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The Don's Doc

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He is a mafia don she is a doctor. He is ruthless, and she? A innocent soul,who tries to save and safe everyone. Everyone has their own inner demons. And we all need a sholder to which we can lean our weight and fight against the demons. We all have demons, is it a powerful mafia man or a simple doctor. I, Jasmine Junaid,and now you are going to know my story.and also his,who is feared by everyone but tries to make me feel whole while battling his own wars. "I owe you, now tell me what can I do for you",he says to me while look into my eyes and sends a shiver down my spine. " Change for me,stop the destructions, come to me". "I can't, and you know me better." " Why all of these killings? Is not there any options?" " No, there's none. Because where I belong, killing is the only weapon of survival." He , Aman, the world knows him as "The Don". what happened when their worlds collided?is life and death can be mixed together? Or it ruins both of them? wanna know? then read it.

Romance / Action
Bithi khanam
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The Don's Doc

Ch. 1. The Beginning (part 1)

Jasmine's POV

"Cuu, Cuu, Cuu,Cuu......"

The 'hell- bell' sings and I groans against my pillow in frustration. But even after two freaking minutes the damn thing don't Stop.

"Ahh! It's already 7 a.m! The sun is also arise! why? Why can't night for 15 or 16 hours? Then it will be so great, I hate wake up in the morning..... I was just started dreaming...."I murmured with pouted face and closed eyes, after some seconds I open my eyes with burning rage and look at the 'hell-bell' or my alarm.

Suddenly I hear loud laughing and look back and see Liza, my friend cum assistant laughing at my face like a maniac and clutches her abdomen with both hands.

"Oh my God! Jas, I never knew you are this type of funny." She says and I raises the alarm and threw it towards her.

"Hey watch it!" She said with fake anger.

" Who set their alarm ringtone to a bird voice?"

" Why?" I frowned. " What's wrong with it?"

"I am going to sleep." I says and fell in the bed with face down.

"Oh really! and what about the clinic? We have to go to there at 9 a.m.." She said and I awakened fully. "Shit! I am going to be late."

"Yes that you are." She tells and I begin dancing and jumping around the room.

At 8:45 a.m. we are ready and I start my black scooty for the clinic. It only 20 minutes away from my home. Oh! forget to tell, I live in Dheradun. After reaching the clinic, start the normal routine of checking on patients who came to me. The clinic is my mother's who was also a doctor and for her memory I don't do any job in hospital. The clinic is enough for me. Liza is my assistant and also a nurse. She live's near my house.

I am 22 years old and I become doctor recently. I had a Happy family but three years ago and accident changes everything.

I become 18 three months ago and dad gifted me a Scorpio car. Today I am going to drive for the first time with my parents. After 30 minutes of Great driving suddenly a truck driver got disbalanced and.....

I lost both of them. I still blame myself for that day. The accident left a large gaping hole in my life. It taken everything I loved from my life. My parents save me by sacrificing their lives, but I am ruined without them. It turned my life upward down and I can't never be the same. I also have panic attacks whenever glasses are broke. I miss them, both of them, too much. My mummy always told me to care for people as well as animals and I am trying my best to doing this right now. Though I didn't like becoming a doctor, it's my mother's last wish and I am fulfilling it.

I am still wondering about when Ramu kaka comes to me,"Beti! There is an old man waiting for you. Are you free to watch him?"

"Yeah sure." I give him a tight smile.

Ramu kaka is the last and only living person in my life whom I think as a relative. He is just like the second father of me. After my parents, he handled me in my dark faze of life.

An old man came inside.

"Please sit down." I said softly, "tell me about your problem, I will trying my best."

The day went on as usual. At 4 p.m. I become greatly tired and also hungry. Liza is already went to her house. After closed everything I called it for a day and start my scooty for home.

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