The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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Fair warning

Ch 8

Eurydice pov

Kyle is driving waiting for updates from his dad who is trying to get ahold of the people when I feel a heat come over me. It's starting again and I start shaking. I look at Kyle when his phone rings and he places it on speakerphone.

"Kyle I got ahold of them and they are on the call also! They are scrambling to get everyone out, but they still haven't seen anything."

"He is on the territory Nick somewhere! I feel it!"

"Can you see where Eurydice?" Tona asked

"I can see him by a stream and small rock formation if that helps. He is watching what is going on. There's around fifty of them all ready to attack but just watching at the moment."

"I know where that is we will set up a defense so we can get everyone out!" Tona yells.

The line goes dead and I just stare as my mind is thrusted into watching again. This time I am staring straight at Kane's face. He steps back shocked looking down at me and I tilt my head because he can see me.

"You will fall Kane! It's only a matter of time! I will come for you and when I do you will suffer beyond anything imaginable! Every one of you will suffer!"

I see some of the men look at each other and you can see the questioning gazes between Kane and I. He snickers and shoos me away walking right through me. I stare at the warriors with my red eyes and they start trembling while they stare.

"You have been warned! Every one of you! The God's have spoken and you will suffer greatly for what you have done!"

With that I pull myself back as I feel the heat intensify when I start shaking again uncontrollably. Kyle keeps driving as fast as he can since we are hours away.

"Tell me they will be ok Eurydice! Tell me they make it out!"

I just shake my head no which makes him growl with irritation slamming his hands on the steering wheel. I can feel his anger and I understand it. I don't want anyone to get hurt, but Kane is on a destructive path that is unstoppable.

The phone rings again and it's Nick on the line.

"Kyle I have sent notices out to all packs to abandon their territories and make their way to the palace grounds immediately. Most have started the migration as fast as the packs can move but there are a couple that wouldn't come no matter how much I begged. Alpha Steve and Alpha Mike wouldn't leave, but Alpha Thomas is on his way. How far away are you?"

"A couple hours now, but the fight has already started. We don't know what is happening as Eurydice is being very quiet."

"Ok get there as fast as you can! Afterwards you will probably need to fill up just place it on the card in the glovebox. Call me when you find anything!"

The phone line goes quiet as I start crying I see what he is doing and I feel myself getting sick. He got everyone as they were loading and his men hit the buses as they were trying to leave. The time seems to go by slow and we reach the territory edge seeing the first bus sitting on the side of the road. They seemed to have run off the road no doubt as they were unmanned.

"He and his men are long gone and moved on. Slowly drive up, and I will get out."

The suv is put in park and we both slowly unload when I see Kyle get on his cellphone and can start to feel the fire rising inside. The smell of the blood, and...... and a faint heartbeat. I feel it clinging on for dear life. I run onto the first bus running through but it's not on here. When Kyle walks up the steps I rush by him mumbling and he soon follows. I run over towards the next bus but it gets quieter. So I turn and run back toward the driveway. I keep running by the buses when I feel it getting stronger and stronger.

I grab my chest as I make my way to the last bus thats surrounded by bodies. I quickly run up onto the bus and slowly stumble towards the back of the bus. Kyle is on my heels and soon we find a woman who was huddled over some blankets and I ask Kyle to move her gently. He reaches down slowly moving her so I can kneel down. Under the blankets I see a smaller pup in wolf form looking up at me whimpering.

The poor pup shifted to try and survive as long as they could. No doubt slowing its heart rate to make it sound like it was dying. The poor pup starts whimpering as it struggles to move to me. I try to soothe her by petting her head moving down to her abdominal wound and slowly my hand light up healing the wound. Moments after the pup bounces up licking my face when she looks over to her mom nudging her. She looks back at me and I smile down to her.

"Ready to save everyone?"

She yips back at me when I grab her mom's hand looking up screaming and sending out the pulse wave and recoiling it again. I slump against the seat as everyone starts to heal and wake up. The mother sits up slowly looking at her pup standing there who changes back into her human form. She must be about 12 years old but is very small for her age. I look over at the mom and squeeze her hand. She stares back wide eyed when I let in on a little secret.

