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The Don's Doc

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Ch. 2. The Beginning (part 2)

Third person POV


It's raining heavily. Night 11 p.m., a car stop in front of 'venom', One of the richest club in Italy. Two men gets out from the car and get into the club. Inside the club parties were on high. The men ignore the enjoyment and make their way towards the lift. With the secret password, the lift is in motion downwards the underground. The lift stops on its destination and they came out. The underground or the clubs basement is fully crowded with aggressive people, mostly men. It is an illegal place and only few most people know about it. It is the so-called 'pit' or illegal fighting ground. In the middle there is a fight ring,

two men are fighting each other. There is only one rule here 'kill or die'. The fight will be going on until one of the opponents will die. Hundreds of people are shouting and making bets, taking drags,etc.

" where is the Boss?" One of the men asked another one.

"I can't see him, but he surely is here". The other one replied.

"Is he going to fight again today?"

"Yeah why not, afterall he is the champion".

" Ok. Wait, we have to tell him the news". The first one said and begin to watch the fight.

The two men are now fighting brutally. They are breaking each other's bone. Their cry fills the atmosphere and the crowd is also shouting loudly. After 30 minutes one of them become unconscious and the opponent strangled him and win the fight. But he is also badly injured and fell on the ground.

Again a new match is started. Two men come to the ring. One is very bulky, huge and easily feared. The other one is tall, muscular but not as bulky as his opponent. He is wearing a ski mask . Everyone could easily think that the letter one must die because of the figure of his opponent. He's actually twice of the ski man's size. The ski man have a tattoo of a Bird of prey on his left Shoulder and when the crowd notices his tattoo, everyone silenced.

"Hey look! boss is on the ring." The first man excitedly says to his partner.

" Yeah! poor man! going to die tonight." His partner refers to the Sumo man.

"what are we waiting for? Let's bet for boss." The first man suggest to his partner and they both are agreed.

The ring master come in the ring and announced loudly. "Ladies and gentlemen! now you are going to be watch this month's best fighting. One side there is Lomov Chekhov, the Russian mafia's one of the best leader. On the other side is our favourite 'The Stone', the ski man, who wins about 40 matches till. So you better watch. Now start the match, you know the rules". And The fight is began.

Lomov gives a huge battle cry and threw himself on stone. But he easily passes him. Again Lomov threw a punch on his face, but he lazily move back. He threw hits after hits to Stone but failed. It's now frustrated him. Stone chuckles, "It's all you got dude! Come on make a move, it's getting bored". Lomov growls and threw a punch which actually hit him hardly. Stone fell on the ring. The crowd which scream loudly, all became silent. Stone stands up, there is a hint of blood in his mask.

" Wow! Wow!" He said and wipe his mask cover mouth with his fingers and then watches the blood.

" It's been so long since I last bleed. Thank you, for remembering me the colour of my blood. Last time I check it was red, I thought that now it would be black. But no, it's still the same! Looks like it really don't change. so sad! Na!" He said sadly to lomov who looked puzzled towards him.

"Ok bad joke. I know that I suck at jokes. Don't worry, I will not torture you, I swear, I will kill you gently."

The crowd begin roars and cheers his name 'stone', 'stone'.

Lomov now gets more angry. "you fucking shit are going to kill me? Ha!" He laughs a humour less laugh, "I don't became leader that easily, pup!" and takes two steps near Stone.

" Now, now, you makes a huge mistake."
Stone says in a ice cold tone. "I was thinking about to let you live for a few minutes more, but you can't wait for your death. Aren't you?"

Suddenly his full body language changes and he jumps towards Lomov. He threw a punch on his face and a loud crank sound is getting heard.

Then he went behind his back and grabbed his neck with both hands and turn it roughly. Lomov fell flat on his feet. Stone now roars and get down from the ring.

Aman's POV

'Pathetic!can't stand against me for a fucking minutes and calls himself a mafia'.

I was thinking and taking off my ski mask in front of the huge mirror. A small cut is on my lip, it's nothing. I looked at the mirror and chuckles. Tall, hell- handsome and.... I can't talk about my own beauty. I am a little bit shy, you know. I, Aman Oberoi, my father's son. My father Ranjit Oberoi and his friend Alex Black rules over the Europe and South Asian countries. We are Mafia. My dad is from India and he rules over it almost 40 years now. Though our main resident is Italy, I regularly go to India, after all from there my career starts. In India everyone knows about me, they called me 'The Don ', but 99% don't recognise my face. when my father told me to choose a country to begin my career I choose my motherland. how can I not? It's where from the raw materials of my legal and illigal businesses are come.

After taking a shower I see my men waits for me.

"Whats up?" I asked them. They immediately said "Boss we find the rat." And I am now getting more excited. 2 months ago one of my ships have been destroyed by one of my Indian enemy group . Now I get the rat, I will find the main man behind it.

"Let's go". I said.

In my basement they hold a man one of the cells. He is working for me, Rechard. I came and sit on my chair.

"Open him." I said and my men drags him to me.

"Please Boss! have mercy. They had my family." Rechard begs to my feet.

"Really? And now where are they?" I mocked.

"They are now safe. my lord, please forgive me. I will never do this again". He cried.

"No, if you can cheat me once, you can do it again".

"Please save me boss. I was afraid." He again cried and I now getting bored. How a man can cry so much I don't understand.

"Oh! Really? of which were you afraid?" I mockingly asked him.

"My family, my children, I love them so much, and I can do anything for them." He is now kneeling, weeping his tears.

"Ok, tell me the name, I let your family live".

"I can't, he will kill them." He said fearfully.

"So can I." I said coldly.

"Please Boss save them, I will tell you everything." He begs again.

"Ok, I promise I keep safe them, but you have to tell me everything and then you have to die."

I said as factly "are you agree?"


he says at once, "it's in my computer and the password is 19 2210".

My men opened his computer and give it to me. I see the details and my blood begins to boil. That fucker Rajveer Mehra, I am going to kill him. Then I draw my gun and shoot Richard on his chest. He left a painful cry and whimper, his blood is now making a pool.

"Pathetic"! I disgustfully told him.

" You never understand boss, you don't have a lovable family, you never understand what love is. I hope you will fall in love, then you understand what fear is". He cried painfully and now I shoots him on his head.

"Finished". I said to his body "I love my family, I love my children."

"Love! There is not a such thing. It only exist on books, not in real life. Idiot! died for someone else."

I said bitterly and left the place. Reaching my penthouse, I called Mike, my best friend and also my partner in crime.

"Hola Mike! what are you doing?"

" Fuck man! It's 3 a.m. what should be I doing? I am sleeping" he said irritately.

"We are going to India, arrange everything" I said.

"I am not going" he says sleepingly.

"Well we will be leaving before 12 p.m. or otherwise you cant fuck any whore full month" I said threatingly.

"Well we are going. But you better understand that I hate you." He gumbaled and I can see his pouted face and starts to laugh.

"Well, see you at airport" and I disconnect the call. "Long day!" I said tiredly and fell on the bed.

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