his strides. We come to a clearing and I am tossed on the gound while Justin just laughs. I look up and see seven soldiers in total standing around staring at me with dark eyes.

"You will have a thirty minute head start whore! After that the rogues will be let loose to hunt you! Whoever gets you will get to fuck you and then kill you!"

I stare wide eyed as he tosses his head back laughing, and I quickly scramble away. Running to the west as fast as I can. Shifting to my wolf she runs as hard as she can because our life literally depends on it! We run for what seems forever when I hear a howl echo through the air. Shit the rogues have been let loose. Lita pushes as hard as she can going West. After about 20 minutes I can hear the pounding of their paws closing in and start panicking.

I just have to get close he knows I am coming! It's still a little early but they will find me right! Goddess please I am trying to run as fast as I can. Right as I am about to leap over a branch my feet get knocked out from under me, and I go tumbling across the forest floor. I shift to my human form as the three rogues shift to theirs. The men all circle me taking swipes as they catch me with their nails making little cuts.

As I turn to look at one another pounces on me and the other two quickly help to hold me down. The first one grabs me by the throat trying to spread my legs open when I manage to get out a scream. Then it was darkness everywhere.
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