The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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The truth

Ch 5

Kyle pov

We slowly make our way when we get a mind link that rogues scents are to the East. The guards can't see them yet but can smell them. We go racing over and soon we pick up the scent to, but I smell something else. The Citrus and chocolate. My wolf Sly starts bouncing around yelling 'Mate! Mate!' We walk to the border but her scent is beyond our border! She never made it here, but she is close!

I quickly mind link my dad and mom about the situation. They are on their way but will take too long!

I turn around screaming into the air! "Jenna!"

"What's wrong?"

"My mate is somewhere off the border! I smell her!"

Soon we hear snarling and screaming, and I look at Jenna pleading with her. She smiles and disappears. Minutes go by when I hear Jenna behind me. The smell now is overpowering when I turn around and see a tiny little white wolf covered in blood. I just stare at her running because I have to be next to her. I kneel down as my mom and dad appear running over also. They quickly teleport us all to the medical ward where the doc starts working quickly.

She is still alive but barely I think. Sly is freaking out bouncing off the walls in my mind. I see the doctor and nurses working quickly to clean her wounds, but it's just not fast enough! The doctor walks over saying "It looks worse than it is. She was attacked, but more like they were using her as a chew toy. There are some cuts we will not need stitches as they are already healing well.

I hear a cough and rush past him over to my mate. I bury my face in her neck breathing in her delicious scent which gets a little giggle in return. I lean back when I see the blood drain from her face. Tears start falling down her face as she shakes her head no. Sly is freaking out right about now! 'What's wrong with mate? What did you do?' I don't know what is wrong! I try and read her face to give me some kind of clue.

'You're... you're really the Alpha King's son! You don't want me for a mate! I'm a small she wolf, I'm no one. I don't even have a pack anymore. The rogues killed my pack and took me as a trophy."

I lean my forehead to hers. "I don't care who or where you came from! You are mine! I already told you this!"

"But you don't."

I growl out so loud the whole room shakes! "YOU ARE MINE!"

She trembles nodding tilting her head to the side baring her neck. I slowly place kisses down her neck until I hit her sweet spot making a shiver go down her spine. That's when I sink my teeth in hard making her moan next to my ear. I feel the rush between us and the bond tightening when I retract my canines licking her neck. I stare at her eyes as I turn my head baring my neck.

She slowly gets to her knees so she can reach my neck when she starts kissing down it. When she hits my sweet spot I growl deep making a shiver go down her spine again. She quickly sinks her little canines in marking my neck then licking it closed. I smile as I stare at my little mate. She must be four foot six inches if that and maybe 100 pounds wet. The doctor says she should be ok to go, and I quickly pick her up taking her outside.

When we all make it outside we want to see her shift. She tosses off the gown and shifts to a little white wolf. She has got to be the tiniest little she wolf ever. She barely comes up to my waist. I just pet her as she tilts her head towards me mind linking if I'm going to shift also.

I back up stripping and when I shift she automatically cowers on the ground covering her eyes. I walk over and step over her so we face the same way but she is in between my legs. I nudge her with my snout and she looks up standing up and she literally fits right under my body. My mom squeals covering her mouth.

"Oh my goddess look at them! Nick that's so cute! She can hide under Kyle if she gets scared!"

I look down as she looks back up at me. Oh yes this is my little mate, and no one will ever come close to her again!

I hear from the border patrol to the East that the rogues are searching for the wolf, but haven't come onto the territory. I tell them just watch them, and if they come to the border kill them all. I take my mate to my room quickly taking her into the bathroom and drawing a bath.

I quickly strip my clothes picking her up and climbing into the tub. As I sit down with her on my lap I finally get a whiff and smell all of these male scents all over her. How did I fucking miss this and not smell it earlier? Sly is becoming unglued and she must have sensed the thoughts racing through my head, when she places a hand on my chest.

"Kyle I did not do anything. I just want to wash off their scents off of mr, and I will show you and your father what happened. From my pack to when I was rescued. It will be hard to watch but that Alpha has to be stopped with his pack."

I nodded and got the body wash and slowly washed her body. I feel absolutely disgusted about what I know is on her body but I need to take her word for it. My dad always said to get both sides of the story and only then make a judgement. I finish washing her hair and getting her out of the tub when I mind link my dad and mom that they need to come up. I pick her up taking her to the closet shitting the door behind us and throw on some shorts while handing her a shirt to put on. It comes down to her calves and I can't help but smile because she looks so damn cute.

My parents knock and come in as we all sit on the floor. I see her walk around getting trash cans setting them by everyone. We look between ourselves, and back to her confused. She has my mom put her hands on my dads temples as she grabs mine and my dads hands.

"I am sorry about what I am about to show you but you must know that Alpha Kane must be stopped! The trash can are in case you start to vomit after."

Mom and dad nod and in a split second we are thrown back as if we are standing in her old pack house. We see all the events unfold from her parents house to the pup being killed. Then to the dungeon and using her as a chew toy for the rogues. The soldiers using her as a toy and pushing her around. Then as they pulled her out violating her and spilling their seed all over her body. Then to the moment Jenna rescued her. I feel myself visibly shaking with anger seething through my teeth. Sly is fighting to come out and cause destruction. So much destruction to Alpha Kane's pack. He will pay for what he has done, and then some.

We get brought to reality and the acid starts rising and I grab my trash can as my mom and dad grabs theres and the sounds echo through my room. When I am done I grab Eurydice putting her in my lap as she cries. I just bury me head into her neck and hold her. I can hear my mom crawl into my dad lap and we just sit in silence for a while. I can feel her breathing steady and look down finding her fast asleep against my chest.

I look over at my mom and dad and they are still coming to grips with what she shared. My dad is about to say something as we hear through the mind link that Alpha Kane is making a run for it to the border. We tell them to keep him inside the border! I place Eurydice in my bed as she snuggles in having my mom wait with her. My dad and I take off running to the East as fast as we can. This fucker is going to pay for what he did!
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