The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Fueling the fire

Ch 6

Kyle pov

We quickly strip and start running with guards when we hear they have him stopped from crossing but he is running along the border trying to find a way across. We yell for them to hold him in the territory at all costs! We pick up the pace as I sprint ahead as fast as I can. We hear through the mind link fighting and can't seem to fucking get there fast enough!

When I make my way up I see all these wolves fighting that have come across the border. I see my target and head straight for the Alpha. He spots me heading straight for him, and quickly makes a break for it. I go straight at him and before I can get my hands on him they all just disappear while running. Where the hell did they go? We look around and can't see or smell anything.
Where did they all go? My dad runs up as I yell for my grandma.

"Kyle what's wrong?"

"Where did they go? How did they all just disappear?"

"It must have been black magic!"

"What about his pack are they in danger?"

"Kyle I don't know? I mean with having black magic..."

"Is his pack in danger of him?"

She just nods her head as I make a plan with dad.

You need to go and get them out and see how far his magic reaches. Who has been turned and who hasn't! Take mom and Jenna they can teleport who they need to. Go now! Before it's too late!"

He nods running back to the palace and I just stand there looking around. We have some injuries but no deaths. At least not yet, but given what we are dealing with who knows.


"You rang Kyle?"

"Cast a spell to protect the palace grounds from whatever black magic he possibly could have!"

"On it!"

I just run back to the palace irritated that he got away. How did we not feel this or even think something like this could happen? Here we thought his wife died of natural causes. Except apparently that wasn't the case. When I run up throwing on some shorts I see Dad, Mom, and Jenna leaving with the royal armies in suvs and busses. I just pray that we are in time to get everyone out.

I walk inside and see Eurydice standing there in tears. I quickly run up picking her up and bury my face into her neck to calm down. I cannot believe it. How did my little mate survive that horrific situation without giving up. I walk with her upstairs into our room and lay her down on the bed. I see her look at me just watching as I look up and down her body. I slowly lean over and rip off my shirt that she's wearing leaving her naked on my bed. She quickly tries to cover herself when I let out a growl stopping her.

"Don't ever hide yourself from me!"

I strip off my shorts as her eyes go wide looking at my cock standing ready. I slowly crawl on top of her and can feel her start to tremble under me. I just watch her and can see the hesitation in her eyes.

"Eurydice, I want you to be my mate in every way. I will go slow and gentle for as long as you need me to."

I lean back getting into position and can see her folds glisten with her wetness. I position my head at her entrance when she stiffens. I quickly grab her and pull her up in my arms as she shakes uncontrollably. I just stare at her crashing my lips to her getting her to relax instantly. I pull back lookin at her and she nods her head and positions herself and slowly lowers herself. I hit her barrier and before I can say anything she lifts herself up slamming back down.

She throws her head back with a scream and tears start flowing. She buries her face in my chest and I can feel her tears falling down my chest and stomach. I wait till she starts moving herself and she stops taking a moment. I just hold her as I lay down on my back having her sit on top straddling me. She looks down at me confused when I just smirk back.

"You take control and go at whatever speed you want. I want you to be comfortable."

She nods and slowly starts rocking her hips. She goes at a slow speed and it takes every ounce of control not to grab her and start going hard and fast. She seems to be tensing up and I can tell she is about to come unglued. I can't help myself so I just watch her intently, and within minutes she throws her head back letting her orgasm take over shaking her legs. I just watch in awe as she is so fucking gorgeous! She looks back down trying to catch her breath, and has red flushed cheeks. She smiles at me and I just wait to see what she is going to say.

"If you want to go hard into me I should be ok."

Well she didn't have to tell me twice. I quickly picked her up off me and set her down on all fours. I lean over because I know what Sly is going to do, and I beg for him to take it easy. I just don't want to hurt her.

"Is Sly going to pup me or what?"

Well shit I didn't think we were going like that now. I quickly grabbed my shaft slamming my self inside her and she let out a fucking growl. So Sly took it as a challenge and just starts plowing into her getting her to growl more. Did my little tiny mate turn into some sex driven horndog? I can feel Sly and her wolf going back and forth so we finally just say fuck it and let them have at it.

Within minutes Sly wraps my hand around her throat which sends her over the edge again. In turn she sends me over and I can feel her body clamp down as I spill my seed deep inside her. I pull back laying down next to her as she snuggles by my side while we both catch our breaths. We must have fallen asleep because I wake up to a mind link from my dad.

I slowly sit up not to disturb Eurydice when I open the link.

"What's going on?"

"It's not good Kyle!"

"What do you mean?"

"Alpha Kane has already been here! We found some survivors hiding in bunkers, but all the warriors are gone. A lot of women and children were hidden but some were killed by their mates. As were the elders in the pack. We have about 200 survivors between women and children. Any men that didn't go with them were slaughtered."

I stand up letting out the loudest growl shaking the palace. I drop to my knees as I feel my mate come running over crawling in my lap. I just sit and cry as my door flies open and it's my grandma. I set Eurydice down and throw on shorts as I stomp over to her.

"You couldn't fucking stop him? He killed innocent pack members amongst women and children! Even his own soldiers turned on their mates and kids slaughtering them!"

"Kyle if I could have stopped it I couldn't! I know you don't like that answer, but I cannot step in. Everything that happens will fuel the fire within."

"What do you mean everything that happens? That won't be the only thing? And what do you mean fuel the fire within?"

I see her smirk and look over at Eurydice. "Her name means "bringer of justice" there's a reason. She needs to see what is needed to fuel her fire within."

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