The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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A secret

Ch 7

Kyle pov

Grandma grabs us both transporting us to the pack territory. I just stare looking around at the carnage in disbelief. I feel Eurydice pull away walking through everything. The guards have gone through finding those who survived and started gathering the bodies. I see Eurydice start to visibly shake and when I start to move towards her my grandma stops me.

I turn to stare at her when she just smiles nodding. I turn to watch as I have no clue what is happening but something is definitely happening with Eurydice. She slowly looks and starts seething through her teeth. You can visibly see her anger rising as growls slowly start to come out.

"Leave everyone where they are! Do not touch anyone!" She screams.

Everyone stops what they are doing and steps away from the bodies. I see my parents off to the side looking between me and my mate trying to figure out what is going on. We hear Eurydice growls getting louder and deeper. She looks at all the dead bodies strewn around as she slowly walks. She stops dead in her tracks looking down and bends over picking up and infant pup in her arms.

She grabs it to her chest and looks up screaming the most awful sound which makes everyone cover their ears and cower in response. We all kneel down when a sound wave shoots out from her knocking us all over spreading out like a flash then shooting back into her knocking her unsteady on her feet. She looks down and the baby starts moving and crying. We all stop and stare dumbfounded as the bodies start to rise and people start staring at each other.

They start to panic remembering what had just happened when they notice both me and my parents. We all stare as they checked on their loved ones and notice everyone is alive again. I look at my grandma wide eyed when she smiles at me.

"That mate of yours is like no other. She may be small, but she herself is from the God's. She is the bringer of life and death, the bringer of justice. She can reverse death if it wasn't warranted. She can also bring on death when it's warranted. She needs to see the destruction that will be done to justify and warrant the death she will bring upon those who deserve it."

"Holy shit! You knew this!"

"I did but I couldn't get involved. The god's told me what needed to happen to start the sequence of events to start. She will see a lot more destruction happen, and will build the fire within to bring the worst pain that could be brought down upon them."

My dad rounds up everyone to get them onto the buses. We need to get everyone out of here before they come back and see no one here. I see Eurydice hand the baby back over to the mother who is standing there trembling. When she turns to me and can see her eye are red and I just stare in awe. She blinks a few times and they go back to normal. She walks towards me and walks right by me looking at the forest tilting her head.

She looks at me and points to the forest. I walk over and look down at her.

"I have to follow him!"

"Kyle and Eurydice! What are you going to do!" My dad yelled.

"You must let them go! Kane must be stopped! He is leaving a path of destruction that will lead back to here. So you will need to be ready! Remember when I said there will be two sides that come together for a final battle. She will be the bringer of justice, but needs your support and protection along the way Kyle."

I look to my parents as they look at my grandma and nod their heads. My dad reaches in his pocket grabbing keys when his cellphone starts to ring. He looks wide eyed tossing us the keys to an suv.

"Go now! They are attacking Uncle Roan and Aunt Maggie's pack! Go now!"

I grab Eurydice and run jumping in the suv and take off out of the territory heading for The Shadow Wolf pack as fast as we can. The whole time Eurydice is shaking and crying in the passenger seat. She whimpers and when I tried to touch her she growled at me. So I jerked my hand back focusing on driving.

"I can see them, they are so scared! Warriors are falling left and right. All the women are underground and Kane is trying to break in! The women and pups are all crying because no one can save them." She stays quiet for a while when she starts growling louder and louder then silence. She slowly sits up looking at me and her eyes are pure white and after a few blinks they go back to normal. "No one survived. They breeched the underground and killed everyone. Just get me there quickly. Kane has already moved on with his warriors to the next pack. I dunno where though."

I just nod as we are still about an hour away, and cannot imagine what we will see when we get there. The rest of the drive is in silence as we slowly come to the edge of the territory and see bodies laying everywhere. "Take me to the underground bunker."

I drive onto the territory heading toward the pack house where there are even more bodies. I park quickly when we slowly get out making our way up to the pack house. I stop dead in my tracks and just stare when I see Uncle Roan laying there dead next to Ray. Eurydice grabs my hand squeezing it as we walk past them going inside and head downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs we see the underground door breeched and the women and children all slaughtered inside. I see Aunt Maggie with Mabel and Mariah trying to protect the pack members but it didn't help. They did everything they could till the very end.

I watch as Eurydice walks over starting to growl at all the pups that were slaughtered and before long she looks up screaming sending out a shockwave and recoiling it. It knocks her off her feet and I quickly uncover my ears and grab her before she hits the ground. I sit with her laying in my arms when I see Aunt Maggie and everyone starting to wake up. Wounds are healing themselves as women and pups start to move and sit up.

Maggie sits up and sees me and Eurydice and quickly scrambles over to us. She looks in shock trying to comprehend what just happened.

"Kyle what is going on? We were being attacked and we knew it was the end, and now we are back?"

"Aunt Maggie, it's a lot to explain, and we don't have time! Alpha Kane and his men are on the move so we need to keep following."

We hear a rush of footsteps and when I turn I see Uncle Roan and Ray with guards slow down to look at the door and make their way inside. He runs over grabbing Maggie and the girls and looks over to us. I pick up Eurydice and start making my way outside back to the suv. Roan and Maggie follow us and when I set her in the passenger seat she settles in relaxing.

"Uncle Roan and Aunt Maggie get everyone to the palace! You are no longer safe here. My parents will be there getting ready with soldiers for the final battle. Eurydice baby I know your tired but I need to know which way to go next?"

She opens her eyes climbing down from the passenger seat and slowly walks to stand in the middle of the driveway. She extends her arms to the sides as white lights start to appear in her palms. She points to the south and turns to face me with red eyes. I hear gasps from behind me, and she blinks her eyes back to normal. She walks back over and climbs back in and I run to jump in the drivers side and soon we are on the road headed south. We don't have any packs south of here so where could they go?

I quickly call my dad explaining we are headed south and who is south of Uncle Roan.

"Shit! It's Uncle Tona and Aunt Corrin! Let me call Uncle Tony they are visiting them I believe!"

"Ok we are on our way and a few hours behind Kane!"

Goddess we hope we can get there in time!

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