The Scarred Alpha - Kyle's Story

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To lose

Ch 9

Eurydice pov

I sense him continuing his march when his frustration seems to be growing. I can't help but laugh, because he cannot find anyone. No packs are around to torture anymore. As he makes his way onto the next pack grounds I can feel the heat rising in him. The anger that is rolling off as they search for anyone. He stands around while his guards search and come back empty handed.

"Come out here you projecting little bitch! Where are you Eurydice?"

I quickly project myself about twenty feet away laughing at him. He turns to me and storms over to where I am standing. I just smirk looking at him when he grabs me by my hair. I just keep smiling as he just looks at my face studying closely.

"How are you doing this! We will soon be back at my pack grounds and you better be there! How did you like my pack? Sad that you had to see all those bodies, but it needed to be done!"

"Why? Why did they all have to die?"

"They were weak! We couldn't have anyone hold us back! We need to be the strongest pack! We could of been unstoppable! We would of made amazing mates!"

"I would have never been your mate! I will see you back on your territory, and I will finish you!"

I quickly pull myself back just as a warmness is filling my heart. I look at Kyle smiling.

"What's going on?"

"Ailana is about to find her mate!"


Ailana pov

We have been riding on this bus all day and as soon as we enter the royal territory my wolf Kiana starts to whine. I look up at my mom and she knows what will happen but probably didn't think it would be this early. I'm only 12 in her eyes, but I am an adult that has been hiding. I have had to be kept a secret because there is a plan that I will be playing a big role in. When the bus comes to a stop I see her standing outside the bus. When it's our turn to get off I walk off first and up to her. She smiles down at me and back up at my mother.

"Ailana you know who you are, and what your job will be in the end. You will need protection and your mate is already here waiting for your arrival. Shall we go to him?"

"Moon Goddess, hi there I'm Sandy the mom, and I am a little confused about everything. She is only 12! How can she be mated already?"

"There will be a great battle and Ailana will have to make a choice. Even though she is 12 she is 12 in your years. In the God's world she is much older. Her choice will be one that will effect everyone here, but only she can make that decision."

I pat my moms arm and soon we are following the Moon Goddess towards the palace. She stops by the training fields when a loud growl erupts through the training grounds. We see warriors start to move around as a mountain of a man comes near staring down at me. He shifts into a large white wolf and my mom gasps stepping back. He quickly shifts back kneeling down in front of me.

"My mate Ailana, my name is Lewis. I pledge my life and loyalty only to you. To protect you with all of my being."

"Lewis, meaning renowned warrior. I know of your battles and your victories. Both in the underground and the realm of the Gods. I accept you as my mate, and know you will do your job."

I walk over finding his most sensitive spot that sends a low growl erupting from his chest. I sink my teeth in deep sending a loud growl that shakes the ground. I retract my canines and lick the wound closed when I step back smiling when he reaches up to touch his neck.

"Ailana I am beyond grateful for your acceptance of me as your mate and protector."

He stands up walking over picking me up nuzzling my neck till he finds the right spot sinking his teeth in. I throw my head back screaming as a white light erupts forcing everyone to cover their eyes. When I open my eyes back up I am thankful I have finally been set free. He closes my wound and sets me back down. I turn to my mom and have no doubt she is probably freaking out.

"How? You're so much bigger and older now!"

"We had to hide her in a child's body. If we didn't she would have been hunted every day, and we couldn't risk it. She had to survive till now since she will be needed." The Moon Goddess explained.

I look at my mate who quickly picks me up throwing me over his shoulder running to the forest. I giggle laughing as he runs deep into the forest coming to a small river. I feel myself being laid down on the ground as he hovers over me. I stare up at him as he just watches me. He nuzzles my neck making quick work of our clothes when I feel him quickly enter me. My eyes roll back as he feverishly and quickly brings us to our edges and sends us over panting as we catch our breathes.

"We have completed the bond which is perfect as there isn't much time between us left. I have always known what my life would be and how it will end. I have waited for you knowing how important you were."

"Wait a minute! What are you talking about?"

I quickly scramble away as he sits back on his heels staring at me confused.

"What do you mean Ailana? Surely you know the plan? You are the bringer of light. A new beginning. You will have to make a choice, but when the choice is made I will not be a part of it. My job is to protect you from dying. My job will be fulfilled and you will carry on."

"What do you mean you waited for me? I finally get you and I am going to loose you? NO! I can't let it happen!"

I squeal as I am quickly picked up to be at eye level with Lewis. Tears start to fall as I just met him, marked him, and soon I will lose him?

"Ailana, I have never been with anyone. I was told from the beginning and trained knowing I would protect my mate, the bringer of light. I was raised knowing I would sacrifice my life to save yours. I have always known this! I am at peace with it, please understand!"

"NO! I will not accept this! I will not let you go!"

"Ailana you have to! You will have to make a decision. One that either allows everyone to live, or is the end of everyone. Either way I will not survive."

I stare at him hoping I would see even an ounce of a lie. I turn running back towards the palace with him on my heels and go straight to the Moon Goddess. I search around and I finally find her when I go running up in a frantic state.

"Ailana sweetie what's wrong?"

"I get a mate and then he dies? What kind of fairytale shit is this?"

She looks at me as confused as I am. She turns and stares at Lewis who is slowly walking up behind me.

"Lewis what is she talking about? I wasn't made aware of such a deal?"

"I don't know? I was just raised saying this is my duty, this will be the outcome."

I stare at the ground as everyone starts chiming in, and my head starts to throb. I am trying to wrap my head around everything but my thoughts are quickly interrupted by Eurydice.

'Kane is on the move to his territory! Get everyone together!'

I look up at King Nick "Kane is headed to his territory! Eurydice says nows the time!"

I see Nick growl out and warriors start loading suvs as women and children run for the palace. I feel a hand grab my elbow and I pull away. I turn and see Lewis kneeling next to me bowing his head.

"Stay away from me! My heart is already breaking! You marked me, mated me, all knowing that I will lose you!"
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