"Do you know why your daughter's wolf is white?"

"N-no, but I have a feeling you will tell me?"

"She is very special! Just like me she has been sent down by the God's. She will find a powerful Warrior mate and change the world! Won't you Ailana!"

"How did you know her name?"

"She is the bringer of light! I am the bringer of Justice. I can choose who lives and who dies. She will be the one who helps heal. In fact her mate is sitting at the palace right now. So when you get there she will make a run for him because she knows who he is."

She just looks from me to her daughter who is smiling. Kyle picks me up and carries me through the bus to outside where we run into people he knows.

"Kyle what the hell happened?" Tony and Tona both yelled.

"It's a lot to explain! Just get everyone to the palace as fast as possible! My parents will explain. They are training as we will all be meeting back at Kane's territory! Kyle responded.

They nod and start yelling out orders when his Aunt Corrin comes running up to us. Kyle sets me in the passenger seat when he is grabbed into a big hug.

"Thank you Kyle! We will see you two later now get going!" Corrin said.

He smiles running over to the driver side and backs up turning around to head off the property. He quickly get his dad on the phone to update and so he can listen to me speak.

"Where next Eurydice? Where are they heading?" Kyle asked.

"To the West of here. But far west it's like they are making a loop around to end back at their territory. Except he is in for a surprise!"

"Why is that?"

"Because Alpha Thomas isn't there! They are still a couple hours away though and don't know it yet!"

"The other Alpha's heard about what they have done and have fled to the palace also! So everyone has abandoned their territories. In fact Alpha Steve and Alpha Mike are just reaching our borders. I got to go, and please be safe!"

The line goes quiet and I can't be any happier that the Alpha's listened for once! I smirk as the hours pass by, and I can feel Kane make his way onto Alpha Thomas' territory. I quickly project myself laughing in front of him.

"What do you want? Where is everyone?"

"Long gone and safe! You are too late! We know what you are up to and your reign of terror will soon end Kane! It will end for you and for everyone following you!"

I watch as his eyes turn black towards me and I respond by turning mine red. He walks up standing right in front of me as he studies my face.

"You know You could of been mine, and we would of been a force to reckon with! We could of had everything if you would of just chosen me as a mate! Now when we meet face to face it will be the final fate for one of us. To bad it will be a waste of a gorgeous little wolf, but you know there is still time!"

I watch as he raises his hand up to my face caressing my cheek. I just stare as my red eyes bore into his black ones.

"We can still make a powerful team and make this world ours for the taking."

I just stare as tears start to fall, and my stomach turns.

"I have seen what you have done with your dark power, and I will never be apart of it. You will fall Kane, when we meet again you will fall!"

He smirks when he grabs the back of my head crashing his lips to mine. The heat and pain searing onto my lips is excruciating. I push him off when he puts his finger to his lips smiling at me. I quickly pull myself back to my body and just cry. I yell at Kyle to stop the car and as he pulls over I throw the door open leaning out and start dry heaving. Kyle grabs the keys and runs around asking what's wrong when I just stare at him with tears falling.

"He touched my cheek, and then he kissed me!"

Kyle steps back and just stares at me. I see his jaw clench and relax. He goes to say something but stops as he stares off past me. He looks at me and goes to try again but looks down and walks away. I bury my face in my hands sobbing, because I want him to say something. I watch him stop and just stare into the distance. I know what he must be thinking and I pray he still wants this.

He slowly turns walking back up to me lifting my chin so I look straight at him.

"I don't care! It wasn't your physical body!"

In an instant he lifts me up crashing his lips to mine and drags me into the nearby forest. I feel myself pinned up against a tree as he lifts up the shirt I am still wearing when he undoes his pants freeing his cock and burying deep inside me. He starts pounding out his frustration and before long we are both sent over our edge as we pant trying to catch our breath.

"Eurydice you are mine! Mind, body, and soul. What he does when you are projecting yourself means nothing. That's as close as he will ever get to you!"

He sets me down when he just stares at me smiling.

"We should really get going! We have a psycho Alpha to track down!"
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